Thursday, April 14, 2022


Finding His Lane, Rising Artist Young DRA Mixes Pitches in Latest Hip Hop Single, “Passengers” 


CHICAGO - Since 12, Young DRA has been recording hip-hop music. Inspired by legends like James Brown, Baha Men, and The Notorious B.I.G, DRA dabbled in various hip-hop styles but never found the one – that one. 

DRA’s discography is evidence of his versatility, but his latest single, “Passengers,” is the defining track of this young rapper’s career. Packed with positive messages through witty metaphors and strategic wordplay, the song is a fresh take on hip hop that pushes the boundaries but honors classic elements of the genre. 

“It’s hip hop, but there is definitely soul music in there too,” said DRA. “When I write, I reflect on my life experiences and what I want to reflect on. But at the end of the day, it is hip hop and rap.”

“Passengers” showcases DRA’s eclectic soul, trap, and hip-hop mix. From catchy flows and hard-hitting punchlines, “Passengers” debuts DRA’s fresh new sound, changing the industry. 

“I created this sound two years ago. I play with pitches. ‘Passengers’ is a good example,” he explained. 

DRA, who has a naturally low pitch voice, switches pitches during “Passengers,” creating a different pitch range throughout the track. The hooks and ad-libs are performed using a high pitch, while DRA’s natural deep tone makes a wavy vibe. 

Produced by Grammy-award-winning producer Xcelence, “Passengers” is skyrocketing in popularity. Reflective of a mainstream song, “Passengers” is more than the typical rap song. It is an energetic up-tempo track that has people moving across the world. 

Currently, the music video has garnered more than 373k views on YouTube. 

“I never saw the song as something that would blow up,” he explained. “It’s just me trying to find that perfect blend of pitches.”

DRA lives life following a simple mantra: “What’s the point of rapping if you’re not rapping about something of substance. There is nothing wrong with being a trendsetter, but I’d rather be an innovator and life changer.” 

Pushing the boundaries of music, DRA added, “If I’m not experiencing it, I’m not rappin’ about it. I have the ability to relate to it and things that my homies can relate to. Things are continuing to happen around me, and it is vital for me to make a change in the world by shedding light on the things not talked about.”

Tapping into the experiences he encountered growing up in the Windy City, DRA is shaped by the culture of the city and his environment. “I rap about my life experiences and what I learned. It is a lesson that people can learn from. So, I’m reflecting on what my homies deal with by creating positive messages about the street aspects,” he said. 

With more singles slated to drop in this spring and a fall mixtape titled “Da Muscle,” DRA is gearing up to release more of his wavy pitch raps that connect to fans worldwide. 

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