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Josh Conklin has rather quickly amassed over 300,000 Tik Tok followers doing what he loves, and that's digging for relics. It's not easy to get well over a quarter of a million people to want to follow you, but he's done it. He goes by "Conkdetects" on Tik Tok and people flock to his LIVE streams as soon as they get the notification. There's a reason for this. Well actually, there's a few reasons.

Conklin doesn't just live stream his efforts to find relics, he does more, he entertains. After all, he is an entertainer. He's a songwriter, an instrumentalist, he sings, and he makes electronic music. So why not? Let's throw beatboxing in there as well.  

Josh is known for his impressive beatboxing while he's streaming. His fans love it. Furthermore, the dude is just funny. His quirky sense of humor, coupled with catchy phrases has created a lingo that all of his regular followers understand. Some people call it "Conklish" sort of a group language that people soon figure out, especially his loyal following.

In this Podcast we will take the listeners back in time a bit and find out where Josh grew up, his journey in the music world, and how metal detecting became not just a hobby, but now a full time job. Yea, you heard that right. Sit back and enjoy the show. 

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Social Media Star Alli Fitz Releases a Euphoric Music Video and  New Track “When We’re Together”


By Bobby Martin

Its seldom that a television show can have as profound an impact on society as Euphoria. The popular HBO series has had a stranglehold on this generation's pop culture by inspiring art, collaborations, and most importantly: music. Alli Fitz’s newest track “When We’re Together” was inspired by the series and helps celebrate love and happiness.

An accomplished social media star, Alli Fitz  achieved viral success early by singing, streaming and doing voiceover work on various social media  platforms. Alli has amassed a loyal following of over 10 million fans across various social media platforms and has began shifting her focus towards music full time. Alli’s newest track, “When We’re Together,” is a celebration of her newfound love after being single for an extended period of time.

“I have been single for the longest time, and people know one of my relatable posts is about being single, and people can relate to that,” Alli said. “Recently, I got a boyfriend, which is really exciting. I finally decided to write a song about that. Most of my songs are girl-empowering, you don’t need a man and can do it on your own. Now I wanted to switch it up a bit because I got a man, and it is about the feelings I have when I’m with him when we’re together.”

She added, “I say that I promise that I’m worth the wait because I’m the girl that you need. It’s really a song for someone who you love.”

The process of making a music video was an enjoyable one for her, as Alli had a major say in its creation since she is still independent. A newfound creative control and independence has been spearheaded by her manager, Adrian “Auidi” Vazquez. Auidi is the COO/CFO of NOGXNRE, a decentralized record label based in Los Angeles, CA. Having been featured in publications like Billboard Latino, Auidi’s experience in the Judaic industry has proved invaluable to Alli Fitz’s budding music career. She had the autonomy to choose the director and videographer and was free to do her own makeup and styling.

“I got to choose all this and even where the location was,” Alli Fitz said. “It was pretty cool being the boss and the person in front of the camera.”

Alli explained that back in the days of MySpace, she would watch other YouTubers singing cover tunes, which inspired her to do the same and turn it into a real career. This newfound career goal happened in 2008 while she lived in Ohio. Alli would post videos of herself in her bedroom singing covers and a spell of popular songs, which garnered her millions of views. She admitted she was a little scared that she wouldn’t get the positive feedback she wanted, but in the end, her success took off quicker than she could have ever expected.

“When people started sending me song requests, I was like, ‘Oh my God, they do actually like my voice?’” Alli said. “I started doing musicals in high school, where we just had the town come in. Now it’s like people from all over the world are like, ‘We love your music.’ It’s crazy. I have a cover with Chad Perez that is going viral in China.”

She attended Wright State University for musical theater, where she polished up her singing skills. After graduating, Fitz moved to Los Angeles after creating a Vine account that got her more than five million followers and a billion video views.

“My dog ended up play-biting me, and everyone thought it was funny. I gained millions of followers from Vine,” she said. “They invited me to the Macy’s Parade, and I got tons of exposure. That’s what got me to LA because all the other Viners were like, ‘Hey Alli, you need to move out here.”

Alli said it was such a wild and unexpected feeling to get that kind of acknowledgment. She simply posted an entertaining video, and suddenly people from all over the world were checking out what she was up to. It was an incredible experience for her, and she has met and collaborated with some of her favorite artists along the way. 

Alli eventually moved on to TikTok, where she now has seven million followers. For the past several years, she has been focused on releasing her music for the world.

“I released my first single, “Fill the Void,” in 2017, and it was pretty cool,” Alli said. “But I’ve been trying to get more music out and get my name bigger in the music industry instead of just through social media. I’m pretty well known there, but I want to be in the music world, too.”

Alli wants her fans to know that her music is real and comes directly from her life and what she believes in. While her lyrics tend to come from her life experiences, Alli is inspired by listening to her favorite artists. She explained that before she goes on stage, she tends to get nervous, so she’ll watch those artists to see what they do beforehand. 

She also tries to look at the way they write their material. Alli pointed out that musicians like Ariana Grande write whatever they want these days, and this inspires her.

“It’s not about what sells,” Alli said. “She writes what she feels, and I love that. So I have started doing that too, and it has been so much fun since then.”

Alli wants to get her music out to the masses to listen to. While she has been able to do this fairly easily through the internet, she also wants people to see what she’s got in person.

“I want to go on tour,” she said. “That’s my number one thing. I want to be able to sing my songs and have people sing them back. I want choreographed dance numbers and costumes—all of that. I want it all. I want to be able to show my music to the world.”

The “When We’re Together” music video is available on March 11. Be sure to check this and the rest of Alli Fitz’s material on all platforms. Lastly, Alli extends a very special thanks to everyone who participated in this project: JV, RandallDidIt, Chazz, Darius Dantzler, Adrian “Auidi” Vazquez, and the entire FilmHead Professionals crew. Check out Alli Fitz’s socials below and stream When We’re Together!

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Sydney B promotes hope and positivity in powerful new track “Beautiful"



By Bobby Martin

Sydney B may be young at 17-years-old, but her music touches on aspects of life that both teens and adults can relate to. Her new track “Beautiful” delves into the world of promoting high self esteem and positivity through her resounding vocals and songwriting skills.

“I want to radiate positivity no matter where I go or what I do,” she said. “All of my music is geared toward positive feelings and creating a world of hope. That’s my goal.”

When she was just getting started, Sydney B’s producer asked her what she wanted to write about. Through discussing it they found that she shared insecurities and life obstacles that are common for not just teenagers, but people of any age.

“I wanted to send a message that says everyone is beautiful in their own way and that no one’s alone,” she said. 

“Beautiful” was also used in a new music video that portrays Sydney B at an audition with other musicians practicing and waiting for their turn. The director walked her through the process, as it was being created to show an example of what the music stands for. With her background in music and theater she could relate to what the video was portraying, as it came naturally.

“We have a lot of other people go through the audition process in the video to show that we’re all the same and nobody is greater or less than another,” she said. “We all have our differences and that is what makes us so beautiful in our own way.”

In the new track, Sydney B sings:

“I took a moment just to look in the mirror

Ok I’m ready to take on the world

For every moment I cry

I know these tears have gone dry

Cuz I’m beautiful

I’m beautiful

I tell the world I’m beautiful.”

The mirror analogy is about looking inward, she said, as it can be difficult to do when being focused on what’s on the outside. This can be about your personal feelings or what you perceive people see you as.

“The point of that is to look inside and find what is beautiful within you,” she said. “Everyone has beautiful traits and beautiful qualities within themselves, and when you tap into that it can create your passion or life’s calling.”

Sydney B began singing in a choir when she was nine, and then became involved in musical theater in middle school. While she grew up in a family that was more sports focused, she said it was music what really sparked her interest.

“I got into music and it was something that I never wanted to stop,” Sydney B said. “I always wanted to be singing. No matter how long any rehearsal was, I’d want to be there the whole time. I never got bored. It was where I found my passion and something I really loved.”

She is inspired by her vast influences from all sorts of musical genres, as she loves music as a whole and not just a specific part of it. One thing is for sure about her style: she is promoting hope through her lyrics and uplifting beats.

The Atlanta based musician found herself through music. She wants to use this to spread this message, as it has helped her greatly in life.

“I’m not all the way there and I don’t know if I ever will be,” she said. “I think that’s part of what makes my music, my music. It’s not perfect and I’m not perfect, and I think that’s an important message for everyone to hear.”

Sydney B has about a dozen songs that she says are on the horizon to be released in the near future. Keep up with 





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 Soulful Crooner Jimmy McGee Enchants with Latest Single, ‘Bottom Line’

By: Nadia Sobehart


Artist and musician, Jimmy McGee, delivers a soulful new single, “Bottom Line.”

Born and raised in Ohio, Jimmy grew up on rhythm and blues and a household of music. His passion for song began as a young churchgoer listening to the vibrant gospel that echoed off church walls. At age 11, Jimmy picked up the guitar and mastered a new skill. Never finding joy in his schooling, Jimmy McGee turned to music for guidance. At 14, he joined fellow R&B enthusiasts and performed at local venues.

“I am a soul music survivor,” tells Jimmy. From Bobby Womack to Johnny “Guitar” Watson, Jimmy immersed himself in all-things soul from an early age. Decades later, Jimmy McGee brings his never-ending passion for music to the stage with a refined sound. His sound is a smooth blend of R&B, Southern Soul, and Neo-soul, with a spin uniquely his own. 

“Bottom Line,” Jimmy McGee’s latest single, opens with bluesy tones, drawing in listeners with a smooth guitar riff as the song takes on depth. Velvety vocals emerge, telling Jimmy’s story.

“What inspired the song was an experience with obstacles. When a person is gifted with song, there is often envy and stuff that goes along with it—it’s only a matter of time. But I refused to give up,” shares Jimmy McGee. “That’s what inspired it—the rigamarole of being a musician. Standing my ground and being myself.”

Jimmy wants listeners to feel encouraged by his song. “I want them to realize that there’s obstacles, but they aren’t the end all be all. People look for a higher power outside, but it’s in ourselves. Self-determination is the key.”

Jimmy sings in the key of determination. “Bottom Line” is life’s ballad. “It’s a reminder to never give up—have perseverance.” In fact, all of Jimmy’s songs are about life and life’s lessons. “Life’s a journey, and these songs are about self-determination,” he adds. “You can get help, but it’s you who has to do it.”

Writing music usually begins with the music. “Usually, I write to the track. The process involves thinking about life, and the words come along with the music.” For the single and many others, Jimmy let life guide his art.

This year, Jimmy McGee is excited to release more music. Listeners can look forward to quarterly releases throughout the year. “I’m ready to get out, sing and perform,” he adds.

Make sure to stay connected to Jimmy McGee on all platforms for new music, videos, and social posts.

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Lisa Stirling brings out “Easy,” a magical reflection on what love could be


By Kurt Beyers

Lisa Stirling’s new song “Easy” is a heartbreakingly beautiful piece of music that she has been working on since 2020. It did not come easy.

Various things — she was having a hard time getting songs produced, for one thing, and she was kind of trying to make her mind up about what she wanted to do with her career, even though she is a singer/songwriter who has a band and has performed a lot and was putting out songs.

“Easy” drops on February 29.

“I don’t know why I put that one on the backburner, because I really do love that song,” she said.

If “Easy” is not, from a listening perspective, a perfect song, a song anyone can love, it will do until one comes along.

The first slow, resounding piano notes grab the emotions and hold them in place for Lisa’s voice, soft and sultry. Up and down the scale, it’s a voice that carries an electric charge.

We don't always have to be

Tied up in a bow,

I want it strange and messy,

Like mud between my toes

“My producer and I, we finally just did it,” she said. “And I am so happy about it, and I’m really, really happy and proud of how it came out.”

The music, lyrics and Lisa’s vocals create a poetic meditation on love that is at the same time uplifting and heartbreaking. You would never guess its inspiration.

“When I wrote it,” she said, “I was actually in a relationship that felt like I was slamming my head against a wall. Nothing against him at all, but we were always in fights over everything. We had to work on our relationship all the time, and I was just wanting it to be easy.”

This was during a vacation in a cabin, booked before quarantine but happening as everything shut down.

“We ended up going but just staying in the whole time instead of going out and doing anything. There was a piano in the cabin, and I ended up writing the song while he was there. We got back, and we broke up a couple of weeks later.”

“Easy” could have been just another love-gone-wrong song but isn’t. It is, instead, a reflection on the nature of love and, like any song, is open to the interpretation of the person listening to it. If it were to get a hundred million streams — and it should, at least — that would be a hundred million interpretations.

And I wanna be 80 years old,

Looking at my life saying damn,

That was easy

Magic lies between muddy toes and 80, and any attempt to describe or explain it would constitute desecration. “Easy” must be heard.

“The way I write songs, I like to be straightforward about my feelings and what’s going on in my brain. I write very much in the moment of what I’m feeling,” she said.

She began recording and putting out songs in 2021, when she dropped four. She put out one in 2022 and then zip in 2023.

“I was going through nothing crazy or profound, but I was just having kind of a difficult year, mentally, I guess.” A job, the vicissitudes of life, a loss of focus — all joined to create, she says, “a lack of motivation.”

“So, I wasn’t doing anything to forward my music career at all, which I regret but, you know, I had to take that year to figure out myself and what I wanted out of life. It made me realize, this year, that I don’t want to do that again. I don’t want to take another year without focusing on what makes me happy.”

She has been active in music for several years. She has a band that has played a lot but has no name except that the members joke about being Lisa and the Stirlings.

“And it’s kind of stuck,” she said.

The songs she has already put out are fine examples of pop music: “Crush,” “For the Weekend,” “See You in Hell,” “Cool Girl” and “In the Dark.”

 But she feels like she has matured in the intervening years. 

“I think part of it is aging and maturing as a person. I also feel like my voice became a lot more self realized, starting with ‘Cool Girl,’ then ‘In the Dark’ and now ‘Easy.’ I love all the other music I’ve released, but I feel like those three songs really represent me as an artist.”

She has worked for a long time with producer Javier Cruces. She says that their work together has matured as well.

“The more we work together, the more I feel like we understand each other and can create music as a pair versus just him doing a job for me. We have really started to understand each other in the creative process.”

That, she said, is also a factor in how “Easy,” a song she wrote three years ago, came out of production this year. She gives a lot of credit to Javier and the pianist, Gonzalo Martin.

“I play piano, but just as a tool to write chords. I knew for this one I really needed somebody to bring it to life. He’s an amazing pianist, and he took the vision and ran with it.”

Next up is a song called “Trance,” which is being recorded by Lisa and the Stirlings. They also played on “In the Dark” and “Cool Girl.” More singles will come after “Trance,” she says.

Maybe, “if there’s demand for an EP, then I’ll definitely work on an EP.”

“With every single song,” she said, “I feel like I’m growing more into an artist.”

That would be growth worth listening. Connect to Lisa Stirling on all platforms for new music, videos, and social posts.

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Sophia Mengrosso supplies powerful vocals on the heavy rock track “Unforgiven,” available on all platforms


By Bobby Martin

Sophia Mengrosso is a classically trained opera singer with a wide vocal range that is ever apparent on her newest single “Unforgiven,” scheduled to be released on February 24.

Mengrosso has a hauntingly beautiful, and unique, voice that fits right in with the power of her lyrics and the heavy sound that it complements. This track is about putting the time and work into letting go of someone she loved. It focuses on her efforts to move on and move forward with her life, despite the scars and the pain that it has brought.

“I just wanted to let go of a person, and let go of the memories,” said Mengrosso. “I’ve accepted the fact that I can’t blame someone for what happened in the past. Instead of me carrying that weight on me, I just want to forgive the person and move on.”

Mengrosso wrote this song years ago, but came back to it about a year back when she rediscovered it in a different way. She said that whenever she has a significant personal experience, she will incorporate it into her material because it is helpful to handle what life throws at her. Writing this track was a cathartic experience for Mengrosso.

“When I go through something, I try to put it into my music because this is what gives me a drive to go through stuff,” she said. “It’s so personal. It is about finding strength and finding something that will drive you to achieve what you want. You can find strength in your weaknesses, like pulling out the light from darkness.”

“Unforgiven” is part of a 12 song album that Mengrosso eyes a release for the end of April, and it will also include a recently released single titled “Under.” She is still going through the naming process for the record, and related it to naming a baby because of how much the work means to her. Life experiences are what inspires her work, and she is taking the time to choose the proper name.

Mengrosso has a background in musical education, and is a composer who has been writing music for many years, as well. She started as a classical singer and developed an interest in rock and metal as she grew up. Now she is writing and producing her own music, and she said she couldn’t be happier about her path.

She started her musical journey by playing piano and harp, and then began taking voice classes as a child. Mengrosso writes all her music on the piano, and she said this has helped her in developing her style. She is influenced by opera singers like Maria Callas, Cecilia Bartoli and Nellie Melba, but also listens to plenty of music outside of the classical world. Her wide range of musical taste has helped shape here as a musician.

As a teenager she discovered rock and metal, as she is inspired by bands like Metallica, Evanescence and Nightwish. When she was 16, Mengrosso played covers of Evanescence tunes at a local music festival, which led to her dive into the hard rock genre. 

Mengrosso’s music is heavy hitting and powerful, which is something that she loves about the rock genre. She said it gives her room to express herself, especially as a female singer. Having classical training was a great bridge and gave her the confidence in her vocals that has stuck with her.

“Blending the two styles is actually very organic,” she said of classical music and the rock genre. “It’s like a good marriage. They complete each other. I enjoy blending these two components together. It is the process of creation for me, and I need those two tools to create something.”

Mengrosso wants her fans to find strength to pursue their desires, saying her message through her music is to “take whatever you need from what inspires you.” 

“I try and tell you to just go and pursue your dreams,” she said. “It doesn’t matter how hard it seems. You have to go through the challenges. You need all this experience to create your own reality. My message is to just go out there and chase your dreams, and go get it. You just have to do it. Be strong and go get what you want.”

Mengrosso has shows lined up for April in Texas, New York and Los Angeles, California. She also has plans to perform oversees over the summer, but plans are still in the works.

Be sure to check out the new single “Unforgiven” by Sophia Mengrosso, available on all platforms.






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SOTLY Shawn releases EP titled Day by Day that focuses on pushing forward and looking at the big picture

By Bobby Martin


Hip-hop artist SOTLY Shawn wants his fans to know two things about him: never expect his sound to stay the same, and listening to his music is like getting a “home cooked meal.”

“You might have some fast food, and that’s always good,” he said. “But there’s nothing like being in your mother’s or grandma’s house and getting that home cooked meal. That’s what I feel like I am. You know that’s what you’re getting when you listen to SOTLY Shawn.”

The Brooklyn based rapper has has just released a new single called “Standin’” off his EP titled Day by Day.

“The message in the song is that no matter what, he’s still standing,” he said. “No matter what, he’s going to the top, he’s going to still stand. Whatever happens- we try to ignore the negativity, push the positivity, and that’s what we’re going with.”

“Standin’” is the outro track on the five song EP, which he said was created at a fairly chaotic time. There was stress about work and about finishing the project he was working on, and much of this is reflected in the songs. 

The first track titled “Still” coincides with “Standin’” in a way that they are bookends to the project. The second song, “No Doubt” reflects on the experiences his mom had when working a 9-5 job. This is followed by “The Soul” and “Tonight.”

“All throughout that EP, the idea behind it is pushing through and not becoming so one-track minded,” he said. “With all the problems in your 9-5, or all the problems in your life, you have to look at everything in a big picture kind of way.”

SOTLY stands for “someone out there loves you,” and this is a mantra that he lives by and promotes.

“That’s like my whole message at the end of the day,” he said. “No matter what you’re going through…if you’re working a job that sucks or if you’re going through doubt, depression, uncertainty, anything, just know it's all a part of the process. Somebody out there cares about you. Make the decision to never give up on yourself and finding those answers, because someone out there loves you. They want to see you win. Even if it's just me, I want to see you win.”

He added, “Les Brown said once that your struggle will be the blueprint to someone’s survival.”

SOTLY Shawn pulls his inspiration from his own life, as well as aspects that his friends and those close to him have gone through. He’ll often put himself in other peoples’ shoes to get different perspectives about what is wrong and what is right.

“I try to dig from those personal experiences, but also try to incorporate as many sides of it that I possibly can,” he said. “It’s never going to be just black and white, so this gives me a plethora of things to pull from when looking at it from different perspectives.”

When he makes a song he starts with the melody, but then once that is situated, he might add something like a rain effect to evoke emotions. He focuses on conveying feelings on the beat, whether it is a simple drum pattern or something more complex. 

Making beats has been a love of SOTLY Shawn’s for years, dating back to when he started listening to J. Cole at the age of nine. SOTLY Shawn saw similarities between themselves early and got drawn into his music. He knew then that he needed to make music of his own.

“That’s what made me want to start making my beats,” he said. “When I make beats, that’s when I really pull from shows I watch, sounds that I hear, and visual aspects. To me, beats can be visual if you make them in a certain way.”

SOTLY Shawn has a goal of connecting to as many people as he can through music.

“I want to be a part of every aspect of your life musically,” he said. “If you’re sad, I’ve got a song for that. If you’re working out, I’ve got a song for that. The goal really is to connect to people in different ways.”

You can check out SOTLY Shawn’s new single “Standin’” and his EP Day by Day on all platforms.

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