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 The Mellow Mac’s “One Way Ticket” takes you to a fun, high-grade, classic R&B song


By Kurt Beyers

For over two decades, The Mellow Mac has written and produced a large body of work, from R&B rap—hip-hop, pop, reggaeton, EDM, neo soul, country and more—for various artists and labels.

“One Way Ticket,” single released July 2024, features The Mellow Mac on an R&B love song, with harmonic vocals telling his love interest he’s ready to go to the next level if she is.

“Yeah, yeah. I wanted that sensual kind of feel, where I only use a kick drum, snare & hat.  I played all the instruments like butter, with a tempo at 70 bpm”.

I need to know if you’re ready?

Should I get a one-way ticket now?

A round trip if you’re not down

“Grown folks' music,” he said. “That’s really what it is—classic R&B with a little taste of a “Silk Sonic” kind of vibe, with a the fast, syncopated vocal cadence and saucy harmonies.”

I need to know if your cup runs over

will you want it again?

want it again, want it again now

He is a co-founder and producer for the band L.A. CounyLine, which has released a few singles, EPs and albums and performs in the Los Angeles region. They co-wrote songs for GaimChng3R Entertainment and partners Bungalo/Universal Music.  Mellow Mac produced, engineered and played multiple instruments on several songs for this group

He has worked for many years in artist development, polishing various artist’s skills. His work ethic keeps him working constantly at several recording studios including his studio in La Habra, CA. Kram Pro Studios, established in 2003. As an engineer, musician, producer and many more hats are worn by The Mellow Mac.

“I don’t want to sit on some of these songs anymore. I constantly write and collaborate, adding to my catalog songs. I thought ‘Okay, I just want to do something for myself, for me,’ and that’s why I decided to release my own album.”

The songs are his babies, after all, and he wants to send them out into the world and see them make good. “One Way Ticket” will also be the title of the album in 2025.


“The album has a lot of different flavors,” he said. “I have some rap/hip/hop a mixture, but it’s mostly R&B.”

“One Way Ticket” is the second of his babies that he has released this year. The first, “Me and My Boo,” is a fast, fun, Pop/R&B number that features Jacob G. on lead vocals, who is the other co-founder of the band L.A. CounyLine, which they formed in 2018.

“Making music is not work to me, it’s therapy. I play and record music to relax my hyper mental energy and music comes easy to me. I’m all over the place musically speaking, which can be difficult to market. Growing up listening to different music genres made me kind of like a music gypsy and definitely a free spirit when it comes to music. I have an appreciation for all forms of good music”

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“One Way Ticket,” YouTube







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 Michael Camacho ~ Actor, Vocalist, Writer

I am honored to have on the show today Michael Camacho, 1/2 of the smash hit duo "SLY FOX". In this Podcast we discuss his musical journey from the 1980's when their song "Let's Go All The Way" charted in the top 10 in America and in the UK, to his current life and projects. Life can sometimes throw some nasty curves at us, and Michael knows it all too well. 

Michael talks about being sober now, and his journey to said sobriety. He also talks about a current life challenge. We here on this show like to rally up the support for musical artists, so we talk about how we can help out a good guy like Michael in this discussion as well. (SEE BELOW HOW YOU CAN HELP)


Michael is an actor, he’s known for Visible Proof (2015), The Garry Haley Experience (2009), Morning People 2005 (Short), Four-Eyed Monsters (1997), and Here Dies Another Day.  

As a vocalist, Michael is known for delivering a sound that's a throwback to the class and swank of the crooners of the 1940s, yet with a freshness that's today and all his own, Michael is a traditional jazz vocalist. His repertoire encompasses everything from original compositions to Cole Porter and Duke Ellington, exuded in a style that stirs those unfamiliar with the music and those who grew up with it.
Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Michael grew up listening to all of the great vocalists from Nat King Cole to Sarah Vaughn and Mel Torme.

Although his roots are in jazz, Michaels experience covers an eclectic array of musical genres and influences including Doo-wop, pop and R&B and he’s sung a number of national commercials. In the 80's he was a member of the duo "Sly Fox" having had a top ten single and top forty album throughout the world. .Michael also has a background in the theater and Independent film work as an actor.
Michael is the primary artist, producer, arranger, vocalist and executive producer on his most recent recording “Just for you”. Michael has surrounded himself with a renowned cast of musicians of whom are the likes of Frank Wess, Billy Hart, Paul Bollenbeck, John Hart, Randy Johnston, Edsel Gomez, Francois Moutin from the Moutin Reunion Quartet and Joe Cohn, the son of the late Al Cohn. In a business of would be, so-called jazz singers this guy is the real thing. The tradition of Hartman, Joe Williams lives on.  What distinguishes Camacho ( are his originals and interpretations.

Show your love and support. Donate to help Michael to get back on his feet so that we can all enjoy more of his music and acting carreer.  

PAYPAL Michael - @MichaelCamacho375
VENMO Michael - @Michael-Camacho-33


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Musician and producer Nate Young—otherwise known as Se7enDigits is set to release his latest single, “Change Your Mind” on June 3 through his label, AWGIU Entertainment. The single invites listeners to reflect on the failed communication that often occurs in relationships.

Born in South Korea, Se7enDigits was adopted at age one and raised in Pennsylvania with his sister. His passion for music began developing early on, inspired by his sister’s participation in band. By age six, Se7enDigits began to learn the piano and, later on, orchestral music.

For Se7enDigits, music is a means of connection and healing. He brings personal experiences of pain and struggle into his compositions, which are based in the style of hip hop and R&B. Se7enDigits cites musical influences including Tory Lanez, J. Cole, and PNB Rock.

Now, Se7enDigits is a multitalented musician and producer with a bachelor’s degree in Recording Arts and a focus in mixing engineering. The name “Se7enDigits” is both a play on the digits in a telephone number and a personal experience. When Se7enDigits was younger, he was teased at school for having seven fingers instead of ten; now, he takes any misinformed negativity in stride, teasing back with his moniker.

His single, “Change Your Mind,” is a song about looking for different ways to reach out to a person when communication is failing. “It’s about failed attempts at getting attention,” adds Se7enDigits. “It’s a reflection song.”

When creating “Change Your Mind,” Se7enDigits approached the writing process with his tried-and-true method. “First, I go into the booth and scat to find the melody and flow. I don’t worry about the lyrics. And before that, I’ll make a beat and listen to get the feel of the song. Then I’ll record over it to get the melodies.”

“Change Your Mind” began as a freestyled hook and, soon after, took on life with the addition of verses. As any artistic endeavor, state of mind comes into play when creating. “My songwriting depends on my mood,” he adds.

It’s been a while since Se7enDigits released a single, which means he’s looking forward to sharing new music with listeners old and new. “I’ve been stockpiling music,” he adds. “I’ve been working on getting better. I just hope people can relate to the words in my song and think it’s catchy.”

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Alyssa Rose Hunt Uplifts Listeners with New Single, ‘Vibe with You’

By: Nadia Sobehart


Soulful singer Alyssa Rose Hunt invites you to groove to her latest single, “Vibe with You.” The energetic track off her recent album is accompanied by an upbeat music video and energy that welcomes all to the party.

Telling stories is more than entertainment for Alyssa Rose—it’s a way of life. “I started writing when I was struggling with my mental health, around 2017 to 2019. In 2020, I started writing music as a way to express my thoughts on paper—get it all out.” 

During this challenging period in Hunt’s life, she sought guidance from the universe, leading her on her current journey in music. “It was a spiritual awakening,” shares Alyssa Rose. “Magnetic Muse is the twin flame journey I’m on, based on the Chinese philosophic theory of yin and yang, masculine and feminine energy.”

Beyond the music, Alyssa Rose Hunt is an actress, dancer, choreographer, director, writer, painter, model, and photographer from Onatrio, Canada. Since 2019, the artist has released four albums, seven singles, and eight independently produced music videos. A few months ago, in March 2024, Hunt released her fourth album, the two-part EP dubbed “Magnetic Muse.” 

“Vibe with You” is a featured single off Magnetic Muse Chapter 2. “It’s a very upbeat, catchy song. My mom said to me, ‘You gotta write pop, and I want to dance to it.’ I’m usually more soulful, but I said, ‘Ok, let’s write something upbeat so my mom can enjoy it,’” explains the singer. The core of the song is about having a positive, fun experience. “It’s about being with the person that rests your mind and you feel at peace with,” she elaborates.

Alyssa Rose highlights the major role of the drums in her single. “I really wanted to emphasize the drum solo because you don’t usually hear a drum solo—it’s usually saxophone and guitar that get solos—but the drums are the underdog yet they’re the main structure of the song.” The single’s drummer, Sam Ruttan, is a talented musician with a background in jazz, which he brings to the table. “‘Vibe with you’ is pop, but he adds a jazz feel.”

The music video accompanying the single was inspired by a sweater her mother used to wear often when she was a kid. Based on her sweater, Alyssa Rose created the set and story for the music video.

This album is about self-discovery for Alyssa Rose, as well as her twin flame journey. According to the artist, “I want to go within and figure out who I am as an individual—the yin and yang and finding that balance within myself. It’s important for everyone to find out who they are and their morals in life. Especially when it comes to love—you need to love yourself before you love anyone else. Discovering who you are and what you believe in is the first step.”

Creating music is a collaborative effort for Alyssa Rose. “Usually, I tend to feel a certain energy when it comes to the music itself. I’ll come up with the melody and lyrics for the energy I want to portray. Once I have the lyrics, I’ll ask my producer (Fresco Rhodes) and band (Sam Ruttan, Dan Espina) to create the energy I’m trying to go for. They bring their own vision to the table. Then we work together to collaborate in a way that flows really nice once mixed.”

Feedback for the single has been largely uplifting. “People say ‘Vibe with You’ is a classic. Out of the album, it’s a fun, radio-friendly song that makes them feel good. I like that kind of feedback—that it makes you feel good and you resonate with it,” shares Alyssa Rose.

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Gable Burnett and her kickoff song “Trouble” are Americana country rocking out into fun


By Kurt Beyers

Gable Burnett’s new song “Trouble” starts off with a bang and takes off from there in a flat dead rocking country run.

Her career as a recording artist, beginning with “Trouble,” should follow the same trajectory. “Should” not only because she writes some great music and “should” because she has the talent and the power voice, but “should” because she is working it.

The song, dropping May 31, is based on a family joke.

“When I was a little girl, I was very high energy and very curious. I got into all sorts of trouble. I’d take things apart and see if I could put them back together. I’d run off in public, not to be intentionally bad, but over the years it developed into this outlandish kind of reputation thing for the small town that I grew up in. ‘Oh, Gable’s trouble. She’s a little wild.’”

Take that concept, put it in an adult context, get Gable to play with it in her brand of country — “falling,” she says, “under the subgenres of Americana, red dirt, classic country, folk and blue grass” — and you’ve got what could be/should be a legitimate hit.

I don’t go out looking for trouble ’Cos trouble’s looking for me Waiting there right around the corner When I’m just walking down the streetWhere you find one you’ll find the other Don’t believe me ask my mother 

The song is clearly country, but rock is also in the mix, in generous measure. She agrees with that opinion to an extent.

“I think it’s all subjective at the end of the day. With the rock style instruments we put in there, we have a kind of rockabilly, old school sound, but people who are hardcore into rock and the sub genres of rock might not consider it rock.”

However it might be considered, the music is fun and danceable and the lyrics are fun and listener singable. You will be singing it out loud before you know you’re doing it.

“Trouble,” which she co-wrote with Andi Renfree, who wrote “The Buffalo Grass” for Chris LeDoux, is the first song in this new phase of her career. She has been performing for years, and for the last couple has been putting out music on the streaming platforms, but with new manager Lisa Kyser of Ten East Ten West, she now has direction.

Gable has pulled her previous catalogue and it will be re-released in the distribution plan for her music.

Before 2018, she was in opera as part of a studio in Richardson, Texas, and did opera kinds of things, like singing in seven different languages and performing in the Carnegie Hall honors series, where she won some scholarship money.

She participated in National Association of Teachers of Singing competitions “and all this kind of high classical stuff.”

“But I really didn’t start trying to figure out what I wanted to do and performing more of what I wanted to do until 2018, when I moved to Nashville. Even though I had that classical background and education, I knew I didn’t want to be a teacher and I knew I didn’t want to sing opera over in Europe, and those are pretty much the only two options you have in that classical path.”

Country at first wasn’t in the running for what she wanted to do. She was “messing around with pop and different stuff,” but her family didn’t want her to go to Los Angeles or New York. Family friends connected to the Gatlin Brothers suggested country.

“At the time, the main thing was the Florida-Georgia line and a lot of bro country, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but it just wasn’t my style. I was like, ‘Oh, I don’t want that. I don’t want to sing about boots and trucks and blah blah blah.’ And they said, ‘No no no! You’re good. Listen to some Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton. Here’s some artists and some songs. Go listen to that and come back.’”

She took the advice.

“They were right,” she said. “I love the storytelling aspect. I love the history behind it. I love the culture behind it. I love everything about country music. It ties into so much of my life, where I grew up and everything, that I was taken aback that I hadn’t discovered how wonderful it was sooner.”

She paused for a second, thinking about that, then said, “Well, I grew up in a household where I was only allowed to listen to Christian music for years.”

She says now her two main inspirations are Dolly and David Alan Coe. She also references The Judds, Patsy Cline, Tammy Wynette — “all the women who’ve been really big in country music, who’ve come before me and definitely paved the way for me to be able to do what I’m trying my best to do.”

When she says “trying,” she means putting in some hard work.

“This is basically the start of everything for me,” she said. “I’ve got four jobs, and both my parents helped me, too. I got all these different side hustles just trying to make the dream come true.”

She has shows booked in August, more songs ready to put out, “other things in the pipeline that we’re getting pre-recorded to put out after that.”

The next single, “Cicada Summer,” will be out soon after “Trouble.”

“We’ve got quite a few songs ready and more music to put out, more singles. We’ve got a whole strategy for release. We’re gonna have plenty of stuff to share with everybody, and I’m so excited for it.”

“Trouble” is a great start. Connect to Gable Burnett on all platforms for new music, videos, and social posts.

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 Dead Hendrix takes his punk/rap fusion in a new direction with “Till We Die” 


By Kurt Beyers

With his newest release, “Till We Die,” Dead Hendrix is turning his unique fusion of punk and rap more toward the melodic.

And, despite the title, fun.

“I really like this song,” he said. “This song is a good example of me growing into my artistry and my voice in how my vocal range and my singing ability has expanded. It’s a good song to showcase that.”

The beat comes and goes, in and out with the melodic line, the bass line is more subdued, and DH’s voice follows suit, singing here, rapping there, but with the weight in this song more hip-hop than punk.

“It’s definitely more melodic, a little less aggressive, just seeing what I can do with my voice and like trying a different aspect, a different side of Dead Hendrix. Still down in the same direction, but a different angle.”

Hip-hop musically, punk in theme, an assessment he agrees with.

We gon’ be here till we dieI’ve been in this world too long I’ve seen it from all sidesI see how you’re livin’ girl, I know you getting tiredMake up down your face and you got tattoos on your thighsTattoos on your thighs (’round me)

“There are different sides to what I do, and right now I’m focusing more on the hip-hop side of me.”

DH is also growing into a more relaxed attitude. A lot of his music to date, he says, is aggressive, “like getting the chip off my shoulder.”

“I’ve grown a lot, making music. I still have a lot more growing to do, but ‘Till We Die’ is me just kind of making music and enjoying it — just doing it to enjoy it.”

He has made no secret of his history of mental illness and drug abuse, having featured in his music. Asked if the focus is becoming less therapy and more art, he said yes.

“I think that’s exactly what I did with this song specifically. It’s a good break to do that sometimes. It’s refreshing to make a song and just focus on the music instead of getting something off your chest, which is great, but it makes it a lot more serious.”

And “Till We Die,” musically and lyrically, is a fun song.

She say I’m a psychoI say she a psychoReally we just toxic like mercury and nitroHangin’ by a thread you know we livin’ on a tightrope

This new aspect in his sound will be a feature of a larger project he is working on, a mixtape called “Talk2TheDead.”

DH, who calls Ottawa and Toronto, Canada, his home base, is three years into his career as Dead Hendrix. He has worked with some big names, such as 3MFrench and Nell. Nell will be on the mixtape, and DH will be featured on a song in Nell’s coming tape “Tupac Juice.”

DH will also be performing around Canada and the United States.

One recent track, “Mustang,” has found wide popularity.

“I’m glad that people like ‘Mustang’ and that it is still doing well. Sometimes, when I’m busy with life or making music, it’s a great feeling to check on Spotify and SoundCloud and see people are still paying attention. That’s a really good feeling, but I’m definitely not taking the foot off the gas.”

“Talk2TheDead” is half-recorded.

“I’m dedicated to that mixtape, but it’s been a little while coming. Now the pieces are fitting together. I’m coming up with new stuff for it and songs from the past are fitting together.”

The tape will have a mix of the getting-stuff-off-your-chest and having-fun.

“There’s gonna be a balance,” he said, “but you’re still going to see that punk side. There are some songs that I’m excited to get out, one in particular where you will definitely hear the punk, but lots of other stuff is going to be there, too.”

The “other stuff” will include songs like “Till We Die.”

“There is a place for that kind of music. I might even go deeper that way. Actually, I definitely will. I think it’s good for me in personal growth and my music to make songs where I’m just focusing on the artistry and the music.”

“But,” he said, “there’s definitely more punk stuff that that is going to be released.”

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Ruby Topaz rocks your face off with remastered album Mark Bram/Ruby Topaz Again


By Bobby Martin

Mark Bram, AKA Ruby Topaz, has a myriad of musical influences that bleed into his sound, but what sets him apart as a musician is the ability to take these styles and morph them into something entirely unique.

“I think it’s the mixture of music, because it is so diverse,” Bram said. “When you take the Beatles, the Monkees, Herman’s Hermits, the Turtles, and you mix it with bands like King Crimson, Frank Zappa, Led Zeppelin, Edgar Winter. It’s just so diverse.”

Ruby Topaz has just released an album titled Mark Bram/Ruby Topaz Again, which is a 23rd anniversary remaster of a record that will blow the listeners’ hair back. 

“I love recording and I feel like I am painting pictures of sound, and the equipment and the music we do, is the pallet,” he said. 

He is also very fond of the improvisational instrumental Fusion/Progressive songs that they do live, noting: “These songs exist for the moment, and they’re just on fire. It’s like meditation while you’re playing, just in the zone, and I love that stuff.

It is a combination of songs that he recorded solo, as well as tracks with drummer Steve D’Andrea, which have all been remastered at Abbey Road in London from an album that originally came out in 2001.

“There are a lot of great songs on there,” he said. “They’re all driving hard rock, and blues rock, and a couple ballads.”

One song he is particularly fond of is “Loneliness,” which he said is like his “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Bram wrote it when he was 16 and there is a swing jazz piece incorporated into the song, but instead of actual horns it is all guitar synthesizer. 

There are also three bonus tracks on the album, and one is a medley including covers by The Grass Roots “Temptation Eyes,” into Chicago’s “25 and 6 to 4.” Once again, the horns are all guitar synth.

Another song is called “The Sack,” which is the B-side of his 1982 single that made waves overseas. Bram said that this is truly a special track, reminiscent of early Led Zeppelin, that fans will really love.

Some favorite songs include “Want You Now” and “Looking 4 U,” which are the first two songs on the album and bring the most pop appeal, Bram said. 

Other songs called “Sandy” and “Lose Me” are what he described as “in your face, burn victim rock.” “Knife in My Back” is classic 1970s guitar style and “Unicorn Song” was originally recorded in 1978, but this would be the fourth version of the single that now includes a horn section. 

“This is all funked up and different, with a nice elongated guitar piece in the middle,” Bram said.

Topaz, who is a bass player at heart but loves to shred the guitar, is responsible for most of the instrumentals on the album, as well as the vocals. His higher toned voice can be compared to that of Geddy Lee, Freddie Mercury and Robert Plant, and the ripping guitar will take you back to the 1970s and 1980s with a refurbished sound.

The Rhode Island based musician explained that his musical journey really got started when he was just a young child when he was influenced by the Beatles. He said it blew his mind and changed everything, and all he wanted to do was be like Paul McCartney. 

Then in 1968 his cousin went to the a club called Boston Tea Party to see a little band called Led Zeppelin. His cousin gave Bram their album and this blew his mind yet again. He ended up teaching his friend his first  drum beat, and another friend how to play bass, then he started singing high and playing guitar in what became a band called Shir (pronounced Sheer).

In the early 1970s someone suggested a name change and asked him what his birth stone was. It was topaz, and then someone suggested pairing it with ruby. He thought, “Ruby Topaz, oh like Alice Cooper.”

“Then eventually, as time went on just like Alice Cooper, people started calling me Ruby Topaz like it was my name,” he said. “It kind of became my alter ego.”

His band was playing glam rock, but also adding a progressive rock feel with a glimpse of ‘60s style. They blends the sounds of classic rock, metal, pop and more.

Ruby Topaz had international acclaim in in England and France when they sent out a single in 1982 that was played on pirate radio stations. The band ended up splitting up but he got back together with his old friend Steve D’Andrea, to whom he had taught the Sargent Pepper reprise drum beat, way back in middle school. He still plays with D’Andrea to this day, as he is on six of the 14 tracks of the new album.

Ruby Topaz is already starting to record a new project and would like to eventually get out on the road for some touring. 

Be sure to check out Mark Bram/Ruby Topaz Again, available on May 3 on all platforms.


 The Mellow Mac’s “One Way Ticket” takes you to a fun, high-grade, classic R&B song LISTEN TO THE PODCAST BELOW! By Kurt Beyers For over...