Monday, April 11, 2022


 Have You Heard About JonPaul Wallace’s Newest Single “Heartbeat?” His Haters Have


Detroit musician, JonPaul Wallace, may have just figured out a solution and strategy to combat cyberbullying. “Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place over digital devices like cell phones, computers, and tablets. Cyberbullying includes sending, posting, or sharing negative, harmful, false, or mean content about someone else. 

But hold up. It appears this twenty something popstar has stumbled upon a solution. In fact, thanks to his haters, JonPaul’s daily streams on his new single “Heartbeat” (available via the link in his bio) have increased 100% since the trolling began. His followers are also grew by 5.3 percent. Like many creators JonPaul has been using Instagram reels to grow his following. Recently he jumped on a trending internet “Try Not to Laugh Challenge.” The reel includes random silly sounds, including a farting sound, intended to make people laugh. And it was that sound that JonPaul started laughing and lost the challenge. That simple video of him participating in the challenge went viral accumulating over 4 million views. With those views came an influx of condescending and rude comments.

“I’ve always engaged with everyone who engages with my posts,” JonPaul said. “But I’ve never experienced such a wave of angry people…and I really didn’t expect that laughing at a fart noise could be the thing to generate so much negativity.”

Stumped at first, JonPaul saw an opportunity buried within those negative comments. He decided to stay true to his routine of responding to those who engaged his in post by responding to every comment, well over 500. JonPaul did so unapologetically. He saw it as a way to promote his newest single Heartbeat (that’s available on all platforms via the link in his bio).

“I had over 500 comments and I individualized my response to each and every one of them and directed them all to check out my newest single Heartbeat that’s available on all platforms via the link in my bio,” JonPaul states. “My intent was just to respond in a funny, not negative way, and this was a harmless response. What blew me away, was that it worked in my favor.”

The response from the trolls to his strategy was all over the place. Some commenters doubled down on their negativity, others changed and softened their tone, and many liked the new song. All in all, JonPaul’s strategy was both harmless and humorous and could be a solution for creators or anybody experiencing cyberbullying. Even the trolls could use a good laugh.

JonPaul’s 7 Tips to Combat Cyberbullying

1. Understand who you are engaging with online. Most likely the person going out of their way to leave rude comments, is struggling with their own situation. (I learned that from Gary Vee).

2. Detach yourself emotionally-it’s just a comment. You can always delete it.

3. Figure out how to make this work for you. What do you want to draw attention too? This can be as simple as kindly asking each rude commentator to follow you.

4. Once you decide what you want to promote, you must commit that response consistently regardless of how negative their comment is.

5. Don’t allow yourself to get caught up arguing with internet trolls. It’s a waste of your energy and talent.

6. Reframe the way you look at negative comments because each one can help you reach more people. However, don’t go looking for controversy because that can backfire.

7. Be relentless with positivity and the trolls will eventually exhaust their negative energy.

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