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Rapper/Songwriter Red Vegus Drops Old-School Hip-Hop Vibes in Debut EP, “St. Rose Tha Truth”


LAS VEGAS, NV – Red Vegus is one of the hottest artists coming out of the 702, and he is just 12 years old. While many people may sleep on this rising artist, “St. Rose Tha Truth” is proof Red Vegus has the chops to hang with the big guys. 

“I’ve always been around music with my dad in the recording studio,” said Red Vegus. “I started playing with beats at two. Now I write about my emotions and express my feelings in music.”

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Red is surrounded by a city that is a melting pot for different sounds and styles. As he’s matured musically, he blends styles to create his own. Taking inspiration from old-school hip hop and focusing on lyrics, Red’s music is hip hop for a new generation with roots from the past, complete with a West Coast and boom-bap vibe. 

While Red is a Vegas fixture for his “(Life As A) Shortee” and “Lean With Me” songs, anticipation is high for the March 22 release of the eight-track EP, “St. Rose Tha Truth” executive produced by his father, Brian Moore of the Moore Foundation.

Not your typical rap content, Red uses hard-hitting bars and melodic flows to express what inspires him as a kid and what frustrates him. He verbalizes his struggle with family, his growing success and the sacrifices made along the way, the savage nature of social media, his faith, and despite all his gifts and curses, he is still just a kid who wants to be just a kid. 

“This EP is like my diary during a court custody case with parents. ‘St. Rose Tha Truth’ is what came of it. It’s almost like therapy for me,” he said.

The title track “St. Rose,” aptly named for the hospital where Red was born, is a mid-tempo groovy-sounding hip-hop track. Red creates a West Coast feel with a 70s vibe fused with hip hop. Even though the lyrics are heartfelt and truthful about his emotions during a rocky time in his life, “St. Rose” appeals to listeners of all ages. 

Continuing the emotional roller coaster of his custody case, “Strong” takes a positive angle. “Whatever happens, you have to take control of your emotions,” he said. “I had to focus on myself and be strong. That’s what this song is about.”

Other tracks on the EP display his versatility. “God’s Grace” is a hip-hop song that could find a home on Christian/Gospel radio. The spiritual lyrics shed light on what it is like to be 12 in today’s world. “Unstoppable” describes the importance of believing in yourself. “When you go through things, people say different things to you. But you gotta believe in yourself and pray,” he said. 

Listening to “St. Rose Tha Truth,” it is easy to understand why Red’s fanbase ranges all ages. Even though he is young, he is a deep thinker. “I am a human being, too. I try to stay in tune with life and what is happening,” he explained. 

With his sights on a Las Vegas residency, Red Vegus is already a showman and a force to take seriously. While he’s well-known in Vegas, “St. Rose Tha Truth” demonstrates Red is in a class of his own. The Truth does not get more honest, sincere, and authentic than this.

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