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Social Media Star Alli Fitz Releases a Euphoric Music Video and  New Track “When We’re Together”


By Bobby Martin

Its seldom that a television show can have as profound an impact on society as Euphoria. The popular HBO series has had a stranglehold on this generation's pop culture by inspiring art, collaborations, and most importantly: music. Alli Fitz’s newest track “When We’re Together” was inspired by the series and helps celebrate love and happiness.

An accomplished social media star, Alli Fitz  achieved viral success early by singing, streaming and doing voiceover work on various social media  platforms. Alli has amassed a loyal following of over 10 million fans across various social media platforms and has began shifting her focus towards music full time. Alli’s newest track, “When We’re Together,” is a celebration of her newfound love after being single for an extended period of time.

“I have been single for the longest time, and people know one of my relatable posts is about being single, and people can relate to that,” Alli said. “Recently, I got a boyfriend, which is really exciting. I finally decided to write a song about that. Most of my songs are girl-empowering, you don’t need a man and can do it on your own. Now I wanted to switch it up a bit because I got a man, and it is about the feelings I have when I’m with him when we’re together.”

She added, “I say that I promise that I’m worth the wait because I’m the girl that you need. It’s really a song for someone who you love.”

The process of making a music video was an enjoyable one for her, as Alli had a major say in its creation since she is still independent. A newfound creative control and independence has been spearheaded by her manager, Adrian “Auidi” Vazquez. Auidi is the COO/CFO of NOGXNRE, a decentralized record label based in Los Angeles, CA. Having been featured in publications like Billboard Latino, Auidi’s experience in the Judaic industry has proved invaluable to Alli Fitz’s budding music career. She had the autonomy to choose the director and videographer and was free to do her own makeup and styling.

“I got to choose all this and even where the location was,” Alli Fitz said. “It was pretty cool being the boss and the person in front of the camera.”

Alli explained that back in the days of MySpace, she would watch other YouTubers singing cover tunes, which inspired her to do the same and turn it into a real career. This newfound career goal happened in 2008 while she lived in Ohio. Alli would post videos of herself in her bedroom singing covers and a spell of popular songs, which garnered her millions of views. She admitted she was a little scared that she wouldn’t get the positive feedback she wanted, but in the end, her success took off quicker than she could have ever expected.

“When people started sending me song requests, I was like, ‘Oh my God, they do actually like my voice?’” Alli said. “I started doing musicals in high school, where we just had the town come in. Now it’s like people from all over the world are like, ‘We love your music.’ It’s crazy. I have a cover with Chad Perez that is going viral in China.”

She attended Wright State University for musical theater, where she polished up her singing skills. After graduating, Fitz moved to Los Angeles after creating a Vine account that got her more than five million followers and a billion video views.

“My dog ended up play-biting me, and everyone thought it was funny. I gained millions of followers from Vine,” she said. “They invited me to the Macy’s Parade, and I got tons of exposure. That’s what got me to LA because all the other Viners were like, ‘Hey Alli, you need to move out here.”

Alli said it was such a wild and unexpected feeling to get that kind of acknowledgment. She simply posted an entertaining video, and suddenly people from all over the world were checking out what she was up to. It was an incredible experience for her, and she has met and collaborated with some of her favorite artists along the way. 

Alli eventually moved on to TikTok, where she now has seven million followers. For the past several years, she has been focused on releasing her music for the world.

“I released my first single, “Fill the Void,” in 2017, and it was pretty cool,” Alli said. “But I’ve been trying to get more music out and get my name bigger in the music industry instead of just through social media. I’m pretty well known there, but I want to be in the music world, too.”

Alli wants her fans to know that her music is real and comes directly from her life and what she believes in. While her lyrics tend to come from her life experiences, Alli is inspired by listening to her favorite artists. She explained that before she goes on stage, she tends to get nervous, so she’ll watch those artists to see what they do beforehand. 

She also tries to look at the way they write their material. Alli pointed out that musicians like Ariana Grande write whatever they want these days, and this inspires her.

“It’s not about what sells,” Alli said. “She writes what she feels, and I love that. So I have started doing that too, and it has been so much fun since then.”

Alli wants to get her music out to the masses to listen to. While she has been able to do this fairly easily through the internet, she also wants people to see what she’s got in person.

“I want to go on tour,” she said. “That’s my number one thing. I want to be able to sing my songs and have people sing them back. I want choreographed dance numbers and costumes—all of that. I want it all. I want to be able to show my music to the world.”

The “When We’re Together” music video is available on March 11. Be sure to check this and the rest of Alli Fitz’s material on all platforms. Lastly, Alli extends a very special thanks to everyone who participated in this project: JV, RandallDidIt, Chazz, Darius Dantzler, Adrian “Auidi” Vazquez, and the entire FilmHead Professionals crew. Check out Alli Fitz’s socials below and stream When We’re Together!

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