Royal X is all about the hustle in new single ‘Dinero’

By Jenna Gengler



Brooklyn based artist Royal X has music in his blood. Learning from his experiences and sharing them with the world through his music, Royal is creating something new and amazing. Most recently, this artist has released a new single titled “Dinero”. This song explores how it feels to grow from nothing and inspires people to follow their dreams.


A champion for the 200 Percent, Royal is all about promoting the success of those who identify with multiple cultures. “Identifying with both my American and Dominican sides, I want to show how both have impacted me,” he explained. This background and the passion he has for it has led Royal to pioneer his own unique genre, blending the resonate sounds of Dembow music with the urban feel of Hip Hop. This style paired with a blend of Spanish and English language creates something truly different from the rest.


“Dinero” is a great example of what this incredible and beautiful sound truly has to offer. Not only does the song showcase an incredible beat, it is also a song designed for those 200 Percenters and those who give their all to reach their goals.


“This song takes you through the stages of prosperity,” said Royal. “From having nothing to having it all, and how that growth impacts you and society as it watches you start to succeed.” “Dinero” is meant to be a song that supports the hustlers and hard working people who are doing what they can to reach their dreams.


“I want people to feel recognized by this music,” he explained. “Never give up on yourself, study and learn as much as you can and don’t be afraid to be different from the rest of them,” he said. Royal hopes his audience is able to use “Dinero” as a reminder to continue pushing themselves to be their best, and never give up on what truly means the most to them.


Following the release of “Dinero”, Royal is looking forward to working with some of the best artists in the world, including creatives like Timbaland and many more. “I want to continue taking my music to the next level,” he explained. “I am going to be working with the best of the best.


Along with his upcoming releases and plans, Royal wants his fans to know just how grateful he is for their support and the opportunities they have given him to reach his full potential. With hard work and a supportive community anything can be done.


Be sure to stay tuned in to Royal X on various platforms for new music, visuals and social posts.



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