Montana artist inspires confidence in new album ‘I Am Me’


By John Hacker

BILLINGS, Mont. — Kaycee B has been singing in her hometown scene for years and growing in confidence in her talents and abilities.

Now she’s ready to burst out of her mountain cocoon onto the national music scene with an introspective and inspiring EP, “I Am Me,” that came out on all platforms on Sept. 29.

“Prior to this, I was making music because it was what I love to do,” Kaycee said. “I would share it and I put it out there, but I wasn't really putting a whole story together, putting together a whole project. I would just release songs as I felt that they were ready and I would share them. 

“The title track to this album, ‘I Am Me,’ there’s a story in that. It's basically my transition. It is when I said I'm going to do this, I'm going to put this out, this is going to happen and I'm going to be confident. It’s a very self reflective album. So many of the songs express different versions of myself.”

Kaycee said one song, “Falling In Love” was released prior to the album hitting the streaming platforms and gave her audience a preview of the album. The other songs have been coming together for some time now.

“They’re all written by me,” Kaycee said. “Some of the songs I've been working on for a while and they were kind of on hold and some are a lot newer. The album has a broad style to it, it’s not just one style or one direction. Some of the songs are more emotional, some of them are more high energy. Some of the songs are supposed to be more of an uplifting feel. I want people to really be able to feel the emotion behind the music.”

Born and raised in the beautiful high plains of Billings, Montana, Kaycee B brings a new twist to a soul, R&B and pop vibe with a different feel. She sings with a very wide range of vocals and a lot of controlled movement. 

Kaycee was eight years old when she started singing in her church and then her school. She performed in different venues around Billings in her teenage years, singing whenever she had a chance to get in front of a crowd. 

“I began recording in a studio at 18 initially,” she said. “I had a few people that helped me get started recording. And I did not sound very good at first. I did in some ways sometimes, but I was really unfamiliar with recording on our studio mics, so that took me a little bit to get used to.”

She produced her first songs with a local producer, Jon Barnea, who eventually moved to Arizona. 

The songs on “I Am Me” are produced with Barnea and producers Micah Sanchez and J Reezy.

One of her big breaks came when she got the chance to open for Lil Wayne in a concert in Billings.

“That was kind of my coming out show,” Kaycee said. “Everybody was giving me crap afterward, saying you haven't done any shows, how did you just go on a Lil Wayne show? I just did it. Initially I tried to sponsor the Lil Wayne show. They had said that they weren't having artists on it because he was bringing his own artists. We sent them a couple of songs. They ended up calling us back and saying that I could open. I was lucky and it was so scary because I'd already been turned down. So I wasn't prepared when they called back.”

She said the reaction from her hometown crowd was inspiring and she wants to spread that inspiration around.

“People were really excited,” she said. “They were just happy that I was following through, doing what I do because they've been hearing me do it for so long. It was just crazy for them to just see me actually do it, to be there and they know who I am. It's a good feeling.”

Kaycee has also opened for artists such as 2 Chainz, Ashanti, Ja Rule, Too Short and others. She has projects currently with artists and producers such as Starlito, Allan Cubas, Dontae Wilmore, J Reezy, and more. 

She said her confidence is growing and she wants to help others gain the confidence to do what they want to do in their lives. 

“It's a confidence thing and it also makes other people feel confident because they say that's cool,” Kaycee said. “I'm glad she did that. I want to do what I want to do.”

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