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 Livvy D continues her pop-country-hip hop debut with “Take a Number” Remix

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By Buckley K. Ford

“Take A Number – Remix,” the new release from the rising pop country rapper Livvy D (Olivia Dunbar), featuring C4. Benard and songwriter Kenna Page, is an incredible new version of “Take A Number,” said to be the dating anthem for this summer.

Adding C4. Benard to the Remix provides a fun twist with a male perspective.

The song is Livvy D’s pop-country-rap-version of what she calls “the weird world of dating.”

“‘Take a Number’ is a fun song everybody can relate to,” she says. “It’s also about the end of a bad relationship, or a few bad relationships I’ve been in, and how I’m better off without them anyway.”

The Remix features rappers C4. Benard in a hip hop-rap-pop dialogue of two sides — his and hers — to the dating scene.

“It’s his perspective, her perspective,” she said, “but they’re not against each other. The listener is going to be the one who determines how they interpret the song.”

“Take a Number” was co-written by Aben Eubanks, a Grammy-nominated musician, songwriter, composer and producer. He is a guitarist and songwriter for Kelly Clarkson.

In the original release, earlier this year, the song was “more the woman’s perspective,” said Livvy D. That version switches back and forth from pop to rap and came with the country flavor that infuses the Remix.

Both renditions are light-hearted, creative versions of the love-gone-bad song.

Her unique style was influenced by the music of Cardi B, Doja Cat, and Lizzo because, she said, “They wholeheartedly believe in their music, and their message conveys power to their audience, something I also hope to do.”

She grew up listening to all kinds of music, beginning in the womb, when her mother put headphones on her belly to feed classical music to her unborn daughter.

Livvy D, just launching her career as a singing artist, is working with a powerhouse team. Producer and writer Eric “EJ” Johnson has worked for more than 15 years with many Universal Music and Atlantic Records artists as well as major independent artists across the country.

Her songs are recorded and mixed at Tom Weir’s Studio City Sound in Los Angeles. Weir is a Grammy-winning mixer, engineer and producer who has made it to No. 1 on the Billboard list.

She takes inspiration from everyday life and expresses different facets of her identity in each of her songs.

Livvy D was raised on a horse farm in rural Virginia. Riding horses, dancing and making music have always been parts of her life.

She has also been interested in fashion, and as a child put together her own home fashion shows and choreographed dance routines. One of her recent releases, “Gucci,” is a rap banger that she calls “a tribute to the designer life.”

“Boujee from birth,” she says, using a regional term to describe something upscale and luxurious. It is an apt description of her brand, evident in her videos. She says she can be found as easily on a horse as “on a shopping spree, chilling at a swank L.A. hotel or in the studio.”

She says she wants to inspire her fans to “embrace their individuality and creativity.”

“Be yourself, be authentic and creative, and have fun,” she said. “Be you, not who everyone else thinks you should be, and always believe in yourself, even when people tell you otherwise. Be strong. Be kind. Be creative. Be inspired. Be different. Be you.”

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