Newcomer B. Alvee Drops Fresh Single Worthy of Center Stage

By: Nadia Sobehart



Up-and-coming musician, B. Alvee, delivers a radio-ready hit with his latest single, “Real Money.” With smooth vocals and ear-catching melodies, it’s hard to believe that B. Alvee is only getting started.


“Real Money” is based on real life experiences influenced by money. “This song is about loyalty, experience, and inspiration,” explains B. Alvee. “I want listeners to know that money isn’t always that. Sometimes it turns people.”


“I wrote it at a time I was going out places and observing people. Some people only chase money or want to be around it. It’s hard to know what’s real or what’s fake money. Some people show off like they have it but don’t. I also talk about people showing their true colors when they see you doing good.”


As for his writing process, B. Alvee tends to lay down the harmonies and melody from a starting beat. “Sometimes I’ll lay the harmonies down, close out a session, move on with my day, and then come back to it. For this single, I came back to it, challenged myself to go out and be observant, then came back and wrote to it.”


A first generation American born to a Mexican mother, the young B. Alvee grew up in a single parent household, in Section 8 housing of Kansas City, Missouri. It wasn’t until the fourth grade that his family moved to middle-class suburbs. Throughout his youth, B. Alvee felt like a fish out of water, yet managed to make lifelong friends and play on winning sports teams. Following high school, he joined the Army National Guard as a paralegal specialist. He also attended Missouri State University, graduating in three years with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and a minor in Finance. B. Alvee then spent the next several years pursuing a career in military and law.


It wasn’t until the pandemic hit that he found himself at a crossroads. “Since everything was shut down and schools were online, I chose to write my first song and tried recording. This is where I discovered my love for creating music,” shares B. Alvee. In November of 2021, B. Alvee met his audio engineer, Steve, and began recording. “I knew at that point it was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life.”


Tragedy has played a large part in B. Alvee's life. He lost a younger cousin in 2015 to murder. In 2018, he lost another cousin, the sister of his previously deceased cousin, to depression and suicide. Many of the difficult moments in B. Alvee's life helped shape who he is today—both as an artist and person. His first single, released in June 2022, was dedicated to his late best friend, Collin Good, who died from an overdose.


At the end of the day, B. Alvee wants his listeners to be able to enjoy themselves and find support in the trials of everyday life. “There doesn’t always have to be a message,” says B. Alvee of creating music. “Sometimes it was fun, so we made the song. As long as my listeners are having a good time, that’s what matters.”


This year, B. Alvee is excited to share more singles and music videos. After an entire year of building on his sound, he’s finally in the position to share what he’s been working on. “The visuals are great, too,” adds B. Alvee.


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