Monday, April 25, 2022


Mali Mercury Brings the Juice, and He’s Vibin’ Out with “Juice Theft Auto 2,” a Juice Trappin’ R&B Album


WASHINGTON D.C. - Caution: Mali Mercury’s upcoming album, “Juice Theft Auto 2,” contains a wavy vibe guaranteed to become a musical addiction. 


Growing up in the birthplace of go-go music, Mali Mercury was inspired to create his lane. “I have my style and come from a different way of making music,” he said. “I don’t just rap. I sing as well - that’s what makes it juice.”


The “juice” he refers to is his signature style of juice trappin’ R&B, a mixture of trap fused with singing on the trap beats and a bit of R&B added for the groove. Additionally, the go-go bounce and drumbeats add a layer of rhythm to Mercury’s music that sets him apart from others. 


Released on his label, Feen Music Empire – of which he is the CEO – “Juice Theft Auto 2” is another must-hear album for his discography. With 15 tracks, Mercury brings the juice by blending genres while creating a timeless appeal for the ages. Mercury’s ability to throw bars and drop cadences with an underlying melodic tone makes “Juice Theft Auto 2” stand out. 

This latest album is the follow-up to his hit single “Hot Spot,” which is a fan favorite for its sexual lyrics and catchy go-go bounce blended with the “juice.” Liked by female and male fans, “Hot Spot” is Mercury at his finest, showcasing his juice trappin’ R&B signature. The track is a go-to song for clubs to get the crowd hyped and addicted to Mercury’s wavy vibe. And with “Juice Theft Auto 2,” Mali said he’s aiming to take that vibe to the next level.


“This album is dope at its finest,” he said. “It’s a trendy, vibey wave that I’m giving you that you can’t get anywhere. If you are going to a club or sitting back chilling, it’s all here. It’s a different style, and I’m coming with everything I got.”

Mercury, a complete artist, wrote the album’s songs and worked in the studio to mix and master the tracks. “This is one of the dopest things I’ve ever done. The cranking beats and the vibe is all different in one. It’s a wavy vibe album, and it can get you hooked up,” he explained. 

Like his previous album, “Purple,” Mercury is dropping “Juice Theft Auto 2” on April 13, becoming a traditional date for him to release albums. “I’m waiting because April 13 is my birthday. I wanted to make that a unique thing and keep releasing albums on my birthday,” he said. 

Promising “Juice Theft Auto 2” to be “out of this world,” Mercury believes this is the addictive sound that people need. 

The lead-off single from the project, “ADHD,” is a song that Mali said is meant to help people who are dealing with that kind of disorder – or any other issue or disorder that may cause them distress. 

“I’ve gone through trauma in my life and had to learn things the hard way,” he said. “I’ve gone through trauma in the D.C. area … had many traumatic nights. I went through things the wrong way. It took me a while, but now I know that it’s OK to admit that you have a disorder. I wrote this song after I lost a friend in January of last year – Crazy Money. He was my best friend and like a brother. I was really depressed. I was going through pain and contemplating doing things to others. But instead, I spoke about it and put all my anger and frustration into this song. I just hope it can be a message to people who are dealing with it, or with similar issues or disorders.”


Mali said he’s anxious for new fans to check out this new single and the entire “Juice Theft Auto 2” project. And he’s even more excited for people to learn about his label Feen Music Empire. In coming months that label will be releasing new tracks with four hot East Coast artists – TyLife, Mocha Musiq, Lil Ny, and Low Key Jupiter.

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