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Amel Rose Steps into the Spotlight with a New Voice of Authenticity 

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Born and raised in small-town Texas, Amel Rose grew up on a horse farm and was raised on the lullabies of her grandmother and mother. Her life soundtrack consisted of Grease, Footloose, Michael Jackson’s Thriller, White Christmas, and all things Dolly Parton—these records a musical distraction from her parents’ divorce at a young age. Writing songs on the back of the school bus, the budding singer developed her craft at a young age and began performing at age 7. Despite the difficulties faced in her youth, Amel Rose was a joyful kid, encouraged by her grandmother to see the goodness in life.

Amel Rose is a self-proclaimed believer in love and joy. She emphasizes that we “don’t have to dwell on the pain of the past to know where we’re going in the future.” While music these days often has a somber tone, Amel Rose believes in creating music that brings light and beauty to a world in which everyone faces struggles. “It takes a lot for people to be vulnerable—me included—so through my music I’m able to open up a bit more and more every day,” says the young artist. 

When it comes time to write music, Amel Rose is consistent and balanced. Taking care of her health, working out, and vocal work are all essential to her routine. “For the most part, I try to enjoy life and not take things slow but make my steps easy and do things that make me happy,” says the artist of her daily practice.  “I don’t stress out too much about things going on. I make decisions to make myself feel happy. Typically, I work as much as I can but won’t force myself to make something come out in the studio when it’s not working.”

Inspiration can strike at any time. That’s why Amel Rose is always prepared to capture the moment: pen in purse, phone at the ready. “Sometimes when I’m dreaming I’ll think of the melody, wake up, and go into the studio and track it,” comments the artist of her process. “I can be at a gas station and something pops into my head so I’ll write it down immediately in my phone notes. Sometimes I’ll get motivated from situations that have happened, things I’m really passionate about. But I can get too passionate sometimes so I try to keep my music lighthearted and fun for now.”

“It’s a feeling, too,” says Amel of her creation process. “I like to free-write before I get into the song. It feels a lot easier and more natural and organic. I don’t write every day because there is no way I can—if only I could access that part of my brain. But I have to allow those moments to come and relax and know I’m doing everything I can. It’s not so much writer’s block but life telling me to go experience—to have moments and stories to tell.” The savvy artist is proud of her introspective writing: “I’m proud to have a voice and be gifted with my tone and my songs.”

April marks a life-changing moment for Amel Rose—her first Grammy Award invitation as an artist. “I was up for a few nominations two years ago, but this is the first year to get invited,” shares an excited Amel. “It’s my first major event, going as an artist. I have my dress picked out and I’m really excited. I don’t want to say I’m nervous, but of course I’m a little nervous.” It’s this openness that makes Amel Rose a gem to watch in the industry—a true testament to honesty and vulnerability.

“People who believe in what I believe in will come to me,” shares Amel of what drives her to be genuine in her craft. “I’m not everybody’s cup of tea, of course. But I want to focus on letting people see me for me, not what someone else wants me to be. I’d rather take my time with my career and build a genuine fan base and friendships with the people around me than try to jump into something to be successful (according to what others define as successful). I want to continue to be myself—that’s really important to me.”

For this talented singer, April Fool’s Day is anything but a joke. With her newest single, “Hey Mama” coming out on Friday, she’s excited to have “something to give myself as well as the public.” Amel loves the element of surprise, especially when it benefits her fans. “I want people to be taken aback. I like to move in silence and, when the events come, shock people with what I’m doing.” In her case, it’s a fresh single and a Grammy spotlight this spring. And in the next few months, perhaps we’ll see an EP or album, depending on how she chooses to release the 8-9 songs she has lined up for us—which includes upcoming performances to connect with fans.

Alas, we must be patient, because great things are worth waiting for. Fortunately, Amel Rose has no plans to stop reaching for the stars and, in her case, the stage at Wembley Stadium. The die-hard Queen fan would love to perform for fans from the very stage her biggest inspiration performed on decades ago. And we’re excited to see her shine.

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