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Sydney B promotes hope and positivity in powerful new track “Beautiful"



By Bobby Martin

Sydney B may be young at 17-years-old, but her music touches on aspects of life that both teens and adults can relate to. Her new track “Beautiful” delves into the world of promoting high self esteem and positivity through her resounding vocals and songwriting skills.

“I want to radiate positivity no matter where I go or what I do,” she said. “All of my music is geared toward positive feelings and creating a world of hope. That’s my goal.”

When she was just getting started, Sydney B’s producer asked her what she wanted to write about. Through discussing it they found that she shared insecurities and life obstacles that are common for not just teenagers, but people of any age.

“I wanted to send a message that says everyone is beautiful in their own way and that no one’s alone,” she said. 

“Beautiful” was also used in a new music video that portrays Sydney B at an audition with other musicians practicing and waiting for their turn. The director walked her through the process, as it was being created to show an example of what the music stands for. With her background in music and theater she could relate to what the video was portraying, as it came naturally.

“We have a lot of other people go through the audition process in the video to show that we’re all the same and nobody is greater or less than another,” she said. “We all have our differences and that is what makes us so beautiful in our own way.”

In the new track, Sydney B sings:

“I took a moment just to look in the mirror

Ok I’m ready to take on the world

For every moment I cry

I know these tears have gone dry

Cuz I’m beautiful

I’m beautiful

I tell the world I’m beautiful.”

The mirror analogy is about looking inward, she said, as it can be difficult to do when being focused on what’s on the outside. This can be about your personal feelings or what you perceive people see you as.

“The point of that is to look inside and find what is beautiful within you,” she said. “Everyone has beautiful traits and beautiful qualities within themselves, and when you tap into that it can create your passion or life’s calling.”

Sydney B began singing in a choir when she was nine, and then became involved in musical theater in middle school. While she grew up in a family that was more sports focused, she said it was music what really sparked her interest.

“I got into music and it was something that I never wanted to stop,” Sydney B said. “I always wanted to be singing. No matter how long any rehearsal was, I’d want to be there the whole time. I never got bored. It was where I found my passion and something I really loved.”

She is inspired by her vast influences from all sorts of musical genres, as she loves music as a whole and not just a specific part of it. One thing is for sure about her style: she is promoting hope through her lyrics and uplifting beats.

The Atlanta based musician found herself through music. She wants to use this to spread this message, as it has helped her greatly in life.

“I’m not all the way there and I don’t know if I ever will be,” she said. “I think that’s part of what makes my music, my music. It’s not perfect and I’m not perfect, and I think that’s an important message for everyone to hear.”

Sydney B has about a dozen songs that she says are on the horizon to be released in the near future. Keep up with 





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