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Hammaz shows off his versatility in new album AlphaMale 4: Magnum Opus, featuring the fresh new track “Shitz”


By Bobby Martin

Delaware based rapper Hammaz has been surrounded by music through friends and family his whole life, and most recently he created the album AlphaMale 4: Magnum Opus, which includes the single “Shitz” that will reel in listeners as it is catchy and pops.

“This one is more drill,” Hammaz said of “Shitz” which features MusicByDre. “There’s no playing around. I’m back and letting you know. I want all the shitz, I want all the smoke. I’m coming for it. I’m there for it.”

AlphaMale 4: Magnum Opus wasn’t just whipped together, as Hammaz took his time and selected everything for a reason. Instead of just writing freely, he wrote about specific events and people, and topics that were going on in his life.

“I was able to tap deep into a certain bag, and to be able to put it all together in one project, is like one of the greatest art forms I’ve created over the bodies of works that I did,” Hammaz explained. “I have a personal relationship with PeeWee Kirkland, so I had a couple of sit downs with him. One of the songs on there talks about him and his life.”

There are 12 total tracks on the album that also includes “Boss Talk 2,” “End of the Road,” and a song called “Becky, Karen, Susan,” which he said is a little story about three of his favorite teachers. The song “Again,” is one that shows off his range and has GRAMMY written all over it, Hammaz said. 

“I am really proud of the artistic ability for me to jump from different topics and different subjects, and stay in that pocket,” he said.

Hammaz has a versatile style of music, saying that he performs hip-hop most of the time, and is also a great storyteller.

“I’m good in each department,” Hammaz. “Some people bounce from topic to topic, but struggle in different areas like storytelling, club songs, or drill music. I think I have an A plus in all those departments. Every day ain’t the same. Every story ain’t the same. Different things happen.”

Hammaz was born in Jamaica, but he moved to Delaware when he was eight years old where he lived near the Southbridge projects. He grew up with hardship in his life, but it didn’t discourage him, as it actually motivated him to share his life stories. He knows he’s not the only person who has had hard times, and he hopes his talent can have a major impact on listeners who can commiserate. 

“I grew up in the hood,” Hammaz said. “Life was like anything else that you see on TV, like in The Wire. Like Brooklyn or Chicago, it’s just that Delaware is small so you don’t really see or hear about the shootings, drug dealings, murders or kidnappings. You don’t hear about it as much, but it happens.”

Hammaz is able to incorporate his upbringing in his work, but he said he doesn’t need to intentionally tell it in his story. He is doing what he loves, and as long as he continues to improve, he feels good about what he is accomplishing.

“I am just like anyone else,” Hammaz said. “I’ve been through adversity, the ups and downs. I have a story to tell just like anybody else. I am pretty sure that everyone who has been through anything, anyone else who is striving for anything can relate.”

Hammaz is inspired by all kinds of music, including hip-hop, R&B, rap, reggae and even country. He also said his inspirations come from his life experiences.

“I just like creating and seeing my thoughts and life story being played out,” Hammaz said.

Hammaz has been around music forever, saying that being from Jamaica, his father and his cousins were into Caribbean style music and DJing.

“When I started playing around with it, I figured I had a little natural knack for it,” Hammaz said. “With a couple unexpected breaks, I was like, you know what? I’m going to make a little lucrative hobby out of it, and before you knew it, it became a nice little career.”

Hammaz has worked with some big names like Waka Flocka Flame and Johnny Blaze. One of his biggest hits, “Boss Talk,” was featured on DMX’s Mixtape right before he passed away. 

The rapper was underground for years, but Hammaz got his big break when he started the entertainment company Alpha Male Ent. He had the opportunity to record the albums AlphaMale 3 and AlphaMale 4, as well as the yet to be released AlphaMale 5 at Grand Hustle Studios in Atlanta.

AlphaMale 4: Magnum Opus, and the video for “Shitz,” is coming out on April 4. Be sure to keep up to date with Hammaz and his music available on all platforms.

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