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Sophia Mengrosso supplies powerful vocals on the heavy rock track “Unforgiven,” available on all platforms


By Bobby Martin

Sophia Mengrosso is a classically trained opera singer with a wide vocal range that is ever apparent on her newest single “Unforgiven,” scheduled to be released on February 24.

Mengrosso has a hauntingly beautiful, and unique, voice that fits right in with the power of her lyrics and the heavy sound that it complements. This track is about putting the time and work into letting go of someone she loved. It focuses on her efforts to move on and move forward with her life, despite the scars and the pain that it has brought.

“I just wanted to let go of a person, and let go of the memories,” said Mengrosso. “I’ve accepted the fact that I can’t blame someone for what happened in the past. Instead of me carrying that weight on me, I just want to forgive the person and move on.”

Mengrosso wrote this song years ago, but came back to it about a year back when she rediscovered it in a different way. She said that whenever she has a significant personal experience, she will incorporate it into her material because it is helpful to handle what life throws at her. Writing this track was a cathartic experience for Mengrosso.

“When I go through something, I try to put it into my music because this is what gives me a drive to go through stuff,” she said. “It’s so personal. It is about finding strength and finding something that will drive you to achieve what you want. You can find strength in your weaknesses, like pulling out the light from darkness.”

“Unforgiven” is part of a 12 song album that Mengrosso eyes a release for the end of April, and it will also include a recently released single titled “Under.” She is still going through the naming process for the record, and related it to naming a baby because of how much the work means to her. Life experiences are what inspires her work, and she is taking the time to choose the proper name.

Mengrosso has a background in musical education, and is a composer who has been writing music for many years, as well. She started as a classical singer and developed an interest in rock and metal as she grew up. Now she is writing and producing her own music, and she said she couldn’t be happier about her path.

She started her musical journey by playing piano and harp, and then began taking voice classes as a child. Mengrosso writes all her music on the piano, and she said this has helped her in developing her style. She is influenced by opera singers like Maria Callas, Cecilia Bartoli and Nellie Melba, but also listens to plenty of music outside of the classical world. Her wide range of musical taste has helped shape here as a musician.

As a teenager she discovered rock and metal, as she is inspired by bands like Metallica, Evanescence and Nightwish. When she was 16, Mengrosso played covers of Evanescence tunes at a local music festival, which led to her dive into the hard rock genre. 

Mengrosso’s music is heavy hitting and powerful, which is something that she loves about the rock genre. She said it gives her room to express herself, especially as a female singer. Having classical training was a great bridge and gave her the confidence in her vocals that has stuck with her.

“Blending the two styles is actually very organic,” she said of classical music and the rock genre. “It’s like a good marriage. They complete each other. I enjoy blending these two components together. It is the process of creation for me, and I need those two tools to create something.”

Mengrosso wants her fans to find strength to pursue their desires, saying her message through her music is to “take whatever you need from what inspires you.” 

“I try and tell you to just go and pursue your dreams,” she said. “It doesn’t matter how hard it seems. You have to go through the challenges. You need all this experience to create your own reality. My message is to just go out there and chase your dreams, and go get it. You just have to do it. Be strong and go get what you want.”

Mengrosso has shows lined up for April in Texas, New York and Los Angeles, California. She also has plans to perform oversees over the summer, but plans are still in the works.

Be sure to check out the new single “Unforgiven” by Sophia Mengrosso, available on all platforms.






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