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Minus A.I. Brings His Story to Life with Latest Single, ‘The Sphere’

By: Nadia Sobehart


Musical audiobook producer, Minus A.I., showcases the potency of storytelling in his latest single, “The Sphere.” This track, a standout from his album, Killer Donuts Musical Soundtrack, immerses listeners in the enthralling world of Minus A.I.—all through the power of sound. 

As a visionary and musical adventurer, Minus A.I.'s work spans alternative indie rock, mainstream pop, and country pop, leaving room for exploration. Specializing in musicals, this indie artist has amassed a fanbase in less than two years. His previous single, “Ecstasy,” enjoyed regular airplay in San Francisco. 

Minus A.I. has dabbled in various genres, but he gravitates towards his strengths. "I ventured into rap with the song ‘Killer Donuts Musical’, but I would be disheartened if Eminem were to critique my rap skills. I don’t see myself as a rapper; instead, I draw inspiration from artists like ‘Twenty One Pilots’ for arrangement. 

While Minus A.I. may not be the top rapper, he is no stranger to the hip-hop scene. He once received invaluable advice at a concert event hosted by Teddy Bear the promoter, where he encountered DJ Khaled in the VIP area at Club Cinema, just before Khaled’s international success with Rick Ross. 

Hailing from Tampa Bay, Florida, Minus A.I. infuses his music with real-life experiences. ‘Killer Donuts Musical’ narrates the struggle of a man who loses everything in a Florida hurricane. Another unreleased track, “Make a Change,” addresses how the majority of people, regardless of their actions, are affected by the current climate crisis," the artist adds. In the musical, after “The Sphere” intro, the protagonist packs up and leaves a hurricane-stricken area in Florida, drives across the country to the west coast, and finally settles near Las Vegas. 

The audiobook traces the character’s journey through a musical narrative. 

When it comes to composing his music, Minus A.I. doesn’t adhere to a fixed process. “Sometimes the beat comes first, other times the lyrics come first,” the artist shares. “For this, I wrote to the scene. If music is personal, it’s scattered. But this is really written for whatever is happening in the scene. 

”Minus A.I. is unafraid to express his beliefs, whether verbally or through song. “I remember seeing through my mother’s eyes,” Minus A.I. recalls, visualizing his entry into the world. “No one believes that when you enter it’s like that—cloudy. But it is, it’s like coming from the clouds and entering into the world.” 

Minus A.I.’s humble beginnings can be traced back to when his family sought refuge in the United States, far from the war in their home country. 

Growing up in a small town, the young artist found solace in musical theatre—from classics such as “Little Shop of Horror” to “The Wizard of Oz”. Little did he know that his childhood passion would later shape his musical career. 

As a teenager, he was part of a band with his current full- time guitarist. When Minus was a sampler DJ in the duo, they came close to signing with a major label. Although his bandmate declined the opportunity, Minus A.I. continues to seek his advice. “He predicted two other times who would be the next big thing and got it right. So, I asked him what I should release for the first single from the album & he said, ‘The Sphere.’” And so, it was. “I don’t know who I was making it for,” Minus A.I. muses about his album. “I was thinking about the sphere in Vegas & a donut shop & taco stop In West Hollywood, owned by Danny Trejo & some taco shops in California owned by Paul Walker’s brother "Caleb". "It would be nice to somehow see those two businesses merged 


Also featured on his album is the love song “Whatever It Takes,” a heartfelt tribute to Madonna while she was recuperating in the hospital. The album cover of Madonna’s record adorned his recording space as he crafted the song. 

In addition to promoting his new work, Minus A.I. is on the hunt for the perfect female vocalist for his next single. The track, is an emotional piano ballad about an expectant mother, it is yet to be produced. “To deliver one of those ballads, the singer needs to be exceptionally talented. No man on earth would know what it’s like to be the person who can bring a new life into the world. So, I don’t see myself performing the ballad,” he adds. 

On the day of Paul Walker’s passing, I was in a state of mourning. I found myself wishing that if he were still alive, I would have loved to collaborate with him. It was during this reflective moment that I felt as if I heard him whisper in my right ear, ‘I’m going to make sure of it.’ 

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