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Aurora Takeover puts out concept album Misery (Part 2 Independent) with a December 5 release date


By Bobby Martin

Hyperpop musician Aurora Takeover focuses on creating songs with relatability, and he has released a brand album EP titled Misery, (Part 2 Independent) that touches on the theme of a drug relapse.

Aurora Takeover, 24, was born and raised in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, and has been singing and writing his music since he was young. He went to college in New Hampshire to study audio engineering, but quickly found out that college wasn’t for him. He started teaching himself how to mix on FL Studio, and began writing his first album, “The Darkest Light.” His first release was a single called “Walls.”

He left college after a year and was jumping from job to job, but it was stagnant to him. During this time he was always somewhat depressed about his scenario, thinking there was an unfilled void. He said he was drinking a little too much, was going out multiple times a week, and this is when he discovered he has the ability to really hone in on peoples’ feelings.

While Aurora Takeover wasn’t into drugs himself, he said that he found out through experiences in college that he is extremely empathetic with people.

“Honestly, I personally kind of hate it,” Aurora Takeover said. “Being out all the time, at dive bars, I would feel people’s energy and what they’re going through. I would see drug use everywhere. I’m not a drug person or anything, but from feelings I had I would put myself in their shoes and mimic what they were feeling to understand them. I don’t mean to do it, but it’s just how it always goes.”

This led to his decision to make a concept album. Instead of just putting out singles he wanted to make a “work of art” and have everything linked together. The idea was to write Misery. He was putting singles out for it, started using different producers, and that’s when his current producer Get2Gether found him and helped him polish what he has put together.

“I feel like I am making actual masterpieces now and I want everyone to know about it,” Aurora Takeover said. “The cool thing is it is very different music.”

“I released the first half, part one, that is called Dependent,” Aurora Takeover said. “That part of the album is supposed to be about a guy going through drugs. Like that guy is really fucked up on drugs. He is wicked dependent and an AI voice says we need an outside source to help us: Ms. Enable. She leaves him because she can’t carry his baggage anymore.”

Misery (Part 2 Independent) starts with him relapsing. 

“After he relapses he realizes how stupid it was in the first place,” Aurora Takeover explained. “He gets himself clean and meets a woman named Shaylee.”

Misery Part 2 is eight songs beginning with “Misery.” It goes into “Relapse,” “Shaylee,” “Pressure,” “Bleeding,” “See You Die,” “Come Back New” and “Dreaming.” “See You Die” has already been released and he sees “Dreaming” as being something big.

Aurora Takeover comes up with a melody on top of a beat that he finds, and goes from there. He then takes AI generated voices to use for talking points within the songs to help further drive the story.

“It is very interesting, intricate and stuff I haven’t heard before,” he said. 

Aurora Takeover admitted he was overwhelmed when it was all said and done of what was in store for his future. The new music he has created is something he is totally impressed by and he feels it is what is going to take him to incredible heights. He said he is “going all in” with his music.

“I feel like I’m sitting on something that could really catch and it scares the living shit out of me” he said. “After listening all the way through I was terrified because I was like, this could really be it. This could really skyrocket me. That’s scary.”

Aurora Takeover has been inspired by his newest album so much that he already has more in the works for the future. He has a project in the works called Egocentric, which is also a concept album. He said teasers on the internet have led people to reach out to him and tell them how impressed they were. He said this jacked up his confidence a bit, and he thought the idea of having an inflated ego would also be a cool concept.

“That’s my next journey: writing about having an ego and how it can be destroyed,” said Aurora Takeover.

Relatability is the message he wants his listeners to get from his music. He has a knack for creating songs with extremely broad lyrics. An example is a drug addict could relate fully to his songs, but at the same time someone going through a toxic relationship could listen to the same tune and relate to it in an entirely different way.

“People that are not maybe thinking the same thing as me can relate to it in their own way,” he said. “That’s how I try to write my songs, to make it a very broad kind of story where you can put yourself in that box.”

Misery (Part 2 Independent) is set to be released on December 5 and it can be found on all major platforms.

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