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Singer/songwriter turns music into therapy with ‘Let It Ache’


By John Hacker

QUINCY, Mass. — Being married may have turned into her worst nightmare but singer/songwriter Juliera has turned the heartache from that failed marriage into a deep, emotional and powerful song declaring her independence. 

Juliera released “Let It Ache,” a powerful story of love lost and the choice between pain lasting years and pain lasting only a short while.

“I had to choose my pain and so I chose the pain of breakup because at least that is one that would only last a short while rather than staying in the painful for several more years or even the rest of my life,” Juliera said. “After writing ‘Let it ache,’ I felt like a burden was lifted off my shoulder. I felt like I spoke my truth and told a little bit of my story and now I can finally move forward with the other songs.”

Juliera was born in Nigeria and started writing when she was 16 years old, writing verses and then putting them away. She attended college in Nigeria and built productive side business as a ghostwriter for other artists. She moved to the U.S. in 2017 to go to graduate school and was considering a career in music but she got married in 2019 to a man who didn’t share her passion for music. 

She became pregnant with their first child, a beautiful boy but she said her husband would belittle her and yell at her for throwing up or sleeping late during the first trimester of her pregnancy. He also cheated on her and at one point soon after she gave birth, he hit her during an argument.

“At this point, I decided my marriage was a joke and I could never respect a man to hits women,” Juliera said. “He once made a statement, ‘women are only good for cooking and fucking,’ and I thought, wow! It makes sense to me now why he treated me the way he did. It got me thinking that a lot of men who treat women like crap truly has this same mentality, my husband just had the nerve to actually say it to me.”

Juliera said the song “Let It Ache” is a song that she didn’t want to write at first.

“I ran away from my pain for so long and did other things that made me happy so I wouldn’t have to face the reality of the things happening during my divorce,” she said. “My attorney advised me to write down the trauma and abuse that I went through in my marriage and for so many months I couldn’t do it because every time I started writing, I get super emotional and my hands starts to shake uncontrollably.”

Speaking to a friend gave her the strength to write what the attorney requested, but then to try to push that memory and experience out of her mind, she sat down to write a song.

“So I was still in the mood of that emotional feeling and I said, I'm just going to do something else to get me off of this feeling,” Juliera said. “So I started playing the beats that this person that did my beats that I hired sent me. I said I'm going to write something fun and happy and get out of this emotional thing. But then the first beat I played came on and the first word that just came out of my mouth, and in the tone that it did was the first line of 'Let It Ache' the ‘Why, darlin’ why?' I was like, Oh my God, I'm not going to do this. And the next thing you know, the next line comes up. I said, Oh, God, I guess I'm writing this. I was like, Okay, fine, let's just do it.”

She released “Let It Ache” as her second single as a solo artist. She released “Hero” a song she recorded after she recorded “Let It Ache,” for a very special reason. 

“I decided to release 'Hero' first because my son really loved it and it was his favorite at the time,” Juliera said. “I wrote the song 'Hero' in 2017, but then I recorded 'Let It Ache' first, which I had just written in May 2023. And then I recorded ‘Let It Ache’ first, then I recorded a few other songs, then recorded 'Hero.' But I released ‘Hero’ for him.”

Juliera said she has at least 10 more songs ready to release and is working to release another title, “Bail on You,” on her birthday, Oct. 9.

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