Kupid is stepping away from the expected with upcoming project Kill Kupid

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By Jenna Gengler

A young artist who has always lived for the music, Kupid has been honing his creative skills since childhood. Whether he was studying guitar, teaching himself the drums, or following in the footsteps of his idols, he has always been working to make himself a better musician. This inspiration to be his best is easy to see in his upcoming project Kill Kupid. 

Deriving a sound from his environment in Atlanta, the artists that brought that community to life, and his own experiences, Kupid creates music that is truly like no other. “I don’t think you can even compare me to other artists,” he said. “I have a really unique and personal style and I love experimenting with those sounds.” This is something you can see in all of his music, as Kupid constantly keeps his fans on their toes. 

“If I could ask my audience to focus on anything when they listen, I would want them to take my music at face value.”

A project that is set to release right around the holiday season, Kill Kupid will take you through the personal highs and lows of how it feels to be a college student today. “It’s a collection of tracks more so than it's a cohesive album,” he explained. “It’s like little pieces of my year. A compilation of experiences and emotions that I’ve gone through this year.” The larger project is aptly named “Kill Kupid” because the emotions behind the experiences are raw, and Kupid feels there were times he was killing himself without justifiable cause. Despite this, there are also many references to pop culture that can be found in his music. Kupid is a fan of pop culture and feels music is about having fun as well!

To get his audience excited about the upcoming Kill Kupid project, Kupid is excited to release his single, “Okay Wait”. A sneak peak into what is to come later this year, the song is the first of a two part story. It is definitely a track that will leave you wanting more. “‘Okay Wait’ is really a feel good song,” Kupid said. “I think the fans are going to love how it can fit into any part of your life, whether you're hitting the gym, driving around town or doing just about anything else.”

To go alongside the release of “Okay Wait”, Kupid has collaborated with his cousin JLav and producer Spectrxm to create a more experimental EP. “It’s got a really good blend of our experimental sound with the kind of mainstream sound that is topping the charts right now,” Kupid explained. “It’s a really high energy project.” 

As he continues to create music, release tracks and connect with fans, Kupid is excited for what is to come. “I’m just going to keep putting what I have out there and sharing it with my fans.” There is surely much more to come from this incredible musician and you are not going to want to miss out on any of it. 

Be sure to stay tuned in to Kupid on various platforms for new music, visuals and social posts. 


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