Mack Holland releases new gospel track “Lord I Thank You” that pays tribute to what God has done for him


By Bobby Martin

Author and singer/songwriter Mack Holland has had a love of poetry and singing going straight back to his childhood. After recording his first song in 2013, and a book in 2017, he is continuing his musical journey with a new gospel song “Lord I Thank You” that comes out at the end of the month.

“Lord I Thank You” features himself on vocals along with a gospel singer named Bernard Williams, as well as background vocalist Ashley Herring. Holland called the tune a “smooth, and upbeat” track that people are going to love.

“This is a song I wrote that is basically thanking the Lord for all he’s done for me,” Holland said. “That’s basically what he talks about. When it comes on, I’m saying a prayer, thanking the Lord for all he’s done for me. And Mr. Williams starts to sing about all the things that God has done for us in our lives.”

Holland added, “I’ve let some people hear it, of course, and a lot of people are loving it.”

Holland was raised in South Carolina and moved to Augusta, Georgia in 1988. As a child he grew up in the church, singing in the choirs as well as in neighborhood groups and the school chorus. He was the lead singer of a group at the age of 13, but this was not on the radar about something he would really make into a career. At about 16 he started writing poetry and songs, with some in a catalog in the Library of Congress. 

He wrote the song “I Ain’t Got No Money Honey” in 2011, which is when artist and repertoire representatives caught on and asked him to put music to it. He started working with Paramount Studios in Nashville in 2014, where this song and “Your Love is a Thrill” was recorded. Then in 2016, Holland wrote a gospel tune called “Are You Ready For Your Blessing.” This was the first song he recorded on his own, as Paramount was not involved in gospel music, and now at age 60 he is continuing his musical journey.

Holland has been working with Grammy Award winning producer Kevin Bond since 2016, and has recorded six songs to date. Some songs included “He Is,” “Love Me Now” and “Are You Ready.” These songs are all readily available on all platforms for listening.

Holland has written inspirational books, such as “Sweet Inspiration: The Mack Holland Book of Inspiration, Poetry and Song,” where the lyrics for a new song on the horizon called “My Favorite Girl” are included. He said he owes his experience as a writer to his work in music.

“I was a writer and just loved writing poetry, and that’s what I started doing,” Holland said. “And I was basically recommended to start playing music. That’s why I call it a blessing. One thing has led to another, and now I just enjoy doing it all the time.”

When Holland writes music he likes to inspire people. He said this is why he has songs of love, gospel inspirations and Christmas songs that transcend genres.

“I like to sit down and think about things that can inspire mankind, and make you feel good about yourself and feel good about others,” Holland said. “And keeping the Lord in mind. My music is inspirational music.”

Mack Holland’s brand new track, “Lord I Thank You,” as well as his other songs, can be found at all major music platforms.


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