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Dream Pop Rock Band, Bat Lanyard, Releases Self-titled Album Ripe for New Beginnings

By: Nadia Sobehart



Bat Lanyard—the duo comprised of life-long collaborators Matt Thompson and Nick Davis—releases their long-anticipated self-titled album, Bat Lanyard. The 10-track record is a culmination of years of back-and-forth collaboration across state lines and multiple genres. Featuring “Burned Out Lovers,” “Know Your Name,” and “Yellow Paper,” the debut album is guaranteed to leave listeners with a favorite new song.


“Our new album is a journey,” tells Matt Thompson, the engineer and producer behind the album. “It takes you a lot of places.” Nick Davis, sharing the roles of writer, guitarist, vocalist, and keyboardist with Matt, adds, “Our music is dream pop rock.”


Bat Lanyard delivers songs that are both reminiscent of music you once loved and refreshing all the same. The musical stylings of the album tiptoe across genres including soft rock, electronica, dream pop, and metal alternative pop. “Indie alternative rock is a bit narrow for the things we like,” shares the band. “Bat Lanyard is melancholy sonic, open-minded frustration, and love.”


“Burned Out Lovers,” the second song on the record, is known for its catchiness and soundscape. “It says a lot about what our style is and what we put into music—whether it’s keys or guitar. It’s the perfect combination of our styles blended into one song. It was hard to choose a single because every time we had an idea of what we thought should be the single, we realized that different people like different songs on the album for their own reasons.”


“We wanted the album to have a certain flow and a bit of a sonic story written in a particular order that takes you through ups and downs. The album tells a story with different moods and feelings throughout.”


In their college days, the duo played together in a variety of cover and original alternative rock bands, playing at local clubs and parties. They also put out a six-song EP, “Big Oak.” After their time in Oklahoma, Matt went on to front the Dallas, Texas-based band, Quickserv Johnny, coming out with two albums on Rainmaker Records and touring the area.


Nick and Matt continued collaborating at a distance and occasionally reunited to play local shows with band Fred Scott. They eventually came together as Bat Lanyard and consolidated efforts to create the self-titled album, Bat Lanyard.


“We’ve known each other for a while and working together on and off we’ve come to appreciate each other’s musical talents and what we can do. We were in a college band together, but it’s really these last few years collaborating on songs that have solidified our friendship. We have mutual respect for each other’s talents.”


It is the merging of unique skillsets that makes Nick and Matt a strong duo. “Matt is a great musician and songwriter yet was able to get into production at a high level and is really good at it. That has allowed us to build.”


“Nick writes the majority of the lyrics and has the ability to say something simple with depth and meaning to it that’s really hard to do in songwriting,” shares Matt of their creative process. “There are a ton of songs out there that are none of that. Our music means different things to different people.”


Bat Lanyard has been writing music across state lines by collaborating asynchronously. “Our process has evolved and gotten more intensive as we learned things about our song process. We haven’t lived in the same place since college, but thanks to technology, we’ve been able to share tracks virtually.”


“I’ll write something and throw it to Matt, and he’ll add a lyric or melody change or cool part. Back and forth, it becomes a song,” explains Nick. The two convene at times at Matt’s studio for a multiple-day recording session, where they agree in advance which songs to knock out during that period. “We build the songs out organically. If a song doesn’t get there during that time, we drop it.”


Coming up next for Bat Lanyard is a series of new songs under development, including many that didn’t make it onto the first album. The duo is also planning some live performances later this year.


This autumn, Bat Lanyard also looks forward to celebrating the release of their record with a party in Dallas. “We’ve been really happy with the feedback we’ve gotten so far. People are really supportive of our album.”


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