Trey P talks growth in exciting new releases

By Jenna Gengler


An up and coming Rapper, Trey P has been hard at work preparing for the release of his most recent projects. Not only does the artist have a new single out, he is also working on the release of multiple other singles in the future. These new singles exude confidence, as Trey gets into his past and the future that he and many others see for himself. 

Trey recently released a dynamic single titled “Time After Time”. A Remake from Cyndi Lauper that took inspiration from his childhood in Chicago, hearing the song around the house. The single shows how his environment and growing up in the streets led him astray time after time. 

“Being from the hood, it’s difficult to get away from things that can lead you down the wrong path, and the way you can win by changing your mindset,” he explained. “It's not about being tough or cool, that mentality has gotten a lot of people killed. It’s always about being smart.” 

“Time After Time” has gained lots of attention since its release and continues to enchant both existing fans and new listeners. 

Along with the release of his other singles, “Get Up” and “Belong To Me” is the incredible track “Homies”. This track highlights how Trey has dealt with losing close friends and family and wishing he had problems other than the loss of loved ones. 

The latest single Trey has to offer is an exciting track called “Give It To You”. This track introduces Trey in an emotional light, discussing past relationships and experiences with women. It truly shines a light on his versatility as a musician, and does so over an incredible self-produced beat. “Give It To You” is truly unique because of its commitment to telling a story and spotlighting his skills. 

To Follow “Give It To You”, Trey is also releasing a single titled “EZ” a track expressing his own feelings about his upbringing and the ways in which he made hard times look easy. “This single is about my childhood being tough, but finding a way to be myself and keep going,” he explained. “About how you can make something happen in an environment full of guns, drugs, and violence. With the right mentality anything is possible.” This single focuses on the deception and influence of street life and how it can look good but end entirely differently. 

Trey’s track “EZ”, as inspired by the song of the same name by Kanye and The Game, follows this theme of personal growth. “I really connected to the track because I didn’t grow up with a lot,” Trey explained. “It took a lot of hard work and personal growth to get where I am right now.”  

Trey’s music truly showcases who he is as both an artist and person. It presents his skill and dedication in an incredible light. Through this work, he hopes to influence others to focus on their own growth as he has been able to focus on his. “If I am able to grow like this, I hope that I can inspire my fans to know that they can do the same.” 

Following the release of “Give It To You” and “EZ”, Trey is looking forward to continuing to create vibrant new tracks. He is continuing to aim for greater artistic growth for himself and his team as the year continues. There is truly so much to look forward to when it comes to this musician. 

“Just get ready,” said Trey, alluding to the exciting new work he has to come. 

Make sure to stay tuned in to Trey P on various platforms for new music, visuals and social posts.