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Waa’daa’dah Boi Blends the World’s Sounds to Appreciate Nature and Humanity in New Ways


By Francis Galang


HILO – Waa’daa’dah Boi will release his EP “Just A Man” on July 25. This EP follows his previous Album “Dah Ancient Inside” released earlier this year. Waa’daa’dah Boi self-describes as a singer/songwriter who blends together elements of hip-hop, gospel, R&B, and world music. 

His influences are wide. As he has moved from place to place growing up, he has amassed a large musical vocabulary from sounds heard all around the world. He is also very diverse in his

instrumental palette, learning many different instruments in each of the places he has lived. His inspirations include those who bridge together different forms of music, such as Burna Boy who bridges music together across continents in his Afrobeat, and Tems who brings new school to old school instruments. Waa’daa’dah Boi also loves to dance and uplift the souls of others. 

Waa’daa’dah Boi was born in Harlem, New York, developing himself out of the melting pot of cultures in the city. He grew up religious, which greatly influenced his music. His earliest genres are those of gospel, hip-hop, and R&B, learned through his time with church and family. At age 15, after 9/11 had happened, he moved from New York to Oregon and the Midwest, finishing high school and college in these areas. In this time, he became exposed to many different genres of music from around the world, learning djembe drums and conga drums and listening widely to music from all cultures. 

When he reached age 22, he moved to Hawaii to finish his bachelor’s degree and begin a master’s degree. In Hawaii, he became immersed in island music, reggae, and blues, encountering many different styles and instruments that are uncommon in today’s musical landscape. He learned openly from the many cultures of Hawaii, especially from the Filipino, Japanese, and Samoan people there. 

He began writing instrumentals which blend the multiculturalism of Hawaii and New York. He became Waa’daa’dah Boi as he helped people out and performing these instrumentals. He says, “Instruments are so full of life. You can add so much to your voice through instruments.” 

As he began incorporating digital elements into his music, he became a recording artist, mixing his vocals with a diverse palette of instruments and world-styles. Themes dominant in his music include the harmony between human beings, our connection with nature, cultures connecting as world cultures, and the healing of the soul through music. 

Right now, Waa’daa’dah Boi is in the process of recording his first music video for the single “Just A Man” –  one of three singles from his EP of the same name, with the other two singles being “Best Friend” and “Taking It In.”

“Just A Man” sees Waa’daa’dah Boi return to his roots in a simple and fun-to-listen-to project. The EP will release on his birthday on July 25.

“With this project, I want to do something simple but profound,” he said. “I want to play with change through sound. Just A Boy will incorporate elements of Afro-Pop, Afrobeat, R&B, and hip-hop. It’ll bring in Caribbean, Hawaiian, and Nigerian sounds on its beats and instrumental energies.” 


On his previous LP “Dah Ancient Inside,” Wah’daa’dah Boi reflects on the magnificence of Hawaii, thinking about the pandemic-affected world and the ways in which God can be found in nature. The album was written in the midst of the pandemic in 2020, where Waa’daa’dah Boi spent a great deal of time contemplating. 

“I was going through many things at that time,” he said. “I’m raised very Christian, and I was thinking about all the religions of the world and what it would be like if we had all gotten along. To learn to praise God, no matter what you call him, and to appreciate the life that was given to us.” 

He connects these religious reflections to those about nature and culture. 

“I was inspired from my Creator, seeing all the beautiful surroundings around me,” he said. “It’s all a beautiful thing created by God, but also made by human beings as well. Dah Ancient Inside is about what it’s like to be in part of the Creator and be a being inside of the world He created. It’s also about what it’s like to witness nature with eyes that are not dulled by modern-day fast-paced society. It encourages people most-of-all to just take time and look at nature.” 


In both of these projects, Waa’daa’dah Boi thanks his personal crew, family, and friends for their inspiration and motivation. He is excited to be releasing “Just A Man” to all major streaming platforms and finish filming the music video for that single. Afterward, he hopes to perform more live shows and travel more with his music. 

“Ultimately, I hope to affect people in a positive way with all this,” he said. 


Be sure to stay connected with Waa’daa’dah Boi on all platforms for new music, videos, and 

social media posts.  

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