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Detroit hip hop artist Ju Beanz aims to make a name for himself with new EP Breakthrough


By Brennan Stebbins

Jullian Kirkland has come a long way since recording his first song in a McDonalds bathroom as a teenager.

Now the Detroit hip hop artist, best known as Ju Beanz, is poised to make a name for himself with the release of his new EP, Breakthrough.

I actually tell stories through my music,” Kirkland says. “I use music as an expression of myself, it’s my way of telling my story.”

The four-song release is both inspirational and relatable and features everything from Ju Beanz’ straight-bars-and-no-hooks rapping to the soulful vocals of Nikki Long. But at the root of it all is Kirkland’s quest to make music for good.

Music is a universal language and it’s a powerful means to grab people’s attention,” he says. “I didn’t grow up in the worst environment but it wasn’t the best by any means. We grew up around the hood and I’m very familiar with guys just soaking in whatever music is around. The environment kind of dictates what music they listen to and I know for a fact it has an effect on them, good or bad. Knowing that I try to put out music that is more inspirational for the good.”

Ju Beanz doesn’t fit into just one lane. His unique arsenal brings different styles to the table, depending on what is inspiring him at the time. That versatility is on full display on Breakthough.

Tracks like “Relentless Rain,” which features Long, see Kirkland getting deep into his thoughts and reflecting on the pressure he feels to succeed.

Sometimes you get antsy about trying to be the person that you really want to become and accomplish the things you want to accomplish and it seems like sometimes the obstacles can get overwhelming,” he says. “So the rain is symbolic of those obstacles or those challenges that come about.”

But, as Kirkland raps on the song: “I do great in the water, like I’m Katie Ledecky,” the seven-time Olympic gold medalist.

Even though the flood’s rising and the rain keeps coming down and it’s hard for me to sleep because of all the pressure,” he says, “I’m still going for the gold in the end.”

Ju Beanz goes a whole different direction on “Unleashed,” his unvarnished take on the current state of hip hop. He shows off his skills as a lyricist and packs in metaphors and punch lines while speaking up for those who are fed up with the current generation of rap.

Up until now my songs – they’re not vulgar, they’re generally speaking positively but with ‘Unleashed’ I want people to know what real hip hop and a real lyricist sounds like,” he says. “At the end of the day with that song I’m trying to showcase my skills, my talent.”

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