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Atlanta’s Finest, Retro2000 storms the Hip Hop scene with Debut Single “Till the Wheels Fall Off” 

By Ann Swinderman


ATLANTA - The hip-hop scene grows daily with new artists. There are pretenders, and then there are industry contenders like Retro2000. 

The dynamic, by blood trio blends old and new school hip hop to create a new and refreshing sound. From the witty wordplay to its melodic flow, “Till the Wheels Fall Off” is poised to explode once released. 

“We’ve created our own lane, refusing fit into the industry, we call it, “Thug Inspirational,” said trio member MaDukes. “By using both the old-school hip-hop messaging and the present Savage culture of Hip Hop, we hope to relate to both generations, old and new school.”

Making that connection, Retro2000 includes MaDukes, Krypto, and Ice. Each member brings a unique quality that contributes to creating Retro2000 magic. 

MaDukes takes the reins as the creative force and conceptional founder, highlighting meaningful lyrics from the past, hence the name “Retro.” At the same time, Krypto and Ice encapsulate the 2000 era of new hip-hop. Krypto focuses on lyrically savage lyrics, but Ice has thug-like vibes and tendencies when rapping, hence the name “2000”. Together Retro2000 successfully fuses hip hop of yesteryear with today’s hottest styles. 

“When hip hop began, it was about each one, teach one, lifting each other up. Back then, there was a balance between destructive and constructive rhymes, a blend, and variety in our music. Without those blends and varieties, we wouldn’t Savagery today,” explained MaDukes. “So, in our music, we try to focus on finding balance, focus on what we feel and relate to, and those who can relate, hopefully, they’ll embrace us.”

Retro2000 does not just rap about sex and drugs to maintain their style but also reflects on the collateral damage that drugs and sex might propel into your life. “We want to be inclusive, yet unfiltered, speak to people as human beings experiencing this life through different mirrors, or even maybe, helping you see the world through our lenses,” she said, “But ultimately, our purpose is to uplift our culture.”

The trio’s debut single, “Till the Wheels Fall Off,” is an articulate anthem that the world needs. Originally written a few years ago by MaDukes, the song is pertinent to life and encourages pushing forward through trying times.

“‘Till the Wheels Fall Off’ is my fight song, a reminder to myself to never stop trying, never stop dreaming, no matter how many times I mess up or make the wrong decision. As the song says, LIVE YOUR LIFE!”  MaDukes explained. “It’s an anthem for all my warriors in the battle on these streets, those working from nine to five and can’t make the ends meet, the real struggle.”

The single drops on all streaming platforms on March 25 and promises to inspire every listener. With the cartoon-like graphics of Retro2000, there is a hint of nostalgia in the single’s artwork. “Till the Wheels Fall Off” was produced by MaDukes and mixed by Grammy-award-winning engineer extraordinaire, Master Engineer himself, Mike Wilson.

Using the hashtag #r2kATL, Retro2000 will make history, as this unheard of, unique, by blood relation is ready to take the world by storm.  

“Life can be unfair and trying sometimes,” said MaDukes. “But I hope our song makes people believe that they are warriors, no matter how hard the road gets, hold on, keep riding - “Till the Wheels Fall Off.”

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