Wednesday, April 06, 2022


Versatile Hip Hop Artist Twon Reveals Treasures to Fans with “The Vault: Unlocked” Mixtape


SAN DIEGO - Gritty and hardcore rapper Twon is on the way to perfecting his unique union between hype songs and more melodic vibes that attract hip hop and R&B fans worldwide. 

Born in Brooklyn and raised in the Bronx, Twon pulls from his roots for his 100% New York vibe in how he looks and sounds. “My sound has that gritty/hardcore feel, but I still have fun-type hype songs that you play in clubs,” he said. 

Standing out as a rhyming master, most of Twon’s music contains a rhyme with every bar. Like Ludacris, Twon’s lyrics blow a punch with each bar. Displaying his versatility, Twon dabbles in changing the rhythm and tone to create a different vibe that matches his feelings. 

“The Vault: Unlocked” is an eight-track mixtape containing a collection of songs that create a non-stop vibe and serve as a personal revelation for Twon. “The mixtape is named ‘The Vault’ because a safe or a bank is where people keep their treasures. For this project, it’s the same thing,” he explained. “A collection of songs that showcase what I can do. There are different styles and versatility as to how you see me as a person and artist.”

Furthermore, the vault is unlocked because Twon gives fans a little glimpse of what is inside the rising artist. While fellow artist Azai is featured on the mixtape’s final track, “WTS,” “The Vault: Unlocked” demonstrates shades of the legends like Drake, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, and Eminem, whose music influenced Twon to become the hip hop artist he is today. 

The track “Promise” is an intimate look inside Twon. He uses his aggressive, gritty New York style to address the world with his lyrics. “This is me talking to the world and especially the haters telling them how I promise that I will make it, and I promise

you will hear about me,” he explained. “I’m also talking about achieving greatness. I’m speaking to myself that I will be where I want to be in life.”

Getting early attention from fans, “Promise” has set the pace for “The Vault: Unlocked.” The music video for the single is currently under production. 

Switching gears, “All Around the World” is a club song where Twon speaks directly to the ladies. “I’m talking to the females and letting her know that I’ve been all around the world, but there’s no one like her. It’s her beauty and how she stands out among everybody else - all around the world,” he said. 

Twon adds some West Coast vibes in “Just Might.” The track’s beat drops with its Californian vibe, making it a true Cali song. Keeping his signature upbeat pace, “Just Might” is a club song that is purely about having fun. While Twon toys with the idea of doing some very outlandish things, the track is packed with party fun. 

Looking back on the mixtape, Twon said, “I just want to create something that people can vibe to and enjoy. The message I’m trying to send is to enjoy life, love, achieve greatness - and stay hungry.”

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