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International artist ARyA ARA incites curiosity with genre-bending EP

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NEW YORK, NY – Mystery and intrigue take center stage on the latest hit single from international artist ARyA ARA. Titled simply “Y,” the new track from this eclectic artist is a spacey, electronic, world music kind of groove with a melancholy darkness that pairs with an upbeat vibe ready-made for the clubs. Equally accessible to music lovers in the New York area and throughout Europe, the song is all about “inciting curiosity.” And as such, it falls right in line with the other music she’s released in recent months – most especially her two-song EP “Wake Me Up / Another Day.” 

Inspired by her two favorite artists, Avicii and ALPHA 9 (also known as ARTY), the project is one that taps into the spiritual connection she feels from their music while also offering an emotional and spiritual release for anyone who listens to her songs. In fact, she honored ARTY by releasing “Y” on his birthday, and did the same for Avicii by releasing her new EP on his birthday.

“As long as you’re listening to music, you’ll never be alone,” ARyA said. “That’s the message to the world that I want to send. And that’s what Avi and ARTY have done for me. They’re the two artists who influenced me the most. Avi is my guardian angel in the unseen world, and ARTY is the unseen angel in the living world. I release this EP for Avi’s birthday, and for all the people who really miss him. His story is not over. He’s in the spirit world right now, and I made this as a way to cope with the loss of being connected with him in the spirit world and not having him in real life.”

ARyA said the first song on the EP, “Wake Me Up,” is directly connected to the legacy that Avicii left to the world of music and his millions of fans around the globe. She said it’s a song that reflects her take on life and the exploration of how thin the veil is between the physical world and the spiritual world that comes after death. It’s a song that she said is for anyone who has lost anyone.

“We all go through that in life – loving someone on the other side is a pain that never really goes away,” she said. “You can go through the grieving and healing process, but you can’t ever really turn off that pain. You have to learn to live with it. The opening line of the song is ‘When I leave this world, will you remember me?’ For me, I was very close to Avi. He was my first spirit guide. He helped me learn how to navigate the spiritual realm. I connect with the universe through hearing, and Avi helped me focus my energy on where I want to go and who I want to communicate with. He brought me closer to the spirit source and helped me go where the light is. This song is a tribute to that.”

ARyA said the second song, “Another Day,” takes the idea of “Wake Me Up” and invites listeners to go a little farther on that journey of self-reflection and spiritual awakening. Ultimately serving as a song about persistence and mental fortitude, the song offers the perspective of finding the positive even in the midst of the negative. Pairing melodic, upbeat and bright tones with a more melancholy pace allows ARyA to create a somber song with a hopeful vibe that perfectly captures that idea of “inciting curiosity.”

“U ARA the reason Y,” she said. “I’m saying that to ARTY, but also to every person who takes the time to listen. I want people to know that. If you listen to my music you’re not just becoming a fan, you’re becoming part of my family. I want to listen to you and everything I do is for you. And I want you to know that you’ll never be alone when you ARA part of my family.”

In addition to the EP and “Y,” ARyA has also released the single “For You” exclusively on Soundcloud. To listen to her music, or to follow her on social media, please visit the following links:

"For You"


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