Sunday, December 19, 2021

Roy Jones Jr Shares His Thoughts With Brad Cooney on His Recent Hall Of Fame Nod and Jake Paul's Knockout Win Over Tyron Woodley

I recently reached out to all time great and recent Boxing Hall of Fame class of 2022 inductee, Roy Jones JR, and got his thoughts on the recent Jake Paul knockout win over Tyron Woodley. Roy is currently in Dubai handling business but still took out a few minutes to return my call.

When I asked him for his thoughts on Jake Paul's knockout win, he replied, “Jake had a hell of a knockout last night. You can tell that he's been working hard.”  

Paul with only 4 fights has 4 knockouts (now 5) and is getting paid money that most professional boxers of 20 years or more never see.  This doesn't go over too well for a lot of other pro fighters who have accrued 100's of amateur fights then climbed the pro ranks through their own hard work. 

Is this the fault of Jake Paul? No, it's definitely not his fault.  Paul is taking big money from those who run the sport.  He's taking what he's being allowed to take. Is it fair? I don't think so, but it's not Paul's fault. 

Photo Credit: Showtime Boxing

I'll be interested to see how Jake Paul handles things when and if he steps up into the lions den of the sport.  He's tough as nails, hits like a mule, and is a brilliant marketer.  That all said, how will he do once he fights a skilled and accomplished professional boxer?  Time will tell. 

I also talked to Roy Jones about his upcoming induction into pro boxing's Hall of Fame.  This is something that would have happened a long time ago but Roy chose to stay an active fighters longer than many people thought he would.  Never the less, once Roy hung up the gloves it was obvious he'd be a first ballot inductee.  His accomplishments in the sport will go down as one of the greatest of all time. 

When I asked Roy for his thoughts on getting the call from the Hall of Fame, he replied, “I'm honored. It's an honor to be inducted. Getting inducted into the Hall of Fame is every athletes hidden dream.”  He went on to say, “Getting into the Hall of Fame is a dream for every athlete from day one.” 

Stay tuned for more from Roy Jones Jr.  He'll be on the Brad Cooney Podcast show when he returns from his overseas trip.  We'll talk more about his current NEW music, his boxing projects, and more thoughts on his Hall of Fame induction. 

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