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Pop Artist MTStreets Drives Fans Along the “Highway to Hell,” Mapping Out his Addiction Battle 


MIAMI - As a singer/songwriter and record producer, Mark Thomas Rhodes is known professionally as MTStreets with a growing discography packed with raw-thought-provoking lyrics. While previous songs included multiple genres, like pop, hip hop, R&B, and rap, MTStreets has found his lane.

“I was experimenting over the last few years with my rap beats, but after my last album dropped in June, I took eight months off,” he explained. “During that time, I refined my sound and found my lane. Pop music just stuck.”

MTStreets has returned to the music scene with his debut pop single, “Highway to Hell,” featuring Nova Blisto. 

Featuring a modern funk sound and Charlie Puth-like beats, “Highway to Hell” has a pop beat built to dance, but there is more to this track than just dancefloor vibes. “The beat keeps you moving, but the lyrics are dark,” MTStreets said. “When you dissect the whole song, there’s a lot going on in there. It keeps you moving as things are happening and sh*t is going on. But that doesn’t stop me. I still moved forward. I didn’t let it kill me.”

MTStreets wrote “Highway to Hell” as a cathartic response to his battle with addiction and the yo-yo cycle of entering rehab, leaving, and relapsing back to drug use. 

Fighting his demons and struggling with substance abuse since he was 16, MTStreets said “Highway to Hell” chronicles his five years of addiction. “‘Highway,’ to me, is about struggling with addiction and driving down that highway to Hell, and there wasn’t anyone to help. I needed help, and this song is about a time in my life that I had nobody. I’m singing it now about how I made it out.”

Joining MTStreets on “Highway to Hell” is West Coast hip hop artist Nova Blisto. The duo collaborated to write the lyrics and mixed and mastered the single. Excited to work with his friend and California native, MTStreets said, “Nova Blisto is one of the most talented artists I’ve ever worked with. He’s a lyrical genius, and his flow is super cool. He brings energy and authenticity to the song.”

The single continues to gain traction as its views climb. The lyric video gives a metaphoric visual on driving on the addiction highway and its destination - Hell. 

MTStreets added that a music video would be released this month, in addition to his next single, “Driftin’ Away,” which released on March 7.

With the success of “Highway to Hell” and MTStreets’ discovery of his pop sound, he continues to write about challenging life experiences. “My music is in a darker pop lane and is mostly about the challenges I’ve gone through. There’s a lot of grief, heartbreak, and tragedies that inspire me to write,” he said. 

Knowing that he is not alone in his struggles, MTStreets brings a new vision to his music, “I’m not trying to be anybody else but myself. I’m taking the raw, honest truth of what I’ve gone through in my life and use that to talk to other people who go through the same challenges.” 

“For anyone who is broken inside and feels there is no way out of the dark hole they are in,” he said, “my music is designed to be a perfect example of how tragedy can turn into a real triumph.”

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