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Mixture of melodies and dark vibes creates  pretty nightmare from New York artist Alpha Millz 


STATEN ISLAND, NY – A new Hip Hop record with a Rock and Pop vibe from New York artist Alpha Millz is creating some buzz throughout the U.S.

The song is called “Barbie,” and its melody-heavy darker vibe is connecting with an everincreasing fanbase in ways that is bringing some attention to this up-and-coming musician. The song explores the aftermath of a traumatizing relationship and the hard reality that often comes with the knowledge that what you thought you had with someone was as real as you thought it was.

“What really sets me apart from anyone else out there is that I’m in my own lane,” Alpha Millz said. “I’m not trying to compete with anyone’s sound. I just figured out my own sound and I’m running with that. I’m in this kind of cross-genre space and I’m very good at creating a vibe for people. I can create any type of vibe. With this song, the heavy melodies are perfect for setting a moody vibe for people who feel out of place, and letting them know there are other people in that gray area, too.”

Alpha Millz has always been a fan of music and said he realized his potential as a musician at a very young age. He recalls being inspired by legends like Eminem and Bone Thugs N Harmony. Their melody-heavy Hip Hop was an early contributor to his own signature sound and style. He said music was always the path for him and once he stepped into the studio the first time when he was a teenager, there was no turning back.

“This is something I can do over and over and never lose that spark of energy that I felt the first time,” he said. “I want my music to be known for being something you can tune into and escape. It’s not always about the lyrics though the lyrics are important. The way I make music with melodies and beats and put it all together – it’s an escape. It’s a pretty nightmare. And when people hear it, they can be inspired that there are other people out there like them. Even if it feels like they’re getting messed over, they’ll be able to know that they’re not alone.”

Alpha Millz works closely with other artists and has put together a production company called New World Disorder. Some of the artists he works with include Los Dinero, SkonkBlokk and Dancer FrostByte.

“Barbie” is the first single off an upcoming album called “Alphas Ark” which is slated to drop July 4, 2020. 

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Zone00 brings a unique and fresh style to the Hip Hop game- Q&A Podcast! 

ZoneOO – Cuddy Buddy – The Hype Magazine


LOS ANGELES, CA - Hip Hop artist, Zone00 (aka Donteau Mazone) originally hails from Beaumont, TX. After joining the military, Donteau lived in different parts of the world and traveled extensively. Like his lifestyle, his music style cannot be pinned down to one particular place. Fusing influences from many regions, Zone00 delivers catchy beats combined with lyrical wit and spontaneity. While some rappers will claim to be king of a state or region, Zone00 is in a position to be the King of all Kings.

Released in October of last year, his 7 track EP, “King of All Kings” showcases the artist’s intriguing hybrid sound, a blend of different aspects from different places. Recorded at HandWrittenLA in Los Angeles, CA, the collection features the commercial friendly title track, along with the lyrical onslaught of “Beyond the Stars.” A relatable theme for fans of the genre, “Da Bag” is Zone00’s version of getting the bag. The aptly titled “Donteau’s Inferno” tells his life story in song. With a diverse array of topics and styles, the EP shows Zone00’s range, giving a small taste of who he is as an artist.

The “King of All Kings” EP followed the May 2019 release of “Legend You Never Knew.” After
leaving a potentially huge 5-piece group which disintegrated due to creative differences, Zone00
released the LP to show listeners what they had not been getting. “This is what I bring to the Hip
Hop game that makes me different from other people who are doing music now,” Zone00 said.

Most recently, Zone00 recorded two new singles at the legendary Paramount recording studio.
Zone00 found out that artists he looked to as a barometer, such as Lil Wayne, Drake and
Mariah Carey, had recorded at Paramount. He made the decision to record there and was able
to knock out two great songs. “When it comes to doing music,” Zone00 said “you have to really
invest in yourself.” From this new material, Zone00 is planning to lead off with “Cuddy Buddy,” a
catchy, fun song with a playful hook and really aggressive style. He also recorded “Respect My
G” which picks up on the “King of All Kings” theme to tell the world what he is bringing to Hip

Music – Page 2 –

When Donteau was growing up, his father became a fan of Ice Cube and Tupac after initially
telling Donteau that Hip Hop would not be around for very long. Listening to DJ Screw, UGK,
8Ball & MJG, Scarface, Beanie Sigel, Jay-Z and, E-40. He later took up songwriting and was
mentored about the business side of music by a studio owner he met. Zone00 is now addicted
to making music and works hard to create authentic music that touches listeners to the core.
“One thing I love about music is you get the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy,” Zone00 said.
“When you put something out, especially on the internet, you have a lasting impact in the
universe. If you do something great, it’s always there for the world to know about it.”

Zone00 is extremely interested in relationship building and he believes you never really do
anything by yourself. He values the importance of working with professionals and strives to raise
others up as he succeeds. “That’s one thing I admire about 50cent. He put individuals he
worked with in positions where they could be successful.” As the King of All Kings, Zone00 is
well on his way to reign over the Hip Hop kingdom.

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Thursday, March 26, 2020


Strength of will combines with powerful work ethic to help propel new Midwest artist into national spotlight


MILWAUKEE, WI – Anybody can succeed if they focus and have a strong mind.
That’s the message that up-and-coming artist Young Q-Dogg wants to send the world through his music. Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, this young African-American rapper and producer is using his music to tell his story in ways that will inspire others to do whatever it takes to make a better life.
“Everything starts with your mentality,” he said. “I’ve been doing music for about 16 years and from the very beginning, my mantra has been to live at will, love every special surrounding. It’s pretty much a lifestyle. And sometimes you have to go around certain rules to have success at what you want.”

That message rings loud and clear through much of Young Q-Dogg’s music. As a songwriter, engineer and producer, he has the assets of a businessman but the mentality of an artist. Growing up in a poor family living in a bad neighborhood, he turned to music at a young age to help him stay out of trouble and chase after dreams. From hustling on the streets and embracing the mentality of a thug, to fixing his mistakes and pushing away that negative lifestyle, Q-Dogg’s story is one that can inspire even the toughest of critics.
“I want to tell the world that no matter who you are, anyone can succeed,” he said. “All you
have to do is try, and the harder you work the more it pays off.”

Through his music, he tells stories of how he grew up – the struggles, the frustrations and the
hard times that he overcome to get to where he is today. Those messages pair with a smooth
and cool sound underneath a soulful tone that is undeniably one-of-a-kind.

His new single “Momma” puts that original sound on full display. Featuring fellow artist Mary
Marie, the song is simply a dedication to mothers all around the world. It’s a soulful, mellow
vibe that begs to be listened to over and over again. It’s also a song that echoes Young Q-Dogg’s
desire to lift up women and inspire them to be independent and strong. Radio Play Today had
in fact reviewed the single and concluded that it is an awesome track and is definitely ready to
be played on the airwaves.

Following “Momma” which is currently available across all streaming platforms, Young Q-Dogg
is planning on dropping a follow-up mixtape to his 2016 project “Q Ruption.” It will be called “Q
Ruption 2” and is slated to drop toward the end of the summer. He also completed an EP
entitled “Premortal” and is available on all streaming platforms. And towards the end of the
year, Young Q-Dogg is set to release the album “Now Until Later”.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2020


Former American Idol finalist drops new single ‘How I Feel’ 


ATLANTA, GA – Fans of American Idol will likely remember the diva Ashthon Jones from Season 10. Her poise and professionalism had the judges raving which advanced her to the final rounds before she was knocked out in 13th place. Since then, Ashthon has been making a name for herself in the entertainment industry – from writing music for television and film, to voicing characters on the Adult Swim cable network. She has also adopted the name Ashthon Ahmirr, utilizing the middle name that was given to her by her late mother. She’s seen strong success over the past decade and recently, she’s put together a handful of singles that she’s now ready to share with the world.

The first is a song called “How I Feel” which she released on Feb. 27, her birthday. It’s a song that fans of the 90s music will love as it embraces sound and vibes from that time period and fuses them with Ashthon’s unique sound and style. She calls it an homage to 90s legend Al B. Sure, specifically his hit R&B single “Nite and Day.” 

“When I got this track from my producer, it immediately made me think of Al B Sure’s song. I fell in love with it. It doesn’t have the same music and beat pattern as Al B Sure’s  song but it
definitely reminded me of that. A lot of people out there today who are singers are dabbling with rap and vice versa, and I thought with this song, I’m just gonna have fun with it and do what I want – so I sang and I rapped. It’s very colorful and I think it brings you back to the day when you were hanging outside with the girls and you have candy all over the place and you’re just dancing and having fun.”

Ashthon said she’s planning on following up that single with another called “La-La” sometime in the next couple of months. Like all of her music, Ashthon writes, records and produces everything from her own studio. She said she’s constantly writing and is excited to take this opportunity to release a lot of the music she’s been working so hard on for the past couple of years. 

Over the last few years, Ashthon has achieved many accolades. From the Idol World Tour and a myriad of interviews from “Live with Regis & Kelly” to “Entertainment Tonight” and “MTV News,” Ashthon has experienced what others only dream of. But she’s not settling for what has already come. With her eye on the prize, she is already giving back early in her career by recording a song on First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Song for a Healthier America” Hip Hop album which has been featured on’s “Exclusive First Listen.” Her performance at the album release at Symphony Space in New York City led to an opportunity to tour with Michelle Obama’s nationwide campaign. She has also been featured in other well-recognized projects, such as Lacrae’s Grammy-winning album with Big KRIT on the single “Mayday,” as well as Big KRIT’s new single “Good 2Gether.” 

“More than anything, I want to be known for my diversity,” Ashthon said. “I want people to be surprised when they hear different songs from me. I want them to hear one of my songs and say, ‘Man! I didn’t know that was her!’ I don’t want to sound the same on every record which is why I have such a wide range when it comes to the genres I use. I can write Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, Country … anything. I’m a multi-talented entertainer and I want to make sure I’m making music that is mainstream but is also award-winning in quality. I try to write ‘big.’”

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New album, “A Brooklyn Summer” is destined to warm up listeners to composing artist duo, The Brook Brovaz 


BROOKLYN, NY Silver and Shak-Trauma (the duo who make up “The Brook Brovaz”) are best known for their behind the scenes magic. Working with upcoming, multi-platinum and Grammy award winning artists, these established producers also compose music featured in film, television, advertising and video games. Emerging from an eight year stint with their highly successful recording studio, The Brook Brovaz are stepping into the limelight with the release of their debut album, “A Brooklyn Summer.”

Paying homage to their home borough, The Brook Brovaz (an abbreviation of “Brooklyn brothers”) delivers a bit of Caribbean influenced Tropical Pop, Hard Rap music and Trap on the 8 song collection. Coming from a diverse district where everything from Reggaeton to Rap can be heard blaring from car windows, “A Brooklyn Summer” portrays the musical feeling of a sizzling summer in Brooklyn.

The Brook Brovaz’s album flaunts their ability to create music in several genres, showcasing the versatility of the well versed and musically articulate artists. The lead single, “Squad Goals” is a hard hitting Trap club anthem about unity, triumph and wanting success for yourself and the people around you. Tracks such as the slow R&B Trap vibe, “Top Down” and the slick talking, commercial trap track, “Who Got My Money” are already massive hits on major digital platforms.

Another standout song, “Bad Bih,” is the center of plans for a Women’s Month challenge. Designed to show women in their element, the “Bad Bih” challenge will offer a cash prize for the best video showing what makes the entrants a “Bad Bih.”

The success of “A Brooklyn Summer” is inevitable. Already flourishing as music industry pros, The Brook Brovaz and their manager, Cloé Luv, run the Brook Brovaz music production company, and operated an acclaimed recording studio for around eight years. Well known artists and high profile projects emerged from that studio, including A&E’s documentary “Biggie: The Life of Notorious B.I.G.” and the special premiere of the Faith Evans album, “The King & I.”

The triple threat of being able to write, produce and perform keeps The Brook Brovaz in high demand. The team works with a range of music publishers in the US and abroad. Their expertise makes it possible for them to collaborate on a host of worldwide genres, from EDM for Germany to Afro-pop beats for Africa! Realizing that music is a part of everything, they are able to create whenever they are called upon. “Their level of creativity is one of the best of this generation,” said manager, Cloé Luv. “They understand music in a way that a lot of people do not. The Brook Brovaz are composing artists who can execute at the same level, be it as artists, or as songwriters, or when working with licensing agents.”

“A Brooklyn Summer” is a dazzling project showcasing another part of their natural talents, and there is more to come. The Brook Brovaz just finished a catalog of action-packed music for a film publisher and their next venture is a large crossover project titled “The Producer's Perspective.” Featuring some unique combinations - from Country mixed with Trap to EDM mixed with Rock and Roll - the project promises to be extraordinary. The Brook Brovaz will be sharing their perspective on how music should sound. Considering their extensive and varied music industry experience, we should all listen.

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“A Brooklyn Summer”

“Squad Goals”

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Alt-rock band Civil Discord quickly becoming a global influence, thanks to new hit singles 


PHILADELPHIA, PA – Fresh off the rousing success of their Christmas single “I Wanna Wish You Merry Christmas,” Philadelphia-based alt-rock band Civil Discord is dropping new music that is already creating buzz around the globe.

Two recent singles in particular are gaining attention with fans. The first is “Shrooms,” an altrock “psychedelic” track that talks about the “hijinks people get into when they’re younger,” according to lead singer and guitarist Bill DeSpirito.

“It’s one of those songs where we were just jamming and someone played a riff and I started making up lyrics right there on the spot,” DeSpirito said. “We were in the studio and there was a disco ball type thing shining blue and red lasers around the room at the time, and we had a dog in there that was chasing the lights, and it just made me think about the trippy things that happen when you try psychedelic substances. However, the song in no way promotes using drugs. It’s more of a story-based vibe that fans of rock will love.”

That organic creativity is how the band formed in the first place. About five or six years ago the five members of the band were all performing either independently or with different bands and session musicians. There was an open mic night at a place called The Ribhouse which is notorious for having a lot of musicians come in and play and make guest appearances. After the evening’s entertainment, the five musicians started talking outside of the establishment and
found they were all in similar places in their lives and were all interested in trying something new creatively. They decided to start a band and sealed the deal by drinking a pint that night.

It's appropriate then that now, six years later, one of the biggest singles they’ve created together is a song called “Pints.” It’s the most recent song from Civil Discord and after only a few weeks of availability on digital distribution sites, the song is already grabbing some major attention – including from major brands like Guinness which has initiated inquiries with the band about possible usage of the song.

“We create good, fun rock and roll and every one of the songs we create tells a story,” DeSpirito said. “We have some songs that are heavy, and some that are country rock, and some that are alternative. I think ‘Pints’ is a great song to get us in front of some new audiences, especially here in the U.S. We’ve had some success overseas – particularly in Europe and Australia – and we’re hoping to expand that into some notoriety here in the States.”

According to DeSpirito, Civil Discord is a band that exemplifies the concept that raw talent, ambition and honesty can still prevail in an ailing music industry. By aligning their unwavering dedication to the do-it-yourself work ethic with a signature sound, the group is helping to redefine the landscape of today’s Indie-Rock music scene. The backbone of their work is Stylistic Rock that can only be described as eclectic – suggesting a range of influences from many genres over many years.

“It’s a fierce world out there and unless you’re Civil Discord, you might get swept up before ever getting your feet on the ground,” DeSpirito said. “We not only know where we’re going but we have a rock-solid history that has brought us to where we are today. Our music shows that substance, style and spirit.”

In addition to DeSpirito, the band includes singer/guitarist Jay McKelvey, singer/drummer Chuck Mancini, bassist Al Gianchetti, and keyboardist Richard Canaris. Civil Discord performs regularly in venues such as Legendary Dobbs, Connie’s Ric Rac, The Ribhouse, Chaplin’s, Finnegan’s Wake, The Fire, and more. Their music is also available across all streaming platforms.

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Really happy to have Richel Stratton jump on the Podcast show this evening. She is one of the stars of A&E's "Ghost Hunters" which will debut season 2 on April 8th at 8P ET.

Richel talks in depth about her journey from small town investigating to being seen by millions of people along side Grant Wilson, one of the pioneers in the paranormal field. She also takes a few fan questions, and shares some advice for those in the field that are working hard at getting answers of their own for their clients.

Word on the street is that season 2 will produce some incredible evidence which has created even MORE questions about spirit activity. Have a listen below to what Richel had to say.





Bold and Blue Aquarius Jones brings the party with his hot new single “Party”


ARIZONA - Keeping it authentic and eccentric, Southwest Hip Hop artist, Aquarius Jones has been releasing a steady string of topnotch singles since last fall. In November, his song “All In” shared the struggles of launching a career, followed by the social media commentary of his second track, “IG.” Now, Aquarius keeps the pressure coming with his new single, “Party.”

An uptempo Hip Hop song with Pop and R&B flavor, “Party” was recorded at DigiLabs in Phoenix and released late last year. The new single has been a huge hit at the artist’s live gigs. At a recent show in Phoenix, Arizona, the artist and his music received a lot of love and support which keeps Aquarius going and excited about making music.

A naturally gifted songwriter, Aquarius works with three local beat makers. “When I hear the beat,” he said, “something automatically clicks to me.” When he heard the beat for the new single, he immediately shifted into Party Mode. Aquarius created a track which evokes the desire to groove and enjoy life. It’s a track that is suitable for play in any club.

Aquarius Jone’s manager, Gary Biscoe of Gmajesty Entertainment, developed the concept for the new music video for “Party” which was filmed at Exodus in Phoenix. Music video production is not without its challenges, but Gary and Aquarius were determined to make the video shoot
happen. Last minute no shows forced them to take a different approach for the video shoot, and they were still able to create a video that mirrors the upbeat energy and celebratory style of the song.

Aquarius is grateful for the opportunity to make music and he sees his talent as a gift from God. He loves being able to write from the heart and express how he feels through his music. “I just love what music does to me as a person,” he said. Music helps him to relate to others and he is ready for the world to hear him.
Consistently moving forward, Aquarius and his team are already working on the next single which will be accompanied by a new music video. They are also working on Aquarius’ debut album, “All In.” Filled with energetic dance music with themes related to the everyday grind and hustle, the album should be released sometime later this year.

Music fans in Los Angeles will have the chance to check out Aquarius and his new aqua-rush blue hair at one of his live shows this month. Aquarius has performances scheduled for the 17th and 22nd of February. Judging by the live footage from last month’s shows (which can be viewed on the artist’s Instagram and YouTube channels), the upcoming shows are definitely worth looking into.

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Image may contain: 4 people, including John Bullard, Brad Cooney and Sabrina Ross Hoover, people standing

We had a great time hosting Stormy Daniels this past weekend at our haunted location in Mississippi. Big thanks to her and her team for stopping by. We all look forward to her next visit. Be sure to check out her NEW project "Spooky Babes" and her comedy tour! 

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New single ‘Sorry’ puts artist Sam Least on the map

ATLANTA, GA – West Palm Beach native Sam Least is a lifelong student of contemporary Rhythm and Blues, taking cues from greats such as Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake to create a sleek, modern sound that is one-of-a-kind. Musically, Sam Least is described as the perfect blend of past and present, beat and groove, soul and rock. His style breaks genre molds and splices different sounds into something fresh and new.

This is perhaps best displayed on his new single “Sorry,” which is currently available across all streaming platforms. The R&B/Trap fusion is a bit of an anthem, so-to-speak, for all the guys out there. Sam said it’ll be the perfect song for gentlemen wanting to connect with their ladies over Valentine’s Day.
Sam’s path to full-time musician started early when as a boy he fell in love with playing the drums. As a child, he used any household utensil he could get his hand on to drum with, and he would drum on anything that would produce a sound. He began to study some of the best drummers of all time and to this day he’s a big fan of legends like Travis Barkley, Buddy Rich and Taylor Hawkins from Foo Fighters. He’s also been a fan of Jazz for as long as he can remember and has always been impressed by how Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake have combined Pop, Jazz, Rock and Hip Hop in ways that connect with fans from all walks of life all over the world.

“I want to emulate that kind of career,” he said. “I want to be known as an artist who can do a little bit of everything. I want to be known for quality, good music. When people hear my music, they will know it’s quality and good … not just a vibe. It’s timeless. Five years from now you can put on one of my records and it’ll still feel like it just came out yesterday. No matter what timeframe you’re in, it fits that time – in fact, it’s maybe even ahead of its time.”

Another single recently released by Sam is a song called “Postmaster.” Underscored by cool, atmospheric tones and pounding 80s, “Postmaster” creates a perfect ambient vibe. Sam’s unique approach to Trap-driven Hip Hop also carries an almost overwhelming amount of melody which makes it easy for listeners to kick back into the sound and enjoy the lyrics.

“As a musician, sometimes lyrics or words just come to mind as soon as you hear the right track,” Sam said. “That’s the way it was with this song. Me and a couple buddies were recording and I heard the track immediately and just started mumbling stuff before I even knew what I was doing. From there, it caught life and it has become something I’m really proud of. It’s a bit of a sexual song, if you will, about a gentleman speaking to young ladies. Basically, he’s telling them to bring their friends and he’ll bring his and together they’ll have a great time.”

As “Postmaster” is gaining traction and an increasing number of fans around the U.S. is starting to find Sam’s music. After “Sorry” drops in time for Valentine’s Day, Sam will prepare to drop a party song called “Time,” slated for release this spring. With a more upbeat tone, this song will encourage listeners to have a good time – something that Sam said will be perfect for the months when the temperatures start to get warmer and people want to head outside and enjoy the later nights.

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Wednesday, March 04, 2020


Former ‘The Voice’ participant Asmik Shiroyan drops love ballad ‘Yes’ on Valentine’s Day

Just in time for Valentine’s Day comes a hot new R&B love ballad from fast-rising star Asmik Shiroyan.


The track is called “Yes” and it’s poised to be the single that sets hearts on fire during this season of love. Underneath “dream-like” ethereal vocals and a smooth R&B beat, the song explores the feelings that are often experienced when the search for deeper connection finally brings that special one into your life.

“At some stage in your life you meet a person who you feel like is ‘the one,’ and they make you feel happier than you’ve ever felt before,” Asmik said. “That’s what this song is about. Maybe you meet that person after you’ve gone through different experiences with others and you finally come to a point where you’re happy and it’s so unexpected that it feels like a dream. That’s what I wanted this song and the music video to feel like – a dream.”

To fully capture that feeling, Asmik worked with video director Ash Gupta of 838 Media Group Productions. Together, the two collaborated on a project shot in a New York loft that captures that dream-like state with use of soft lighting and huge windows. Viewers literally get a feeling of being inside someone’s dream, with emotions vacillating from gentle to passionate and everything in between.

“It’s very beautiful and dreamy,” Asmik said. “When I had the song, I knew what I wanted the video to look like, and as I tried to describe it to Ash he started explaining in words the exact same things I had in my head. We created exactly what I wanted from the beginning and I’m very happy with it.”

Both the song and the video are slated to be released on Valentine’s Day. Asmik said she has two other songs that she’s working on that will follow that in the months following, and she’s also working on putting together a solo concert in Los Angeles sometime in late May or early June.

Collaborating with her on songwriting and production are her team of Krysta Youngs, Cooper Phillip and Grammy-winning producer Gharah PK Degeddingseve. Asmik said Youngs and Phillip helped co-write “Yes” and the collaboration has been such an enjoyable experience that they are excited to bring their shared creativity together again on other songs. Youngs has quite a pedigree for such a young artist, having already worked with artists such as the Korean group BTS and Christina Aguilera. And like Asmik, Phillip has multiple international awards for her songwriting and singing. That shared experience is something Asmik said plays well in their collaborations together.

“We are like a super team,” she said. “We work very fast and they catch whatever I’m saying pretty easily, so that melodies just come out without much effort. Then when you throw in PK and what he brings to the table, it just takes things to the next level. With ‘Yes’ for instance, when I brought him the song and asked how we could make it better, he completely changed the arrangement and just made it so much better. Originally, it was bright and sky-is-blue and sunshine. He gave it a little more drama and pepper and it became really tasty and had more depth to it. I love it. I love my team and I’m proud of my team. They’re all super talented and young and I’m excited for what we can do together going forward.”

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Mixture of melodies and dark vibes creates  pretty nightmare from New York artist Alpha Millz  LISTEN TO THE PODCAST BELOW! STATEN...