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 Fareed El Boricua Arabe Drops Reggaeton Fusion “Una Noche Con Un Arabe”


By: Nadia Sobehart

International recording artist, Fareed El Boricua Arabe, presents his latest single for global audiences, “Una Noche Con Un Arabe.” The single is a reggaeton fusion with cultural undertones that speaks to Fareed’s multicultural upbringing and pure passion for music.

“Una Noche Con Un Arabe” translates to “One Night with an Arab.” “It’s a sexy song about a guy approaching a girl in a club,” tells the singer of the song’s meaning. “It’s a love story, a forbidden love. Not a lot of people understand Islamic/Arabic culture. I wanted to do something that would expose that culture. People are looking for escape in music. This is a simple love song in the post-pandemic world.”

As a multicultural artist, Fareed has always “been somewhere in the middle.” The American-born performer was raised in New York to a Moroccan father and Puerto Rican mother. “After years of doing different songs, this song came up. I almost didn’t record it, but my producer said I had to—it could go global. It’s a topic not a lot of people understand in the non-Arabian world.”

Inspired by popular Latin songs like “Despacito,” Fareed fused elements of reggaeton with cultural concepts to create his single. He also recognizes the artists who have helped pave the way for independent artists to succeed. “Bad Bunny has opened the door that’s never been opened for independent artists. And there’s nothing from New York that sounds like me. Not Daddy Yankee, not anyone. I’m New York-born, so hip hop is still my roots. I can do English and Spanish equally well.”

Blending genres to perfect his signature sound, Fareed El Boricua Arabe draws from hip hop, reggaeton, freestyle, bachata, and EDM to create his music. Generally a rapper, Fareed turned to his singing skills for this record. “My roots run deep in the hip-hop world and dance music,” shares the artist. “I also have love for the spoken word community. I’m trying to create something that represents me. I like to take genres and flip them in a way no one else does.”

An old-school artist who has undergone many transformations, Fareed boasts experience across decades and genres. “They say in the music industry it’s a young man’s game, but I’m here to prove them wrong,” he adds. “If you do good music and are passionate about what you do, the world will respond.”

From being in an 80s rap group to performing as a solo artist, Fareed is no stranger to reinvention. “We were all rappers back then, but at that time, hip-hop audiences didn’t understand that rappers aren’t just African American. We all ended up speeding up beats and creating Latin hip hop (called “freestyle” but not to be confused with freestyle rap). It was a whole generation I was a part of.”

A major life event—leaving the music industry to become a flight attendant—brought Fareed back to music. “I moved to the Dominican Republic, never knowing I’d get back into it. I met artists on flights who told me, ‘you’re multicultural—it’ll show in your music.’ So, I got back in as a hobby, doing bachata and live music I never thought I was capable of doing.” His first album featured the salsa song “El Boricua Arabe,” which inspired his moniker.

When reggaeton began gaining momentum, Fareed was encouraged by producer friends to try his hand at singing. “The future of pop music is fusing styles—not putting yourself in a box of genres. I pride myself on that, whether I sell records or not. I’m a misfit, always in the middle. Not Puerto Rican enough, not Arabic enough. And at 55, I’m still young in the Latin world.”

With an upcoming show in the Dominican Republic and a media tour on the horizon, Fareed is ready for what’s next. “At the end of the day, you have to believe in yourself. I don’t know why but I believe I was meant for greatness. I want to sell out arenas worldwide. I was born ready,” he adds. “It’s important to just follow your heart and not follow trends. That was advice I was given, and that’s what I’m doing.”

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Thursday, September 21, 2023


 S.A. Vents Showcases New Sound with Smooth Hip Hop Track, “Streets”


By: Nadia Sobehart

South Florida-based hip-hip artist and producer, S.A. Vents, recently dropped his latest single, a hip hop and R&B fusion dubbed “Streets.” Smooth and straightforward, the single features a melodic hook and thoughtful verses that showcase the artist’s fresh sound. 

Versatility is key to S.A. Vents’ success. The artist has a background in music ranging from lyrical composition to sound engineering. When it comes to creating his own music, S.A. Vents relies on his natural ability to improvise. “Most of my music I don’t write—I just freestyle. I go into the booth and punch in. I don’t really write my music anymore like I used to.”

“Streets” began as a beat from a pack of beats given to S.A. Vents. This one in particular spoke to the artist, who went “off the feel and vibe of the song more than the technical aspect of it.”

“I got that feeling from the bass line of the song. In the studio, when I heard it, I just went in there and punched in and came up with the hook,” shares the artist. “From there, verses just flowed into it. “I was thinking about a relationship and it just flowed. There wasn’t too much thought, more a feeling and vibe.”

“Be faithful to your partner” is the main message of his single, which reflects on being in a committed relationship. “Don’t worry about the streets.” 

Born and raised in Broward County, Florida, S.A. Vents grew up on wide variety of sound across many genres. At age eight, S.A. Vents experimented with writing poetry and rhymes alongside his cousin. By age 18, S.A. Vents began producing. Years later, after moving to Atlanta, he transitioned to writing and recording his own music.

The next five years of his life involved moving back to Florida and working across various studios as an engineer; this experience helped solidify S.A. Vents’ unique sound, a mix of old school and new school hip hop. He started performing in his early 20s and continued releasing music. These days, S.A. Vents is focused on experimenting with different sounds to find something that resonates with people. 

A major shift in his sound occurred after early 2022, when an engineer and mentor he worked with closely was murdered. “It motivated and pushed me in a different way,” shares S.A. Vents. “He was the one who pushed me to be a better artist and not glaze over things. It was a monumental moment for me.” One of the projects he collaborated on with his late mentor will be released soon. 

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Tuesday, September 19, 2023


 Juliera Brings Self-Empowerment to the Dancefloor with “Hero”

Listen to the Podcast BELOW

By: Nadia Sobehart


Artist and lyricist, Juliera, brings self-empowerment and hope to the dancefloor with her latest single, “Hero.” With a rhythmic beat and thoughtful lyrics, the pop song speaks to all listeners.


“It’s a very fun song,” shares Juliera. “It’s a dance song that talks about being the ‘Hero’ who goes the extra miles for people and does whatever it takes to make them happy… It’s about giving all your love.”


Facing divorce, Juliera turned a difficult moment in her life into a chance to make herself happy.

 “I wrote the song in 2017 when I was actively ghostwriting for other people. The inspiration for this song hit me when someone hired me to write a song to a beat they provided. Several years later, the song was still stuck in my head and I couldn’t forget the melodies nor lyrics. So, I decided to record it myself.”


Motivated by the positive feedback Juliera received on the studio recording, she decided to take the song to the public. “My 3-year-old son heard the song and absolutely loved it. He danced to it and made me replay it multiple times. I then decided that I would make my music video for this song based on a concept that is fun for kids and adults.” With the original beat tied to the first version of the song, Juliera enlisted a producer to create a new sound to accompany her original lyrics.


Blending her Nigerian culture with American influences, Juliera showcases a diversity of sound through her music. She began writing around age 16. “I used to write lyrics on paper and one day my aunt went through my things and asked me if I wrote it, saying ‘it’s really good.’ I didn’t believe her, thinking it was just something an aunt would say. Then I got into college and wanted to see what to do on the side for income. I went on Fiverr and put up a gig to write songs and lyrics for people.”


As fate would have it, “let me see if I can do this” became a successful hustle writing music for new and repeat clients. It was only a matter of time before Juliera earned over 250 five-star reviews writing more than 1000 songs, many of which were for return customers. “It made me realize I knew what I was doing and how to do it,” shares the artist.


“Hero” is one of two songs available by the artist. Two videos are also available for the single, a lyric video and official music video. Her other single, “Let It Ache,” is about coping through heartbreak even when the heart aches. “I didn’t want to leave but what I was going through… I would rather walk away and take the heartbreak,” tells Juliera of the thought process that inspired the song.


The artist also has eight songs written and four music videos ready for release. She plans to share new media regularly over the next few months.


At the end of the day, Juliera hopes to inspire listeners to follow their dreams. “I think it’s important for people to follow their dreams and not settle for less. My husband didn’t want me to do music. So, I shut my dream away. I pulled my dreams away for this person who ended up being abusive and cruel to me… What a joke! Now, I’m happy doing what I love doing and I am doing better for myself now than I ever did in my marriage. It was almost as if my marriage was a dark cloud hovering above me and blocking my blessings. I want people to know their worth and choose better for themselves.”


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Monday, September 18, 2023


 “I Need Somebody” is SKGLIZZII’s hip hop ode to truth and redemption



By Kurt Beyers


SKGLIZZII’s “I Need Somebody” is a love story, a tale of justice miscarried, a life going off the rails, tragedy, and redemption all rolled into one and told in hip hop.


The lyrical tone is neither bitter nor mournful. It is simply what happened, and it is all the more compelling as a song because of that. The music magnifies the matter-of-factness, the electronic piano tones carrying the story along like a raft on a river, light drums providing emphasis.


“It’s true. It is, really. It’s my pain, it’s what I went through in a two- or three-year span,” said SK.


They fouled me wen they hit me with dat body yea

Stick’n’ to the code of staying silent yea


He was charged with first-degree murder, facing a death penalty, basically because he followed the street code of silence out of loyalty to a friend. He was jailed for almost two years before being exonerated.


“It’s true. Every bar, bar for bar, every bar is pain,” he said. “Bar for bar is release though. I released a lot of stuff, a lot of pain, a lot of stress, a lot of agony on to that record.”


The “I Need Somebody” video is framed as a counseling session at the beginning, then flashes back and forth to other scenes as he tells his story.


My first child was born while I was in that cell

Praying for them better days and waiting on that bail

I lost my momma while I was lock and stuck up in that jam

They just don’t know that broke my soul


His mother died shortly before he was released. During this time, he turned to substance abuse, and that’s in the song, too.


So is blessing:


My sister answer global tel like when u coming home

My nephew nieces said they love me and they miss me so

They just don’t know that blessed my soul


His involvement with music predates his legal troubles, which ended late last year, but since then he has begun making a musical career with “Way2Real, House of Kings” in his hometown of Fayetteville, North Carolina.


“I Need Somebody,” released earlier this year, was his first. It has racked up more than half a million streams on Spotify alone. His second release, “Free Big Slime,” has more than 150,000, and he has more than a hundred thousand monthly listeners.


His music began when he was young.


“I grew up in a Christian home, so you know it was gospel, but in my mom’s house Saturday was the cleanup day. The whole house, top to bottom.”


While they were working, they listened to music, but not just hip hop and rap.


“We listened to reggae — which I love, it’s one of my favorite genres — we listened to reggae, we listened to rock, we listened to pop. All that. My mother’s thing was, ‘You’re not just going to listen to this rap and this hippity hop thing. You’re going to listen to everything.’ That’s what she used to call it, ‘hippity hop.’”


It was a well-rounded musical education, he said, that “grounded” him.


“It helped me know how to do music — period. it helped me understand music and helped my versatility.”


His first two songs are this hippity hop thing, but, he said, “I am very versatile. When it comes to SK, you won’t know exactly what you’ll get, but you know you’ll get greatness. I don’t want to label myself as just a hip hop artist. I don’t want to just label myself as just an R&B artist, or pop. I just want to be an icon. I want to be there and just make good music. That’s my goal, what I see in my career.”


With Way2Real, SK says, he has a great team behind him, as well as a sister organization to the label, House of Kings, a ministry that helps keep him on the straight road.


“We’re taking this serious. I’m taking this serious. This is something I want to do in my life.”


Plans for the near- to medium-term include more songs, more videos (Way2Real has its own YouTube channel), an EP or album, and making music in other genres in addition to hip hop, including reggae, R&B, rock, and more.


“I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for God, man. That’s a fact, and, you know, that’s one thing about SKGLIZZI is I’m going speak the truth. I’m gonna speak. I’m ready to get it going to the next level. I can’t wait ’til ya’ll hear these next projects.”


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Former US Army Musician’s New R&B Song Speaks to All People


By: Nadia Sobehart

Former Army Musician Shanti Chapman’s latest single, “Joy Comes in the Morning,” is an R&B 

song that speaks to a universal audience. The new song showcases Chapman’s talent for 

heartfelt lyrics and soothing melodies.

Chapman said, “It’s a testament to the power of music to uplift the soul. The music is very 

simple and powerful. It doesn’t get in the way of the message. It has familiar elements, but also 

unique elements, as far as the orchestration and progression of chords. 

“It falls in line with what I feel my mission is in life. I want to draw out the best in people and 

give them hope for a brighter future. I want those that are hurting and yearning to find 

something greater than themselves to be touched by my music."

For “Joy Comes in the Morning,” Chapman took a draft to the accomplished producer TrĂ© 

Corley of Hendersonville, Tennessee. He took Chapman’s work and turned it musically into 

what it is. Chapman sang the lead, while Corley’s wife contributed background vocals.

Chapman, a former United States Army musician, learned to be dedicated, resilient, disciplined, 

and to pay attention to detail. Raised in a household full of music, his father was very musical. 

Shanti took piano lessons as a child. He found joy in picking out melodies by ear on the piano. 

His life's musical journey has included hip-hop, R&B songs, and everything else from Jazz to 

Gospel music. 

In addition to his recent single, Shanti Chapman is excited to share an upcoming project with 

listeners. Leading up to the holiday season, Chapman will be releasing an original Christmas 

single. He is also working on a large project with his label, DeMaskUs Music Group. “The 

project will be collaborative. I’m planning on aligning myself with artists in the industry who 

want to use music as a tool to provide hope and healing as well as entertainment.”

When he isn’t working on new music, Shanti Chapman devotes himself to his family and 

community. For the past 10 months, he has been working with the homeless population and 

trying to find solutions to fix a broken system. 

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social posts

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Michael Dennin, is Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Vice Provost of Teaching and Learning and Dean, Division of Undergraduate Education at UCI. He is also the Author of DIVINE SCIENCE: Finding Reason at the Heart of Faith.

Professor Dennin joined the podcast and discussed his new YouTube series "The Physics of X" 

We also got his thoughts on the UAP congressional hearings where high ranking officials with top secret clearances testified that we not only have been visited by un-earthly beings, but we are still being visited by these beings now.

Dennin also shares his thoughts time travel, dimensions, energy, physics, and the paranormal





Tuesday, September 12, 2023


Peace and comfort blow in on Nicole-Marie’s “Ocean Breeze”



By Kurt Beyers


“Ocean Breeze,” the song by Nicole-Marie off her EP Roars, Flames and Embers, is such a beautiful, calming acoustic track that you would never know it was inspired by dental trauma.


Dental trauma, and the sounds of the dental office — the drill, something that sounds like suction — explains the line that says, “There’s a voice that’s demonic.”


“I was under the influence of nitrous oxide,” said Nicole-Marie, “and it was the sound that’s — well, demonic — but I pretended it was an ocean breeze. I thought, ‘Okay, that’s just an ocean breeze washing over me.’”


I am one with the morning

I am one with the world

And my soul is exploring

The ocean breeze that has unfurled


“I have so much dental trauma that I cope by making up songs while I’m under the influence of nitrous oxide. I feel like if I go to the dentist, I’m at least gonna get a good song out of it for going through all that pain and misery.”


There’s a voice that’s demonic but I am focusing

On ocean breeze in the distance blowing evil far from me


It’s a great story. Hearing her tell it, and listening to the song, it’s also believable. But evil is real for her, both in her personal experience — having lived through 25 years of narcissistic abuse — and in her day work as a social worker and mental health therapist specializing in trauma.


“There’s still stuff I’m deprogramming from, and I’m still in recovery from that situation, but there are situations in the world that are not ‘just’ narcissistic abuse, but psychopathic and sociopathic abuse as well.”


“I’m expanding the metaphor to mean the demonic presence in the world,” she said.


“Ocean Breeze” is a way of calming the soul, combatting the mental, spiritual presence of evil, whether it’s fanciful, like hearing Satan in a dental drill, or the much more destructive kind that is all too common in what she calls “the 3D world.”


The song features slow, melodic rhythms of guitar, banjo, and mandolin, timed by drums beating at the pace of a heart at rest. Nicole-Marie’s lyrics are delivered in her deep, soothing voice. Doug Rusk is a featured vocalist on the track and is also the lead guitarist.


She and Rusk are also featured in the video, produced by Smokescreen Media.


“I was really impressed with them. I’m going to work with them on another video soon,” she said.


Nicole-Marie’s voice can climb. It has changed since she lost all hearing in her left ear more than a decade ago. Her right ear loses hearing intermittently and sometimes, she says, she is legally deaf.


“I used to be a first soprano when I did choir in high school. Since my hearing loss, I’ve become more like an alto. I’ve learned to sing in that method — I don’t know what it’s called, actually — but you hear by feeling the vibration in your body. On some of those notes, I might not even be able to hear what I’m hitting.”


Abuse, hearing loss, cancer. She has survived and is recovering still from a great deal of evil herself. Her music and her life are conducted in accordance with her spirituality, which is at heart a non-denominational Christianity influenced by a pan-spiritual outlook and yogic and other influences.


Christianity is fractured, a “divided kingdom,” she says, and needs to be much less judgmental, which is inherently divisive, “because we don’t want to be conquered by being divided.”


“I want to inspire other people to make the highest vibrational choices for their lives,” which she defines as making life choices and decisions out of “gratitude, love, joy, contentment,” rather than out of fear, anger or guilt.


“Ocean Breeze” is the lead single she is promoting from Roars, Flames and Embers, but two other songs from the EP hold special meaning for her.


“Pour out the Oil” was inspired by Kim Clement’s prophetic writings on the biblical Esther. The song features a woman, she said, who would “pour out the oil, pour out healing to the world.”


“I wanted to put in influences of biblical women, powerful women,” she said. “So I put Esther in a verse, and then Mary of Bethany, in a verse. Both were powerful biblical women. I wanted to focus on that and what I think will be the return of the divine feminine.”


She added, “And I’m not referring to the Barbie movie.”


The other song is “Beyond the Stars.”


“That one was written in the voice of God. I wrote it after experiencing some workplace bullying. It’s like God speaking to me, saying, ‘I know who you really are, no matter what other people call you, or say about you. I know who you really are.’ It’s about forgiveness, too, of the bullies and of anybody that has to live in this crazy world. I think it’s a very healing song.”


Nicole-Marie has been putting out music since 2003. Her catalogue includes six albums and EPs and several singles. She lists her genre as “spiritual folk rock” and those are all present, each by itself sometimes, sometimes in combination.


She has performed live, but not since the pandemic. She is dealing with a case of performance anxiety but wants to perform again. She especially wants to go on a tour.


That reality is in a world that lies a little way down the road.


In the 3D world of now, there is promoting “Ocean Breeze” and Roars, Flames and Embers and, also, “I’m working on my next music video. That’s where my immediate attention is.”


“But beyond that, I hope to do some shows, get over some of my fears and inspire others to face their fears and get over them.”


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FOX NEWS' Jessica Tarlov stopped by the Brad Cooney Podcast show and talked about the current world of politics from Biden to Trump and all of the fun stuff like indictments, and convictions of those who got too close to the Trump orbit.

She also talks about President Biden's accomplishments and why those accomplishments aren't translating in the polls. President Biden's poll numbers are struggling. Tarlov shares her thoughts on what the administration can do to message better amongst Democrat voters. 

Jessica also talks about the convictions of several Trump aids, lawyers, and other Trump insiders. Before all of that, she shares a personal story about how the 9/11 attacks impacted her family and the passing of her dad, who died from 9/11 related cancer.  Enjoy the show.

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 Long-time producers step behind the mike for ‘L.A. CounyLine’


By John Hacker

LOS ANGELES, California — The L.A. CounyLine duo of Mellow Mac and Jacob G. has been dipping their toe into the singing side of the music industry since 2018 when the long-time friends collaborated on their first single “Never Late,” released on a solo album put out by Jacob G.

Four years and a single and a Christmas EP later, the duo is out with their first full-length album self-titled “L.A. CounyLine,” featuring 15 singles and a bonus song titled “Thank You.”

Mellow Mac and Jacob G. have been writing and producing songs and albums for other people for years through Mellow Mac’s Kram Pro Studios, based in La Habra, California.

Mellow Mac said the duo has written and produced hundreds of songs for satisfied clients for the past five years in a wide range of genres including R&B, hip hop, rap, reggaeton, pop, EDM, neo soul and country. They’ve been writing and producing songs for artists on the GaimChng3r label.

“Over time, we started accumulating a lot of songs,” Mellow Mac said. “And then we decided one day why don't we just just put something out under L.A. CounyLine, just put our stuff out? We have so much material. And so that's what we decided to do, just release our own album.”

“L.A. CounyLine” hit the streaming platforms on July 28, featuring a power-packed lineup of songs with names such as “So High,” “Ain’t No Love,” “Join the Party,” and many more.

Mellow Mac said the album is the product of a special relationship and chemistry he shares with his partner, Jacob G.

“Every time we have a session, it always works,” Mellow Mac said. “Every recording session & every writing session has been productive. We've never had a floppy session where we're just like, oh, we can't come up with anything. We’re always locked in, and we both noticed that right away. So in between the time where we’re both busy with other music endeavors, we still find time at least twice a month, get together to finish or write new material.”

Mellow Mac said the songs on the album show a wide diversity of sounds, melodies and messages.

“If you go through the whole album, you will see the depth of us,” he said. “You can't really put it together if you just listen to a couple songs. The L.A. CounyLine album genre is R&B with hip hop, pop, and other elements. The songs touch on many subjects, living our best life, having fun, relationships, choices, life’s struggles, positive vibes, sexy for the club, love, inner peace, and they are delivered with conscious word play. The L.A. CounyLine sound is influenced by decades of legendary artists and producers.”

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Tuesday, September 05, 2023


 Sensaround, Coming Out to Play, 


Sensaround, Coming Out to Play, Brings Some Heavy-duty Entertainment to Pop-Rock! By Kurt Beyers 

With Valley of Grey, their latest poetic pop-rock anthem with driving rhythms, soaring guitar licks, groove-oriented drums and rocking bass lines, the four-member band Sensaround has announced it is coming out to play. “Literally, all together, with real instruments, in front of the biggest and/or smallest audiences we can find. If they’re breathing... count us in.” “We like to think of Valley of Grey as your quintessential pop-rock song,” said Bob Dougherty, co-founder of the band and co-writer of the band’s music. “It’s a soaring anthem. It’s got riveting solos, infectious hooks but enough heavy guitars to make you tingle in your nether regions.” 

The band has been together for several years and had released 18 songs on their YouTube channel and all streaming platforms before the pandemic put plans to launch their live show on hold. Along with all the world-wide releases and official lyric videos to all the songs, they released an official music video shot at the famous beaches in Malibu with gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean. Where Are You Tonight, featuring actress Rai Quartley, includes intriguing studio-shot scenes to go along with an enticing story line. Already reaching over half-million views, the video can be seen on YouTube at 

The song has also been in regular rotation on nine national radio stations. The band’s catalog, written by Dougherty and Track, was mostly recorded during a period of several years leading up to 2020 at which time Sensaround was gearing up for live performances. Then the pandemic hit, and the strategy, said Bob, was to “just hole myself up seven days a week and practice my chops on rhythm guitar. We felt it would be as practical as it would be commercially-viable adding the singer songwriter look to the band. A lead singer without an instrument in his hand seemed outdated to us. We saw a chance to turn a negative into a positive. It felt as though the universe hit pause on life, so I resolved to come out of it with a new skill and we felt that the band would make a better impression with the lead singer handling electric rhythm guitar parts.” Since the pandemic ended, “The priority of the last couple of years has been to get the live show tight,” said Alex Track, co-founder, co-writer and drummer of the band. “It’s a blessing to be in a band with such incredible players. It’s a gift, not only to be in a band with zero egos, but to have the members be such great friends and great people in general. 

If this project was any more fun, I wouldn’t be able to stand it.” Bob got into music and guitar through a youthful infatuation with U2, REM and Oasis, but didn’t become an actual performer until he left a career in video editing and was hired onto the Disney Wonder Cruise ship. After that, he took the job of entertainer at the Club Med vacation village in Cancun, which involved physical comedy but also solo acoustic guitar sets at the main bar. “It sharpened my skills and flamed my passion for music,” he said. Club Med is where he met Alex, and that introduction was the genesis of Sensaround. With world-renowned symphony and choral conductor Gerhard Track and Beethoven Piano Competition winner Micaela Maihart-Track as parents, it was no surprise that Alex Track grew up performing in a number of orchestras, choirs and bands. Taking first place at the Tri-State Music Festival piano competition, Track's passion turned to drums and percussion. 

Graduating with honors with a Masters of Music Degree from the Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, Austria, Alex went on to become CEO of Track Entertainment in Los Angeles. After attending MIT in Hollywood, Track has been involved in all aspects of the music industry in Los Angeles from scoring pictures to composing, arranging, recording, mixing, mastering and producing records. Track’s exceptional skills were recognized when he won a Grammy Award in 2007. “My grandfather was a very popular entertainer. The Bob Hope of Europe, if you will and my father was an expert at winning crowds over with intermittent humor during breaks between classical pieces at concerts he conducted throughout his career. Taking advantage of Bob’s natural sense of humor and likability, it’s heart-warming for me to see that spirit of entertainment included in our show. For my part, it feels like we’re carrying on a family tradition.” Nate Gignac, guitar and vocals, won many competitions at piano festivals in Canada, then, according to his bio, as a teenager “picked up guitar and never looked back.” He studied at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood. He has toured with various rock bands over most of the United States and Mexico. 

Max Pierce, bass and vocals, has 20 years’ experience as a professional bass player, playing in live band situations, doing session work at recording studios, and performing in musical theater. He performs for the Los Angeles theater company For The Record, and music that he wrote has been featured on the NBC show Parenthood. The band sums up all that passion, talent, skill and experience in its official bio. Their music, it says, comes “from a place of earnest, raw sincerity for people who long for the return of real instruments and hand-carved music that is meant to inspire and take the listener through every possible emotion.” As far as the name of the band is concerned, Bob and Alex came up with a plan to write down names that would fit the band. Bob had already written down dozens of names while Alex hadn’t come up with one. One day, out of the blue, Alex excitedly told Bob that he had a name for the band. His first and only name for the list, but explained that he saw the name in a dream, up in lights like on a big venue. Alex immediately researched the name. The name “Sensurround” was the patented name for the surround sound system built to shake seats in a movie theater back in the day. When articles were written on the subject, people inadvertently spelled it “Sensaround.” The slogan was: Sound so powerful that you not only hear it, you feel it. Being that’s how Alex felt the listener will feel when hearing their music, the name made “sense”. Randomly seeing it in a dream, that vividly, they didn’t want to challenge fate. Sensaround was born. 

The focus now is on live performances. They made their debut in May this year and have two more shows scheduled for September on the L.A. club venue circuit: September 7th at The Universal Bar and Grill on Lankershim Blvd. in Universal City and September 22nd at The Mint on Pico Blvd. in Mid City Los Angeles. They are also working out the details to perform at other famous LA venues, the Whisky A Go Go, The Roxy Theatre, the Troubadour and The Viper Room to start. “We have a strong catalogue,” said Bob. “We’ve got over 20 songs that are radio ready. The hope is to build a fan base by playing out consistently. First and foremost, it will be interesting to see the response of a crowd at a live venue. I am excited to find out if they will be throwing their underwear on stage or fire rotten tomatoes at us.” Connect with Sensaround on all platforms for new music, videos, and social posts.

“Valley Of Grey,” Spotify:

 “Valley Of Grey,” lyric video, YouTube:

Music Video: 

Radio EPK: 2KebO1I&list=PLrqqU5xLSq9Nr8qMPWdVJMEMz_JZ_MW_N&index=42 





Friday, September 01, 2023


 With “Pablo,” MOB Flexx flexes his musicality in rap to a Latin vibe



By Starlight PR


In the three years since he has gotten serious about music, MOB Flexx — Malaquii D’mac Bams — reckons he has written more than 200 songs. He’s 19!


Just recently recording at Quad Studios, MOB has recorded 17 songs in 12 hours. He is ahead of his time. With his versatility in his music, the engineers sometimes stop to look and ask, “Who are you?” while presenting numerous flows and styles of music.


His latest song, “Pablo,” shows his versatility and his inventiveness. It is trap lyrics set to a Spanish melody using guitars, trumpets and pianos. 


“I wanted it to be like a good-vibe song that you could play at parties,” he said. It started out as a secondary song to another one, “Pioneer,” but “Pablo” was “just a different vibe that I was trying to bring to people.”


The lyrics are straight up, explicit trap, but presented in rap that flows with the Spanish rhythms, they come off as sardonic and amusing rather than grim, and the overall sound is fun.


“It’s definitely a trap/drill type of song,” he said. “The Spanish sound is because when I first started music again three years ago, I was always drawn to Spanish guitar beats. So, when I first heard the beat, I loved how the sound evolved and I was like, ‘Yeah, I can make something fire with this.’”


He sums up that line of thinking with, “This is gonna be a hit.” 


As for the brass, the piano and the strings, “I definitely do that for a more international sound. I like having a different array of music.”


Most of what he has out, including six songs so far this year, is rap, but the beats, the music, is different on all of them, and the vibe and force of the rap itself varies with the beats, instrumentation and melodies.


“Rewind,” though, the track he released just before “Pablo,” is a modern hip-hop/R&B song. He and the producer went with a more R&B sound with that one, and there is more like that coming soon.


“I consider myself to be genreless. So, I dabble in every type of sound that I possibly can so I could just expand myself and not stay in a box. I always try to switch it up as much as possible.”


Then there is the feeling and sentiment of a song, too. “Rewind” is a love-gone-bad song, but “pain music that you could relate to.”


“Yeah, ‘Rewind’ is a heartbreak song. I was going through it with a female that I had relations with, and I knew other people would feel the way I felt while displaying it musically.”


He is just starting to put out a lot of music. He may have gotten serious in 2020, but that’s when Covid got serious, too. 


Plans for this year include “MadHouse,” a song that he categorizes as “dark pop,” inspired by the music of Sub Urban, who he was listening to a year ago, “I like how different his sound is and that made me mess with his music.”


“I wanted to try something different like that.” He has the song written but hasn’t recorded it yet. He says that will be scheduled to drop mid-next year.


“That track will be slightly different than any music I have ever made.”


This year includes two EPs that he says will also expand his sound, “so people can hear different sides of me,” but right now he wants to focus on the songs he has out.


One of the EPs will have seven tracks and the other six. One will be called Madness Over Beats — M.O.B, of course.


The other is Music Over Madness, or M.O.M, because its songs were picked by his Mom.

Both EPs will be set to drop on Halloween. 

Growing up, MOB has always been around and in tune with his music side, as he played a number of instruments such as violin, trombone, piano, and tuba. His mother was an artist, so, memorizing lyrics became second nature. 

Unfortunately his Mom was an orphan and life was undeniably difficult. She used music to cope. Her son was her gift and since his birth she knew music was the reason. She always says, “You are God’s gift to me” and her gift to the world.

Back when he was 7 or 8, when he went by Macnificent and had not yet adopted MOB Flexx as his artist name, he appeared at The Apollo Theater in New York and performed at various clubs and bars. Then came middle school, high school, and basketball, until Covid put an end to that, and music returned.


“This year I’m really pushing myself harder,” he said. In addition to the music he has already written, he is still writing as many as three songs a day.


“Amongst my peers, they call me a one-man MOB. Malaquii’s the name. It’s biblical. This is my destiny.”


Stay connected to MOB Flexx and his destiny on all platforms for new music, videos, and social posts.

Wednesday, August 30, 2023



Hands of Spite Gets (Nearly) Sentimental with the Release of “Dumb Love Song”


By: Nadia Sobehart


Alternative rock band, Hands of Spite, has a new and unexpected single for listeners, the energetic love song, “Dumb Love Song,” off their latest album, Love Songs for the Dumb and Stupid.


Since we last checked in with Hands of Spite, the band is “still friendly-ish together.” Trapped in a hotel room in New Jersey, bandmates Austin, Sam, Zac, and Nate demonstrate their comedic skills as they share insights on their latest release.


“‘Dumb Love Song’ is a good snapshot of where we are as a band—our songwriting, lyrical content… We’re very silly guys. It’s a good representation,” tells the band.


“’Dumb Love Song’ is a high-energy, sappy song. It’s a warped love song with themes of classic Romeo and Juliet. It shows our lens of tainted love,” they explain. “It’s the most collaborative of the tunes we started with. Since we wrote it, we’ve become more collaborative writers. It’s the first song we wrote as a band instead of as one person writing and then sharing the demo. We wrote it organically together.”


After establishing the song lyrically, the band worked out a “cool, fun” hook to bring it all together. “We’ve been sitting on the song for a while. We wrote it almost two years ago and played it a thousand times. It still feels good, and we’re proud of it. We felt we had to have one romantic song on our album.”


The album actually contains one more love song, “Lover,” which the band dubs “a dumb love song.” “We’re not making fun of love songs. Being dumb and stupid is the theme of the album and our band in general.”


The Boston-based group consists of Austin Bullock (guitar/vocals), Sam Gelston (guitar/vocals), Zac Stein (drums/vocals), and Nate Belton (bass). Each member brings a unique range of influences and style to the group, resulting in the robust sound of Hands of Spite. From mid-90s punk to classic rock, many genres and musical elements can be found in their music. “We’re angry—after all, we’re called Hands of Spite. We’re a couple of sad, angry folks,” jokes the band of their raison d'etre.


Hands of Spite developed the content for their recent EP and current album during “one long stretch of writing” that was later split into separate projects. Their last EP, “Inchoate,” came out in January 2023 and energized listeners with introspective yet lighthearted songs. “Our EP had a loose, funky feel that our later songs don’t. Veracity but not chaos,” shares Hands of Spite. “The EP was a sampler. Our next album is an appetizer. If you’re into this style of music, come grow with us and stay excited for our music. Our songwriting gets more refined as time goes on.”


As for the current album, Love Songs for the Dumb and Stupid, “it’s a good, no-skip album.” It also features two upcoming singles, “Lover” and “These Days.”


Hands of Spite isn’t wasting any time with their mindset of ongoing musical creation. Later this year, the band will be releasing several singles. They’re also ready to record a third full-length album by the end of year.


“We’re perpetually writing music. Our second album is ready to go. Our third album is almost there. We’re always working on new music and what we have to offer.”


“We’re excited to promote the new single,” shares the band. “It’s been great playing our songs live and getting great responses. People really liked our last album and are looking forward to what’s next. Our next album is going to be a pleasant surprise for a lot of people.”


Make sure to stay connected to Hands of Spite on all platforms for new music, videos, and social posts.



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