Friday, March 05, 2021


R&B Duo DeeZire brings back classic 90s sound with new single ‘Tell Me’


ATLANTA, GA – While there are many artists emerging from the booming Atlanta music industry, few of them possess the unique talent and style that DeeZire exhibits. This up-and-coming R&B and Hip Hop duo comprised of members Swade and X’Clusiv offer a truly special blend of sound, style and influence to the world. They have everything it takes to become the next big name in music.

Their recent single, “Tell Me,” is a great example of the kind of groundbreaking sound they’re bringing to the international market. A true love song that’s indicative of the late 1990s and early 2000s R&B sound, “Tell Me” is all about putting that loved one on a pedestal.

“It’s speaking to your significant other and wanting them to tell you what they want from you,” Swade said. “It’s about supplying your significant other their needs. The 90s sound of this song is a lot like all of our music, which plays a big influence in how we write and sing. It’s a totally

different sound than what’s on the radio today with R&B and Pop. We do a lot of harmonies and a lot of arrangements with live instruments across all our tracks.”

DeeZire formed in 2013 when Swade and X’Clusiv came together in Atlanta. They both had a mutual love for music, and the more time they spent around each other, the more they realized they shared the same inspirations – from Michael Jackson and Prince to New Edition and Usher, among others. They soon realized that if they worked together, their shared passion to use music and share their artistic voice with the rest of the world could lead to something truly original.

“We’re bringing that classic sound of R&B back,” X'clusiv said. “Everybody has been saying it’s dead, but we don’t feel that way. We feel that R&B isn’t being marketed the way Pop and hip Hop is right now, and we want to bring that back to the table. We want to show that there are still people out there doing quality R&B music that you can vibe and rock to. We want to put that sound back on the map.”

With a follow up to their debut EP, "Love Therapy,” The duo hopes to do just that with the release of their second EP, “Love Zone,” which is slated to drop in the next couple of months. One more single, “Raindrops” ” is slated to release before the full EP, however.

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"Tell Me"

Tuesday, March 02, 2021



 DGOLD offers ‘Inspiration’ to the world with hot new EP 


– Like many other musicians in the world, David Gold was set to have a great year filled with many live performances in 2020. The Coronavirus shut all live events down, but that didn’t stop DGOLD from continuing to create. What he was able to accomplish in 2020 is one of the rare EPs of the industry that are often looked back on many years later as genre-changing. 

“Inspiration” is an EP that DGOLD said he’s extremely proud of. It features vibes that he said were inspired by the same music that he listens to when he wants to get going and be hyped up. He loves big music, and he feels like making that kind of music is what he was made to do. 

“I’ve been in the entertainment industry my whole life with my family business D3M Licensing group and I love it,” he said. “You can feel that with Inspiration. This is who I am. My life and 

love of music is the inspiration for it. And I think it’s a project that shows the hunger, to be something better that so many of us have inside of us.” 

Featuring hit singles like “F.I.F.O.” currently on all streaming platforms and “Come to Me” coming soon, the EP is a showcase of well-crafted lyrics and upbeat energy that simultaneously make people want to move and feel like they have limitless potential. 

“I’ve got good lyrics and a delivery that’s my own,” DGOLD said. “I feel like a lot of people nowadays are focused on either the beats or the auto-tune. I’m not the biggest fan of auto-tune though I appreciate it when others use it. Some people use it well and others don’t. My most important thing is the lyrics. You can look at the rhyme scheme of my lyrics and you’ll rarely find something that doesn’t rhyme or isn’t a good comeback. It’s just better music in my opinion – the kind that speaks for itself.” 

That high-class sound is such that it has caught the attention of other industry insiders. In fact, “Come to Me” is already contracted to be on the soundtrack for the original motion picture “The Weight of Us” – a forthcoming horror film from notable director Rob Prior. “F.I.F.O.” features notorious multi-platinum selling artist Gorilla Zoe as well, and the song led to DGOLD's world debut on Tawk Radio hosted by Cypher Kai who has an audience of more than 200,000 fans worldwide. 

DGOLD is ready to take that success to the next level and said 2021 has more music in store following the success from “Inspiration”. 

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“F.I.F.O.” (ft. Gorilla Zoe) by DGOLD

Wednesday, February 24, 2021


Best artists in New York come together to redefine EDM and House music on new project ‘Complexion of Sound’


NEW YORK, NY – A new sound that is redefining the genres of EDM and House music is about to be unleashed on the world through a new project called “Complexion of Sound.” Featuring a collaboration of some of the East Coast’s best artists and producers, this string of singles – set to begin with “Lose Control” on Jan. 8 – is a high-class-meets-underground fusion of gritty EDM and splashy House music. Executively produced by businessman Bryan Glass, “Complexion of Sound” is a vision that will enlighten listeners all over the world. 

“I’m a huge fan of electronic music and I wanted to make a splash in the House and EDM world,” Glass said. “I always thought I could do it just as good, or better, with the right people. So I built a studio and hired a bunch of really talented producers, writers, vocalists and music engineers from New York, and they’ve been in the studio every day this year cranking out music. We have a whole lineup ready to roll out this year, and I really think they’re going to make a big splash.” 

Glass said the first track, “Lose Control,” is the first original that the collective XIMONE who also wrote some of the lyrics. According to Alpha Moses, it’s a perfect song to kick off “Complexion of Sound” because it shows off the versatility of the group with its mix of Pop, Electronic and House vibes. 

“The entire project will be showing off that versatility, and this song is going to kick off 2021 with this new vision,” he said. “We’re trying to break through the House and Electronic sound into the Pop radio sound. It’s a similar vibe to DJ Snake or Diplo – kind of crossing boundaries and melding two different worlds.” 

Alpha Moses said “Lose Control” is a song about longing for love. It explores a forbidden relationship between a guy and a girl who are with other people but long to be with each other. 

“Even though they have a connection and tension between them, they know they can’t be together,” he said. “She’s pleading with him to leave the person he’s with so he can be by her side. It has a Dua Lipa cute-pop-strong-woman kind of feel to it. It’s almost Calvin Harris-esque, with that pop lyrical kind of cute vocals with dancy upbeat music under it. It’s a good time, and I think people will enjoy hearing it when they’re out having a good time.” 

Alpha Moses said the song first started when he and PHNTM Live were in the studio running through Calvin Harris tracks trying to recreate that feel with a new-school sound. They started with a demo and after he started writing some lyrics, he got in touch with XIMONE to help elevate the song. In his words, she “leveled it up,” and QR’N helped give it that extra push at the end to make it as high-quality and professional as possible.” 

“It really was a collaborative effort,” PHNTM Live said. “At the end of the day, we want our music to be known for good energy and open-mindedness. We want our music to be a good time. Even when we might be talking about something darker or sadder, we still want the energy to be uplifting. We want the people who listen to our music to have a positive mindset, but keep on dancing.” 

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Friday, February 12, 2021


Justin Nealy cooks up a hot pot of chili with new single, just in time for winter 


RALEIGH, NC – If you’re like most other music lovers in the world, when you see a song titled “Hot Pot of Chilly,” there’s something inside you that must hear what it sounds like. Next thing you know you’re listening to it and the fun new single from East Coast artist Nealy has you hooked. It’s catchy with a great Rap vibe, with lyrics that pull you in and invite you to just have a good time. Like the hook says, Nealy is coming through hot like chili in the pot, chillin on a hot new stove. 

“It has some real stuff in it, but it’s just a good-time song,” Nealy said of his new single. “It’s different than anything out there but mostly, it’s just a fun song.” 

A video for the single is also available on Nealy’s YouTube channel. It was shot at a restaurant in Durham, North Carolina in which Nealy used to work as a bartender. The video features multiple shots of Nealy in the kitchen, cooking up a hot pot of chili while also showcasing a part of his hometown. 

Nealy began his journey as an artist at age 18. He said he was inspired by his friends, who were also talented rappers. They encouraged him to write his own songs and after a while, he 

realized he had enough natural talent to pursue music as a career. As he developed his sound, he studied multiple genres of music and never really settled on one specific artist as a muse of major influence. It’s the music itself that motivates him, and that electric taste has helped him create a signature style that is equal parts original and familiar. 

“A lot of times, I don’t even know who sings a song when I hear it. I just know I like it,” Nealy said. “I always look to the actual music and not who’s popular. Music influences me more than the actual artist, and that’s what I try to create with my own sound, as well. I have some funny stuff, but not corny – more subtle humor. I also have things that are deep and people can relate to. Since I started, I’ve matured as an artist and everything I’m doing now is more of intentionality. My music is consistent. Some of the beats I’m working with today are different, but I’m still the same person writing. But a lot of people don’t realize I went through a lot to get here. I’ve been pushing myself and I’ve sacrificed a lot of things to get to where I am. I took a leap over a river instead of building a bridge because I wanted to go for it all. It’s starting to come back and pay off, and I’m excited for people to hear the new music I have now.” 

Nealy’s music is available across all streaming platforms. His next release will be a single called “317965” which is slated to drop in January. 

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Monday, February 08, 2021



You've probably seen Professor Michael Dennin on the hit TV show "Ancient Aliens". He also made an appearance in the hit paranormal documentary, "The House In Between." Have a listen below to what he's been up to as of lately, and listen to his takes on the paranormal, other dimensions, UFO's, time travel, and much more.  


Professor Dennin earned his A. B. from Princeton University, and his M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of California, Santa Barbara. He held a postdoctoral position at UCLA. He is an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow and a Research Corporation Cottrell Scholar. 

Professor Dennin's main research interest is systems that exhibit emergent properties. These include the behavior of complex fluids, such as foam and sand, as well as the complex dynamics of biological systems. 

Professor Dennin is well-known for popularizing science for the public. He has taught many online courses on the nature of science, including team teaching a MOOC based on the television program, The Walking Dead. He has appeared on a number of television programs, including Spider-man Tech, Batman Tech, Star Wars Tech, and Ancient Aliens.

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FINDING BIGFOOT had an amazing run on Animal Planet airing 100 episodes over a 6 year span.  As the streaming world trended the world of cable TV waned.  This was the big reason the show went off the air.  Now, 3 years later "Finding Bigfoot" fans will once again get to see the team back on their TV sets.  A new 2 hour episode will air on February 8th on Discovery +

Cliff has been busy over the last 3 years.  He's founded an awesome Bigfoot museum located in his state of Oregon. You can check out the website and learn more about it  HERE

If you're not a local, you can hit up the museum website and join as a member at a very reasonable $6 dollars up to a $50.00 sponsor membership.

Cliff stopped by the Brad Cooney Podcast Show and talked about the NEW episode coming up on Discovery +

He also fielded some questions about Bigfoot, from lifespans to species, to skeptics.  Have a listen BELOW and check out what else he had to say!


Friday, February 05, 2021


Haitian rapper delivers fun new club banger ‘Drip Official’ 


DELRAY BEACH, FL – An artist who made his way out of Haitian poverty and into a successful career as an international musician is making waves with his latest single “Drip Official.” Widgi Marcelin – better known by his stage name G Thugg – is a Florida-based rapper who has been gaining an ever widening stream of fans over the past few years since he first introduced his raw emotional style in 2017. 

Thugg tells his story through music and his heavy, often dark lyrics entail his struggle of adversity as a Haitian man trying to survive in America. With intricate stories weaved into his signature sound, G Thugg continues to find ways to make songs that are relatable to people from all walks of life in places all over the world. “Drip Official” is his latest single which dropped on all streaming platforms on Dec. 25. 

It’s a braggadocios song that G Thugg uses to showcase his one-of-a-kind style. The upbeat club banger is sure to put a smile on people’s faces as they enjoy a night out and have fun on the dance floor. “It’s just a song about me being fly,” he said. “It’s me speaking about how I’m known for dressing and staying fly, which is why I use the term drip. I’m always fly. People know I’m always dressing up and wearing designers and stuff like that.” The song features Atlanta artist Peewee Longway, and G Thugg said a music video for the single will drop on Jan. 1. 

He plans on following that with another single on Jan. 15 called “Miss Da Trap” featuring Bobby Fishscale. G Thugg said he’s excited about the new music he’s releasing and is proud of the strides he’s taken over the past three years as he’s developed his sound and created something truly original. 

He doesn’t apologize for speaking his mind through his music and hopes that his selfconfidence will inspire others to feel comfortable about themselves and be bold. “I want my music to be known for being authentic,” he said. “I just want to put it out there in everybody’s face. It’s not no make believe or none of that. 

I speak of things I’ve experienced in the past and it’s just me being myself. I’m trying to do something positive and make a better living by doing something I love.” 

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R&B Duo DeeZire brings back classic 90s sound with new single ‘Tell Me’ LISTEN TO THE PODCAST BELOW! ATLANTA, GA – While there are many...