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 Henry Frasia Soothes Long-distance Woes in Latest Single ‘JFK’


Pop singer Henry Frasia is set to release his latest single, “JFK,” an ode to long-distance love and one of four tracks on his upcoming EP. The up-and-coming artist is also a student at the University of Miami.

Henry began making music during the pandemic, setting up a makeshift studio. “My sister and brother started doing music and told me to try it out. I was hesitant at first but did it for fun. Then I started to really enjoy it and had a great time. I kept making music and improved a lot,” shares Henry. When he felt comfortable sharing his music with people, he did just that.

Flying across the country, Henry Frasia traveled from his Connecticut home to Los Angeles for music training. There, he met music industry professionals, including producer and artist, Austin Sexton. The two began working together, dropping Henry’s last single, “Slow,” in 2021, along with a music video.

Following the release of his previous single, Henry took a short break and is now returning stronger than ever. Henry is no stranger to the stage, having performed in many plays and musicals over the years. “My mom says, ‘you always know Henry’s home because you can hear him singing from the garage,” he jokes. 

Inspired by major pop artists, from Justin Bieber to Shawn Mendes, and R&B and rap artists like Drake and Bryson Tiller, Henry Frasia weaves what inspires him into a sound uniquely his own. “I take ideas and mold my own stuff,” shares Henry of how his influencers have led to his own inspired moments.

His upcoming single, “JFK,” is a song about long-distance relationships. “It’s about me going to LA for song camps and happening to leave a person behind. It was hard and difficult to feel connected to them across the country—yet I was thinking about the person all the time.” The song is easy to connect with because it’s a feeling so many have encountered in a lifetime. 

The emotional complexity comes from not only missing said person, but going on to wonder, “is it even worth it?” Henry adds, “I don’t know how to feel, because you’re cross country, but I still want to be in your presence. I still want to see you on FaceTime and hear your voice. This song is about long-distance relationships and navigating through that.”

Through his song, Henry hopes to help people feel less alone in their feelings—especially feelings that aren’t clearcut. 

When it comes to writing music, Henry Frasia has a preferred writing process. “Usually, my producer will start a loop, and I’ll freestyle melodies on it. Then, I take what I like, and piece them together. Then I’ll write lyrics to it.” There are times when Henry arrives with a concept in mind; other times, he’ll let the beat take him where it’s meant to go.

“I have so many different sounds and songs to share. I know I have something for everyone,” tells Henry Frasia. “I want to create music that people can relate to and music that people will have a great time listening to. Music is really powerful. The words are powerful, but also the melodies and how you can change them to make someone feel a certain way. I want listeners to feel empowered. You’re not alone. Everyone’s going through something.”

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Caz Kush Brings the Party to You with Fresh Single ‘Piñatas’

By: Nadia Sobehart


Artist Caz Kush welcomes listeners to have a good time with his recent single “Piñatas.” Released under his label, Never Not Going In Ent., “Piñatas” is a fresh hit for all to enjoy.

“I just wanna catch people’s attention with Piñatas make peoples ears stand up then hit them with something deep, Piñatas is just the tip of the iceberg, i have a series called car bars and another that’s freestyles about the most random comments where every week I’m dropping straight bars on all platforms that accept video playback. Tune in and check me out not only all that I have so much unreleased music I’m working on putting out, with much more substance, valuable lessons, ect just stay tuned. Much more coming”

“I make music for everyone, not just the club, It’s for people to listen to when they aren’t sure about what to do or where to go next, it’s for the people who want to do better for themselves, their people and just in general want to show people it doesn’t take all that to do what you want to do, If you can think of it you can make it happen” shares Caz Kush of his art.

From age nine, the Indiana-based musician has been making music and exploring various art forms. He is a multitalented artist responsible for his own writing, producing, engineering, visuals, and covers--among other skills. “My Tag “Caz, You mixed this” signifies that every song has its own unique engineering and feeling to it, nobody mixes/masters the same, when you hear that “Caz You Mixed This” You will understand” Says Caz Kush, Caz Kush is also not afraid to experiment. He can smoothly transition across genres to create unexpected sounds for all listeners.

“Never coming from a violent place or the street life was a plus for me because I’ve always been the type to spread positivity through music and art. how to find yourself and just keep your head up, let people be there for you, there’s people who truly don’t have that so if you do be grateful and let them people help” 

“The whole scene is popularizing guns and violence--things that shouldn’t be. Why not talk about how to spread love, happiness, equality, spirituality?, I want people to know it don’t take all this to do what you want to do. You don’t have to sell drugs. You don’t have to be involved with the street life, Just be you, You can do what you want with music, art, ect.” Shares Caz Kush

Caz Kush credits Tyler the Creator as a huge influence on his career. “He is himself, and that’s what I like to be,” shares Caz. “I’m bringing something new and different that people might not have seen before.” 

The artist aims at spreading his message and showing people that “whatever you’re going through, you can flip it into a positive, your mind is powerful, some use them powers for good and some, well, don’t” Caz Kush wants to be the voice for people who might not have the words in their head to express themselves. “I’m trying to change the world for real,” he adds. “But I can’t do it alone--I need people with the same mindset, ones who are on the same wave”

“I’d rather help the world, a Grammy don’t mean you win”

When it comes to writing music, Caz Kush approaches new songs from a beats-first approach. “I take the thoughts in my head and do everything except the beat,” shares the artist. “Piñatas” originated from a beat on YouTube that caught the attention of Caz Kush. “I heard a beat called ‘Shake’ or something like that and I had to hit up the producer instantly to get the rights for it. It was so vibey, bouncy, catchy. I knew it could be played anywhere and people could attach to it. This is the kind of song you can play doing literally anything/make a dance to – people can get into because of the vibe and energy.”

“The biggest thing for me is my children look up to me, along with other people like my family, I’m sure some random people I don’t know yet but hope I get to meet do aswell. In knowing that shows my direction within my artist expression, I want anyone who looks up to me to understand the person I am is who I am, the person you are is who you should be, and the person that’s next to you is exactly who they should be, we should all love and support each other the same.

Love and celebrate your people, we all got things we are going through, be there for the person next to you, and let them be there for you. Spread more love and peace around the universe

It helps way more then you may think”

We all go through different things and we all have different ways to cope with things, whatever helps you express yourself, a message, helps your chest not be so heavy, don’t be scared to let it out, there are most definitely people out there that could use it!

At the end of the day, Caz Kush wants listeners to know his music is for them. “Do what you gotta do to make it in life--healing, growing, doing everything you need to do, I love you all and wish you the very best in anything you do in life, make sure it’s amazing, I know it will be :)”

tells Caz Kush.

Friday, May 31, 2024



SATEGA opens a new phase of his music career with his new fun and sexy record “Blame It On Me”


By Kurt Beyers


With a wavy flow, creative melodies, and unforgettable word play. That is exclusive to
him. SATEGA will put out a banging, club R&B/Pop song called “Blame It On Me” to begin a serious recording career.

“It’s a very sexy record,” he said. “It’s got a sexy, R&B Pop vibe to it with a fun chorus, to sing along.”

“Blame It On Me” will be released April 19th. The video soon after around May 1st.

“I’m actually expressing a real situation as far as me connecting with a girl, and me
going back and forth being playful. She will say something like, ‘Hey, it’s your fault,” and me coming back with, ‘Blame it on me.’ Just teasing each other, having fun.”

SATEGA, born in Chicago and raised in Miami, is a singer, rapper, songwriter and entrepreneur. In addition to his music, his website also features his apparel line New Vintage (with the tagline “New Vision, New Style, New Waves. New Vintage by SATEGA).”

He's ready to share his vault full of songs with his fans and with new coming listeners.

If you haven't already, be sure to check out his website http://www.SATEGA.WORLD
to subscribe and stay up to date with all his new releases and also to pick up some dope New Vintage apparel by SATEGA.

Though he is just beginning a professional recording career, he has performed in many venues, including at Rolling Loud, and in several other places with other mainstream artists.

His immediate goal is to put out a lot of music his fans have been requesting, and continue to build his music catalog and business endeavors.

“Now I really want to dedicate my time, energy and effort toward creating art to share with the world. I have a lot of fans who love the art that I make and want to continue creating art they enjoy.”

SATEGA writes all his own music and develops his melodies and harmonies. He works with a producer on the beats and the production end, but, he said, “I create the vibe.” He knows that he is “bringing a style to the music game that is unique.”

“You’re not going to hear someone else that sounds like me,” he said. “I would say that my music is like a breath of fresh air for music listeners. I have a very original sound in my cadence, flow, and overall how I approach a record.”

Making music is in his heart, “and not just as a profitable endeavor,” he said.

“It literally brings me joy, and I know for an absolute certainty that it’s one of my callings and gifts that our Creator bestowed on me to share with the world.”

He has a lot of songs he has not yet released, enough to make a couple of albums. For now, the plan is to release singles, then perhaps an EP leading up to an album.

He is grateful for the talent that he has cultivated over several years, to the point that he is able to create the bodies of work he has been creating.

“Blame It On Me” is a good start.

“It’s very memorable, an all around good-feeling song with a summer vibe.”

“I’m excited to share this with the fans, with the world,” he said. “I put a lot of energy and effort in creating it, and I’m excited to see the reaction of the people.”

“And,” he concluded, “I’m excited to start pumping out more music.”

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Sienna Rose Makes the 90s Cool Again with New Single ‘You Got Me’ 

By: Nadia Sobehart


Multitalented musician, actor, and model, Sienna-Rose Jerak is poised for the spotlight with her new single, “You Got Me.” Reflecting on the authenticity of music from the late 90s and early 2000s, Sienna Rose’s single aims at reducing the noise of today’s overstimulated music scene to bring her voice to life.

Living across two continents—Sienna Rose is based in both Melbourne, Australia, and Los Angeles, California—the talented Sienna-Rose has a wide range of life experiences to draw from. “I love performing,” shares the young artist. At the age of eight, Sienna Rose added acting to her resume. The multitalented artist also plays the piano!

Inspired by 90s’ sensations Brandi, Monica, and Christina Aguilera, Sienna Rose is also passionate about the “Y2K era”—the early 2000s. “It was a great time for young people,” she explains. “I love the 90s/2000s feel more than modern music.”

Set to an upbeat, 90s-type instrumentation, “You Got Me” portrays the intricate part of love in which you like someone but you’re not sure if the feeling is mutual. “It’s hot and cold,” shares Sienna Rose. “You’re wrapped up in games and don’t know what to do.” 

“The meaning behind the song is basically when you like someone so much but you’re not sure if they like you back as much,” adds Sienna Rose. “It drives you crazy! You’re wrapped up in their games and want to get out but can’t. Basically, you don’t have the experience to work out if they like you as much as you like them.”

Working alongside GRAMMY award-winning songwriters and producers Jordan Omley and Michael Mani—who have worked with greats including Leona Lewis and Becky G—Sienna Rose is starting her musical career with undeniable strength. What sets “You Got Me” in a different category than everyday songs is that it doesn’t rely on strong autotune. In fact, the live sound is a refreshing quality that brings the song to life.

In addition to the fun, pop drive behind the single, the message strikes home for listeners everywhere. “It’s relatable for a lot of people, especially younger people,” remarks Sienna Rose. “That feeling when they have a crush—it’s universal.”

Not only does the young artist want to connect with listeners, she dreams of inspiring them, too. “It’s mainly what I want to do. I want people to believe in themselves without the pressure to cover up their true selves.”

When the young artist isn’t working on her music or starring in a production, she’s a regular kid, going to school and kindling a passion for animal rescue. Someday, Sienna Rose would like to start a foundation or rescue for endangered animals. In the meantime, listeners can look forward to the release of another new single, a ballad called “To Fly,” which counters the upbeat nature of “You Got Me.” 

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“What You Deserve” is a fine hip-hop/R&B mix that deserves a move to the top


By Kurt Beyers

Influence has been making hip-hop for a long time, about 25 years, performing in lots of venues and competitions, but he only started pushing his music out to the public last year.

“I’m done cooking up the style,” he said. “Now it’s time to put it out.”

To kick off the promotion of Influence and the multitude of sounds that characterize his music, he chose “What You Deserve.”

“‘What You Deserve’ is basically a hip-hop, R&B kind of dance track. It definitely has an Afro-centric dancehall vibe to it.”

Info Black sings the hook and Influence raps the verses.

All I need is one night, just give in girl don’t fight it, Don’t be scared cause I don’t bite, only if you like Only for tonight, tell me what you like

In addition to the hip-hop, R&B and dance, bongos give the Afro beat an island lilt, which Influence attributed to the producer, Majestic Drama.

“I’ve heard a lot of those type of beats, and this is, in my opinion, one of the better ones.”

He made his first song when he was 16 and really got into it when he was 21. He is 41 now.

He has not, he admitted, given it a hundred percent all those years. He has a family and, in addition to music, he is an entrepreneur. “So, you know, music is not the only thing I have going on.”

But in the beginning, it was different.

“When I first started, of course, I was giving it a hundred percent — selling CDs out the trunk, way back in the day.”

Music is back as the main item.

“I know that it’s a dream that God put in my heart for a reason. I’ve always believed that I was gonna become successful at music. I think that I’m too talented at it to not be put in that position.”

Talent plus work. He never left music entirely. He has performed a lot and his winning competitions include the Uplifting Minds 2 National Talent Competition; The Best In The West 2 Hip Hop Competition; LA’s Next Up Music Showcase; The Showcase Tour; and the Coast to Coast Live Music Showcase. He was a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition. 

He will be an official artist in the Mic Check Wynwood Season 2 in Miami from July 12 to July 15.

In his official bio, he says “R&B sparked his mind, but Hip Hop ignited his soul and became the driving force that drove him into the studio.”

The influences that impelled him to his own music come from hip-hop — Tupac, Biggie, Nas, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg — and R&B — Ginuwine, Dru Hill and Boyz 2 Men.

And what was it about hip-hop that fired up his soul?

“I think, really, it was the ability to express your art in that way.”

 “That way” means, “I like rapping over hip-hop beats, obviously. I more so grew up on listening to R&B before I was introduced to hip-hop, and then it was like, ‘Ahhh! There we go.’ I do both. I rap and I sing.”

“And that’s why,” he explained, “a lot of my music has so many melodies in it and why I switch up my tone so much and do some of the things I do vocally.”

Each of his tracks is markedly different from the others. That is for a combination of reasons. One is personal preference.

“I take pride in being a versatile artist. I don’t want to have my sound boxed in. When I talk to producers and they ask me what type of beat or what type of vibe I’m looking for, I’m like, ‘Let me hear what you got.’ I really never know what I’m in the mood for, or you never know what’s going to jump out at you until you start listening. I’ll listen to 500 beats and pick one.”

Another is that, once he has a beat, he writes to it.

“I just start catching the vibe and words and melodies start flowing through my head. That’s usually the one I pick because it’s like, ‘Okay. I can put some energy into that.’”

Another is inspiration. Or something.

“Some people ask me, ‘Oh, man, what inspired you to write that?’ or ‘What female were you talking about when you wrote that one?’ and I’m like, ‘Man, I wasn’t even talking about nobody in particular.’ Really. It’s just where the song took me. That song was 100 percent creativity.”

Where he wants to go is to the top.

“I've been doing this music thing for” — he sighs — “way longer than I should have been doing it not to have been on by now. I’ve been patiently waiting. At the end of the day, this was all about God preparing you for this blessing that has been bestowed upon you, and so, I’ve just been getting ready, man.”

Waiting and prepping are over. He is making his move.

“I think ‘What You Deserve’ has the potential to be the song of the summer. I’ve gotten nothing but great responses and positive reviews. It has a great vibe, and people love to dance to it.”

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Rescue and “Little Sugar” will sweeten up anyone’s musical life


By Kurt Beyers

“Little Sugar,” the fun R&B ’70s throwback single from Rescue, the new album by Ed Morales, will make people play steering-wheel drums.

Or dance.

The rocking country “Texas Lady” will have feet stomping under tables.

And the chorus of “Rescue,” the “anthemic” title song and final track, will stand neck hairs up to attention.

The single and the album drop on April 24.

The 11 songs of Rescue are about experiences of life, and “Little Sugar” was inspired by the romantic potential in puff pastry.

The origin story of “Little Sugar”: “I like to cook and was watching Food Network. A very attractive chef was preparing a recipe for puff pastry. As I was listening to her describe the recipe, I said, ‘This is somewhat suggestive.’ So, I went online, downloaded the recipe and I thought ‘Well, I’m gonna have a bit of fun with it.’”

Gonna come right down 

Help you with the recipe 

A pinch of this and a dash of that

Maybe something to squeeze

This is set to music inspired by combination of R&B and Pop influenced dance music  Ed grew up with in the ’70s and 80s, Chic, Earth Wind & Fire, and Duran Duran. 

He chose it as the song to tease the album because it is fun, lighthearted, double entendre with a gravitating combination of rhythmic guitar, bass, drums and sax of “early dance”.

“I wanted the feel and the groove of it, the instrumentation, the saxophone, to be inviting, uncomplicated - simple.”

And people related to it, even his kids, he said.

“It’s a flirtatious, groovy kind of song about a guy coming over to cook with his love. There’s a bit of innuendo, but the inspiration was watching someone on Food Network cooking puff pastry.”

Leave it in until it’s done

Waiting for this is half the fun

Serve it while it’s really hot

One last thing to hit the spot

Give a Little Sugar to make it all better

Ed’s career in music spans several decades and is a gifted musician, singer and songwriter. Beginning in the 1980s, Ed has recorded both as an independent artist and signed to labels. He has journeyed across the country, including a time in Nashville, and still performs to a large following in the Texas Hill Country area around San Antonio, where he currently lives.

“At this juncture in my career, I don’t have delusions of grandeur,” he said. “I really want to reach people of my age. You know, the Gen X group who experienced great music and styles of the ’60s, ’70s, and 80s. People seeking a voice, speaking their ‘language’. Someone who grew up at the same time and understands the juncture we are in our lives. Those are the ones that I’m most trying to appeal.”

But he is ready to take his music to a wider world.

“If the opportunity presents itself for me to travel and perform in other places around the country and around the world, absolutely, I will. Nowadays, the reach is so pervasive you can connect many people around the world. My ‘day-job’ allows me to connect daily to people across the globe, so I know there is a broad, like minded audience.”

Rescue is a collection of songs composed and produced over the last few years, he said. The songs are in a variety of musical styles – a confluence of Rock, Pop, R&B and Americana. Ed calls it “Urban Americana”.

“It is an assembly of the different influences that I’ve gone through pretty much most of my life, but primarily as I was growing up. You’ll hear influences of Tom Petty and Beatle-guitar oriented rock like a song called ‘Rena.’ Being from Texas, one can’t help but be inspired by Texas country stylings of Lyle Lovett and Don Henley in songs such as ‘Steady My Heart’.”

Another song, “Greetings from Asbury Park,” named for Bruce Springsteen’s first album, is an ode to Springsteen musical and lyrical influence, “written as I was driving down a highway listening to the album.”

His music is the kind that reveals something new at every listening.

When this is suggested to him, he said, “Well, I think that’s another aspect of this album. It is layered. It’s about taking people through a journey. There’s a very prescriptive way that the songs flow through the album.”

“The whole album is about experiences. Seeking and embracing experiences in life and all that life has to offer.”

The songs, based in life experiences, are musical experiences worth having.

The title of the album, Rescue, has both positive and negative connotations for him, and a certain poignancy. It is the first music he has released in seven years. In his day job he is an IT professional.

“I still have things to say and music to play, and this was a way of realizing the other part of my spirit.”

During the time he was recording the tracks of Rescue, his life was in “somewhat” of a challenging phase, he said, and the album “recording, writing music — became a release —something I could escape and focus while all the ‘noise’ was going on around me.”

“It did in a sense rescue me from the things that were going on.”

None of that shows in the songs, the album, except in the way that great music and lyrics are relatable to anyone and can help them transcend the chaos of life.

Even make it fun.

When I get there to your door

One more thing left to score

Give a Little Sugar, give a Little Sugar, yeah

Give a Little Sugar to make it all better

Make it all better. Connect to Ed Morales on all platforms for new music, videos, and social posts.



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Go Away Robot Showcase Their Unique Electronic Punk Sound in Latest Single ‘Strange Days’

By: Nadia Sobehart


Electronic punk band Go Away Robot brings listeners a captivating new single featuring their unique cross-genre sound.

The members of Go Away Robot grew up playing in their respective local punk/hardcore scenes before coming together—Jon in the North Bay, Dan in Pacifica, and Alex in Florida. Their moniker was inspired by the negative sentiment towards automated technology, from self-driving cars to AI.

“We started writing dance music mixed with emo and hardcore. Heavier music mixed with electronic music,” shares Alex. They didn’t quite fit in any one genre, so they made a sound of their own.

The single, “Strange Days,” was born in a time that was very unusual, uncomfortable, and downright perplexing at times. Alex was listening to a lot of hip-hop and his vocals were influenced by Lupe Fiasco. “Alex and Jon were in each other’s COVID bubbles and continued writing,” tells the band. “This song is basically about fighting with addiction…and inevitably trading one addiction for another, not ever really solving the problem,” says Jon.

“Strange Days” is the title song on their 3-track album “Strange Days.” The album has a picture of a flaming keyboard on the cover, a keyboard that the band set on fire for this album release.

A mainstay in their music is the prevailing theme of drug and alcohol abuse, alongside other darker topics. “Their album has a lot of imagery on what’s going on in San Francisco as far as drug use and people on the streets,” explains Go Away Robot. 

Go Away Robot’s rowdy live performances involve mosh pits, dance offs, and occasional police incidents. Their habit of bringing their own dance club live audio system with them has got them some heat with the authorities.

Whether they are performing live on stage or capturing their sound in the studio, Go Away Robot delivers through and through.

“We make music we want people to dance to, music we want people to hear the lyrics and feel them. Our lyrics are typically sad but with electronic happy parts and more aggressive parts as well.”

In the coming months, Go Away Robot looks forward to sharing more releases with fans.

“We love working on music and want to share it with other people,” tells Alex, as Jon adds, “I just hope they wanna come out to shows and get crazy.”

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 Henry Frasia Soothes Long-distance Woes in Latest Single ‘JFK’ LISTEN TO THE PODCAST BELOW! Pop singer Henry Frasia is set to release his l...