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Twin Cities Artist Spoke Showcases His Versatility on His Upcoming Album Trash.



By Francis Galang


Upcoming on January 2nd, 2023, Spoke will be releasing his album Trash alongside the single “Save Name”.


Spoke is an artist who currently resides in the Twin Cities. He has been persistent for music, learning and playing multiple instruments over the years. He spends whatever time is left over from his factory job on perfecting his musical craft, writing many diverse albums over the years with songs spanning multiple genres and new ones. In his home studio, he writes and records each of the parts of his songs himself, operating as a one-man band who is in control of how every one of his musical ideas weave together.


Throughout 2022, Spoke has been hard at work on his album Trash. Trash is a multi-genre album that collects many ideas Spoke has amassed throughout the year. Each of its songs are handcrafted and wide-ranging. He says, “Because it is so diverse, I don’t want to lead people in with solid expectations. Don’t walk in expecting anything because every song is so different.”


Each of the songs on Trash were written in the midst of everyday life, averaging seven minutes each. Spoke describes the ideas underlying the single as testaments to legacy: “They’re about those who thought I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere in life, and whether they’ll recognize my name after I make it.”


These ideas of legacy extend to the album’s single “Save Name”. The sound of “Save Name” features a lo-fi sound that is accompanied by distorted punk and blues slide guitar embellishments. It is a bluesy song that showcases one of the many moods Spoke has felt throughout the year as he reflects upon his time and where he is going next.


In reflecting upon where he wishes to take his ambitions, Spoke is inspired by the legacy of early YouTube, where being authentically yourself can yield an audience. He says, “If you can put something out there that resonates with people, you can build a following. A foundation. Even though music is different from YouTube, the same idea is there. I’m putting out something that someone, somewhere will resonate with. My foundation grows with them in mind.”


Both the album Trash and the single “Save Name” will be available on all streaming platforms on January 2nd.


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‘Pure Order is Pure Lyricism’: Emcees God’s Gift and Nemesis Team Up as Pure Order to Refresh the Hip Hop Landscape on “New World” PODCAST!

Pure Order is Pure Lyricism’: Emcees God’s Gift and Nemesis Team Up as Pure Order to Refresh the Hip Hop Landscape on “New World”


By Francis Galang

December 27, 2022

LOS ANGELES – For the 2023 re-release of their single “New World”, emcees God’s Gift and Nemesis team up to elevate today’s hip hop with the lyrical prowess and bright messaging found in the Golden Age styles of the 1990s.

Pure Order defines itself around what is needed in the hip hop landscape today. Nemesis says, “Pure Order is pure hip hop, purity for the original style of hip hop. Purity of lyricism: The lyrics, the skill, as well as the concepts that have meaning and are uplifting for our global community. It’s Pure Order, pure hip hop, pure expression.

Pure Order responds to the decades of development that has made hip hop culture so vibrant, skilled, and resonant. It is a project that steps up to the high bar of hip hop’s greatest talents, reflecting upon the ways in which others have become pillars for inspiration.

Our focus is on the lyrical element of hip hop. I’ve had the concept since the 1990’s, but the idea for the group came to me in Oxnard as I was collecting lyricists around me,” Gift says. “Over the years, b-boys and graffiti artists, they all keep elevating and doing greater and greater tricks. Lyrically as emcees, we should be elevating also. Not degrading and pandering to popularity.”

God’s Gift and Nemesis met through a mutual friend in San Bernardino. After realizing the both of them wrote poetry and are emcees, Gift and Nemesis began their friendship over shared rap notes and a rap session.

We’ve been down with each other ever since. We have the same ideas and make the same style, Conscious Hip Hop, since we’re on that vibe. We got together and the rest is history,” says Nemesis. “Later on, Gift needed emcees, but didn’t meet me until 10-15 years later. When we met, it clicked that I would be an appropriate partner for Pure Order.”

Before Pure Order, God’s Gift grew up in Oxnard, rapping with his high school friends – the famed Madlib and Kankick as well as his cousin’s group Mystery’s Exstinction. Gift went on to have a wide involvement in the hip hop industry, influenced by Chuck D from Public Enemy and the native tongue style of the Jungle Brothers. Gift worked closely with Madlib and his brother Oh No on Lootpack’s Soundpieces: Da Antidote (1999) and The Lost Tapes (2004). He also appeared on Kankick’s From Artz Unknown (2004) and is close friends with many from Stones Throw Records.

Nemesis, a female emcee, also grew up with an eclectic taste in hip hop. She took rhyming seriously after high school, beginning her recording career on God’s Gift’s project with DJ Shag called The Valkyrie (2014). Her first ever verse is on “Lighthouse” by De Bergerac (God’s Gift & DJ Shag). Nemesis’s style is deeply influenced by her Los Angeles hometown, developed from Funkadelic’s P-Funk, L.A.’s G-Funk, and even Motown Sound. Artists like Missy Elliott and Prince deeply inspire her musicianship: “With Missy Elliott, the creativity, the arrangements, the singing into rapping into ad libs. It’s all a major influence. Prince’s creativity, freeness, and flair that constantly entertains me, I incorporate a lot of that into my music.”

Both members of Pure Order have had a busy 2022. Nemesis’s April 2022 single “INNOV8!” has charted in both California and Seattle, reaching a #1 position on nationwide college radio charts. The success of her singles “INNOV8!”, “Nefertiti the First”, and “Tigress” have recently landed Nemesis the honor of 2022‘s Artist of the Year from RapAttackLives. Pure Order has also released the music video for their single “Sons of Belial (Walking Dead)” in November and performed a show in August, afterwards spending time with those from Death Row Records.

Gift says, “It’s been a busy year, but we’ve been enjoying the momentum as we get busier. This year has been dedicated to establishing a platform for ourselves and taking off.”

Pure Order’s “New World” is a refreshing breath of fresh air that lyrically challenges the 2020s hip hop industry. Its refined lyrics, vivid message, and rhyming ability serves to impact listeners both musically and poetically.

Nemesis says the single “New World”, “Positively pushes from the old. There is so much trouble in this world, and it’s just stacking up more making everyone stressed out. New World is a refreshing but also intelligent dive into what we see can be possible if we the people empower ourselves to think more positively.”

There are so many recent drastic changes that affect all our lives. It was therapeutic for me to talk about how I can combat the negativity in myself, and how I can help others do that too.”

Gift says “New World” features both members as recording engineers. “We taught ourselves the craft in what is now called Pure Order Entertainment Studios. We empowered ourselves even down to the recording technique. We had a mixing engineer, DJ Romes, but we arranged the song ourselves, picked the parts, and the poetry interludes.”

We put a lot of thought into the arrangement. It’s really a meaningful piece for us,” Gift reflects.

Upcoming in early January on their YouTube, Pure Order will be releasing a lyric video for “New World” as well.

Looking forward to the new year, Pure Order has many plans in store. In the Spring, the duo will be releasing a new single and video. Then later in 2023, Nemesis will be releasing an album and Pure Order will be releasing an album as well.

Envisioning the year, Nemesis says, “The goal is for a big social impact. That means connecting with meaning and what people need right now.”

Upcoming, on January 1, Nemesis will be coming out with a new vinyl and merchandise. The links to these are available on Pure Order’s Bandcamp.

Be sure to follow Pure Order on all platforms for new music, videos, and social posts.

Soundcloud – New World: 







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Rapper Luck Chapo Brings ‘Classical Trap’ to the Main Stage

By: Nadia Sobehart



American rap artist, Luck Chapo drops latest album, “Classical Trap Volume Three,” continuing the catchy hooks and lyrical punchlines of his “classical trap” series. Founder of the music label "Major League Music Group," Luck Chapo is creating music for a new generation of hip hop fans. With hits including “Luck Chapo” featuring Boosie Badazz, the rapper is gearing up for major success.

Inspired by renowned artists such as Snoop Dogg, Jay Z, DMX, and Tupac, the Newport News, Virginia-based rapper meshes old school hip hop with modern hip hop to deliver a sound of his own. His classical trap focuses on the struggles of the "ghettos all across the world, where some people have to do whatever it takes to provide for their families."

In his early 20s, Luck Chapo launched his musical journey, before taking more than a decade off to focus on his personal life. Now, Luck Chapo is back, better than ever before, and wholly devoted to mastering his craft. "I had an awakening where I could create freely again. For a while, my mind was blocked and I couldn't write if I tried. For ten years. Then I came back and the creative juices have been flowing," shares Luck Chapo of why he took time off from his musical career. "While the iron is hot, I'm going to keep going. No days off."

In February 2022, Luck Chapo released "Classical Trap Volume One," followed by Volume Two later in the year. This third project is his greatest yet. Of the 53 tracks he prepared for his projects, 20 made it on the final cut. As for Luck Chapo’s favorites? "No Take Backs" and "I'm Doin' Alright” are the artist’s favorite tracks off his third volume, mainly because of the way the music made him feel at the time of the recording.

In order to create his music, Luck Chapo sources beats and freestyles to the ones that capture his attention. "I'm real picky when it comes to beat selection. I like classical instruments and authentic beats,” shares the artist. At the studio, Luck Chapo then “punches in line for line.” “I don't write it out anymore," he explains of his writing process. “I say what I’m feeling at the time. I speak truth in my music so I feel like people from all walks of life will enjoy it."

With over 300 songs recorded and 5-8 songs produced weekly, Luck Chapo is no stranger to creation. "I'm trying to stay as consistent as possible," Luck Chapo shares of his vast catalogue of songs. "My third project is my best work. I can see the progress from Volumes One and Two. More controlled breathing. More comfortable. I love the first two but this is it."

For Volume Three, Luck Chapo experimented, pushing the limits of what he thought he could accomplish musically. "I tried new things like harmonizing and opening up more than I did on the previous two."

At the end of the day, Luck Chapo wants to connect with listeners. "I want fans to know I'm just a regular, everyday guy like everyone else. I'm a living testimonial that you can come from a struggle and turn it a different way. Don't get stuck down. Elevate yourself."

Next year, Luck Chapo plans to gain even more momentum, performing across major stages. "I take it day by day to be honest," tells Luck Chapo. "But I see a lot of big things happening this upcoming year."

Make sure to stay connected to Luck Chapo on all platforms for new music, videos, and social posts

Instagram - https://instagram.com/major_league_luck?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=.

Instagram https://instagram.com/luck_chapo?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

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Ruby Topaz’ new album takes you into the ‘Rabbit Hole’ of his life

By John Hacker


Ruby Topaz’ new album takes you into the ‘Rabbit Hole’ of his life

By John Hacker

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — If some of the songs on the new album “Rabbit Hole,” by vocalist, guitarist-multi instrumentalist, martial artist and sound engineer Mark Bram, aka Ruby Topaz, sound like classics, it's because they are.

There are some songs that were intended for release by the band Ruby Topaz back in the 1980s, but never saw the light of day.

Bram is the lead singer and lead guitarist (and multi-instrumentalist, in the studio) for the band Ruby Topaz and as such, just like Alice Cooper, people began calling Bram Ruby Topaz.

That was my alter ego, everyone called me Ruby Topaz,” he said. “It was like Alice Cooper, he didn’t call himself that, it was the band, and eventually everyone called him Alice and that became him. That’s exactly what happened with us. People started calling me Ruby. Originally, in Junior High School, the band’s name was ‘Shir’, which was a take off on the Hebrew word for music, shir.

Then, in High School, we wanted to change the name and someone said why don’t you come up with a different name and they said “what’s your birthstone?” I said topaz. They said ‘What’s another birthstone that would go with that?’ then someone said ‘ruby’, Ruby Topaz, I went oooo, like Alice Cooper, Ruby Topaz... A more Glitter / Glam version of Alice Cooper. Now I’m back, Ruby Topaz is back, and I’m going to be releasing a 20th anniversary remaster of the 2002 Mark Bram /Ruby Topaz Again album (which was stating that I was back as Ruby Topaz), I'm working on that now.”

Rabbit Hole” is a 14-track album with a classic rock and roll sound dating to the Beatles, Queen and other classic groups from the birth of rock and roll.

Topaz said the title track, “Rabbit Hole” is a song about the journey he went through when he met his wife and finally married her.

There are current songs and other tracks are songs that were written in the 1970s and1980s for albums that were never released.

“‘Rabbit Hole’ is a journey. It has so many diversions to it,” Bram said. “‘Rabbit Hole’ is like a Beatles album or a Queen album. A Queen album, is hard rock, but they’ll do a kitschy song, they’ll do a song that sounds like it belongs in the 1920s, then they’ll do something operatic. The Beatles did the same thing.”

Bram takes his inspiration from a world of artists he heard when he was younger and some he even worked with in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s.

Influences run the gamut from “The Beatles,” “The Monkees,” “Hermans Hermits” to “Queen,” “Led Zeppelin,” “The Who,” “Alice Cooper,” “David Bowie,” “Frank Zappa,” “Jeff Beck,” and “The Mahavishnu Orchestra.”

I don’t do cookie cutter. I like diversity and smearing lines between genres. For some reason, I’m known for my guitar playing (and high vocals), which is nice” Bram said. “I want people to know this is a journey, it bring you all different places, there are ballads, there are bluesy, jazzy, 60s pop, 70s pop, all these different elements of everything that came before, but shown in a new light. It’s complex, but it’s accessible, it’s got pop sensibilities, but it also appeals to musicians because the musicianship is there.”

In the 1980s, Bram and Ruby Topaz, garnered critical success in Europe.

The single “Why” and the B-side track “The Sack” was played on the radio and written about in England, Switzerland, Belgium, France and Germany.

They were also written up in the English magazine KERRANG in 1985 in the Singles Reviews,  along side of Blue Oyster Cult, Metallica, The Rolling Stone, Roger Dawltrey, and others.

Reviewers wrote "Amazing guitar,” "genuine excitement," and "love to see one of their gigs.” We were played on Alice's Restaurant,  a pirate radio station in England and a major radio station in Lyon, France, among others.

Bram is also something of a gearhead with a studio filled with classic recording equipment and more than 110 guitars he’s purchased over the years.

The equipment helps him create his sound, which is based on the sound of the artists of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

We named the album ‘Rabbit Hole’ because I wouldn’t let go of this stuff,” Bram said. “It was like, no, it’s not right, I've got a new piece of gear, let me remix it. I held on to this stuff, I was stuck down in my studio in this Rabbit Hole and that’s the concept for the cover. Steve D’Andrea, my drummer in Ruby Topaz, who has played drums with me, on and off since Junior High School, and plays drums on Rabbit Hole and Stephen Fassbender, who plays the bass lines that I recorded on the album, in the live Ruby Topaz band, are looking down in the rabbit hole and I’m down in the studio mixing.”

Bram said the remaster of the 2002 Mark Bram /Ruby Topaz Again album, which also includes Steve D’Andrea on drums, is planned for release in early 2023 and has songs from the late 90s and early 2000s, as well as songs from his earlier music career remix and remastered for the 21st century.

You can find more about Bram and his alter ego, Ruby Topaz, his history and the music he’s releasing currently at the following websites and streaming platforms:

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Will Francis aka “Dolla Bill” Shows Us His Two Sides on His Latest EP 3 Dolla


By Francis Galang


CLAYTON, North Carolina – Recently on November 29, 2022, the rapper and singer/songwriter Dolla Bill has released his latest EP 3 Dolla.


3 Dolla is a collection of three previously released singles, each reinventions of his older tracks. Dolla Bill elaborates, “I’m currently on a creative high that I’ve been on since about two years ago. Much of my year has been dedicated to remixing, producing, and engineering. I’ve been experimenting with songs from across my discography and have produced this EP around these three songs that have different and noticable voice edits from the original versions. They’re kind of dark and almost diabolical. Some are natural (radio edit). I’ve been given a lot of good feedback on them.”


Dolla Bill has two presences as a recording artist. In his hip hop work, he uses the alias Dolla Bill, but in his singer/songwriter work, he uses his name Will Francis. Throughout 2022, Will has been bouncing back and forth between his two personas, unleashing two different kinds of creative energy as he reflects upon the year.


He says, “Sometimes as a creative, we have periods of downtime. And then all of a sudden, a spark hits us. That creative drive or jones. It's that inspiration or it could be something about our environment that gets us thinking and those wheels turning. This energy is what motivates us to get up, start again and put pen to paper. Some of this creativity comes out of a period of frustration. Writing comes from emotions and sometimes this craft is forged from frustration, a rebellion against those emotions.”


Growing up, Will has found deep inspiration in the music he was surrounded by as a teen. His sister was an avid collector of records and tapes, and as he became interested in her music collection, he grew to be deeply connected with the songs of the time. Tracks like Judas Priest’s “Beyond the Realms of Death” was the first song he connected with because it captured the frustration, angst and rebellion he was going through as a typical teenager. It touched him emotionally and it was the first time Will deeply connected with how the lyricality of music can shape people.


As his listening evolved over the years, he began listening to more rock and roll and singer/songwriters, inspired deeply by Jackson Browne, Jim Croce, Billy Joel and The Doors. In college he took on a writing minor, eventually coming to write and perform his own music. He says, “After that, I dedicated my thirties to singer/songwriting, going to open mics, auditions and showcases with a deep care for lyrics and melody.”


It is only within the past seven years that Will Francis’ attention turned to hip hop. He says, “It’s not that I wasn’t aware of it, but that I didn't fully discovered it until recently. I was given the inspiration for hip hop/rap music before I was able to actually do it. It happened one day on accident, when I converted singer/songwriter lyrics and melody to spoken word with an emphasis on rhyming. I did this a couple times and a flow emerged in the cadences. I played it back and was like...wow! This sounds better than the melodic version. This is when I started listening to more hip hop/rap music and becoming a creative in that genre. This experience had impacts on my creativity and I’m at a high right now. I’ve been given plenty of great feedback and I listen closely to the feedback I’m given. People like influencers, curators, labels, and whoever I can send my music to have all been inputs to refine myself.”


Dolla Bill is excited to see how audiences will receive 3 Dolla. He says, “Even though it is a project mostly about engineering, mixing, and editing, there’s a lot of creativity behind it. I’m happy with how the voice turned out in the songs. I’m happy with the album art too, it shows the image being split into three parts, like the three songs.”


On SoundCloud, 3 Dolla has a bonus track: “Busta U-Turn”. He says, “I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback on that track. So, I guess it’s really 4 Dollas on SoundCloud!”


Aside from his work as Dolla Bill, Will Francis has been active in writing is a singer/songwriter throughout 2022 as well.


“The Long Way” is a track that is psychedelic and dreamlike, almost like a tunnel coming into view. The tunnel gives the song cadence, with Will’s voice reverberating throughout the song.


“Done Got Me Down” is a bluesy track written amidst the reflections of everyday life. He says, “It was one of those moments where you are sitting down, and inspiration sparked or came over. It happened so quick. I wrote the lyrics, made a melody, and recorded it all right there.”


Across both of these personas – Dolla Bill or Will Francis – Will is excited to reach people and share music with them. He looks forward to a bright year in 2023, continuing this creative high he has been on throughout the 2020s.


For bookings, please email lilbilly2499@yahoo.com or robinwill05@gmail.com.


Please follow Dolla Bill or Will Francis on all platforms for new music, videos, and social posts.


Dolla Bill – 3 Dolla EP Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/0bCaiWw2QBlCF1CCZ50sL8?si=rl2AuD9jQvWns_1NAMwCHA

Dolla Bill – 3 Dolla EP Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/3-dolla-single/1658299966

Dolla Bill – 3 Dolla EP SoundCloud (Bonus Track): https://soundcloud.com/user-407516429/sets/3-dolla

Will Francis – The Long Way: https://youtu.be/Z-AR-dmRp8Q

Will Francis – Done Got Me Down: https://youtu.be/Z-AR-dmRp8Q

Dolla Bill – Petty Cash: https://on.soundcloud.com/ruDLt


Spotify (Will Francis)https://open.spotify.com/artist/02k1GfSr7zdbqtUlKqJaYh?si=MckXmIV6S-uVmGFfXGE7eA

Spotify (Dolla Bill): https://open.spotify.com/artist/2XkwYIHUlvbL6eGD3n92rp?si=GEmwSHP2Taq4V7kmaIgh8Q

Social Media:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/20spot16

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/walkingdown12

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi7ksDpZ4qhP3llRebPFb6w

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@WillFrancis22 

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He has a lot of titles. The former Congressman, and current and present Author, Podcast host, and TV political analysist, Joe Walsh stopped by the show and talked about a wide array of topics. He once was a big part of the very conservative right wing but has since shifted a lot of this positions, including no longer supporting Donald Trump. In fact, the guy spits pure facts and has taken on Trump and the delusional outright lies POTUS 45 likes to constantly spread.

Walsh is a regular on national TV who's rapidly becoming one of the best political minds in the business. He ran for President back in 2020, and looking back, I bet a lot of people wish that he would have won. 

Joe is also the Author of an amazing book titled "F Silence: Calling Trump Out for the Cultish, Moronic, Authoritarian, Con Man He Is.  Buy the book  HERE

I recently had the great opportunity to go one on one with Walsh and got his take on the current mess going on in Washington, the Trump criminal referrals put forth by the Jan 6th committee, and the potential indictments that many are still waiting to see happen. 

Be sure to click the links below to check out his Podcast show and also follow him on his social media platforms. 

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Minding past & present, David Deacon launches into rock & blues with “No Never Mind”


By Kurt Beyers

David Deacon describes his voice as like something that should be assigned a radioactive decay number. From the outside, his voice sounds soft and deep with a rugged sometimes ragged edge, like what you would expect from someone 6-foot-5 who in a few decades of life has taken a run at tough careers.

His voice is also a perfect one for the “bluesy, old-school rock/ballad story telling“ career he has just launched with the release of the single “No Never Mind.”

Music was one of his early 1990s careers.

“I didn’t get signed,” he said, “but I sold 10,000 CDs, basically just off the stage, you know? Which says to me there's a following for the kind of music that I do.”

His kind of music is on display in “No Never Mind,” the soft launch to a 10-track album David is planning to release about mid-January.

This song features spoken-word, broke-heart blues lyrics, delivered in blues voice and rhythm to rocking guitar and drums:

Now you write me a letter, trying to make you feel better 

but your words will not suffice, ’cause you took away my nights 

with cold fights, hard lights and highly individual uptights.

I got the no, never mind. 

He said it is kind of a funny song to release now, during Christmas season, “but here's my thinking. What am I going to soft launch with?”

“And I thought this is the one, because everybody’s getting so much saccharin-sweet, beautiful Christmas music. There's a whole bunch of brokenhearted people out there who just had their asses kicked down the road, and they're not real happy about Christmas.”

Music was not his first choice of career. That would be art, with poetry close behind. The poetry eventually led to music. 

But there were other interests. Motorcycle racing, for one, “because I liked speed,” and he was pretty good at it. However, that career ended in a crash after a couple years and left him with a steel plate in his head, multiple broken bones and months of recovery.

“So I quit motorcycle racing because my mother just couldn’t take it,” he said. Car racing followed, because “I still liked speed.”

Before, during and after all this, there were businesses started, sold or left for other work. The timeline gets lost because, really, it’s irrelevant. But his experience and the people who populate his life all figure into his art, music and poetry.

Barely into college, he had a successful exhibit of his paintings, which, he said, persuaded him that he wanted to be an artist more than he wanted a degree. So, he went to Paris. After about eight years, he says, his own expectations of himself and the difficulty in making a living from his artwork turned him to other pursuits.

Artwork and poetry remain a big part of his life. He still paints, still writes poetry and still writes songs. They are the features of his website, ddeacon.com, and now, he is at a place in life where he can return to music as a career.

“I love writing music, I love writing lyrics,” he said. “I love everything about this, and I finally took a look and said, ‘Hey, man, this is no longer dependent on a record company supporting you, this is just you. So, you go and see what happens.’”

His musical roots include the likes of Dire Straits, Tom Waits, and Leonard Cohen (if, that is, “Leonard Cohen rode motorcycles”). Folk and jazz also figured heavily in his musical development.

“I had really eclectic tastes. I love the blues music, but I really liked well written songs, and lyric content mattered to me. So, that was a place to go.”

Music, as a career thing, came by chance. He was walking up a street on the Upper East Side of New York City when he saw a sign advertising a poetry reading that night with George Plimpton.

“I thought, hell, I can write poetry as well as George Plimpton. I went inside, ordered myself a double scotch, asked to see the manager. And I said I'd like to open for George tonight. She said, ‘Okay, give me a couple of poems.’ I did, and she said, ‘Okay, you can open.’”

He liked the taste of performance, so a couple weeks later, when the manager called and invited him to be the Valentine’s Day poet, David accepted. The problem was in who the bar had hired to open for him: a pretty young singer with her guitar and some good songs.

“I thought, ‘Wup, I’m just a spoken-word person. Nobody’s gonna care.’” He made do, adding some stories to his poems, but that night he resolved to add music to his repertoire.

“A year later I had my first DVD done, and that's how I started.”

He has about 15 songs ready to go, but the album coming in January will have 10 tracks, a couple from his past and the rest new. Others are in development because, he said, he is prolific. The album is tentatively titled Four. That’s the title on the website, but he may change it. For, maybe.

He also has songs ready for a second album that he wants to put out next summer.

“It's a very particular sound, my music,” he said. “I think there are quite a few like minded people out there and maybe I can build nicely from that. I feel this music is my conversation with them”

Make sure to stay connected to David Deacon on all platforms for new music, videos, and social posts.

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Wack’O Uses Hip Hop as a Platform for Change in His Latest Single, “Life Is a Gamble”



Jackson, Tennessee-based hip-hop artist, Wack’O, is changing mindsets with his latest single, “Life Is a Gamble.” "It's a gamble if you do right or wrong," explains Wack'O of the song’s inspiration. "But you can grow up and be different."

In the same vein as the change to which it speaks, "Life Is a Gamble" is a song that has undergone changes to become what it is today. "It was really an old song I wrote back when I was going through some things--a lot of stuff. I was in the process of changing my life around." WackO took this concept, created a beat, and made studio magic happen.

For Wack'O, creating music is all about the connection. "Music is a way to the soul. It changes moods, feelings... music can help you meditate," shares the artist of his passion. "Even God had angels that played instruments. Music is a symbol across many cultures."

"When I get ready to do my music, I have my concept down--I just need to find my beat. Sometimes the concept changes when I get my beat." The metamorphosis of the single reinforces the message of change. "I wrote it two years ago but I reinvented it with an up-to-date beat. I revised it," shares the artist. 

Overall, Wack'O's music is "unique in any and every way." From covering different outlooks to creating music across a variety of genres, the artist is multifaceted and openminded. "I write about true music, events, and things that aren't farfetched or fictional. Just unique. My music is a testimony of the things I've learned and been through."

In the next year, Wack'O is looking forward to bringing fans more music and creating opportunities for youth in his community through the doors that music opens. 

"I'm betting on myself," says Wack'O. "I'm aiming past the stars yet I'm still grounded. Anything that comes out of it I feel God is gonna do it. My music is backed through the inspiration of the lord. He gives me the gift of music." 

Make sure to stay connected to Wack’O on all platforms for new music, videos, and social posts.



LIFE IS A GAMBLE - https://youtu.be/gKpsel_aKXQ

Facebook: Antonio Beard

TikTok: @antoniobeard405

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/beardantonio4/

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King Gorilla, T-Eazy set out to make a name for Strongarm Productions with new single “Whippin”


By Brennan Stebbins

Featuring the rugged sounds of Brooklyn and a more polished style from Queens, the new single from King Gorilla featuring T-Eazy is ready to take fans on a wild ride.

Whippin” is the first release from KG since 2020’s 12-song album King Gorilla Presents: Monkey Bars, Vol. 1 and it shows off the duo’s timeless style under Strongarm Productions.

Yeah it’s cool to hear a beat you hear every couple of minutes, but when’s the last time you heard timeless music in this era,” says KG. “If you listen to ‘Whippin’ it’s going to take you for a wild ride.”

It’s a record to have fun with,” says T-Eazy. “Good vibes and good energy. Especially when you’re driving and you’re on that road and you turn it up loud, you’re going to have fun, trust me.”

The two solo hip hop artists have been working together for eight years since being brought together by Strongarm. It’s been a perfect pairing for both, and it’s helped KG unlock a different part of his own personality and style.

What I love about working with T-Eazy is he’s from Brooklyn so he has this more rugged sound,” KG says. “It comes off as a grimy-type feeling and me coming from Queens, we’re grimy but we mask it, we polish it and make it look nice. Working with him, I also get that swag or attitude. He brings out more of my raw side. Even Strongarm themselves, they bring out that almost animalistic, hungrier side from me.”

Produced by the U.K.’s Sean Murdz, the single came to life after manager J Hustle brought the beat to the two artists and they got to work, with T-Eazy telling KG he should start off the first verse. They didn’t record together – T-Eazy was in his home studio – and it was a surprise for both of them when they got to the studio and heard the finished product.

KG compares the track to those moments when you’re stopped at a red light next to someone else and try to beat them off the line when the light turns.

There’s nothing like being in your car, radio pumping, not even racing a motherfucker but you’re looking at him, he’s looking at you like all right, you gonna try me?” he says. “Just something about that feeling of racing and driving and having that one moment where you’re not following the rules.”

King Gorilla, who can boast that he recently dropped 220 pounds, has released five singles, a full album and a five-song EP since 2019 and joined Strongarm Productions eight years ago. T-Eazy has released four street albums and an EP in addition to his singles and he’s been with Strongarm for 10 years.

The two did a five-city tour two years ago with stops in New York City, Philadelphia, Atlanta and elsewhere and hope to bring their energy to bigger crowds on some future stops.

Drake is killing it, everything he puts out is gold but things change and the universe is always waiting for that newest feeling, the newest sound,” KG says.

And he says King Gorilla and Strongarm Productions are going to deliver it.

Strongarm Productions will be as revered in the next five years as names like Death Row, No Limit and Bad Boy,” he says.

In addition to “Whippin,” he’s also got strong performers like “Way Down” and “Lookout” on his resume and will release two new singles in the next few months. He’s working with videographer Drew Taylor on visuals for the releases.

Strongarm Productions is coming out swinging,” T-Eazy says.

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Wednesday, December 07, 2022



Rapper Ghxst Vic’s journey has gone from several cities and careers leading up to the release of his latest single “Baby Bump.”



By Gabby Cast


Born in New Jersey and then soon relocating to Africa and Europe, rapper Ghxst Vic grew up around various cultures and genres and was influenced by hip-hop and afro-beats. He’d previously worked in production and behind-the-scenes industry work before becoming a professional soccer player in the U.K.


Injuries sustained from playing paused his career. Vic moved back to New Jersey, followed by NYC, and attended school while working a 9-to-5 job. But after receiving his communications degree, he felt that his path was meant to go in a more unconventional route and returned to Creating music and building his business brand, linking with rappers such as Kodak Black and Fetty Wap. That’s when working one day with Zoey Dollaz in the studio turned into his own rapping career—after free-styling in front of Zoey, he encouraged Vic to start recording himself.


“You don't have to follow a conventional path. You can because now I have my degrees. I graduated college, I have all that. But I'm going to go through a creative path. You can have either one or. So it's going to go really in depth into every single thing that I've done creatively and by the book.”


Vic started working towards that path, combining the knowledge from his concierge business where he networked in the industry with his production knowledge, creating a bridge that would lead to success. He began releasing music this year with his EP, LDN to Miami describing his journey from the U.K. to his current home base in Florida, where he’s currently settling his roots with his fiancĂ© and newborn daughter. That’s how the idea for “Baby Bump” came to mind.


“It came to mind while I was laying in bed with my fiancĂ©. We were listening to an instrumental that a friend of mine had come up with and co-wrote the song based upon my daughter,” explains Ghxst Vic, whose tracks have over 300k streams.


Life experiences throughout his creative journey encompasses Ghxst Vic’s music. His upcoming EP New York to Miami goes deeper chronologically.


“I transfer all that into music pretty much. Whereas like, I'm not just talking out of the air. I'm giving personal experiences,” says Ghxst Vic. “For me, my major thing was that music today is like a lot about weapons and all this stuff. I wanted to kind of move away from that where you could shed light that everyone has an opportunity. And if I could put my life experiences into an opportunity, and I'm able to put that through my music, then absolutely.”


Since moving to Miami, the rapper has gained heavy rotation in the club scene while periodically performing. But he plans to branch out further than South Florida with New York to Miami, looking to get radio rotation and promotion for the song in New York—connecting his past with his present.


“I have my own life traumas. I have my own obstacles. I was able to overcome that. And it's that kind of story. If I can do it, someone else can.”


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