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Trapboy JT delivers trap bangers and West Coast anthems on new album ‘Never Again / No AutoTrap’


By Brennan Stebbins

There was a time when music was just a hobby for Trapboy JT, with most of his time spent involved in “criminal activities,” as he describes it. Then came some clarity of mind.

I saw the street life only ended three ways: jail, institutions and death,” he says. “So i figured might as well give this music a real shot before I end up dead or in jail.”

Now, with two years in the rearview mirror, the Southern California artist has reinvented himself as an up-and-coming rapper, producer and director and his new album Never Again / No AutoTrap showcases his mix of hype, uptempo trap bangers and smooth street rap anthems with a West Coast flair.

You’re going to get a lot of head banging in the car and then a lot of slow head nodding and you’re going to get some laughs and some moments where you just want to be in a mosh pit,” Trapboy JT says. “It’s a completely unorthodox pairing of styles of music. It was supposed to be two different albums but I feel like that balance of energy and relaxation is like a musical rollercoaster. It’s like an audio Indy 500 where it slows down on the corners and then hits high speeds on the straightaways.”

The 14-track album opens with “Jesus Chris (Jack in the Box),” a song that features a “heavily blasphemous video of me dressed up like Jesus Christ, throwing up signs with my fingers and dancing out in front of a Jack in the Box.”

His Mercedes got a flat tire while shooting the video, an incident he said is probably more than coincidence.

Trapboy JT then brings some positivity with “Fendi Fact,” in which he raps “I’ve got a job and changed my life” but “I’m still gonna trap.”

A lot of people are scared to talk about actually getting a job and manning up and being responsible but I’m still gonna trap of course,” he says.

There’s also “Shitty Nigga,” which he describes as a heavy West Coast banger with some funny undertones, and “Section 8,” which features ILLAH, a native of India.

He moved over to America, grew up in the Fruit Town neighborhoods in Compton and me and this guy teamed up on a whole comedic adventure with this song, but at the same time it’s a very, very hard hitter,” he says.

Trapboy JT likes incorporating humor into his music, and says his sense of humor is what got him through several years in jail and several more on the streets. It’s also something contemporary hip hop is missing, he says.

That element of laughter and fun it used to have in the 90’s,” he says.

Never Again / No AutoTrap is also his first album that refrains from using autotune, and was meant as a tribute to the West Coast.

I have to get something out there for the West Coast culture,” he says. “I might have to come back and dip my fingers in a West Coast style again and a more hype style. I am a fan of autotune because it enables me to express the emotion I want to put into my music, but I feel like the game might be a little oversaturated with autotune right now and it might be time for some rappers who are just having fun and delivering quick punch lines and sick word play.”

For more, follow Trapboy JT on TikTok (jtfakeversace) and Instagram (trapboy_jt). His music is available on YouTube and Spotify.


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Leaf in a Forest’s debut AltPop album inspired by famous works of art


The name for Josh Falling’s new band, Leaf in a Forest, wasn’t chosen on a whim.

Falling’s father grew up on a Cherokee reservation, and for generations the family’s traditional last name was Falling Leaves. The band name is a tribute to that history.

And the debut album from Leaf in a Forest was also inspired by the past, but in a different way. Titled Galleria, the 14-track album is a nod to art throughout history. Each song was inspired by a different piece of art, and all but two of them borrow their titles from famous works, like Starry Night (Van Gogh), The Old Guitarist (Picasso) and Waiting in Vain (Banksy).

“I find it easier to write if I have something more specific to write about,” Falling says. “I found the paintings I wanted to write about that gave me emotions or stories based on looking at those. In the lyric book on my website (, my friend made paintings based on the songs based on other paintings and we used them for the background of the lyrics.”

Most of the songs were written a few years ago, when Falling was playing in a band called Rain and Leaves. But when the pandemic hit and live music came to a halt, Falling decided to record everything again from scratch, settling into his small home studio for six hours a day. He changed the vibe of the music quite a bit, transitioning from something with more techno and electronic elements into something more natural and organic with strings and horns.

A natural guitarist, Falling didn’t use that instrument once on the album. Instead, most of the music is based on the ukulele, which helps set it apart.

“I would still call it AltPop, which it was before, but the difference is I went for a more organic sound,” Falling says. “Before it was very synth-based with drums that were almost like dubstep. Now the drums are more traditional, almost like pop punk, and instead of synth its strings and horns and saxophones, flutes, clarinets. Most of my music has some poppy upbeat tones but it’s more alternative and I felt this was a more natural sound for the music.”

Falling drew inspiration from bands like Twenty One Pilots, AJR and Panic! at the Disco.

Only two of the songs aren’t named after famous works of art. The first song is called “101” as in Art 101, an introductory class. And the album’s final track is “Self Portrait,” which is more of an introspective look.

The album’s third track is “The Old Guitarist,” titled after Picasso’s painting of a hunched-over guitarist. The lyrics were inspired by someone who has spent their whole life as a musician but never got anywhere.

“Like a lot of musicians, going through life and thinking of what could have happened,” Falling says. “Despite being a sadder song it has a more upbeat feel and I like that duality. A sadder song with lyrics to have an upbeat feel so it’s not too depressing.”

The fourth track is another nod to Picasso. Called “Girl with a Mandolin,” it’s Falling’s favorite on the album with a distinct shift in feel as it switches into the bridge, with cinematic-sounding strings accompanying the ukulele.

Then there’s “Starry Night,” a reference to the famous Van Gogh painting. Falling wanted the bridge to feel like the biggest part of the whole album – big and sweeping.

“Like you’re looking at that Starry Night and it’s exploding and feels really loud and energetic,” he says.

For more, follow Leaf in a Forest on Facebook and Instagram and visit the band’s website  HERE

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Atlanta’s Finest, Retro2000 storms the Hip Hop scene with Debut Single “Till the Wheels Fall Off” 

By Ann Swinderman


ATLANTA - The hip-hop scene grows daily with new artists. There are pretenders, and then there are industry contenders like Retro2000. 

The dynamic, by blood trio blends old and new school hip hop to create a new and refreshing sound. From the witty wordplay to its melodic flow, “Till the Wheels Fall Off” is poised to explode once released. 

“We’ve created our own lane, refusing fit into the industry, we call it, “Thug Inspirational,” said trio member MaDukes. “By using both the old-school hip-hop messaging and the present Savage culture of Hip Hop, we hope to relate to both generations, old and new school.”

Making that connection, Retro2000 includes MaDukes, Krypto, and Ice. Each member brings a unique quality that contributes to creating Retro2000 magic. 

MaDukes takes the reins as the creative force and conceptional founder, highlighting meaningful lyrics from the past, hence the name “Retro.” At the same time, Krypto and Ice encapsulate the 2000 era of new hip-hop. Krypto focuses on lyrically savage lyrics, but Ice has thug-like vibes and tendencies when rapping, hence the name “2000”. Together Retro2000 successfully fuses hip hop of yesteryear with today’s hottest styles. 

“When hip hop began, it was about each one, teach one, lifting each other up. Back then, there was a balance between destructive and constructive rhymes, a blend, and variety in our music. Without those blends and varieties, we wouldn’t Savagery today,” explained MaDukes. “So, in our music, we try to focus on finding balance, focus on what we feel and relate to, and those who can relate, hopefully, they’ll embrace us.”

Retro2000 does not just rap about sex and drugs to maintain their style but also reflects on the collateral damage that drugs and sex might propel into your life. “We want to be inclusive, yet unfiltered, speak to people as human beings experiencing this life through different mirrors, or even maybe, helping you see the world through our lenses,” she said, “But ultimately, our purpose is to uplift our culture.”

The trio’s debut single, “Till the Wheels Fall Off,” is an articulate anthem that the world needs. Originally written a few years ago by MaDukes, the song is pertinent to life and encourages pushing forward through trying times.

“‘Till the Wheels Fall Off’ is my fight song, a reminder to myself to never stop trying, never stop dreaming, no matter how many times I mess up or make the wrong decision. As the song says, LIVE YOUR LIFE!”  MaDukes explained. “It’s an anthem for all my warriors in the battle on these streets, those working from nine to five and can’t make the ends meet, the real struggle.”

The single drops on all streaming platforms on March 25 and promises to inspire every listener. With the cartoon-like graphics of Retro2000, there is a hint of nostalgia in the single’s artwork. “Till the Wheels Fall Off” was produced by MaDukes and mixed by Grammy-award-winning engineer extraordinaire, Master Engineer himself, Mike Wilson.

Using the hashtag #r2kATL, Retro2000 will make history, as this unheard of, unique, by blood relation is ready to take the world by storm.  

“Life can be unfair and trying sometimes,” said MaDukes. “But I hope our song makes people believe that they are warriors, no matter how hard the road gets, hold on, keep riding - “Till the Wheels Fall Off.”

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Award-Winning Rock Duo Follow No One Breaks Industry Norms with “Fate,” a Cinematic Rock Album


DENVER - Industry insiders describe it as a cross between Queensryche and Styx with a hard rock core; Follow No One brings back the classic and hard rock sounds that defined an era while adding their unique twist on the genre. 

Named as Best Rock Act in 2019 at the Nashville-based JMA Awards, the next step for Follow No One is the Grammys. After listening to their industry-rocking latest project, it is clear the duo needs to make room on the award’s mantle for more hardware. 

Follow No One is comprised of two industry leaders, Pedro Murino Almeida and Rich Hall. A Portuguese native, Almeida is a classically trained composer and guitar virtuoso who works in film and video and found success in his musical acts. Lead singer Hall is an American-born singer/songwriter who made his mark in the theater at a young age and discovered his powerfully melodic vocals match perfectly with rock. 

Together, Follow No One is changing today’s rock industry with their sound void of 90s grunge and screaming vocals. Instead, they incorporate the most significant elements of rock’s past and present into an exciting brand of rock music that spans generations. 

Follow No One is paving their own lane as their name states, evident in their upcoming album, “Fate.” Written, performed, and produced by the duo, “Fate” is a heavy rock album that transitions into melodic rock and concludes with an epic finale.  While many artists release albums, “Fate” is a 17-track industry game-changer. 

As a cinematic hard rock concept album, “Fate” takes listeners on the true-life story of Hall. As a husband, father, Army war veteran, and corporate executive, he went from a man who appeared to have it all. Suddenly, he lost it all. From Hall’s deathbed to reclaiming his life, “Fate” chronicles his journey.

While “Fate,” the album is scheduled to drop on all streaming platforms on May 13. Each track is stylistically and tempo-driven, employing different techniques to give the album its unique feel. The plot flows as the music adds drama and emphasis to each lyric from track to track. Ensuring that listeners comprehend the story, Follow No One adds audio scenes and flashbacks to envelop listeners into the storyline.  

Currently, Follow No One is giving fans a little taste of “Fate” in its preview video streaming on YouTube. Like a movie trailer, the video is a must-see, in-your-face teaser. 

Dropping on April 8, the self-titled single “Fate” is a rhetorical song that prompts fans to reflect on their lives. Relating to listeners like only he can, Hall poses the question: Was it fate all along or something we created? We didn’t end up together, but was it because it was fate, or did we just screw things up.”

Hall adds that fans can join their mailing list for the inside scoop on happenings and music releases with more surprises on the way before the album releases. A quick visit to the group’s website provides insider information and the signup details. 

Follow No One is not a rock throwback group. They incorporate the greatest elements of rock n roll’s past and present into an authentic new brand of rock that blends jaw-dropping guitar work and distinct vocal stylings. 

Make sure to stay connected to Follow No One on all platforms for new music, videos, and social posts.

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Amel Rose Steps into the Spotlight with a New Voice of Authenticity 

Listen to the Podcast BELOW

Born and raised in small-town Texas, Amel Rose grew up on a horse farm and was raised on the lullabies of her grandmother and mother. Her life soundtrack consisted of Grease, Footloose, Michael Jackson’s Thriller, White Christmas, and all things Dolly Parton—these records a musical distraction from her parents’ divorce at a young age. Writing songs on the back of the school bus, the budding singer developed her craft at a young age and began performing at age 7. Despite the difficulties faced in her youth, Amel Rose was a joyful kid, encouraged by her grandmother to see the goodness in life.

Amel Rose is a self-proclaimed believer in love and joy. She emphasizes that we “don’t have to dwell on the pain of the past to know where we’re going in the future.” While music these days often has a somber tone, Amel Rose believes in creating music that brings light and beauty to a world in which everyone faces struggles. “It takes a lot for people to be vulnerable—me included—so through my music I’m able to open up a bit more and more every day,” says the young artist. 

When it comes time to write music, Amel Rose is consistent and balanced. Taking care of her health, working out, and vocal work are all essential to her routine. “For the most part, I try to enjoy life and not take things slow but make my steps easy and do things that make me happy,” says the artist of her daily practice.  “I don’t stress out too much about things going on. I make decisions to make myself feel happy. Typically, I work as much as I can but won’t force myself to make something come out in the studio when it’s not working.”

Inspiration can strike at any time. That’s why Amel Rose is always prepared to capture the moment: pen in purse, phone at the ready. “Sometimes when I’m dreaming I’ll think of the melody, wake up, and go into the studio and track it,” comments the artist of her process. “I can be at a gas station and something pops into my head so I’ll write it down immediately in my phone notes. Sometimes I’ll get motivated from situations that have happened, things I’m really passionate about. But I can get too passionate sometimes so I try to keep my music lighthearted and fun for now.”

“It’s a feeling, too,” says Amel of her creation process. “I like to free-write before I get into the song. It feels a lot easier and more natural and organic. I don’t write every day because there is no way I can—if only I could access that part of my brain. But I have to allow those moments to come and relax and know I’m doing everything I can. It’s not so much writer’s block but life telling me to go experience—to have moments and stories to tell.” The savvy artist is proud of her introspective writing: “I’m proud to have a voice and be gifted with my tone and my songs.”

April marks a life-changing moment for Amel Rose—her first Grammy Award invitation as an artist. “I was up for a few nominations two years ago, but this is the first year to get invited,” shares an excited Amel. “It’s my first major event, going as an artist. I have my dress picked out and I’m really excited. I don’t want to say I’m nervous, but of course I’m a little nervous.” It’s this openness that makes Amel Rose a gem to watch in the industry—a true testament to honesty and vulnerability.

“People who believe in what I believe in will come to me,” shares Amel of what drives her to be genuine in her craft. “I’m not everybody’s cup of tea, of course. But I want to focus on letting people see me for me, not what someone else wants me to be. I’d rather take my time with my career and build a genuine fan base and friendships with the people around me than try to jump into something to be successful (according to what others define as successful). I want to continue to be myself—that’s really important to me.”

For this talented singer, April Fool’s Day is anything but a joke. With her newest single, “Hey Mama” coming out on Friday, she’s excited to have “something to give myself as well as the public.” Amel loves the element of surprise, especially when it benefits her fans. “I want people to be taken aback. I like to move in silence and, when the events come, shock people with what I’m doing.” In her case, it’s a fresh single and a Grammy spotlight this spring. And in the next few months, perhaps we’ll see an EP or album, depending on how she chooses to release the 8-9 songs she has lined up for us—which includes upcoming performances to connect with fans.

Alas, we must be patient, because great things are worth waiting for. Fortunately, Amel Rose has no plans to stop reaching for the stars and, in her case, the stage at Wembley Stadium. The die-hard Queen fan would love to perform for fans from the very stage her biggest inspiration performed on decades ago. And we’re excited to see her shine.

To keep up to date on Amel Rose’s latest news and releases, be sure to check out the links below:

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Mali Mercury Brings the Juice, and He’s Vibin’ Out with “Juice Theft Auto 2,” a Juice Trappin’ R&B Album


WASHINGTON D.C. - Caution: Mali Mercury’s upcoming album, “Juice Theft Auto 2,” contains a wavy vibe guaranteed to become a musical addiction. 


Growing up in the birthplace of go-go music, Mali Mercury was inspired to create his lane. “I have my style and come from a different way of making music,” he said. “I don’t just rap. I sing as well - that’s what makes it juice.”


The “juice” he refers to is his signature style of juice trappin’ R&B, a mixture of trap fused with singing on the trap beats and a bit of R&B added for the groove. Additionally, the go-go bounce and drumbeats add a layer of rhythm to Mercury’s music that sets him apart from others. 


Released on his label, Feen Music Empire – of which he is the CEO – “Juice Theft Auto 2” is another must-hear album for his discography. With 15 tracks, Mercury brings the juice by blending genres while creating a timeless appeal for the ages. Mercury’s ability to throw bars and drop cadences with an underlying melodic tone makes “Juice Theft Auto 2” stand out. 

This latest album is the follow-up to his hit single “Hot Spot,” which is a fan favorite for its sexual lyrics and catchy go-go bounce blended with the “juice.” Liked by female and male fans, “Hot Spot” is Mercury at his finest, showcasing his juice trappin’ R&B signature. The track is a go-to song for clubs to get the crowd hyped and addicted to Mercury’s wavy vibe. And with “Juice Theft Auto 2,” Mali said he’s aiming to take that vibe to the next level.


“This album is dope at its finest,” he said. “It’s a trendy, vibey wave that I’m giving you that you can’t get anywhere. If you are going to a club or sitting back chilling, it’s all here. It’s a different style, and I’m coming with everything I got.”

Mercury, a complete artist, wrote the album’s songs and worked in the studio to mix and master the tracks. “This is one of the dopest things I’ve ever done. The cranking beats and the vibe is all different in one. It’s a wavy vibe album, and it can get you hooked up,” he explained. 

Like his previous album, “Purple,” Mercury is dropping “Juice Theft Auto 2” on April 13, becoming a traditional date for him to release albums. “I’m waiting because April 13 is my birthday. I wanted to make that a unique thing and keep releasing albums on my birthday,” he said. 

Promising “Juice Theft Auto 2” to be “out of this world,” Mercury believes this is the addictive sound that people need. 

The lead-off single from the project, “ADHD,” is a song that Mali said is meant to help people who are dealing with that kind of disorder – or any other issue or disorder that may cause them distress. 

“I’ve gone through trauma in my life and had to learn things the hard way,” he said. “I’ve gone through trauma in the D.C. area … had many traumatic nights. I went through things the wrong way. It took me a while, but now I know that it’s OK to admit that you have a disorder. I wrote this song after I lost a friend in January of last year – Crazy Money. He was my best friend and like a brother. I was really depressed. I was going through pain and contemplating doing things to others. But instead, I spoke about it and put all my anger and frustration into this song. I just hope it can be a message to people who are dealing with it, or with similar issues or disorders.”


Mali said he’s anxious for new fans to check out this new single and the entire “Juice Theft Auto 2” project. And he’s even more excited for people to learn about his label Feen Music Empire. In coming months that label will be releasing new tracks with four hot East Coast artists – TyLife, Mocha Musiq, Lil Ny, and Low Key Jupiter.

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 DJ SirTaj has already coined an original genre for his music, ’Punjabi hop’, that fuses his multi-cultural background. 


Moving from India to Atlanta in 1991, SirTaj entered the burgeoning world of ATL Hip-Hop, befriending musical contemporaries that would also rise to fame. He attended school for music engineering and from there has been inspired to create hip-hop, club, and Bollywood. His Atlanta upbringing, meshed with Indian culture and a religious upbringing, shines in his multicultural sound.

“Music is really your talent. You know, the relationships are there, the friends are there, the religion is there. But you also find yourself, you know, you have to stand out, you have to work hard. And just like any other business at the end of the day, we entertain ourselves, but it's still a business, so you have to run it to where everybody benefits.”

SirTaj is looking to release music for multiple markets, currently scoring albums and soundtracks for Bollywood films under the label T-Series, while he writes and releases hip-hop singles leading up to a two-album release this year that features a single with fellow veteran Atlanta rappers the Ying Yang Twins. His single “All Day” has reached 65k views on YouTube, while his latest single “Big Pockets” is a track aimed at the club crowd and features rapper Kwony Cash.


“‘Big Pockets’ was one of my personal favorites because it has the sound as far as the melodies. It's very melodic. So I, you know, I kind of really when I heard the production which was acquired by my producer Ku Dolla. When I heard it, it instantly clicked. I thought within seconds of that hook to come in that it was just so appealing to hear.”

While DJ SirTaj’s music has layers of cultural influences, he knows how to grab listeners attention with unique and confident beats. He is proud to show both his skills and his identity, while continuing to hone his sound.

“I do speak a couple of different languages so I can mix and match. I'm kind of blessed on that end and I feel that I have the best of both worlds because I do play a couple of different instruments, as far as the Indian instruments. I've been crafting my art, but just trying to find the right way to put it out to the right audience”

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Damany bringing romance to life with hit single ‘I’m Coming Over’


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Up and coming R&B/Soul artist Damany is working to put romance back into music with a song you can put on when it’s time to snuggle up on the couch with your guy or girl.

Damany said his new single, “I’m Coming Over,” is a reworked version of a rap song he and a friend came up with years ago, but with his own sultry twist. 

“The song me and my friend did was so dope that I was like, you know what, let me use my creative juices and come up with an R&B version of it,” Damany said. “Make it sexy. I write all my own songs so when I heard the beat the first time that’s the concept I heard right away. That song took two days to write, and I like how it came out.”

The song is about a man who misses his girl so much he calls her and says ‘I’ve got my things, I’m on my way, to be with you, girl get ready,’ in a slow, swaying tenor and swinging jazz accompaniment.  

Damany said “I’m Coming Over” was originally a rap song and he loved the song, but he and his friend never released it.

“The song is one of those songs that was undiscovered, we never got a chance to put it out,” Damany said. “But I loved the concept so much I was like, you know what? I want to write my own and that’s how this song came out. I even told my friend, bro I made a song tributing our old song.”

Damany Tulloch comes from a family of musicians — his father was a well known singer in Jamaica back in the 1970s and 80s — and Damany grew up listening to the likes of Boyz II Men, Jodeci, Dru Hill and others in the Soul and R&B genre.

He has spent his life studying the R&B and Soul greats of the 70s, 80s, and 90s, but he worries that R&B is a dying genre.

“It’s not as popular as it used to be, but what I love about it the most is that it puts lovers in the mood to spend time together and have dinner or something,” Damany said. “Back in the day you could pick from different artists. If you have a girl coming over you put on H-Town or Boyz II Men or Jodeci or if you grew up in the 1980s you could put on Teddy Pendergrass or Luthor Vandros. 

“Nowadays, I was actually joking with one of my friends a few days ago and I was like, what do these young boys put on now when they have a girl coming over? Some Drake, that’s the closest thing to R&B mainstream for men is Drake.”

Damany said these and other genres, like Rock and Roll are being overshadowed by music created on a computer and with electronics.

“Rock and Roll, that’s another genre I try my best to defend,” Damany said. “Musicians we’ve got to stick together especially the ones in the genres that are dying out like R&B and others, but do you know what kids call rock and roll now? I saw a video, and it cracked me up because you can’t take yourself too seriously, but this girl, she was like 21 or 22 she was like Lincoln Park? That classic rock. They call it classic rock.”

Damany said despite the challenges, he’ll continue to make music that spreads romance and love.

“I want to be the artist that couples put on when they’re having dinner with each other or ready to make love,” Damany said. “Eventually down the line I’m going to make some breakup music or angry music but right now I just want to be that artist like Jodeci or H-Town that couples put on.”

He’ll also work to be an example for younger musicians interested in challenging genres that may yet come back to the mainstream.

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Rapper/Songwriter Red Vegus Drops Old-School Hip-Hop Vibes in Debut EP, “St. Rose Tha Truth”


LAS VEGAS, NV – Red Vegus is one of the hottest artists coming out of the 702, and he is just 12 years old. While many people may sleep on this rising artist, “St. Rose Tha Truth” is proof Red Vegus has the chops to hang with the big guys. 

“I’ve always been around music with my dad in the recording studio,” said Red Vegus. “I started playing with beats at two. Now I write about my emotions and express my feelings in music.”

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Red is surrounded by a city that is a melting pot for different sounds and styles. As he’s matured musically, he blends styles to create his own. Taking inspiration from old-school hip hop and focusing on lyrics, Red’s music is hip hop for a new generation with roots from the past, complete with a West Coast and boom-bap vibe. 

While Red is a Vegas fixture for his “(Life As A) Shortee” and “Lean With Me” songs, anticipation is high for the March 22 release of the eight-track EP, “St. Rose Tha Truth” executive produced by his father, Brian Moore of the Moore Foundation.

Not your typical rap content, Red uses hard-hitting bars and melodic flows to express what inspires him as a kid and what frustrates him. He verbalizes his struggle with family, his growing success and the sacrifices made along the way, the savage nature of social media, his faith, and despite all his gifts and curses, he is still just a kid who wants to be just a kid. 

“This EP is like my diary during a court custody case with parents. ‘St. Rose Tha Truth’ is what came of it. It’s almost like therapy for me,” he said.

The title track “St. Rose,” aptly named for the hospital where Red was born, is a mid-tempo groovy-sounding hip-hop track. Red creates a West Coast feel with a 70s vibe fused with hip hop. Even though the lyrics are heartfelt and truthful about his emotions during a rocky time in his life, “St. Rose” appeals to listeners of all ages. 

Continuing the emotional roller coaster of his custody case, “Strong” takes a positive angle. “Whatever happens, you have to take control of your emotions,” he said. “I had to focus on myself and be strong. That’s what this song is about.”

Other tracks on the EP display his versatility. “God’s Grace” is a hip-hop song that could find a home on Christian/Gospel radio. The spiritual lyrics shed light on what it is like to be 12 in today’s world. “Unstoppable” describes the importance of believing in yourself. “When you go through things, people say different things to you. But you gotta believe in yourself and pray,” he said. 

Listening to “St. Rose Tha Truth,” it is easy to understand why Red’s fanbase ranges all ages. Even though he is young, he is a deep thinker. “I am a human being, too. I try to stay in tune with life and what is happening,” he explained. 

With his sights on a Las Vegas residency, Red Vegus is already a showman and a force to take seriously. While he’s well-known in Vegas, “St. Rose Tha Truth” demonstrates Red is in a class of his own. The Truth does not get more honest, sincere, and authentic than this.

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Thursday, April 14, 2022


Finding His Lane, Rising Artist Young DRA Mixes Pitches in Latest Hip Hop Single, “Passengers” 


CHICAGO - Since 12, Young DRA has been recording hip-hop music. Inspired by legends like James Brown, Baha Men, and The Notorious B.I.G, DRA dabbled in various hip-hop styles but never found the one – that one. 

DRA’s discography is evidence of his versatility, but his latest single, “Passengers,” is the defining track of this young rapper’s career. Packed with positive messages through witty metaphors and strategic wordplay, the song is a fresh take on hip hop that pushes the boundaries but honors classic elements of the genre. 

“It’s hip hop, but there is definitely soul music in there too,” said DRA. “When I write, I reflect on my life experiences and what I want to reflect on. But at the end of the day, it is hip hop and rap.”

“Passengers” showcases DRA’s eclectic soul, trap, and hip-hop mix. From catchy flows and hard-hitting punchlines, “Passengers” debuts DRA’s fresh new sound, changing the industry. 

“I created this sound two years ago. I play with pitches. ‘Passengers’ is a good example,” he explained. 

DRA, who has a naturally low pitch voice, switches pitches during “Passengers,” creating a different pitch range throughout the track. The hooks and ad-libs are performed using a high pitch, while DRA’s natural deep tone makes a wavy vibe. 

Produced by Grammy-award-winning producer Xcelence, “Passengers” is skyrocketing in popularity. Reflective of a mainstream song, “Passengers” is more than the typical rap song. It is an energetic up-tempo track that has people moving across the world. 

Currently, the music video has garnered more than 373k views on YouTube. 

“I never saw the song as something that would blow up,” he explained. “It’s just me trying to find that perfect blend of pitches.”

DRA lives life following a simple mantra: “What’s the point of rapping if you’re not rapping about something of substance. There is nothing wrong with being a trendsetter, but I’d rather be an innovator and life changer.” 

Pushing the boundaries of music, DRA added, “If I’m not experiencing it, I’m not rappin’ about it. I have the ability to relate to it and things that my homies can relate to. Things are continuing to happen around me, and it is vital for me to make a change in the world by shedding light on the things not talked about.”

Tapping into the experiences he encountered growing up in the Windy City, DRA is shaped by the culture of the city and his environment. “I rap about my life experiences and what I learned. It is a lesson that people can learn from. So, I’m reflecting on what my homies deal with by creating positive messages about the street aspects,” he said. 

With more singles slated to drop in this spring and a fall mixtape titled “Da Muscle,” DRA is gearing up to release more of his wavy pitch raps that connect to fans worldwide. 

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Monday, April 11, 2022


 Have You Heard About JonPaul Wallace’s Newest Single “Heartbeat?” His Haters Have


Detroit musician, JonPaul Wallace, may have just figured out a solution and strategy to combat cyberbullying. “Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place over digital devices like cell phones, computers, and tablets. Cyberbullying includes sending, posting, or sharing negative, harmful, false, or mean content about someone else. 

But hold up. It appears this twenty something popstar has stumbled upon a solution. In fact, thanks to his haters, JonPaul’s daily streams on his new single “Heartbeat” (available via the link in his bio) have increased 100% since the trolling began. His followers are also grew by 5.3 percent. Like many creators JonPaul has been using Instagram reels to grow his following. Recently he jumped on a trending internet “Try Not to Laugh Challenge.” The reel includes random silly sounds, including a farting sound, intended to make people laugh. And it was that sound that JonPaul started laughing and lost the challenge. That simple video of him participating in the challenge went viral accumulating over 4 million views. With those views came an influx of condescending and rude comments.

“I’ve always engaged with everyone who engages with my posts,” JonPaul said. “But I’ve never experienced such a wave of angry people…and I really didn’t expect that laughing at a fart noise could be the thing to generate so much negativity.”

Stumped at first, JonPaul saw an opportunity buried within those negative comments. He decided to stay true to his routine of responding to those who engaged his in post by responding to every comment, well over 500. JonPaul did so unapologetically. He saw it as a way to promote his newest single Heartbeat (that’s available on all platforms via the link in his bio).

“I had over 500 comments and I individualized my response to each and every one of them and directed them all to check out my newest single Heartbeat that’s available on all platforms via the link in my bio,” JonPaul states. “My intent was just to respond in a funny, not negative way, and this was a harmless response. What blew me away, was that it worked in my favor.”

The response from the trolls to his strategy was all over the place. Some commenters doubled down on their negativity, others changed and softened their tone, and many liked the new song. All in all, JonPaul’s strategy was both harmless and humorous and could be a solution for creators or anybody experiencing cyberbullying. Even the trolls could use a good laugh.

JonPaul’s 7 Tips to Combat Cyberbullying

1. Understand who you are engaging with online. Most likely the person going out of their way to leave rude comments, is struggling with their own situation. (I learned that from Gary Vee).

2. Detach yourself emotionally-it’s just a comment. You can always delete it.

3. Figure out how to make this work for you. What do you want to draw attention too? This can be as simple as kindly asking each rude commentator to follow you.

4. Once you decide what you want to promote, you must commit that response consistently regardless of how negative their comment is.

5. Don’t allow yourself to get caught up arguing with internet trolls. It’s a waste of your energy and talent.

6. Reframe the way you look at negative comments because each one can help you reach more people. However, don’t go looking for controversy because that can backfire.

7. Be relentless with positivity and the trolls will eventually exhaust their negative energy.

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Friday, April 08, 2022


 Melodic Hip Hop Artist Real Rell Sparks Change with Mixtape, ‘Answer the Call’ and Single, ‘Graduated


ATLANTA - At the age of 12, Real Rell knew he wanted to be a rapper. He did not know that his music would ignite a change in his community and worldwide. 

Growing up in New Orleans, the street life surrounded Rell. After relocating to Atlanta after Hurricane Katrina, Rell remained focused on music. Early in his career, his music revolved around growing up hustling on the streets. “I rapped about what I was going through, ya know, and how it was in these streets. It was about everyday life for me,” he explained. 

But then something changed - Rell’s musical inspiration and style. Focusing on social issues and positive messages, Rell brings a reality-based approach to his music, hitting home with listeners. Using his melodic undertones and style coupled with his love of 808 bass sounds, Rell’s wordplay places him ahead of other rising artists. 

“My music is for everybody, and it really doesn’t have a specific sound,” he said. “I’m in an experimental stage and hope that people get it.”

The change began with “Answer the Call,” an 13-track mixtape. “People will see that I’m not just a rapper; I’m something different,” Rell said. “It’s a project that covers a lot of experiences. I really went there on many topics. Instead of me telling you about the mixtape, I want the people to tell me what they think. I believe my mixtape will speak for itself.”

The mixtape follows a narrative of the reality that black communities face daily. Rell frequently pauses through the project to add commentary about street life, giving the listener a taste of reality straight from Rell’s past.

Additionally, Rell is heating up the industry with his latest single, “Graduated.” The track has had more than 25k streams in two days on YouTube. With an explicit and radio version, “Graduated” hits a new level of hip hop for Rell. “Graduated” starts with a melodic beat that transfers into a lengthy vibe for the smooth song that displays Rell’s versatility. 

“I changed my style gradually to another level, and this song shows my change along with the culture and hip hop of the streets,” he said. 

With a music video dropping soon, “Graduated” is a tale about Rell’s journey and is relatable to millions of teens graduating from high school into the “real” world. In fact, “Graduated” may be the sleeper song that will be heard at commencement exercises across the U.S. 

Rell, who was once the black sheep and lived in the projects, is now a formidable hip-hop artist who captures life’s struggles and offers a way to spark change. “The crazy thing is I did negative music. When I changed it, there was an immediate result,” Rell said. “I’m a seed that’s been planted. It’s real genuine, and I hope people can vibe with it.”

Rell stays true to his roots, but he refuses to be put himself into a box, “I do what I do because I love writing, rapping, and getting the people to vibe with me. It’s a beautiful thing.”

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Wednesday, April 06, 2022


Versatile Hip Hop Artist Twon Reveals Treasures to Fans with “The Vault: Unlocked” Mixtape


SAN DIEGO - Gritty and hardcore rapper Twon is on the way to perfecting his unique union between hype songs and more melodic vibes that attract hip hop and R&B fans worldwide. 

Born in Brooklyn and raised in the Bronx, Twon pulls from his roots for his 100% New York vibe in how he looks and sounds. “My sound has that gritty/hardcore feel, but I still have fun-type hype songs that you play in clubs,” he said. 

Standing out as a rhyming master, most of Twon’s music contains a rhyme with every bar. Like Ludacris, Twon’s lyrics blow a punch with each bar. Displaying his versatility, Twon dabbles in changing the rhythm and tone to create a different vibe that matches his feelings. 

“The Vault: Unlocked” is an eight-track mixtape containing a collection of songs that create a non-stop vibe and serve as a personal revelation for Twon. “The mixtape is named ‘The Vault’ because a safe or a bank is where people keep their treasures. For this project, it’s the same thing,” he explained. “A collection of songs that showcase what I can do. There are different styles and versatility as to how you see me as a person and artist.”

Furthermore, the vault is unlocked because Twon gives fans a little glimpse of what is inside the rising artist. While fellow artist Azai is featured on the mixtape’s final track, “WTS,” “The Vault: Unlocked” demonstrates shades of the legends like Drake, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, and Eminem, whose music influenced Twon to become the hip hop artist he is today. 

The track “Promise” is an intimate look inside Twon. He uses his aggressive, gritty New York style to address the world with his lyrics. “This is me talking to the world and especially the haters telling them how I promise that I will make it, and I promise

you will hear about me,” he explained. “I’m also talking about achieving greatness. I’m speaking to myself that I will be where I want to be in life.”

Getting early attention from fans, “Promise” has set the pace for “The Vault: Unlocked.” The music video for the single is currently under production. 

Switching gears, “All Around the World” is a club song where Twon speaks directly to the ladies. “I’m talking to the females and letting her know that I’ve been all around the world, but there’s no one like her. It’s her beauty and how she stands out among everybody else - all around the world,” he said. 

Twon adds some West Coast vibes in “Just Might.” The track’s beat drops with its Californian vibe, making it a true Cali song. Keeping his signature upbeat pace, “Just Might” is a club song that is purely about having fun. While Twon toys with the idea of doing some very outlandish things, the track is packed with party fun. 

Looking back on the mixtape, Twon said, “I just want to create something that people can vibe to and enjoy. The message I’m trying to send is to enjoy life, love, achieve greatness - and stay hungry.”

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