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Wednesday, November 16, 2022



Love is the message in Benjamin Hey!’s new singles “Ra-ta-tat-tat” and “No Samples”

By John Hacker



NEW YORK — Music has been saving Benjamin Hey!’s life ever since he took a personal pledge on April 15, 2017 to write a new song every day.


Now Hey!, also known as “The Captain,” is hoping his new singles “Ra-ta-tat-tat,” and “No Samples,” can reach out with love to help others and save more lives in the process.


“Ra-ta-tat-tat,” is a single that cries out against gun violence, especially the violence that is killing inner-city young people.


“No Samples,” is a love song that encourages people not to accept second best when it comes to the loves in their lives. 


Both songs were released under the John Beyer Music label owned by Hey!’s friend and frequent collaborator, John Beyer.


“With John and I, our goal is to not only have a hit song and hit record, but we want to bring a message to the music,” Hey! said. “We want to really connect to people who love the art of storytelling and listening to a song and being like, wow, not only is it an amazing vocal but there’s an important message that I really connect to that hopefully can move me and change my life.” “Ra-Ta-Tat-Tat,” is an anthem, released in May, seeking to promote peace on the streets of America’s cities, asking people to “Pull off the covers, of hate towards each other. We gotta start using our brains.”


Hey! said the song was originally Beyer’s idea and he was reluctant to even tackle the topic.


“It just pains me to se all these young kids, particularly in the inner-city, killing each other and the gangs and the gun violence,” Beyer said. “It’s not getting better, in fact it seems to be getting worse and I witness it from afar, I saw a glimpse of it when I was growing up myself in Queens and it pains me to watch it.


“I mentioned to Ben that I wanted to write a song about it and he said no, that as the subject matter hit too close to home for him.”


Growing up in the projects in Brooklyn, Hey! saw his fair share of gun violence.


“I could walk out of my first floor apartment, exit my building and then could run back in because someone just pulled out a gun,” Hey! said. “It could be a robbery between fellow drug dealers, it could be an incident with police versus drug dealers. Honestly it was usually around the element of drugs.”


A few months passed and Beyer brought the idea up again. This time Hey! was ready to take the plunge.


The two spent more than an hour crafting the right message.


“With “Ra-ta-tat-tat” it was very important to not just point out the problem but we wanted to offer what we thought was a solution,” Hey! said. “And the solution, according to our opinion is more guidance, more love, more support, more understanding, more reaching back into the community and not just being focused on the finances and the materialism. It really is about guidance, it’s about leadership, it's about love.”


The two turned to video director Doobie Duke Sims to work on the video.


“What happened was we sat at my kitchen island for about 45 minutes to an hour and banged out about 90 percent of the final product right then and there,” Beyer said. “I’d come up with the lyrics and Ben puts them together masterfully with the idea of the lyrics and he makes them rhyme and he mentions the cities in there so people identify with the song and hopefully it sends out a positive message.


“In the song you hear the gun shell dropping and we listened to about 1,000 different gun shells dropping to get the right sound.”


“No Samples,” produced by the hit producer Young Cutta, was released in the last week of September and is a love song of a different feel and vibe.


Hey! said he wrote this song during a period in 2021 when he was isolated and recovering from the Delta variant of COVID-19.


“At the time of being stricken with COVID and being by myself I just felt so lonely and being by myself,” he said. “I was like, damn, I wish I had somebody here, I wish I had somebody loving me or comforting me. While I want that, I don't want to settle for it. That's how this song came about.”


The video for “No Samples” was taped in the Hudson Yards Mall, a new retail and residential development in New York City.


“I said to myself, if you shoot in the city, I want to shoot in a location that’s still new that you won’t see in a lot of music videos,” Hey! said. “It’s only about a year or two years old. We lucked out because when we went in, it was really desolate at the time. So it looks like I shut the whole mall down. Doobie shot that video too.”


Hey! said the message in both songs is based on love — love and caring to address a terrible problem for “Ra-Ta-Tat-Tat” and not settling for just any kind of love in “No Samples.”


“In love you have to hold out for something special and amazing,” Hey! said. “I think at the end of the day, the ultimate form of love is something that feels solid and consistent. Get the steak and not a happy meal.”


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Trudytheproducer tackles mental health with new southern hip hop track “Welcome to the World”


Trudytheproducer tackles mental health with new southern hip hop track “Welcome to the World”

By Brennan Stebbins

The new music video from Trudytheproducer opens with some sobering facts about the number of people in America who struggle with mental illness. 

“Welcome to the world,” he says as the music kicks in. That first line is also the title of the song, which Trudytheproducer uses as a vehicle to examine loyalty, trust and deception among friends and family while also illustrating his own struggle with mental health. 

At one point in the video Trudytheproducer even sits on a couch in a therapist’s office – but he’s just talking to himself. And that’s a point he wants to make: talking to yourself can be therapeutic to mental health. 

“It’s about a lot of things I experienced in life when people were being disloyal to me, turning their back on me,” he says. “I’m to the point now where I’m saying I’m tired of it and I’m putting recognition on other people who may be going through the same things, checking in with their mental health. That’s the gist of it, just saying, ‘Welcome to the World’ and you’ve got to be careful with who you trust.”

Trudytheproducer has often found himself serving as someone else’s emotional outlet. But when you take on that responsibility it can be overwhelming, he says, and he hasn’t always had somebody else for him to turn to. 

“I don’t really talk to too many people,” he says with the song. “I can’t trust too many people.”

But, in addition to vouching for the benefits of talking to yourself for mental health, Trudytheproducer wants to encourage others who may be reluctant to feel comfortable enough to see a therapist and get outside help. 

Musically, “Welcome to the World” is southern hip hop and continues a trend of making music with some substance from the native of Dothan, Alabama. Trudytheproducer was raised by a family of musicians and has experience with R&B, rock and pop music in addition to hip hop. 

He used to sit in a car with his cousin and freestyle over beats, and he released his first song with family members at age 18, which was a hit in his hometown. But once things got to the point where Trudytheproducer couldn’t explain all the ideas in his head to an outside engineer or producer, he took it upon himself to go to school and learn the skills himself. 

Trudytheproducer came to New York City to build his brand and gain respect within the music industry. He connected with Anthony Brown, the founder and managing partner in New King Multimedia Group. Brown has managed multi-platinum record producer Damon Blackman, platinum producer Remo The Hitmaker and Kevin Randolph, who produced French Montana’s “Throw It In The Bag.”

The New King team includes Maurice Rowtham and Rayna Findley. The three met organically and created something special together, and they’re determined to showcase the artist development management company. Since working with Trudytheproducer, “Welcome to the World” already has about half a million streams between Soundcloud and Spotify.

“He has good music, he has strong production and his next single is going to bring everybody to see why I selected this kid,” Brown says. “People will see he’s different and he’s unafraid to work. He comes up with so many ideas and he hears music in his head and just has to go to the studio and lay it all out. A lot of people are going to be following him after his next single, and he’s already growing quite a following in a short period of time.”

That next single is called “Nightmare on Halloween” and is set for release on Oct. 31. 

“It’s a fun song,” Brown says. “It’s him from Alabama and an artist from Harlem, New York City and it’s real clever. Nice beat – a real nice beat – and it’s all produced by him.”

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Canadian rapper BraedenV makes music with melodic sound, hip hop attitude


By John Hacker

CHARLOTTETOWN, Prince Edward Island, Canada — BraedenV is one of those musicians that doesn’t fit well into the boxes where people try to put musicians.

He’s a hip hop singer who sings some of his raps, and he sings about where and how he fits into the music scene in his latest single, “Trendsetter,” which is also the title track to his latest, six track album, set for release on Nov. 10.

“‘Trendsetter’ was inspired by how I've been perceived in my hip hop scene since I began making music,” Braeden said. “The idea being that people kind of very quickly dismiss me in the hip hop scene because I sing more than them or my rap is melodic. I’m kind of different, it’s kind of hard to put me in a box with the hip hop guys or the singers, so I've been a bit of a standout, not necessarily intentionally but just because of the way my sound is. I don’t fit into those traditional boxes.”

Trendsetter” is a collaboration with the rapper and producer Spivey and was recently nominated for a MusicPEI Award, a provincial award given in Prince Edward Island.

The EP features three songs that have been previously released and three that have not seen the light of day.

He also sings R&B on the album in the song called “Nothing Left,” a song inspired by a tragedy that struck his home in picturesque Prince Edward Island, one of the three Maritime provinces in Canada off the Nova Scotia and New Brunswick coast.

I think ‘Nothing Left’ is a strong R&B song,” Braeden said. “It's got some rapping in it but it is the most melodic song on there. I think it will do well on radio. I think it’s kind of a Weeknd song with rappers in it, and it’s also very emotional. It’s one of the most emotional songs on the record, and to me that’s very important too.”

He said the video includes footage of Hurricane Fiona, which hit the Maritimes earlier in 2022 and left devastation in its wake. Braeden said he lost electricity and internet for nine days because of the hurricane.

There were 150-year-old trees that came down during the hurricane,” he said. “I’ve got footage of one guy’s house that got pulled out onto a sandbar. It was heartbreaking footage to see. I though that would be a good angle to take the record because ‘Nothing Left’ is kind of about shipwrecks and I use a lot of those metaphors. I’m going to dedicate that song to anyone who has been affected by natural disasters or climate change events.”

BraedenV said he’s dedicating his career to his dad who was a musician in his younger days but couldn’t focus on it as a career because he was also a single father raising Braeden and his siblings.

It was a family thing, I always felt like my dad never got the chance he deserved so I’m making sure I get the chance for both of us,” Braeden said. “I’ve always had a strong connection to music, we used to go on road trips all the time and we’d put on music and sing along to Rush and Barenaked Ladies and all kinds of famous bands, Peter Gabriel, I'm a huge fan of his, Tom Petty too. I kind of took a different path from my dad, he was very traditional instrumentalist whereas I do more hip hop and modern productions.”

BraedenV also has a podcast called The Chasing Planes podcast and named for one of the first songs he released in 2020, and he’s constantly releasing new content on his instagram, YouTube and Tok Tok channels.

He said he’ll be performing live as an opener for the rapper Dax on Dec. 3, 2022 at the Onyx Nightclub in Guelph, Ontario. That event will be a homecoming for Braeden who grew up in Guelph.

You can follow BraedenV on his music and social media channels

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Background singer to the stars Lynn Davis returns to spotlight with solo track


By John Hacker


LOS ANGELES, Calif. — After decades singing background to such legends of music as George Duke, Marvin Gay, Chaka Kahn and Stevie Wonder, singer-songwriter Lynn Davis is launching a solo career with a new track “Can I Come Over,” released Friday, Oct. 14 on different platforms.


Davis said this is the first track of an album, called “Lynn Davis: From the Vault,” which will be released in 2023 and will include about six or seven songs.


“We’ve been busy,” Davis said. “The songs are all R&B, a couple of them have a little pop flair to them. They’re all very solid songs and they will be similar in the fact that I’m the artist and my interpretation is indicative of my style, but I think we have some variety within this album that’s going to be amazing.”


The single, “Can I Come Over,” is a simple love story, Davis said.


“It’s about a woman and a man who have been in love and dating for quite some time,” Davis said. “He travels a lot, she travels a lot, and one night she was just wanting to go over, he just got back in town and he was on his way home.


“She was calling him on the phone and making her request, and he surprised her and came to her house. He surprisingly proposed and it was just beautiful. It was a quick love story, all accomplished in one night.”


Davis’ musical background stretches to 1979 when she recorded with the late George Duke a song that became one of their signature hits, “I Want You For Myself.”


Starting her career at the age of seventeen as one of the vocalists in the George Duke Band, Davis performed before hundreds of thousands of people and toured worldwide.


As one of the most recorded session singers in the music industry, Davis’ musical credits are extensive. She has written songs for Patrice Rushen, Tracie Spencer, Thomas Anders, and LaToya Jackson, just to name few. 


She has also sang background for legends in the music industry, including Duke, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and Chaka Kahn.


Davis called singing with these musical icons “a dream come true.”


“They were such gentlemen and it was so encouraging to sing with my heroes, the people who inspired me to want to sing everyday in my room,” Davis said. “It was so surreal. When I went on tour with Stevie Wonder I got to sing a duet with him for the entire tour. My career and life has been full of miracles.”


Davis worked with the Japanese pop singer Toshinobu Kubota in the late 1980s and 1990s and the Greek musician Yanni in the mid 1990s.


Davis said she sensed that the music industry was changing in ways she didn’t particularly like, so she stepped back from live performances, but continued to write and perform on soundtracks for movies and commercial.


“That everyday grind of doing background vocals, it changed because the music changed,” Davis said. “So the demand was different for the quality musicians I was used to, it was changing and I didn’t like it. There were a lot of challenges for women within this business. And I’m not a very compromising soul. I made my own way, God put me on another path and I followed it.”


Recently, Davis decided it was time to dig into the extensive vault of music she’s written over the years and embark on a solo career.


“I’ve always been a supportive element for years,” she said. “This is my first solo single and album. This is the very beginning of my solo career. This is the best time for me to go solo because I don’t have to deal with record companies. I’ve created my own record company, Bella Records, and I can be independent and own all my copywrites, my songs. This is absolutely the best climate for the kind of person I am. I was never the type of person who was comfortable with signing these 360 deals and signing all of my rights to my life, my image, my name over to someone else.”


Davis said she feels like the appetite for the music she sings is growing as well, so she built a studio at her home and called on her friends, legendary songwriters and producers, Dennis Matkosky and Matthew Wilder for help.


“There’s a lack of good music today, real music, it’s just not out there,” she said. “We keep complaining that there’s no good music out there, well do something about it. It’s time, and I felt like it was just time. When everything in the universe starts to align and the studio was built, I said let’s do it.”


Davis said she decided to release “Can I Come Over” now before the holiday season to reintroduce herself to audiences before the release of the album in 2023.


She also plans to release a Christmas Album in the next few weeks and she’s written a book that will be available before the end of 2022 called “Above Circumstances.”


“It’s sort of a testimonial more than a memoir, but it’s kind of memoirish,” Davis said. “It’s more of a testimonial of my days in the music business, my career. I’m really excited about that.”


Whether fronting her own band or supporting other artists, Lynn's passion for music in all its forms leads her to constant growth and experimentation with different styles.


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Tuesday, October 25, 2022




Psychic Medium / Paranormal Investigator Sean Austin stopped by and talked about the NETFLIX hit  "28 DAYS HAUNTED" 

Austin is one of the main investigators/cast members that spent 28 days in the very haunted Captain Grants Inn, located in Preston, CT.   He was in one of 3 teams that investigated 3 different locations around the country testing a theory that paranormal investigators (pioneers) Ed and Lorraine Warren were also testing. 

Were the teams successful?  Did they prove a theory that has been talked about for decades?

Not giving any spoilers here, so be sure to check out "28 DAYS HAUNTED" on NETFLIX and find out!



Monday, October 24, 2022


OutlawCG releases hip-hop jam for the ladies “When She Ride” 


By Rob Salerno

KANSAS CITY, MO – The latest hip-hop star to come out of the burgeoning Kansas City scene, OutlawCG wants to bridge the gender gap in music with his epic, summertime hip-hop jam “When She Ride.”

“It’s about being with a woman and both knowing that we ain’t worried about no drama because we got each other’s backs,” OutlawCG says. “I love the way she hold me down, always knowing what I need, and seeing a future with me.”

Featuring up-and-coming singer Nailah Amirah, “When She Ride” is a sexy duet perfect for cruising in your car or getting heated in the club. 

“This song’s about a chill vibe, good feeling vibe, laid back, something for people that like to ball and splurge their money,” he says. “We call it ball and parlay. When you just going out with your ace chick spending money.”

OutlawCG says he wants the song to bridge the divide between men and women in hip hop.

“The industry these days is so divided between women and men, and I want to bring the industry back together, to the days when women enjoyed to ride or die for their men,” he says. “Women like Brandy and Monica used to love talking about how they’re into their men. My goal is to bring people back together,” he says.

Born in Houston, Texas, OutlawCG comes from a musical family with uncles who played in bands with greats like Jimi Hendrix and BB King. He says he started writing rap music when he was 12 years old. 

“I used to keep a binder with me with all my raps since I was twelve. It always helped me to vent and express myself and put it in a poetic way. I was never a big talker, but I always been good with the pen,” he says.

He got his stage name from an incident when he was 17, when he says he was arrested after police planted drugs on him. 

“I was mad for a long period of time because they put me in a situation that made my life extremely hard. Being young, I had no support system, no one willing to hear me out,” he says. “I was mad, but getting older, maybe if I wasn’t in that environment, it wouldn’t take place. My trust with cops is limited.”

Forced to relocate to Kansas City after Hurricane Harvey uprooted his life in Texas, OutlawCG started making music with his step-brother and his creative career started to takeoff. 

“It was a good musical career jump. The music community here really supports me. At the end of the day, it’s a universal thing where we come together to push each other’s music careers,” he says.

Beyond “When She Ride,” OutlawCG has already written enough material to fill a couple of albums, and he’s booking shows around the Kansas City area. 

“When I write a song, I can write a whole album, and then I’m onto the next, and my new stuff is gonna be better than the last stuff,” he says. “I like to make people feel good and let the world feel the creativity.”

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Thursday, October 20, 2022


New Jersey hip-hop trio The Underdogs are working-class heroes who inspire on debut record “Be About It”


By Rob Salerno

NEW JERSEY – Up-and-coming hip-hop trio and fashion collective The Underdogs weren’t in a rush to put out their debut album “Who Let The Dogs Out?” which is currently streaming on Apple Music. Under the leadership of head honcho Lady Ink, they wanted to make sure that they had a quality album that was ready to compete with the best that the studios were putting out. After all, they were already underdogs.

“We needed to be patient and hold off on releasing our music until it’s industry quality,” Lady Ink says.  “A lot of people want instant gratification and results, but if it’s not quality, it’s not reaching the people.” 

That patience paid off, as the New Jersey artists who met over Instagram spent two years refining their sound and crafting meticulous Latin-infused and house-inspired hip hop. The result is a debut album full of hard-hitting danceable tracks that are ready for the club and trippy, groovy beats perfect for the afterparty.

“The music speaks for itself. Sometimes I listen to the records and I can’t believe this is us,” she says.

The lead single off “Who Let the Dogs Out?” is “Be About It,” a hard-driving hype track that Lady Ink calls a “statement record.”

“We felt like a lot of people will talk about it but won’t really be about it. We don’t just talk about it, we be about it,” she says. 

The Underdogs are already proving how they “be about it.” Even as their debut album is making waves, their luxury sneaker and fashion brand Underdog360 is turning heads. Lady Ink says The Underdogs already have two more albums worth of material that will be dropping soon, with their second album arriving in mid-November. 

Talking on the phone from her home in New Jersey, Lady Ink is passionate about the way she wants The Underdogs’ music and style to be understood by their fans. She says the entire band comes from working-class backgrounds and immigrant parents and knows that the odds are stacked against them as they enter the music world. That’s where their name comes from. 

“It’s highlighting the perseverance of an underdog. That hunger can’t be replicated. It can’t be taught” she says. “It can mess with your confidence and give you doubts. Coming from nothing, your dreams and goals can feel far-fetched and out of reach. It’s hard to talk about sometimes because you feel foolish. 

“I want to reach the audience that feels that way and show them they can be whatever they want.  When they see what me and my team have created out of nothing, it’s going to inspire them to see and know their power.”

But Lady Ink says her ambitions are about more than just becoming a hip-hop and fashion mogul.

“My reason for doing things is more than money and fame. I really do want to be able to help out the communities and give back. Without the fans supporting and being there, it wouldn’t be possible,” she says. 

Make sure to stay connected to The Underdogs on all platforms for new music, videos, and social posts.

Tuesday, October 18, 2022


Nashville's Morgan Myles stunned the judges with her amazing blind audition on this season (22) of NBC's "The Voice" TV show. Her performance would get all four judges to turn their chairs. Truly a stunning performance.  Morgan selected the amazing Camila Cabello to be her coach/mentor. Many are already talking about her going very far in this competition, perhaps right to the finish line.

After the blinds, she advanced to the Battle Rounds and went up against Steven McMorran singing Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" which turned out to be another victory for the rising star.  Cabello selected Morgan as the winner of the battle which now advances her to the next round.

Morgan stopped by the Brad Cooney Podcast show and talked about her experience thus far on the show. Have a listen BELOW!


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Acclaimed recording artist, singer-songwriter, and producer, Carriesa stops by and talks about her new single "Radar" and more!

Celebrated Recording Artist, Carriesa, Set to Release Fresh Single, “Radar”


By: Nadia Sobehart

Acclaimed recording artist, singer-songwriter, and producer, Carriesa, is ready to share a raw, emotional track with listeners across the globe. Her upcoming single, “Radar,” is coming out this September along with a music video. 

Carriesa’s latest single is about seeking and finding redemption. The moody, often dark overtones of the song give way to self-forgiveness and empathy. “Basically, the lyrics are me crying out to the high power. Do you see me—am I on your radar? Do you see me down here struggling?” shares Carriesa of the powerful lyrics behind her new single.

“Radar” emanates the sound of “a siren going off,” according to the songwriter. “It grabs your attention immediately, and then the beat drops. From an engineering and production standpoint, it’s incredible.” Carriesa not only wrote the lyrics and concept—she also co-produced the single. “You don’t hear this kind of sound nowadays. The vocals bring a dark tone  to it, but it’s a relatable song. Everyone has been there.”

The Houston, Texas-based artist began her musical journey as a child, singing and performing with her church and community. She learned the piano at the tender age of 4 and performed for an audience for the first time when she was 9 years old. Listening to various artist and genres over the years, she began shaping her signature sound through trial and error and a whole lot of passion. Creating a unique experience for her listeners, Carriesa combines her talents to encourage, inspire, and uplift others.

“I started writing early,” tells Carriesa. “I wrote a diary when I was young—random things and little girl stuff. When I got older, about 9-10 and up to my pre-teens, I started turning those words into song and making stuff up at the keyboard, not knowing it was actually a song.” It wasn’t until her studies at the Media Tech Institute that Carriesa learned the art of songwriting and structure. She then took a few of her old songs and put them back together to create magic. 

“I’m proud of my growth as a human being—not just musically but developing my own sound and figuring out what my sound is and my audience and learning to stay true to myself, to who I really am,” shares Carriesa about her journey through life. “Being your authentic self, you’ll attract the right people. I learned that by doing music.”

Over the next year, Carriesa is working toward making her Grammy dreams come true. At the end of the day, it isn’t about the award and accolades—Carriesa cares about her art and helping people heal through music. “I would love for people to know that we are all flawed, and it’s okay to make mistakes. You don’t have to live in fear and dwell on your mistakes. God can use your mistakes for your benefit. Everything is going to work out for you, and life is a journey.”

Make sure to stay connected to Carriesa on all platforms for new music, videos, and social posts.

YouTube: CarriesaVEVO

Monday, October 10, 2022



R&B Artist, Kris Jonathon, Set to Release New Single “Rewind”


By: Nadia Sobehart


R&B and soul artist, Kris Jonathon, is set to release his newest single, “Rewind,” on September 15, 2022. “All of my songs have a love experience tied to them, so this song is about being done with someone but I’d still do it again—I still like them,” explains the artist of his new song. “My big thing with my music is to be able to relate to other people. I want listeners to feel what I felt. I want to share my emotions with them.”


Kris Jonathon’s music can best be described as passionate and emotionally charged. One lyric from his new single is particularly emotive: “Loving you is substance abuse, so what’s my excuse?” As Kris Jonathon explains, “being done with the person should be a good thing, but I would break my heart again to spend time with her.”


The Prince George County, Maryland-native was raised on music. At the tender age of eight, Kris Jonathon began listening to his mother-approved song selection—Motown—on his iPod mini. Thus began his life-long passion for soul. His childhood was surrounded by music; in fact, his family would often break out into song while doing chores around the house. At age thirteen, the young artist taught himself piano by learning “Prelude” from the Final Fantasy saga. Within a year, Kris Jonathon was composing music.


At first, the young Kris Jonathon was afraid to sing; he didn’t like that his voice didn’t sound like the artists he admired. Encouraged by his mother, he started incorporating lyrics into his music. While he was familiar with poetry, he didn’t know how to compose lyrics, and he was still learning how to write music beyond what sounded good to his ear. The minute he discovered romance, making music finally made sense—it would become his outlet for every heartbreak to come.


It wasn’t until Kris Johnathon’s first year at junior college that he began recording his music—with a $200 recording set purchased online. His first EP, “Honey Moon,” quickly garnered some 100,000 streams. Fueled by this success, Kris Jonathon devoted himself to his music, creating his next hit, “That’s All,” which amassed more than 800,000 streams across the world.


The musician works out twice a day and goes to school, yet always finds time for his main love—creating music. “My music is a journal. I love going in and looking at old entries and putting in new ones. My schedule is very structured, so I need time for peace—that’s when I write music.”


Kris Jonathon makes all of his music, beginning with the piano. The vocals follow soon after, and then he puts everything into Logic Pro to create additional instrumentals for a finished sound. Once in a while, he has to take a step back and wait for the music to come. “I can fumble on the piano and play chords, but if I don’t have some experience to look back on, it’s very hard. When I reflect on experience, I can write a song in two hours; otherwise, it takes a long time.”


Open and reflective, Kris Jonathon takes pride in his authenticity. “I’m making it so my music is still my journal and it’s not a hunt for fame. At the end of the day, if my music isn’t popular, that’s okay. My heart is on display, and that’s how it should be.”


Make sure to stay connected to Kris Jonathon on all platforms for new music, videos, and social posts.

Wednesday, October 05, 2022



Composer/Producer Maurice Carroll raises the temperature with 2-Step Mix of Lor Dae’s “Ooouu Work It”


By Rob Salerno

BALTIMORE, MD – Composer/Producer Maurice Carroll is merging the house music and R&B worlds with his slick, sexy, and utterly danceable 2-Step Mix of “Ooouu Work It” by up-and-coming hip-hop artist Lor Dae.

The new mix takes the original song’s groovy, sensual story about a man admiring a beautiful woman dancing and kicks up the tempo, daring the listener to get up and dance along with it.

Carroll says he was attracted to the song’s happy, feel-good message about appreciating dance.

“’Ooouu Work It’ is a song about a guy in the club who sees a female and he just wants to be close to her while she’s dancing with no ill intentions. I’m not a player, I’m not that guy, I just wanna see you dance,” he says, echoing Lor Dae’s lyrics. “It’s not anything violent or sexual, it’s really about dancing and having a good time. I wanted to really stay in that idea of just being able to party and dance with no other intentions than to have a good time.”

Carroll says he was inspired to make the new mix to help build a crossover audience for house music.

“I liked the way that people were responding to it and I knew that it could capture a whole different audience if the BPMs were increased,” he says.

“My intention is to merge the two-step dance community, the house community, and the R&B/hip-hop community together with this song,” Carroll says. “If you’re not in the culture, there’s not a lot of ways to get introduced to house music. I want to be a conduit to bring people into house and dance music.”

And Carroll’s remix of “Ooouu Work It” feels like the perfect song to merge these audiences, with its positive message, sultry tones, and addictively dancey beats.

“The tempo has a feel right around 120 BPM. It’s very easy to two-step too,” Carroll says. “The baseline is solid, the kickdrum stays four to the floor. It’s very easy to move to.”

The buzz Carroll’s been building with the 2-Step Mix of “Ooouu Work It” is far from an overnight success. He started playing music at age three and began a professional career booking gigs as a pianist by age eleven. He eventually earned certifications from Berklee College of Music in vocal recording techniques and music business practices. 

He also recently composed, produced and arranged the dance track “Under My Own Weather” for Grammy-nominated artist Carolyn Malachi.

He’s used all that experience to build relationships with other artists by coaching them through the business aspects of the music industry but is now focused on building his own practice as a dance music producer.

“Next on the horizon is collaborations with lots of other artists,” Carroll says. “Right now, I have a library of compositions that I’ll be able to offer when those artists reach out. I bring a certain level of professionalism and I expect that back when I work with an artist.”


Make sure to stay connected to Maurice Carroll on all platforms for new music, videos, and social posts.


Monday, October 03, 2022


Trey P talks growth in exciting new releases

By Jenna Gengler


An up and coming Rapper, Trey P has been hard at work preparing for the release of his most recent projects. Not only does the artist have a new single out, he is also working on the release of multiple other singles in the future. These new singles exude confidence, as Trey gets into his past and the future that he and many others see for himself. 

Trey recently released a dynamic single titled “Time After Time”. A Remake from Cyndi Lauper that took inspiration from his childhood in Chicago, hearing the song around the house. The single shows how his environment and growing up in the streets led him astray time after time. 

“Being from the hood, it’s difficult to get away from things that can lead you down the wrong path, and the way you can win by changing your mindset,” he explained. “It's not about being tough or cool, that mentality has gotten a lot of people killed. It’s always about being smart.” 

“Time After Time” has gained lots of attention since its release and continues to enchant both existing fans and new listeners. 

Along with the release of his other singles, “Get Up” and “Belong To Me” is the incredible track “Homies”. This track highlights how Trey has dealt with losing close friends and family and wishing he had problems other than the loss of loved ones. 

The latest single Trey has to offer is an exciting track called “Give It To You”. This track introduces Trey in an emotional light, discussing past relationships and experiences with women. It truly shines a light on his versatility as a musician, and does so over an incredible self-produced beat. “Give It To You” is truly unique because of its commitment to telling a story and spotlighting his skills. 

To Follow “Give It To You”, Trey is also releasing a single titled “EZ” a track expressing his own feelings about his upbringing and the ways in which he made hard times look easy. “This single is about my childhood being tough, but finding a way to be myself and keep going,” he explained. “About how you can make something happen in an environment full of guns, drugs, and violence. With the right mentality anything is possible.” This single focuses on the deception and influence of street life and how it can look good but end entirely differently. 

Trey’s track “EZ”, as inspired by the song of the same name by Kanye and The Game, follows this theme of personal growth. “I really connected to the track because I didn’t grow up with a lot,” Trey explained. “It took a lot of hard work and personal growth to get where I am right now.”  

Trey’s music truly showcases who he is as both an artist and person. It presents his skill and dedication in an incredible light. Through this work, he hopes to influence others to focus on their own growth as he has been able to focus on his. “If I am able to grow like this, I hope that I can inspire my fans to know that they can do the same.” 

Following the release of “Give It To You” and “EZ”, Trey is looking forward to continuing to create vibrant new tracks. He is continuing to aim for greater artistic growth for himself and his team as the year continues. There is truly so much to look forward to when it comes to this musician. 

“Just get ready,” said Trey, alluding to the exciting new work he has to come. 

Make sure to stay tuned in to Trey P on various platforms for new music, visuals and social posts.

Thursday, September 29, 2022




18 year old singing sensation Sasha Hurtado WOW'd the judges with her amazing blind audition on this season (22) of "The Voice" on NBC. 

Hurtado sang the Bishop Briggs song "River" and immediately got the attention of John Legend and Camila Cabello.  Both judges turned their chairs and went to battle with the hopes of getting picked to be Sasha's coach.

Hurtado selected Camila so onto the next round she goes.  Sasha joined me on the show to talk about her experience singing in front of the judges and getting the chair turns that she needed.  have a listen!








Wednesday, September 28, 2022



Alternative Rock Artist Teraton Immerses Listeners in a Sonic Experience with New Single, ‘Hullaballoo’

By: Nadia Sobehart


 Los Angeles-based, up-and-coming industrial/alt rock artist, Teraton, recently dropped his new single, “Hullaballoo.” The single “is kind of chaotic and definitely noisy—intentionally. It’s supposed to be a kind of sonic experience.”


Defying genres and structures, the artist strives to create music that resonates with discerning listeners. “It’s always difficult and stressful releasing your first single,” shares the artist of this track. “It was also very exciting hearing all of the positive feedback.” Mostly, Teraton wants listeners to find belonging in his music—no matter what the genre.


At the beginning, Teraton began writing as a method for expressing both personal and social ideas, reflected in both the lyrics and the music. Now, he brings these ideas to life through an unforgettable auditory experience.


“In this track in particular, the vocals have a new-wave feel on top of what is a very industrial rock kind of instrumentation which gives the song a unique feel both stylistically and in regards to genre,” shares Teraton of his latest single. “Lyrically, it’s erratic, chaotic. It’s about cultural brainwashing. I wanted to describe that feeling of wanting to remain asleep, instead of waking up to the reality that we very rarely ever hear the truth. Now, more that ever, it’s something you have to dig for, and most Americans are too lazy and apathetic to dig.”


When it comes to writing music, Teraton is no stranger to hard work. This single in particular has 215 tracks! “I think the process is first finding the hook, then building all the right electronic sounds and samples that are going to work well together,” explains Teraton. “The process is time consuming, it’s layer by layer. The mixing took months, playing with different tracks to figure out how they can come and go and be heard.”


“The full album I’m going to release is industrial rock but certainly alternative rock and maybe electro or tech industrial since most of the instruments are synthesized,” shares the artist of the album he hopes to release later this year. The album will also feature a longer version of “Hullaballoo.”


For now, Teraton is hyper-focused on finishing his album—but that doesn’t mean he’s not thinking about the next big thing. “I definitely want to shift into doing live shows once I have enough material released” shares the artist. “I would like to take a more live band approach, rather than one guy on stage pressing buttons and turning knobs like a DJ. A guitarist, bassist, and drummer would be ideal. My music needs that kinetic energy.” At the end of the day, it’s all about the music. “I think of most of my songs are going to be cerebral; I think that’s a valuable thing. Music should be able to make people think and not just feel—it’s a great thing to do both.”


Make sure to stay connected to Teraton on all platforms for new music, videos, and social posts.


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