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Lawoyne’s new EP ‘Black Roses’ offers luscious lyrics for the ladies 

ELKHART, IN – Darion Antwon Lawoyne Williams has always been an entertainer. Growing up in Elkhart, Indiana, he remembers singing songs or making music with his mother multiple times. She was the first one to introduce him to the power of a good song. However, when he was 13 it was his cousin who introduced him to the idea of writing and producing his own songs. He took a song that he'd written a few years earlier at only age 9 and went into the studio with his cousin to do his first recording. He hasn’t looked back since.

Today, Lawoyne entertains the masses as a fast-rising musician who’s new EP, “Black Roses”, is an R&B powerhouse that is lighting flames of passion for listeners all over the U.S. Selfdescribed as “sex music,” the songs on Lawoyne’s new EP are not for the faint of heart. They’re very sexual and very explicit, and as such they’re perfect for “having sex to”.

“A lot of people have said I have that 90ʼs style R&B with a modern twist,” Lawoyne said. “The name of the project comes from an idea of a sexually committed relationship with someone without any strings attached but with certain benefits of an actual exclusive relationship. There’s no emotional attachment. A red rose would imply love and the perception associated with that. But the creative idea of giving a black rose implies that there’s no love involved.”
The debut single from the EP, “Breath of Fresh Air,” already has a music video in the works that should drop by mid-May. Shot entirely on a Red camera, the picture quality is of the highest level and further emphasized that fans who love the song will be really impressed with the visuals that are soon to follow. Like most of his songs, Lawoyne also produced the beat for “Breath of fresh” and “M.V.P”. He also helped mix and master “Black Roses” and “Running Circles”.

Though “Black Roses” is solely an R&B project, Lawoyne is a multi-faceted musician. Known also for his unique flows as a rapper, he said he’s confident that his own unique sound and style is one that will separate him from a crowded music industry.

“I don’t try to copy anyone,” he said. “I don’t even like to consider it. I don’t like to listen to popular music today because I don’t want it to subconsciously alter my sound. That’s why people have told me I have a unique cadence and subject matter. When you hear me, you wouldn’t find anyone who compares as far as style and cadence and versatility. A lot of people know me for my rapping, even though on this project it’s all singing. But I’m a whole different person when I’m rapping. When I’m singing I aim all my subject matter, attention and energy to the female. When I’m rapping, people will feel like there’s a little thuggish side to it. I have lyrics and punch lines and you might have to rewind my raps to get what I’m saying because it’s very intellectual. You have to pay attention to what I’m saying, though I also have songs that are just fun for the sake of being fun. More than anything, I want to explore different genres as often as I can.”

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King Wess shares ‘good car vibes’ with new EP ‘Highway 101’


PORTLAND, OR – King Wess has always had a dream of moving to Los Angeles and making it big
as an artist. It’s something he’s had in his head for as long as he can remember. When he was
old enough, he took the drive along Highway 101 from Portland, Oregon to LA to visit the city
and get a feel for what it would take to realize his dream. That one trip changed his life and put
a fire in his heart that will be impossible to quench.

After returning from that trip in 2017, he spent nine straight months in the studio developing a
unique sound and style that he could offer to the world. His first song “Touched” was a hit, and
he hasn’t looked back since. And now he’s ready to release the fruit of his labors to the world
through an eight-song EP he’s calling “Highway 101.”

“It’s a project inspired by the vibe I got driving from Portland to LA,” he said. “It’s one of those
EPs that just give you those good driving vibes. It has smooth vibes sprinkled in with a couple of
up-tempo head-boppers. That being said, I really think my music is different all around. I’m not
too conscious with my lyrics and bore people, but I’m also not too simple. And I have singing
abilities that a lot of other people don’t. I also touch really well on all aspects of hip-hop in a
real organic kind of way.”

King Wess said he has always had a knack for music and was pretty good with poetry and
writing while he was a younger student. He attributes his love for music to his mother who
would also drive in the car with him listening to all kinds of old-school music. His father also
introduced him to diverse genres of music – especially country. But as he grew older, his biggest
musical inspirations where Nipsy Hustle, Drake, Kendrick Lamar and J.Cole, who he admits has
probably had the biggest impact on his own personal style.

At the end of the day, King Wess said he hopes to make music that can be soothing to anybody
– young and old. He tells stories from the things of life that he had experienced and hopes that
those things will relate with others.

“I make music that’s for everybody,” he said. “I’m not too stuck in certain areas and every
project I put out will have songs for everybody across all kinds of genres. A lot of different stuff
on this EP shows that off, and people can see my progressions and the things I can do.”

King Wess said he’s just getting started on his career and that people can expect to get more
music from him later this year. To listen to his music or to follow him on social media, please

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R&B n Hip Hop Recording Artist Rachel Bailey PODCAST BELOW!

Rachel Bailey offers open invitation to Bae-Gang  with new single ‘Pretty’ 

DENVER, CO – When people listen to Rachel Bailey’s music, there’s one message she hopes reverberates over and over again: Be yourself! 

That single mantra is the backbone for Bailey’s music. And as more and more people join her “Bae-Gang,” that message of self-empowerment is growing like wildfire. Her new single “Pretty” is the perfect example of this. Serving as an anthem “for the ladies,” Bailey originally wrote it thinking she would mock the word “pretty.” But as the song developed, it became more of a song that empowers other women. 

“There are a lot of men out there who will use the term ‘pretty’ as something that’s less-of or stupid or dumb,” Bailey said. “I say I’m pretty but I’m with the shit. You can think I’m no big deal, but I’m actually in this to win this. That’s what I was going for with the song. It’s for the ladies to have that confidence. There have been a lot of times where I’ve been insulted by being resigned to just beauty. As women, we’re not just pretty, we’re powerful.” 

The song combines elements of R&B and hip-hop in an upbeat way that Bailey said will make people want to nod their heads. It also captures her unique sound and style, which is a combination of her multiple influences and the originality she’s developed over the years. What’s more, Bailey puts her film skills on display with the music video for the single, which she wrote and directed. 

Bailey has been around music her entire life. Her father – who was in the military and moved his family all over the world – was a musician who once toured in Europe and brought his music back to the U.S. Because of his time in the military, however, he couldn’t take his music all the places that he wanted to.  

While music was always in the hoe, it wasn’t until her teenage years that Bailey said music became something she was serious about. Bailey said she found salvation through music at age 13 when she went through a traumatic experience. 

“I was in such a dark place at age 13 that I tried to commit suicide,” she said. “I got help and therapy, and my therapist introduced poems to me. I was told to write exactly how I feel without trying to think about it. So I just went for it and it was a wow moment for me. I hadn’t been able to express myself like that ever. I put my feelings into poetry and it changed my outlook on everything. Then one day, I started singing the poems that I wrote and I haven’t looked back. I’ve been doing it ever since.” 

A few years ago, Bailey moved back to Denver, Colorado – a town near where her mother grew up and lived the majority of her life – and has been pursuing music professionally ever since. She said it’s fun to see more people join the Bae-Gang and she hopes to continue to inspire people to embrace their authenticity. 

“What I believe in is something anyone can apply to their lives,” she said. “Everyone has something special and unique about themselves. What I want people to get from my music when they hear it is to be themselves. Don’t worry about people judging what you’re saying. Just focus on being you. Live your best life. If what you want to do sounds crazy to everyone else, who cares. Do what you love to do. That’s what it means to be part of the Bae-Gang – to be an example for other people to chase their dreams and shoot for the stars.” 

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Very sad news.  Stanton was a former Podcast guest of mine. We talked about the Roswell, New Mexico crash and other UFO cover ups.  He gave me an incredible amount of his time and it was one of the best Podcast shows that I had.  This man spent his entire life on the subject of UFO's and I just wish the government would have came clean on the subject before he left us.  RIP Stanton. You were a kind and brilliant man.  LISTEN to my 2014 PODCAST with Stanton Friedman  HERE

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I'm humbled and thankful for the opportunity to work with such an amazing show.  NBC's "World of Dance" just wrapped up its 3rd season, and I was honored to have conducted Podcast's with several of the show's dance performers.  I'm happy to announce that I'll be working with the show again NEXT season for it's 4th run.  Also, look for more Podcast's and I'll also be continuing to work with NBC's "The Voice" for yet another year.  

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Siciliano Talks NEW 'Sunday Dinner' Project And MORE!

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Italian-American rapper Siciliano pays homage to heritage with new album ‘Sunday Dinner’
RICHMOND, VA – Traditions and heritage are extremely important to Anthony Simonetti. Growing up in The Bronx among an Italian-American family, he remembers keenly the things that his friends and family would do that were homage to his Italian heritage. One of his fondest memories and something which he still participates in today is Sunday Dinner – the time every week when friends and family gather around the dinner table to share a good meal while connecting with one another. It’s one of those quintessential traditions that people all over the world can point to as a marker of the Italian heritage.

As a musician, Simonetti – who goes by the stage name Siciliano – wants to capture the emotions that come from moments like that and celebrate the elements of his Italian heritage that he loves and for which he is so proud. But unlike many from within the Italian population, he’s choosing to do it with hip-hop music.

“My whole heritage means everything to me, but hip-hop wasn’t a huge part of that type of community where I grew up,” he said. “But growing up in The Bronx, it is impossible not to hear rap music. It was something that was always around me, even in the very Italian area of The Bronx where I grew up. There were a lot of rappers coming from The Bronx and making it big and that drew my attention. When I started learning that there were people not far from where I grew up who were making it and repping who they are and their people, I knew it was something I also wanted to do for Italians. That’s when I started making my own certain rhyming scheme that’s kind of a mix-and-match style.”

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That unique sound and style is displayed perfectly on his new album, “Sunday Dinner.” It’s a project that was born from his desire to capture elements of his heritage and pair it with sounds inspired by some of the greatest musicians along the East Coast. The album features a number of artists from Richmond, and even has two tracks on which Siciliano is more of a feature than the main artist. But bringing people together through music is what he wants to do with his career, not only because he knows it makes for great music but also because it’s a nod to what the Italian tradition is all about.

“That’s what ‘Sunday Dinner’ is all about,” he said. “That’s a huge thing for Italians. And the idea for me as a musician, especially with this album, is to find the best talent out there and bring them to the table. It’s never gonna be just about me. I’m always bringing other people to the table and making it more about good music than about me as an individual.”

The debut single on the album, “Replay,” features producer Keith Blvck who Siciliano said is one of his favorite musicians to work with. It’s a song that the two of them recorded in one studio session in one of those moments where everything comes together easily and “the magic just happens.” It’s a song about living his lifestyle and how the things of life are so good that you want to put them on replay and live them over and over again. A music video for the single is in the works and should drop by May. He’s also working on music videos for the singles “At The Party” and “Too Hard On Em.” Siciliano also said there’s a potential for a smaller EP to drop later this year but right now, he’s focusing on promoting “Sunday Dinner” and showing off his unique skills to the world.

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Ricky Styles overcomes near-death shooting to  reinvent himself, launches new project ‘Troublemaker’ 

OAKLAND, CA – There’s one word that sums up Ricky Styles’ music: Energy!

The Oakland, California native makes turned-up music and his new single “On Your Head” is the perfect display of that energy. The debut track from the forthcoming album “Troublemaker” is the kind of song that gets people on their feet and motivates to take on the world. 

“I’m producing energy,” Styles said. “I come with the energy. I go one way and then another. You can feel me and once you hear it, you get more of a picture of what it means when people say I have energy music. This new album is more about me and growing up and what I’m doing, and it’s all very upbeat. It’s more hip-hop than trap but it’s up.”

Styles said the album is a nod to the hip-hop of the 80s and 90s but when listeners get their first taste of his music they’ll know immediately that they’re in for a ride. His aggressive delivery and in-your-face lyrics are impossible to ignore. He pushes then he pushes some more, and with a catchy beat and hooks that beg to be repeated, fans all over the world will be hitting repeat.

It’s been a long journey for Ricky Styles to get to this point. Born and raised in Oakland, California, he always wanted to do music but instead struggled through the street hustle just to be able to provide for his family. Like many other young people growing up on the street, Styles hopes music would keep him out of trouble. He had a unique talent for rapping that by the early 2000s, he’d gained enough attention to make a business out of his music endeavors. He created Dollar Sign Records with some friends and family and together, they formed a conglomerate made up of producers, writers, photographers and rappers. 

In 2011, his first mixtape “Blood In No Out” hit the streets. The debut single from that project, “Don’t Look at my Plate,” caught on quick and made its way across the entire U.S. He followed that up with another single called “I Do It” in 2012, which had some good radio play in several markets across the country. Then in the midst of his continued rise to stardom, something tragic happened. On May 31, 2014, Ricky Styles was shot in front of his home. The bullet shattered his femur and cut the femoral artery in his leg. He nearly lost his life, and it took four full years before he would recover enough to be able to pursue his dream of being a professional musician again.

In 2018, he made his return with the mixtape “Good Side Bad Side,” and immediately, fans knew he was back. The first music video from the project got 1 million views in a month and everyone was playing the record all up-and-down the West Coast. 

Which brings fans to the present … Ricky Styles has nearly two decades of music experience under his belt. That coupled with his life-harrowing experiences gives him a one-of-a-kind point of view, and that’s all coming together in amazing ways with the new project “Troublemaker.” 

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"News" (Prod. Chris on the Beat) Dir. Carlo Catalan

"On Yo Head" (Prod. Chris on the Beat) Dir. @Carlo.Catalan



Tanner Hendon stopped by the show and talked about the NEW song by "Like Machines" - KAISER. They dropped the new song and video at the same time as announcing the band's name change from "The Stir" to "Like Machines"


The band has been touring with FOZZY and COLLECTIVE SOUL and currently are working on NEW material.  Tanner tells us that they're filming a NEW video today. The band enjoyed nice success with their last project and single "Night Shift" which got impressive social media buzz and really helped the band get on the nap on a national level. 

Check out what else Tanner Hendon had to say in this exclusive Brad Cooney Show Podcast.




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Formerly known as "The Stir" they've recently re-branded and are now called "LIKE MACHINES" and they'll join me this Wednesday at 10 AM to talk about the new song and upcoming new record.  


What's good fam? I decided to really focus on growing my YouTube channel. Over the coming weeks and months I'll be making some rather big announcements.  Some of these announcements will be dropped on YouTube.  I'll also be dropping some of my Podcast's on YouTube as well.  Click HERE to see the Channel, and bang that SUBSCRIBE button.  

On the channel you can listen to my Podcast's with celebrities, musicians, and I'll continue to work with NBC's "The Voice" and "World of Dance" doing Podcast's with both shows talent. 

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She's been performing on the world stage now for weeks. Kayla Mak put herself on the map on NBC's "World of Dance" from her amazing qualifier performance, then her duels performance, onto her redemption round, and then to the cut.  She has now advanced past the cut round to the divisional rounds. If she wins her divisional round she advances to the world final round and will take her stab at grabbing the one million dollar prize.

Kayla makes her 2nd appearance here on the Brad Cooney Podcast show and discusses her experience performing on such a gigantic world stage.  World of Dance can be seen on Sunday nights on NBC.


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Lawoyne’s new EP ‘Black Roses’ offers luscious lyrics for the ladies  LISTEN TO THE PODCAST BELOW! ELKHART, IN – Darion Antwon Lawo...