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Waa’daa’dah Boi Blends the World’s Sounds to Appreciate Nature and Humanity in New Ways


By Francis Galang


HILO – Waa’daa’dah Boi will release his EP “Just A Man” on July 25. This EP follows his previous Album “Dah Ancient Inside” released earlier this year. Waa’daa’dah Boi self-describes as a singer/songwriter who blends together elements of hip-hop, gospel, R&B, and world music. 

His influences are wide. As he has moved from place to place growing up, he has amassed a large musical vocabulary from sounds heard all around the world. He is also very diverse in his

instrumental palette, learning many different instruments in each of the places he has lived. His inspirations include those who bridge together different forms of music, such as Burna Boy who bridges music together across continents in his Afrobeat, and Tems who brings new school to old school instruments. Waa’daa’dah Boi also loves to dance and uplift the souls of others. 

Waa’daa’dah Boi was born in Harlem, New York, developing himself out of the melting pot of cultures in the city. He grew up religious, which greatly influenced his music. His earliest genres are those of gospel, hip-hop, and R&B, learned through his time with church and family. At age 15, after 9/11 had happened, he moved from New York to Oregon and the Midwest, finishing high school and college in these areas. In this time, he became exposed to many different genres of music from around the world, learning djembe drums and conga drums and listening widely to music from all cultures. 

When he reached age 22, he moved to Hawaii to finish his bachelor’s degree and begin a master’s degree. In Hawaii, he became immersed in island music, reggae, and blues, encountering many different styles and instruments that are uncommon in today’s musical landscape. He learned openly from the many cultures of Hawaii, especially from the Filipino, Japanese, and Samoan people there. 

He began writing instrumentals which blend the multiculturalism of Hawaii and New York. He became Waa’daa’dah Boi as he helped people out and performing these instrumentals. He says, “Instruments are so full of life. You can add so much to your voice through instruments.” 

As he began incorporating digital elements into his music, he became a recording artist, mixing his vocals with a diverse palette of instruments and world-styles. Themes dominant in his music include the harmony between human beings, our connection with nature, cultures connecting as world cultures, and the healing of the soul through music. 

Right now, Waa’daa’dah Boi is in the process of recording his first music video for the single “Just A Man” –  one of three singles from his EP of the same name, with the other two singles being “Best Friend” and “Taking It In.”

“Just A Man” sees Waa’daa’dah Boi return to his roots in a simple and fun-to-listen-to project. The EP will release on his birthday on July 25.

“With this project, I want to do something simple but profound,” he said. “I want to play with change through sound. Just A Boy will incorporate elements of Afro-Pop, Afrobeat, R&B, and hip-hop. It’ll bring in Caribbean, Hawaiian, and Nigerian sounds on its beats and instrumental energies.” 


On his previous LP “Dah Ancient Inside,” Wah’daa’dah Boi reflects on the magnificence of Hawaii, thinking about the pandemic-affected world and the ways in which God can be found in nature. The album was written in the midst of the pandemic in 2020, where Waa’daa’dah Boi spent a great deal of time contemplating. 

“I was going through many things at that time,” he said. “I’m raised very Christian, and I was thinking about all the religions of the world and what it would be like if we had all gotten along. To learn to praise God, no matter what you call him, and to appreciate the life that was given to us.” 

He connects these religious reflections to those about nature and culture. 

“I was inspired from my Creator, seeing all the beautiful surroundings around me,” he said. “It’s all a beautiful thing created by God, but also made by human beings as well. Dah Ancient Inside is about what it’s like to be in part of the Creator and be a being inside of the world He created. It’s also about what it’s like to witness nature with eyes that are not dulled by modern-day fast-paced society. It encourages people most-of-all to just take time and look at nature.” 


In both of these projects, Waa’daa’dah Boi thanks his personal crew, family, and friends for their inspiration and motivation. He is excited to be releasing “Just A Man” to all major streaming platforms and finish filming the music video for that single. Afterward, he hopes to perform more live shows and travel more with his music. 

“Ultimately, I hope to affect people in a positive way with all this,” he said. 


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social media posts.  

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                                                                PHOTO CREDIT ETHAN MILLER

Boxing legend Roy Jones Jr stopped by the Brad Cooney Podcast Show and talked about his NEW company PROBOXTV.COM, a place where boxing fans can get great fights at a very affordable cost. Roy joined forces with some legendary world champions, the likes of Juan Manuel Marquez, Miguel Cotto, Paulie Malignaggi (and more) to put together something pretty amazing if you're a boxing fan.

You can download the app and enjoy great fights on PROBOXTV.COM  HERE

Roy also talked about the current status of the heavyweight division discussing Tyson Fury on whether or not he stays retired, also Anthony Joshua, and Deontay Wilder were a couple of other names that came up. Roy talks about how he sees both of them going forward as well. 


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With Blackout, Youngworldibi makes his own way into hip hop universe


By Kurt Beyers

With the upcoming release of his second album, Blackout, set for global distribution on July 14, Youngworldibi hopes to break out. He already has 40 or more songs out, including his first album, Taking The Throne, but with this new one he wants to get his music to a much wider audience.

“I started writing at 15, and then I got locked up,” he said, and the locked up took place at age 17. “That's when I really took this serious and did a whole lot of writing, to the point where I don't have to write much now. It was just, you know, for hooks and stuff like that.”

Another motivating factor for him is to quiet the doubters: “When people say you can't do something, if you are a competitor, that drives you,” he said.

Youngworldibi (he pronounces the ibi as separate letters: Eye-Bee-Eye), was born and raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and now lives there and in Camden, New Jersey. His music has always been hip hop. It’s what he listened to as a kid, when he “used to blast it all the time.”

“I just love that style,” he said.

When he started writing, he wrote hip hop. His influences were The Notorious Big, Jay-Z, Juelz and Cam’Ron and the Diplomats and Lil Wayne.

“It was Big that actually made me want to start,” he said. 

He has been putting his music out in front of the public as a professional for two years now. About Blackout and its 13 tracks, he says, “Honestly, I think it's the best tracks I've put together thus far. And this is not just one style, one style of beat. I switch it up.”

Rapping to different beats is important to him. He chooses the beats for his songs based on whether he likes them. He doesn’t want to get stuck in just one style, and he takes professional pride in going for his own unique style and, with no major label backing him, trying to forge his own career and audience.

He describes that audience as “all those true hip hop heads out there looking for something different.”

He says he can’t explain his own style. It is “just different.” But he is heavy into the lyrical aspect of music, yet the sound of rap, the beats, has changed since he was 15.

“So I gotta try to find a way to blend in while still being different.”

He plays with music. On his Facebook page, he has a little video of him rapping freestyle to Jay-Z and Cam’Ron’s “Welcome to New York City.”

“I just like that beat,” he said. “To me, personally, that's a classic,” so one day in the studio he played that beat and freestyled his own rap to it.

“As a writer, you write so much sometimes stuff is just in your head. So when you play the beat you start rapping and it just kind of comes out.”

Now there’s Blackout.

The best track for him is “Blue Pills.”

“It's got a a club sound to it. At the same time, my style’s hard, gritty. I'm lyrical with it, and I kind of go in on it. I talk kind of greasy on it.”

The album also reflects his desire to change up styles, to find what he likes and mix them up.

“You’ll hear some beats,” he said. “I'm trying to expand, trying to grow as an artist. It’s real lyrical, and it just speaks my truth. You know, everything I've been through.”

The album has his struggles – growing up, prison, and the hard work of trying to break through professionally with his music.

And, he adds, “It's definitely a good listen.”


The pre-save for Blackout is here:

“Taking the Throne”

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Energetic Artist, Kunservative, Brings Us a Fresh R&B/Trap-infused Single for Summer


By: Nadia Sobehart

Singer-songwriter Kunservative is a musician (and businessman) who fuses R&B with trap soul beats to take listeners on a musical journey. Hailing from St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands, the artist is an ambassador to his homeland and renowned in the Calypso and Soca scene. His newest single, “Lighta,” brings us a fresh new sound for summer complete with vibrant energy and island vibes.

“Lighta” is a song that speaks to love. It tells of having a spark for someone and the things in life you would conquer for that someone. The ballad weaves simple vocals with a chorus for a smooth, strong delivery of emotion.

Overall, Kunservative’s music can best be described as a truthful telling of real life. “My life is a movie, guaranteed,” says the artist. “I express and sing what most people are feeling and not able to express. Relationships and all of life’s stuff.” Music comes naturally to the performer, who can simply close his eyes and let new music flow through his brain. “I don’t have a set way of writing. I don’t really write. I envision anything I want to sing about. Close my eyes and just go with the flow—whatever goes through my mind” explains Kunservative of his unconventional “writing” process. 

Also known as Spacey and Shamall Ferdinand, Kunservative has been making waves in the local music scene for years. Participating in the St. Croix Festival Soca Monarch competition, he was a finalist in 2020 with his hit songs “Fete Interview” and “Sanctuary.”

With strong vocals and a passion for spreading light through his talent, Kunservative has graced the stage as an opening act for reggae artists including Collie Buddz, Third Wold, and R. City. He has collaborated with artists and provided background vocals for numerous collaborations over the years. An active church member, Kunservative also plays the drums at church. The singer and songwriter’s talents go beyond writing—he is above all else, an outstanding musician.

Kunservative acknowledges that nothing in life is perfect—whether that’s getting writer’s block occasionally or wanting to live up to your potential when the road ahead is still long. “I can’t wait for my journey to start,” says the artist. “I want to have something to be proud of.” While humble about his current position, conservative knows it won’t be long until his hard work is recognized. 

These days, Kunservative is in the midst of signing to a major label. He works alongside producers Masai Harris, Bengi, loudestro, and Ralph Tiller, among others. 

 By next year, he plans to partner with artists across major labels and sign to a label himself. He looks forward to leaving the island life behind for international performance adventures.

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Chicago R&B stars Meagan McNeal, Carla Prather and Janeff The Poet drop inspirational anthem “I Can Only Be Me” on Soulistic 360 Label


By Rob Salerno

Rising R&B stars Meagan McNeal, Carla Prather, and Janeff The Poet want to deliver a clear message to their fans on their new collaboration, the inspirational R&B anthem, “I Can Only Be Me.”

“I want people who listen to this song to feel that they are ok. Regardless of what others may say or expect of them, they’re ok,” says Janeff The Poet, who wrote the lyrics to “I Can Only Be Me.” 

“If you really wanna be free, you gotta be honest, realistic, and holistic and anything else is just sort of playing the game,” Janeff says.

The heartfelt single is a mix of classic soul and R&B, with soaring verses carried by McNeal and Prather that reach deep into listeners and compel them to keep listening. 

The collaboration grew out of conversations that Janeff was having with Meagan McNeal, a powerhouse singer-songwriter who was featured on the singing competition show The Voice and has performed backup vocals for Eminem and Common.

“She was just telling me a little bit about her life and how because she’s such an artistic person, and how she’s always felt like an outsider and she never really fit in,” Janeff says. “Growing up, she was very artistic and maybe didn’t do everything the way society thought a young Black girl growing up in the south suburbs of Chicago was meant to do.”

The burden of those expectations and prejudices had weighed on Janeff too during his life. 

“I also have experienced times in my life where I was expected to do certain things, whether based on my education, where I lived or was born, or who my parents were or whatever the case may be,” he says. “I often felt like I didn’t always fit in.“

Janeff says the song had been in the works since before the COVID pandemic. While the lockdowns slowed production, they actually gave him the opportunity to deepen the song by collaborating with other artists. 

“We laid Meagan’s vocals and then the pandemic happened,” Janeff says. “I was talking with other artists I worked with during that time and in those conversations, I realized this is a universal story.” 

Janeff brought on Carla Prather, a killer vocalist who’s performed across America with alternative soul band Poi Dog Pondering, to record additional verses that add a second perspective to the track. 

“Carla gives the song a yin and yang. Megan is the melodic tone, and Carla pumps in with a soulful hurricane type of approach, and so even in this song they are demonstrating their individuality,” Janeff says. “Even though they’re singing the song a little bit differently, they’re still being themselves and that’s ok.”

“I Can Only Be Me” is already finding a loyal audience on streaming services, and the artists hope to see it gain wider exposure on radio and the internet. 

“I’d like to see people will use it as a rallying cry, that it is ok to be yourself. That would be my hope,” Janeff says.

Stream “I Can Only Be Me” on all platforms!

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Coco Kimmie meditates on positivity with new release 

NAMASTE Free All Day

By Jenna Gengler


VIRGINIA - When Covid-19 hit in 2020, Coco Kimmie, like many of us went in search of some kind of emotional solace. For her, that place was music, and from that, Kimmie was able to put together a collection of songs that both speak to the soul and remind us to focus on positivity. Her latest project, a debut EP titled NAMASTE Free All Day, provides a truly freeing and introspective journey through the soul. It is a must listen.

Before pursuing a career as a professional musician, Kimmie served the United States Air Force as a Space and Missile Officer for 21 years. Since her retirement, she has taken her love of music and turned it into a full career as a brilliant singer-songwriter. When Covid-19 hit soon after this began, she used the opportunity to build her solo career. This led to the release of several hit singles including her latest release, “COME OVER”.

Now Kimmie is excited for the release of her debut EP, NAMASTE Free All Day, on July 1. “The title really encapsulates the feeling of the album,” she said. “Everything was virtual when I wrote these. There was a lot of anxiety and I felt the need to meditate on positivity.” With Namaste being a way of recognising life, the title of this EP is the perfect way to define it.

Even though the songs were all written during Covid, the messages are still relevant,” She explained. “It’s a mindset. We have to create our own sense of peace among chaos.”

One of the songs that Kimmie notes as a great example of what the EP represents is the track “TIME TO BREATHE”. This song does an incredible job of taking its listeners on a meditative journey, reminding them of what is important on the most basic level. “No matter what it is that you’re going through, you have to breathe.”

Overall, NAMASTE Free All Day is a collection of songs with one intention: free yourself from negativity. “Despite all of it, focus on the positive,” Kimmie said. “Live your life to the fullest, express yourself in ways that make you feel good and share that with the rest of the world.” This EP is truly one of positive energy and is perfect for anyone looking to focus on the good.

Kimmie accredits her mentor, who was an integral part of the creation of NAMASTE Free All Day and an important part of her continued growth and development as one of the unique independent artists of today’s music industry.

Following the July 1 release of NAMASTE Free All Day, Kimmie is looking forward to releasing more singles this year, as well as further ventures into the world of film and music. She is definitely an artist to keep an eye out for.

Make sure to stay tuned in to Coco Kimmie on various platforms for new music, visuals and social posts.

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Remo Da Goat soon to release “Whoa,” a second single teasing final album of Goat series



By Kurt Beyers


A taste of the third and final installment of Ggmg – God gave me gifts – AKA Remo da Goat’s goat era will drop on July 13 when the single “Whoa” comes out.


“Whoa,” dropping on July 13, will be the second single to be released from the upcoming album Goat Shit Part 3: Da Old Me.


“Goat Freestyle,” the first single from the album, dropped April 20 and has since hit No. 13 for hip hop singles and received almost a million streams. Throughout its first month, the video was trending on YouTube.


“Freestyle” is also a description of the music on the third album. Mainstream rap was the dominant style on Goat Shit Part 1: Up Next, and part 2, Toxic Love, was all in an R&B style.


For himself, Da Goat wants people to know one thing about “Whoa” and the other 15 tracks of Da Old Me.


“It's gonna be the best music they can possibly get from me,” he said.


Remo does not want to be stuck in a box labeled “Rapper,” and he seeks to be more than just a crossover artist.


“I want to cross hip hop, R&B, rock – I like rock and roll too – I want to put all that into one thing,” he said. “I want to do some things that people never did before with music.”


He does not put a name to his style, which he describes as “very unorthodox and unique.”


“I sing, I rap, my vocabulary, my harmonizing – you know what I'm saying? It's not orthodox. It’s unique.”


When he talks about his influences, he names, among others, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, DMX and Rick Ross, and says he has the same “vision.” His explanation boils down to a work ethic.


I noticed they did a lot of hard work, so it inspired me to keep going.” he said. “I record a lot. I get a lot of work done, and I know that’s what it takes to get me there.”


“There” he defines as a place at “the top of everywhere.” One of his goals is the Diamond Award for reaching 10 million in sales of albums and singles.


Remo was born in Clearwater, Florida. He grew up in the projects there and in Tarpon Springs, “taking in,” as he says, “all of what poverty had to offer.”


He has made music since he was 6 or 7 years old, singing in the church choir. He started in with rap with a cousin when he was about 8, and part of his singing then was gospel rap.


His first professional release was three years ago, and since he has created three albums (the first two Goat albums in 2021 and Ok Ok 3 in 2020.


Goat Part 2: Toxic Love” reached No. 1 in Germany, No. 4 in the United Kingdom and No. 7 in the United States on the iTunes R&B sales charts. That album has been streamed millions of times.


His next project after the completion of the Goat series will be another album, which he says will be called “My Testimony.” Stylistically, it is going to be all three Goat albums in one.


“Part 1 was more mainstream, Part 2 was R&B, and Part 3 is freestyle rap, so Testimony is going to have all three genres,” he said.


The tentative release date is sometime next summer, preceded by the release of a couple of singles.


But now is “Whoa” and its album.


He says he has the same vision as the superstars who are his influences, and the same potential “to become a household name.”


“Hard work, dedication, trying to reach my goal to the peak I want to be, and telling my story to the world,” he said. “I still got I still got a lot of music I want to get to the world. It's just the beginning.”

Make sure to stay connected to Remo Da Goat on all platforms for new music, videos, and social posts. A pre-order link for “Whoa” is available on Linktree.



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Devon Paige’s ‘Love and Dreams’ is perfect for driving with the windows down


By Brennan Stebbins

Devon Paige discovered a love of performing as a child actress doing professional music theater, but later took a break while she tried her hand as a millennial in corporate America. 

Then she received a stark reminder about her true passion when her father passed away in 2019. 

“He just didn’t enjoy a lot of life,” she says. “He was so focused on his career and his family and making sure they were well taken care of that he didn’t really get to do a lot of things he wanted to and by the time he had things he wanted to do he was much older. It was a reminder that I have dreams and I have passions and you can’t wait that long to do them because life is short.”

Devon got back into music and started writing a single, and then suffered another loss when her grandmother passed away. At that point she knew she needed to make her music dream come true. 

“I know how proud they would both be,” she says. “I just need to make it happen.”

Devon officially kicked off her return to music with her 2021 single “Resentful,” a slower song about toxic love, but really wanted to do something more upbeat and more in the pop genre, inspired by artists like Katie Perry and Sia. The result is her newest release, “Love and Dreams.”

Her upcoming single, “Love and Dreams,” was written by the incredible Esjay Jones and produced by the one and only, Trey Vittetoe. They helped bring her vision to life for this upcoming hit.


“It’s a good, happy love song,” she says. “It’s like when you fall in love with someone and you’re in that honeymoon stage. I just thought that was perfect because everybody can relate; everybody’s been in love. There are so many songs on the radio now that are about heartbreak and breakups and although I still love those songs, I wanted to write something that embodies their feelings for their loved ones .”

“It’s catchy,” she says. “As soon as you hear the top line it just sticks in your head.”

Even as an adult, Devon still loves being on stage and she plans to do some live shows in the near future. She resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Make sure to stay connected to Devon Paige on all platforms for new music, videos and social posts.

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SOHM Delivers Self-titled Album, an Ode to Music Old and New

By Nadia Sobehart



Denver-based artist SOHM brings rock and folk elements to his latest work, the self-titled album, “SOHM.” His newest work is a steady mix of slow rock, folk, pop, and experimental rock. “There are no drums, so I feel weird calling it rock, but then I listen to the tracks and it feels ballad-y, like early 70s rock,” explains SOHM. No matter the genre, his music is a testament to musical talent.


The nomadic artist spent his young adult years throughout several U.S. states, eventually settling in Denver, where he is now based. In Nepal, where he was born and raised, he grew up on early 1960s and 70s influences and proceeded to listen to metal, thrash, and old rock n’ roll. Once he came to the U.S., SOHM began to listen to pop and rap, as well as ethnic, folk, and world music. Among his influences, he cites everyone and everything from renown rock musicians to ethnic and folk tunes. It’s safe to say that SOHM is a global artist, weaving parts of his life and influences into a cloth of music uniquely his own.


SOHM describes his latest work as “some kind of experiment” with social undertones. The album features a variety of songs ranging from philosophical queries to love songs—in fact, one song is even about a tree. “Each song has an individual message,” says the artist. “I wrote this album during COVID. I used to be active in music when I was younger then stopped until the pandemic, when I picked up the ukulele and started writing songs again. During reflective moments in the afternoon, songs started coming to my mind.”


His process involves writing the music first and then focusing on the lyrical elements. “The tune has to be good. Generally, it’s the tune that sticks no matter what the genre. If I have a good tune in my mind, I’ll put in the lyrics. If the words stick, then I’ll sit down and write something that makes sense with the theme of the sound.”


“My background is songwriter. I’m an 8/10 songwriter and 3/10 singer,” jokes SOHM. “My songs are very personal. They’re outtakes / observations of the world and my ideologies about the world and universe.”


What’s up next for the artist? At present, SOHM is letting things unravel organically. From touring to placements, the options are endless for the artist, who is more concerned with filling the gap that currently exists in music than rushing any one aspect of his career.

Make sure to stay connected to SOHM on all platforms for new music, videos, and social posts.

Tuesday, July 19, 2022



Saynave Can Relate, and Does So with Latest Single, “The Cookout”



By: Nadia Sobehart


 New Jersey-born, Philadelphia-based Saynave is the hip-hop artist and producer you’ve been looking for. Elevating music with depth and energy, Saynave focuses on the importance of connecting with listeners through relatable (and good) music.


Bryant Gilliam—otherwise known as Saynave—gifts listeners with their soon-to-be new favorite summer hit. “The Cookout,” his latest single, is a song meant for summer hangouts. Saynave speaks to the good times had, while reminiscing about family gatherings, being outside with friends, hanging out, and the occasional drama that ensues.


The single is to be followed by his upcoming EP, “Stay Connected.” The EP is a collection of mature hip-hop songs that anyone can relate to. “Most songs are an ‘everyman’ kind of song—about family, relationships, commitment—standard everyday things people go through,” shares Saynave. He contrasts his sound to that of modern hip hop, which tends to highlight the glitz and glamour of urban artist lifestyle. This is hip hop for everyday people. “I’m reaching out to the people who tend to watch ‘Insecure’ by Issa Rae. People who have standard 9-5 jobs and also go to day parties.”


When it comes to the songwriting process, Saynave tends to make a lot of his own music. “Most of my music making is routine. I go through the day and write songs and ideas about things I find interesting. It’s like that quote about genius striking every day between set hours. My songwriting isn’t spontaneous; I keep a schedule. Most people try to cultivate a stereotypical artist life. But it’s repetition—that’s all it is. Somedays you’ll be on, other’s you’ll be off.” If Saynave has an “off” day, we have yet to see it, because his music is very much “on.”


Coming up with concepts, Saynave searches for relatable topics. “I can’t rap about nothing,” he says. “I keep it very relatable to things that I go through on the daily. I tend to focus on things like personal wealth, investing, family, my daughter, going to work, vacation—things I actually can do and do do.”


Focused on the bigger picture, the artist cares deeply about culture, life experiences, and the important issues in our world today. Saynave has a lot to be proud of in his life. Yet it’s the first release he’s proudest of so far. “The first of anything is always the proudest moment, no matter how bad it is.”


In collaboration with Fogwood Records, Saynave has released fan-favorite songs like “Speak the Language” and “Resume.” This year, Saynave’s partnership with Fogwood Records is bringing a “new era of quality music.”

Apart from hyping up his recent single, “The Cookout,” Saynave is excited to share his soon-to-come EP. We might also spot the artist preparing for festival performances (he would love to perform at SXSW) while he isn’t working on more music and collaborations. According to Saynave, “I want to be the most relatable person that’s not corny.” We’re here for it.


Make sure to stay connected to Saynave on all platforms for new music, videos, and social posts.


Friday, July 15, 2022



JakeLuv’s upbeat new EP Power Chair is a soundtrack for summer

 By Brennan Stebbins


When Detroit native Jacob Kimball was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, the news made it clear to him that he should go all in on his music career.



“It made my decision of just going for music very easy,” he says. “It left fewer options on the table. I almost had no choice.”



Now known by his stage name, JakeLuv, he’s set to release his first studio EP on July 8, called Power Chair. The seven-track project features JakeLuv’s perfect blend of hip hop and melodic pop style and serves as his official introduction to the world.



“This is where the ball gets rolling,” he says.



The debut track, “Luv Letters,” will be released with an official music video on June 24. It’s a great song for summer and also helps define the EP. Jake, who uses an electric wheelchair, discovers a completely gold-colored wheelchair in a field of green in the video, touches it and then finds himself inside.



“I’m in a power chair but I’m also trying to get to an important position,” he says. “That’s the main premise of the project. This debut project is going to help me emerge into the music scene. The vibrance of the colors really represents the entire project. It’s bright gold and green.”



The EP’s second track is “No Complaints,” a bright and poppy track with lyrics about a romantic relationship. But it’s also a reflection of Jake’s mindset since his diagnosis.



“I’m talking about no complaints with another person but I think it’s a great representation of the theme of Power Chair,” he says.



His history with music started at a young age when he was infatuated with freestyle rapping – people would throw him topics and he didn’t hesitate. As he got into the world of professional recording and working in studios around Detroit, he turned his focus to melodic structures and his singing voice.



“I was always striving to make the best music I could,” he says. “And I was always willing to change up the approach or the game, anything to make that happen.”



Now his music contains a mix of rap elements and vocals fine-tuned through singing lessons.



“This is the start of something bigger,” Jake says. “I have a lot of plans beyond this project but this is the start of the whole thing. I think it’s only going to get better from here.”



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Wednesday, July 13, 2022


Levi Zadoff and Dead Hendrix team up on “Dead Summer,” a pop-punk/rap-rock chronicle of life and loss during COVID-19


LOS ANGELES, CA – Just like the rest of the world, rising music stars Levi Zadoff and Dead Hendrix each experienced tremendous loss during the COVID-19 pandemic in different countries. When they met through social media, they knew they had to make a record of this era, as a tribute to the people we all lost and the trauma left behind. That’s the genesis of their collaborative EP “Dead Summer.”

A high-energy mashup of Zadoff’s pop-punk emo and Dead Hendrix’s rap-punk sounds, “Dead Summer” is a powerful elegy, channeling the stew of emotions left in the wake of the pandemic.

“Part of the passion behind this project was kind of coping and just making something so we didn’t have to just sit with it, and helping other people cope with their traumas during the pandemic by listening to the music. Because I think a lot of people just had to sit with the pain for the past year or so,” Zadoff says.

“Many of my friends died from drug overdose and suicide, and there were so many stories like that over just a year and a half. So, you’re dealing with the metaphorical death of summer because nothing’s happening, but you’re also dealing with deaths of friends and family.”

Zadoff says the track he’s most proud of is “Love Game,” a power-pop emo breakup anthem that encapsulates the anxiety and cabin fever vibes of the lockdown era. The duo take turns dropping verses, with Dead Hendrix chanting the refrain “trapped in my mind like I’m snowed in, I been going crazy like I’m Cobain,” while Zadoff drops verses that cycle through escalating relationship insecurities.

The overall effect is both rousing and claustrophobic – an anxious feeling anyone who lived through the lockdowns will remember. Zadoff describes it as “being trapped in your own head and wanting to let it out.”

Ironically, Zadoff and Dead Hendrix’s collaboration might never have happened if not for the lockdowns.

Zadoff, a 21-year-old Los Angeles native whose 2020 rap album “Welcome Back, Golden Boy” has had more than 10 million streams on Soundcloud, was looking for collaborators to try out his new pop-punk sound. He came across 20-year-old Ottawa, Canada rap-rocker Dead Hendrix, born Gavin Pratt, on Snapchat and was impressed by his musical talent.

“I just saw him dancing around to his own music asking people very humbly to check it out,” Zadoff says. “Physically he just looked like he didn’t give a fuck. His music was passionate and right to the point and just objectively good.”

Due to the lockdowns, they couldn’t meet in person, but they were able to collaborate through Zoom.

“It’s been entirely an online venture, which has been kind of magical. We’ve been able to do everything remotely, without ever seeing each other in person,” Zadoff says.

For Dead Hendrix, the collaboration has pushed him to level up his sound and grow as an artist.

“It’s the perfect blend of melody, edge, counterculture, and relevance. I think, finally, with Levi, I am making the music I have envisioned since I was 13,” Dead Hendrix says. “The Dead Summer EP is the closest thing so far to my musical aspirations coming to life. If I heard this project when I was first getting into music I would have fallen in love.”

Though Dead Summer is a musical departure for both artists, Zadoff says fans of his earlier rap albums are coming along for the ride.

“The fans see my growth and are really appreciative of the fact that I’m going into this genre. I see tons of videos that people send me where they’re singing along to our songs and it’s awesome,” Zadoff says.

But Zadoff says neither he nor Dead Hendrix is in this for the fame.

“I really see this project having a good impact on people on an individual level. I can see this album being something you talk about to your kids when you’re older. Like, ‘You wanna know what this pandemic was like?’” he says. “I don’t think the goal is to be famous but to make music to be remembered by.”

With the end of lockdowns, Zadoff and Dead Hendrix hope to meet soon to tour California and Canada. Dead Hendrix also has plans to release additional solo singles later in 2022.


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Thursday, July 07, 2022



Actor Kendrick Cross joined The Brad Cooney Podcast show and talked about his role as Agent Wallace in the smash NETFLIX hit "STRANGER THINGS" SEASON 4.  Kendrick tells us how it was to act on such a massive hit show with such an amazing cast.  Tune in below to hear all about it!

Kendrick is also currently working on several NEW film projects such as "Terror Lake Drive" Season two, and "Rap Shi*"  as well as "Our Time" which will be shown on FOX.

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I'll sit down tonight with Actor Kendrick Cross who plays "Agent Wallace" in the SMASH NETFLIX HIT "STRANGER THINGS" SEASON 4.  I'll stream this interview tonight at 8:30p CT.  We will talk about his role as Agent Wallace and get in depth on his experience working with such a brilliant cast with such amazing writing. STAY TUNED. 


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