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Howard University duo 828 set to drop bold new album ‘Check In’

PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY, MD – A hot new Hip Hop duo from the esteemed Howard University is making a splash with their music in ways that are reverberating in all corners of the globe.

828 – Sack – The Hype Magazine


Known as 828, the fast-rising duo of GoldenPrince and DripE have found their tracks receiving high praises from people in the U.S. and abroad. Their first EP, “Drop Off,” was a bold introduction to a sound and style that has people sitting up and paying attention. And they’re set to follow up that success with their new album, “Check In.”

“It’s a project where we’re trying to target different types of audiences,” GoldenPrince said. “There’s songs with females on it. There are songs speaking about life and what we’ve been through. There are songs that people will be able to relate to. It’s different from our first project which we got a lot of good feedback from. We’ve been working extremely hard on the album – up at 5 a.m. working on songs even though we had class at 9 a.mWe were determined to complete this album, but we wanted to take our time and make sure we had quality over quantity.”

The project will include 12 songs that put 828’s signature sound on full display. From the
beginning, the best friends have had a special connection. They first met at age 10 when they
were on the same basketball team. Now that they go to the same college, they’ve expanded
that bond to include a mutual pursuit of music. And that unique bond shines through their
music. Listeners can immediately tell that there’s chemistry there, leading to excellence in
sound, style, flow and production.

828 – Sack – The Hype Magazine

“We have more of a mainstream type of sound,” GoldenPrince said. “And it’s an international
sound. We have people in Mexico and other places around the world listening to our music, so
it’s not just for people in the U.S. We have different audiences all over, and that’s great because
we just want to showcase our skills. We’re great storytellers but we also bring energy. We want
to make you dance. We create different types of music – some to make you think and some to
make you dance. This album showcases that. Every song is going to give you a different feel.
That’s how we want to separate ourselves, with that different sound and experience.”

DripE added that the main impetus for the songs they create are whether or not it’s something
they’d want to listen to at the end of the day. “We’re young and we go to parties and we like
music,” he said. “We want to make music we’d like to hear at those parties. But we’re doing it
with a different kind of vibe. We’re making music you can vibe to but also music you can relate

The debut single from the album has already been released and is available across all streaming
platforms. The song is “Sack” and takes an upbeat tone to convey 828’s story of coming up and
making it in the music industry. DripE said it has more of a California vibe than a lot of their
other songs, and definitely falls into the lane of the kind of song that will make people want to
get up and dance.

“We have a lot of influences and have listened to a lot of different artists over the years, but we
don’t want to be compared to anybody else,” GoldenPrince said. “We want to leave a legacy
where 10 years from now you could look back and say that 828 is one of the best rap duos of all
time. I believe we’re up next.”

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World Of Dance: Upper Division's Jake & Chau Dance To Bruises

It's a NEW season of "WORLD OF DANCE" ON NBC and it got off to an amazing start!  Jake and Chau walked out on to the stage thinking they were going to meet some producers, but little did they know that J'Lo and Derek, and Ne-Yo were sitting at the judges table waiting for them!

The unexpected surprise didn't rattle these two dynamic performers. The music kicked on and they took flight. It was an amazing performance that earned them a trip to the next round.

All three judges were very impressed. I heard comments from them like "great chemistry" and "amazing transitions" so when the judges are saying things like that, it usually bodes very well.

Check out what these two gems had to say about their performance and the hard work that got them on the biggest stage in the land.  LISTEN TO THE PODCAST BELOW!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2020


Seasoned songwriter, Robert Nicklas releases new “Vibe Feelin” EP 


DENVER, CO - Singer, songwriter and professional musician, Robert Nicklas is proving that hard work and perseverance pay off. He puts a tremendous amount of work into each and every one of his compositions. But not everything he writes makes it to the end of the line. A prolific songwriter, he worked up between 100 and 200 beats to get the right feel for the five songs on his latest project.

The end result of Robert’s persistence can be enjoyed on his new EP, “Vibe Feelin.” Released on April 29th of this year, the R&B tracks have a distinct Hip Hop feel, but with singing instead of rapping. The lead single, “New Whip” was born from a melody which played over and over in Robert’s head. For this track, he worked with as many as ten different beats to get the perfect fit he was after. “New Whip” falls into the mold of a radio friendly vibe he was shooting for, and the “Vibe Feelin” has a bit more of a Pop flavor than some of his previous work.

Last summer, Robert worked with experienced Atlanta-based producer, Terrius Miller, on two singles titled “More & More” and “Club Love.” Miller has worked with the likes of Chris Brown, Outkast and Destiny’s Child, and Robert’s two singles received a tremendous amount of radio play in the Atlanta market.

During the 90s, Robert Nicklas started to get serious about making his own music professionally and he released music in 2003 on the Chicago-based label, Sonic Wave International. He also went to college for piano, so his musical influences range from Beethoven, Bach, Schubert, Schumann and Chopin to Herbie Hancock, Coltrane, Miles Davis, Pat Metheny, Michael Jackson, Bobby Brown, Bell Biv Devoe and even Dr. Dre.

As a classically trained piano player, he found it challenging to play without written music at first. In his early 20s, he met a drummer whose father played saxophone with Count Basie. Robert had to forget a lot of his classical training and learned how to play music from this drummer across the room. “You have to throw everything away to be able to play from inside, rather than looking at music,” Robert said.

His taste in music is all over the place, but he mainly enjoys listening to all the new music that is trending. Listening to genres that are pushing music forward keeps Robert’s energy going. He finds that Hip Hop artists are pushing the edge of the envelope for the direction of music now, and he incorporates those elements into his songwriting.

Robert has possessed a gift for music since he was very young. By trying hard and pushing harder, Robert ends up excelling at his craft. That special feeling of joy when a new groove hits is what keeps him going, and he is constantly writing. Just a few days after dropping his new EP, Robert was straight back in the writing mode and coming up with new material to see what tasty tracks he can create next.

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 "New Whip"

“Vibe Feelin”

Monday, May 25, 2020


Midwest artist Richie Carter recounts personal romance
narrative to create music of substance

Richie Carter – Dark Hearts – The Hype Magazine


ROCKFORD, IL - Born Erich Kalstrom, the rapper, songwriter and producer known as Richie
Carter is a rising artist who hails from a city less than 90 miles outside Chicago. A highly
creative lyrical and descriptive force, Richie consistently delivers conscious music portraying
great emotion.

Continuing to display his talent for passionate storytelling, his single “Dark Hearts” is destined to
be a hit. Written for his fiancée when they first began dating, the song tells the story of how their
relationship started. “It’s kind of like a dark but optimistic, little love song,” Richie said. While he
was living in California, Richie reconnected with her while he was back in Rockford for his
mother’s funeral.

The single is one of six songs on Richie’s “Sappy Hour” EP, which was released in the middle of
last year at the same time as his R&B/Rap EP, “Too Much Whiskey.” A romantic love story
collection, “Sappy Hour” is based on his real life relationship. The entire EP is about his fiancée,
and shares the in depth story about the course of their relationship -- who they are as people
and their healthy differences.

Dark Hearts by Richie Carter on Amazon Music -

Describing himself as “a regular, simple dude,” Richie is different from most of today’s rappers
and R&B artists. He lists his greatest musical influences as Tupac Shakur, Lil Wayne, Drake
and Jay-Z, but Richie is not as eccentric and eager to be radio friendly. Richie does have a
knack for making music with meaning, conveying highly relatable themes. One of the EP’s
standout tracks, “Little Things” talks about the little things he appreciates about his fiancée,
while the song “Ghost” conveys the difficulties of trying to do the right things during a long
distance relationship in order to end up together.

Growing up in Rockford, a city with a decent music scene where nearly everybody is into
making their own music, profoundly influenced Richie’s sound. Growing up, he and his two best
friends were obsessed with music. “I think we had every single Cash Money record, every single
No Limit record, cassette or CD,” he said. “We had every Tupac, down to every Makaveli
mix tape that you could only get in Chicago.” There is great passion for music in Rockford which
has a bad reputation for violence and unemployment. “A lot of people here seem to lean
towards music as a way to cope and get through things.”

Captivating music from Richie Carter is available on all digital platforms, and he has ambitious
plans for the coming months. After buying a house for his growing family, he plans to build a
home studio by July. His next project, an EP titled “The Kids Are Watching,” should follow

To listen to Richie Carter’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:

"Sappy Hour"

Wednesday, May 20, 2020


Bronx-based Puerto Rican rapper drops hot new single ‘Supreme Wizards’


BRONX, NY – Produkt, the hard-hitting rapper from The Bronx whose one-fan-at-a-time grassroots philosophy has netted him hundreds of thousands of followers worldwide, has dropped yet another hit with his latest “Supreme Wizards.”

Detailing the downside of the fast life, Produkt uses this darker, ambient song to examine the negative aspects of a lifestyle that more often than not costs people their lives or their livelihood.
“Everybody is quick to glorify and champion all the dark and dumb shit they have to do to make money on the streets,” Produkt said. “But that will cost you in the end. It’s not the road to success and it shouldn’t be your definition of success. A lot of my music is dark and very serious, but that’s because there are a lot of people in pain in our world especially now. The amount of loss we’re going through right now is unprecedented.

I want to be that voice and inspiration for people – to inspire the unspoken. So even though this is a darker song, at the end of the day, I hope my music helps people pick themselves up and dust themselves off and be motivated to keep going for whatever it is they love. They don’t have to get caught on the hamster wheel and get swallowed by life and give up on their ambitions and dreams. Kick that shit in the ass and fight for what you want. Believe in yourself.”

Produkt x Rothstien - Supreme Wizards [Review] — LA On Lock

“Supreme Wizards” is the debut single from Produkt’s latest album, “Hit and Run” which is set
to be available across all streaming platforms by summer 2020. It’s a project that features half a
dozen artists with Frank Benz and Rothstien in particular, highlighted the most. Those two are
business partners with Produkt for their independent label X Records. Rothstien is also featured
on the first verse of “Supreme Wizards.”

Produkt is making a splash along the East Coast with his new music and he isn’t new to the
industry. He’s been making music for more than a decade and is the first rapper to ever be
nominated for more than three single-year underground music awards at the UMAs. His name
started to become well known across the U.S. in 2014 when he released two hit singles, “Hold It
Down” and “Freak Affair.” His success has helped to garner him millions of views on YouTube
for his music videos. His newfound success has given him a renewed outlook on the industry,
and a recent shift toward inspiring others has helped his music be embraced by an ever widening
fan base globally.

“It’s not a stretch to say that positivity is contagious,” he said. “And I pair that with a strong,
straight, nostalgic Hip Hop presence in a way that captures something melodic – something on
the softer side with a more ambient, melodic vibe. There’s nothing that will stop me from being
a force in this game.”

To listen to Produkt’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:

"Supreme Wizards"

Monday, May 18, 2020


King Harlem takes near-death experience and parlays it into message for people living street life 


BALTIMORE, MD – King Harlem has a lot of memories of his time on the streets of Baltimore, Maryland – not the least of which is the two-day period during which he lost his brother to a shooting, and then was shot himself nine times and nearly lost his own life. His road to recovery – which includes the amputation of one leg and having to re-learn how to walk – has been a long one. The lessons he’s learned along the way are profound and ones that he hopes to be able to share with other young people living the street life. Those words of wisdom are paired perfectly with a unique sound and style on his most recent single “Street Kroner Muzik.”

The song was born from a recent moment with a friend with whom he reunited after many years apart. They’d grown up on the streets together, and they decided to meet up to catch up on one of the street corners that held special significance for them. While standing on that corner, sharing memories and remembering friends and brothers they’d lost over the years, the truths of their past lives began to cut to the core. King Harlem said he realized how blessed he was to still be alive, and that flash of inspiration led to his latest single.

“I’ve been doing music for a while but I never really was serious with it until maybe five years ago after a lot of things happened in my life,” he said. I was really in the street life so I wasn’t focused on music. You can’t be focused on too many things when you’re living that kind of life. Then I got shot nine times and died twice. They told my mom I had died, but I made it through. The doctor told me I’d never walk again, and a lot of people gave up on me. But one of my friends – the same friend who used to rap with me back in the day and was creating beats – just kept coming to me faithfully. I told him I don’t really rap anymore but he just kept giving me beats. Between that and this desire to prove people wrong about not walking anymore, it put the energy back in me. It wasn’t easy but I’m able to walk now and I’ve been trying to tell people that they can change through my music. When I was living on the streets, I thought the only way I would die would be young on the streets like my brother, or from old age or disease. But when I was in the hospital, so many people were going through so many things – a lot of them worse than being shot. I got to understand how big life is. We have to cherish it. And hopefully when our time is up, God will forgive us for everything we did. I just want to be ready when it’s that time.”

Growing up in Baltimore where Hip Hop culture is a heavy influence on young people, King Harlem found a natural talent for Rap. At one point he was signed to an independent label. Today, he hopes to become one of the voices that help associate Baltimore with a signature sound, like many other cities across the U.S. He said his talent means a lot to him because of his ability to change the game for people who listen to what he has to share. 

“I believe I have a lot in my head, and I want to share that with the world,” he said. “Through Rap, I hope to inspire my audience so they know where I’m coming from. I’m a soul survivor and I like to be honest and tell about my life. I can only give my life and everything I’ve been through, and just keep it as real as possible. And at the end of the day, I just want my music to be known for being authentic and for having a sound that people will come to call that ‘Baltimore sound.’ I want to create something that can be groundbreaking and associated with Baltimore. But ultimately, I just want to be authentic.”

To listen to King Harlem’s music or to follow him on social media, visit:

“Street Korner Muzik”


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Chicago-based rock band Chronic Edge drops hot new track ‘The Game’

Chronic Edge – The Game – The Hype Magazine


CHICAGO, IL – A new band out of Chicago is bringing a unique style of Rock and Roll to the world, and their original sound is drawing attention from fans all over the U.S. In an industry laden with cover bands and tribute artists, Chronic Edge dares to be different. Their original singles aren’t just back-alley bar music. Their songs have the kind of edge that make people sit up and pay attention, and it’s that attention that’s helping put their names on the map.

The band – which is made up of bassist Tommy Kocal, lead singer and guitarist Vince “Vinny D” DeVincenzo, keyboardist Chris Errera, and drummer Steve Jaegar – recently put together eight songs which will eventually form an EP later this year. But until then, they’re planning on releasing singles one at a time over the next few months so as to introduce their music to an ever-widening audience. The first of those singles is a song called “The Game.” “It’s a hard rocking, cool song,” Vinny D said. “It’s a song that everyone can relate to at some point in their life throughout being in a relationship. The core meaning of the song is about awoman trying to be in control. The guy knows what she wants but it is never enough for her.
She is never satisfied with what he does and so he is playing by her game – her rules, if you

Vinny D said the band chose that song to start with because it’s the type of song that demands
listeners to pay attention. It’s upbeat, with a rock vibe that makes people tap their feet and
bounce their heads and just generally puts a smile on people’s faces. And though it stands
alone as a single, “The Game” is also a three-song mini-EP that will be released simultaneously.
That said, the band has a wide variety of sounds that will be showcased across eight total
upcoming songs, the first three of which are on “The Game” EP. Of the remaining five songs to
come, there are ballads and softer rocks songs, and even some funk songs on the slate. Those
remaining songs will be released on their EP “Rock Addiction” within the span of a couple of

Chronic Edge – The Game – The Hype Magazine

“A little something for everybody,” Kocal said. “We’re not your generic rock band that goes up
on stage and plays some songs. Our image, number one, sets us apart from anyone else. We
have custom clothes that a fashion designer made for us. Also, our stage presence is different.
We’re not necessarily what you’d think of when you think of a rock band.”
Vinny D agreed and said that one of the things that sets the band apart from others in the
industry today is the sound and musical choices made by the band when writing and recording

“A lot of these songs were recorded in alternate tunings,” Vinny D said. “And then some of the
songs were merged with more of the Blue Rage sound to create something really unique. So if
you’re someone who doesn’t like heavier stuff, we can hit you with rock stuff or softer things.
We switch it around a lot.”

“The Game” is currently available for streaming across all platforms, and five more singles from
the band are slated to drop over the next few months.

To listen to Chronic Edge’s music or to follow them on social media, please visit:

“The Game”


Bad Reputation:

Wednesday, April 29, 2020


DEADSLED FUNERAL COMPANY VOCALIST "BONEGHAZI" stopped by the show and talked about the bands NEW EP 'CASKET TAPES'

The New Orleans based front-man goes in depth about how the band came about and how he himself first got into the music scene. I recently had the chance to meet him when he and his friend Stormy Daniels stopped by (The Mississippi House), a haunted location that recently has a NEW documentary about it called "The House In Between."  In getting to know him, we talked about his band. I had a chance to listen to the new tracks, and truthfully, they are ALL terrific.


Hailing from New Orleans Louisiana. Deadsled Funeral Company is a horror rock / Goth rock/ Emo birthchild of Boneghazi (singer) bringing you the romantic side of the macabre and the visuals to go along with it.





Monday, April 27, 2020


Ghanaian-born musician sheds light on drug addiction with new single ‘Mama Don’t Give Up’

Nana Kottens – Mama Don't Give Up – Dj Smoke Mixtapes


INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Almost every community in the U.S. – and in fact throughout the world –battles opioid addiction. In the U.S. alone, drugs kill an average of 130 every day, and the fight against the problem affects the U.S. economy by an estimated $78 billion a year, according to

Drug addiction is a major issue in the U.S., and U.S. Public Health Service Officer Nana Kottens is on the front lines of that battle. As a professional artist and founder of Sound Lion Records,
Kottens is in a unique position to bring attention to the issue by way of his music. And on March
27, he’ll be releasing the single “Mama Don’t Give Up” as a way to educate the masses on drug addiction.

“I’m a public health professional and I go out and educate people on opioids and other drugs,”
Kottens said. This song is an attempt to raise awareness for that support system – to raise
awareness of addiction and its effects on individuals and families. It’s also a way to shed a little
bit of light on the stigmatization of addiction. A lot of people are striving for a better life away
from addiction, but they aren’t likely to share that struggle because of society’s stigmatization
of addiction.”

Kottens said the song has a slower vibe that will help elicit emotion from the listener, with the
hope that it will lead to personal reflection and spur conversations with loved ones. It’s also the
first version of the song. Kottens said the plan is to release different versions of the song over
the course of the rest of the year, with different vibes – from reggae to dance to alternative and

“I’ve been a songwriter for a very long time – more than 25 years – and I felt that this was a
good time to use some of the messages we’re trying to get out there in the form of music,”
Kottens said. “I really believe it’s a song that will create connections and help families. It’s also
going to showcase different demographics and help people understand that there’s a whole
range of people who deal with addiction. And people’s struggle with addiction is not a joke or
something to bounce to but rather, something to be serious about and sit down and talk

Kottens served in the U. S Navy for 5 years. Following his time with the Navy, he completed a
master’s degree at the New York Medical College & Liberty University. He’s been serving in the
public health sector ever since while also pursuing his love of music by founding his own record
label in May 2012. Since that time, the label has signed four talented musicians and has freely
distributed music for more than 40 Ghanaian artists, ensuring their songs are distributed

More recently, he also co-founded Grino Music – a new music streaming app in Ghana that
enhances the way up-and-coming artists can monetize their creative works.
In conjunction with the launch of “Mama Don’t Give Up” on March 27, Kottens is also
developing a Vevo channel that he hopes fans and followers will interact with over the next
weeks and months.

To listen to Kottens’ music or to follow him on social media, please visit:

“Mama Don’t Give Up” up

Sunday, April 19, 2020


Official Website of Brandon J. Alvis

We are very thankful to have Brandon Alvis from A&E"S "Ghost Hunters" show join me this evening. Brandon talks about Season 2 of "Ghost Hunters" and goes in depth about some of the equipment that he uses as he travels the world investigating haunted locations. 

Alvis is an instrumental part of the "Ghost Hunters" team. Recently the team captured one of the most incredible shadow figures ever seen. He'll talk more about how they were able to do it, and MORE on this weeks Brad Cooney Podcast show.




Friday, April 17, 2020


Death of older brother inspires Texas artist  to create soul-searching new album ‘Versatile Child’ 

WACO, TX – When Shawn Love was young, one of his favorite things to do was ride around town in the car with his older brothers, Aston and Deon. The three of them would turn on music and freestyle, making up their own songs from other people’s music and competing with one another to see who could have the hardest adlibs. If Shawn’s adlib was off, his older brothers would coach him and help him be better. The three formed a close bond.

So it came as a hard hit when Deon was killed in 2017 after being shot in the back three times. The family is still reeling from the loss, and for Shawn, the best outlet has been music. And so, taking the nickname passed onto him from his older brother – Big Love – this budding young musician has put together an album that pays homage to the late Deon in a way that also connects to others around the world who have experienced loss and heartache and pain.

The album is called “Versatile Child,” and it serves as Big Love’s introduction to the world. It’s a project that showcases his unique sound and style in a way that new fans around the country
are already clamoring for. With hints of Dolph and Wiz Khalifa, Big Love takes inspiration from some of the legends of Hip Hop and puts his own spin on it, creating a one-of-a-kind sound that is undeniable.

“I’m in my own zone,” Big Love said. “I just want to sound like me. What you see is what you get. “Versatile Child” is fueled by the passing of my brother, but it also has songs on there that a lot of people who don’t like rap will like. I make music for all people to like. I talk about a lot of different things on the album which makes it unique because it’s not the same on every song. The main reason I started making music was because my brother passed. But we actually lost more people after that almost back-to-back. It felt like one person would pass this week, then after a few weeks another person, and so on. So seeing my family go through heartaches for so long, I took it upon myself to make it my mission to be the reason why everyone smiles. My family is strong and blessed. I wouldn’t trade them for the world.”

 Big Love said “Versatile Child” lives up to its name by showcasing a lot of different styles and deliveries. Sometimes he’s singing on the hook and sometimes he’s giving listeners straight rap. He’s always trying new things while staying in his own lane, which is part of what makes him so versatile.

“People don’t really know me, and this album is my way of easing them into my world,” he said. “I have a few songs that are heart-touching and some that are more upbeat. People who have heard it have been saying they love it, and I’m eager for more people to check it out.”

One of the standout singles from the album is a song called “KingPin.” It’s a song that explores the various reasons relationships shift and evolve over time, and Big Love uses an experience with an old friend to illustrate the sometimes-hard roads that have to be navigated when it comes to meaningful relationships.

“’KingPin’ is me expressing the disloyalty of my friend and how you can’t trust no one,” Big Love said. “However, it’s also my motivation to keep going. If you really want to do something, then you have to invest in yourself. It’s also me being in my own lane and trying to get to be the best person I can be. When I cut that song on, it makes me want to go harder. I catch myself replaying it over and over because it’s basically my motivational song. This song is talking about real-life stuff and it really brings together everything that I want my music to be known for. I want my music to be known for getting my message out. It’s just me and as I progress, you’ll get to know me more and join me on the journey. I just want to make some good music and at the end of the day, if you can enjoy my music, then that’s everything.”

To listen to Big Love’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit:

“Versatile Child”


Howard University duo 828 set to drop bold new album ‘Check In’ PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY, MD – A hot new Hip Hop duo from the esteemed Howa...