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REME serves up a fresh new sound from the Southwest with “Dremeland” 


HOUSTON, TX - Houston born and raised, Remus Young (known by his stage name REME) is raising his hometown’s profile with his own unique style and flavor. This versatile 21 year old Hip Hop and R&B artist has a sound unlike any other, and is poised to showcase his talent far beyond the Southwest.

Blessed with innate rhythm and beat, REME’s songwriting creatively builds from the base to the soul. Writing his own beats, lyrics and melodies, REME starts with creating a nice baseline beat and builds on that foundation. “I imagine the beat before I even write anything down. It may be a little bop. It may be a snap of the fingers. It may be something I put down,” REME said. “However it comes, it’s a sound that sticks with you.”

Over the past two years, he has been laying down tracks with the help of his producer and engineer, E Blaze. REME’s recent project titled “Dremeland” is a 9 track collection released under the name “REME the DREME.” One particular favorite song, “Playhouse,” has intense, sentimental lyrics paired with a theatrical beat. Across the entire collection, REME’s smooth flow weaves through his carefully crafted beats and haunting melodies.

Music has been a part of REME’s life since he was growing up. While his parents were divorcing, REME turned to music to escape the family drama. Later raised in a single parent home, REME was a bit of a loner who continued to sharpen his music and lyrical skills. Influenced by Tupac, Biggie and Snoop Dogg, REME’s music reflects life’s hardships, how he sees people and the world, and the challenges that others around him are going through.

Making his own music since fifth grade, REME seriously delved into music at the start of High School. Although Houston can be tough for an upcoming artist, REME has been encouraged to push forward by his faith and the support of his family, his friends and his fan base over the years.

REME feels the music scene in Houston is underrated, and he is helping to boost his home city to gain more attention for the local talent. “A whole lot of people are stuck on the perception that Houston is what it is. That’s not what it is,” he said. “It’s something way more. I don’t know if people can see that, but I’m gonna make people see that.”

With God being at the core of everything for REME, he believes that people should look after each other. “If someone can’t do it, try to help them or show them that there’s a way to do it. Try not to be self-centered and be open-minded towards yourself, your experience and other people.”

All of REME’s music is available on SoundCloud now, and he’s looking to drop a couple of singles, some music videos and an album in the very near future.

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“Playhouse” from the Dremeland Project

Monday, October 07, 2019

LA artist Shiro melds genres to create Gospel Optional Urban Praise Music with her new hit single ‘Let’s Get It’ - Q&A Podcast

LA artist Shiro melds genres to create Gospel Optional Urban Praise Music with her new hit single ‘Let’s Get It’ 


LOS ANGELES, CA – An artist that is known from her work over the years with legends such as Brandy, A Lighter Shade of Brown, Dj Quik, Mc Lyte, and Tupac is stepping out from the background and bringing her talents to the forefront with her new hit single “Let’s Get It”. 

The artist- Shiro, and her unique brand of music – called “Go Up Music” – is turning heads all throughout the music industry because of its one-of-a-kind sound and intriguing fusion of genres. One part Gospel, one part Urban, and one part of various other genres – from Latin to House and everything in between – Go Up Music is the new wave of Gospel Praise music that ultimately will redefine how people consider listening to religious music.  

Shiro said, “The concept of Go Up Music hit us when we were working on new music to be released. We knew we had found a different type of flavor based on the tracks we were writing over – rap and trap and stuff like that. Some people say hard-core beats are beats that most 
Gospel singers don’t want to sing over because they think in using those beats it’s not Gospel. However, when people hear Go Up Music, they can decide how they feel about it, but we know that we’re praising God in the midst of the message and we’re doing it in a way that has never been done before. It’s totally different from the Gospel music most people are accustomed to. It’s off the Richter scale. You wouldn’t even realize it’s Gospel until you really start to listen to the lyrics. Our hope is to capture people by the music and at the same time have a positive message.” 

With “Let’s Get It,” Shiro not only showcases her amazing vocals but also takes listeners on a controversial journey but she isn’t shying away from the conversation that she said needs to be had. “There is temptation everywhere, especially when you’re focused on getting to Heaven,” she said. “This song is based on encouraging people to take an avenue that most others wouldn’t. We’re speaking to people of the world who are seeking someone who can love them unconditionally. We want to show them that what they’re seeking can be found through a better life in Christ Jesus.” 

“I want my music to be known for changing lives, being authentic, and original,” Shiro said, “It’s not preachy…it’s reality. I can talk from a pure place about some real-life experiences because I’ve been through them. Like at one point in my life, I felt broken and someone that was close to me convinced me to strip. I did it once and knew immediately that it was not the right path for me. But I want people to know that I’m just like them. I’m no better than you, but I have discovered a better way  -- a way where there is someone who will accept you for who you are, give you strength when you are weak, and lets you know that you are not a mistake”. 

The music video for “Let’s Get It” is dropping in early October across all streaming platforms 

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“Let’s Get It” 

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Will Breman wowed the judges with his amazing blind audition on this season of NBC's "The Voice". The Santa Barbara, California native impressed John Legend so much that he ended up singing a duet with him.  The crowd went crazy! Will would go on to pick Legend to be his coach. 

Have a listen BELOW to what Will had to say about this amazing experience.

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Brennan Lassiter just introduced herself to America with a jaw dropping blind audition on night one of season 17's "The Voice" 

The performance got ALL FOUR of the judges to turn their chairs. Truly an amazing performance. When it was time to pick her coach, she shocked "The Voice" world. 

Brennan stopped by the Brad Cooney Podcast show to talk about her journey from local South Carolina girl to the national stage. 


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STARTING NEXT WEEK - I'll be conducting Podcast interviews with "The Voice" contestants for Season 17.  This will be my NINTH season working with "The Voice" doing Podcast interviews. The show debuts on September 23rd/24th on NBC 8ET 7CT 

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             Asmik shares heart and soul with new single release 

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LOS ANGELES, CA - There’s a real treat in store for music lovers in the States. The acclaimed singer-songwriter Asmik Shiroyan (known by her stage name, Asmik) will release her first single in the US market in August. With her debut album in the works, Asmik has surrounded herself with a talented team of multiple producers and writers, including Maya Marie (who has written songs for Britney Spears, Avicii, Lil Wayne) and Krysta Youngs (co-writer for BTS, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera).

Describing herself as a Dance Pop artist, Asmik can perform different styles of pop and enjoys mixing styles in a single song. She is comfortable switching between soft and moody vibes to R&B and more rhythmic, romantic styles while delivering lyrics inspired by her most emotional life experiences. Asmik prides herself on knowing how to reach the hearts of her listeners.

While she was a kid, she loved listening to Michael Jackson, Etta James, Aretha Franklin, and
Stevie Wonder etc. A stage performer since she was 15 years old, Asmik won several song contests growing up. In 2014, she competed on The Voice of Ukraine where the YouTube video of her singing was viewed over 7 million times. A few years later, she participated in national finals for the Eurovision Song Contest, 2017 and 2018. She also enjoyed an incredible experience as a lead vocalist in a national jazz orchestra in Europe while being on the same stage with the best Grammy awarded American musicians.

Five years ago, she began her songwriting career with own song, “The Code.” Since that time, her songwriting philosophy has changed. Back then, she was concerned about mastering a songwriting formula and what was right or wrong. Since then, Asmik has pushed aside any barriers, realizing that whatever is inside her needs to be written down. She believes this approach to be more professional and the most sincere. “I am listening to my heart because the heart is the most truthful source. Before, I would ask a hundred different opinions because it’s a bunch of “teachers” and criticizers, but I do not believe in it now. Now, I am only asking my heart and I’m happy about it,” she shared.

Asmik is enjoying life in Los Angeles where she has the opportunity to meet amazing songwriters and artists. 

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Hot combo of master storytelling and mixed genres on EMG’s new EP “Growing Pains”


LOS ANGELES, CA - Evan Michael Green (also known as EMG) treats listeners to superb music and highly crafted stories at the same time. His new EP, “Growing Pains” is the loosely autobiographical personal journey of a man trying to evolve into a better musician, a better artist and a better person. When this east coast songwriter headed out to LA two and a half years ago, he wanted to document his relocation adventures as they were happening. On “Growing Pains,” Evan delivers a mix of three genres he loves most: R&B, Pop and Hip Hop. Every song has a certain feel to it which puts you in that world for a short time, then immediately takes you out on the next track. Evan tries not to stay in any one genre for too long which expertly drives the flow of music and story. As a storyteller, Evan developed a character based upon himself to take us through some challenges of settling in a new place. “New Identity,” actually released a year ago, was incorporated into this project because it works so well as an introduction to the narrative.

The story progresses with troublesome relationships in “Bad Girls,” and leads to the realization that relationship problems have been brought on by himself. Guys often chase after what they’ve been warned against. Evan said “I feel like we try and address our problems and sometimes we end up right back where we started.” After discovering that pursuing “Bad Girls” doesn’t give him what he really wants, the solution comes out in the track, “Good Chick,” where he paints an image of the woman he truly desires. A perfect extension of his storytelling, Evan’s YouTube channel has millions of views. His tremendous success comes from making highly creative videos with convincing characters (which Evan enjoys playing). His powerful performance as a manipulative smooth talker in “Nice Voice,” for example, got the reaction he was aiming for. He always wanted to be a visual artist and feels that video gives a song new life.

More quality videos followed for the new EP including “Bad Girls” and “Good Chick,” which picks up where the previous video left off. Evan grew up in a household surrounded by creativity and music which naturally led him to become a creative teen and expand his ideas in adulthood. After attending Berklee College of Music for Music Business and Marketing, Evan later made the decision to live in his car for six months while saving to relocate to LA to pursue his music career. “It was a roll of the dice but it paid off for me,” he said. His other passion of building people and companies led him to start his independently operated label and production company, Ten Sixty Seven. While maintaining creative control of all aspects of his music and having the freedom to be self-sufficient are advantages to running the company, the time involved and large learning curve meant that he was only able to put out two songs in 2018. With processes now in place, Evan has time to do more of what he loves.

He took a year and a half to train his voice for his crowning achievement, a track first written in 2017 called “No Ceiling.” Evan has learned to master and disguise his voice which is evident on “Growing Pains.” He changes his voice on nearly every song depending on the desired vibe. Dedication and a lot of hard work have gone into creating the new EP, and it shows. “Definitely grinding on this EP for a good amount of time,” said Evan, “just to get everything right!”

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Real, raw uncut performer King Rawzky creates laid back melody ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ 

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PORTLAND, OR – If there’s one thing you should know about R&B singer Antonio Blue (AKA King Rawzky), he’s raw, he’s real, and he’s uncut. There are no pulling punches with his music. But he’s also not the kind of artist who goes out of his way to tear someone apart or take things to a negative place. In fact, he’s just the opposite – he’s a musician who uses his art to bring light and life to the world. He just does it with complete, unfiltered honesty.

He puts that music on full display with his EP “Life’s Metamorphosis,” which is currently available across all streaming platforms. It features five songs of a diverse nature – there are summer songs, pop songs and even a soul song on there. The debut single from that EP is “Whatever You Want.”

He has also dropped a new single called “Since You’ve Been Gone,” which features a laid-back, melodic vibe with King Rawzky playing piano throughout and vocals that are reminiscent of pop
legend Michael Jackson. Inspired by a previous woman he’d been involved with, the song tells the story of a man who still cares for a woman even after they’ve parted ways.

“I basically wrote a song to let her know how much I did care about her,” he said. “I write a lot about trust and love when it comes to my music. I’ve had relationships that fell apart because most of them never could contribute to my dream of music, or they never understood that I’m married to my music and my company. I’m passionate about being an advocate to the world. I got tired of giving myself to women who weren’t worthy. I need a person with the same spirit and who can understand what I’m trying to accomplish. But even after all that hate and betrayal, I never lost my love for the ladies. There is so much they have done for me over the years, and I know that a lot of where I am today is because of them. There are not a lot of people going through the world with this kind of positive energy. As a result, I feel like I’m invincible.”

Born and raised in the streets of Portland, Oregon, King Rawzky quickly learned how to adapt and survive through the trenches of a hard knock life. From an early age, he developed natural singing abilities and an affinity for music. He picked up instruments easily and was fascinated by music theory. Over the years, he has developed a unique genre that he calls “rhythm and pleasure.” He said it touches on his raw lyrical poetry which often is in-your-face but also paired with “bedroom melodies.”

Even with his natural gifts in music, King Rawzky considers himself an underdog. He credits his father who was himself a professional musician, for helping give him the encouragement he needed to keep pursuing his dream. But the road to success was not an easy one. King Rawzky had to overcome homelessness and battles with record companies that enticed him to sign bad music contracts. Depression took a hold on his life through much of that turmoil but he never let it derail his dreams. His passion for music drove him to succeed, and he eventually worked enough to pay for his way to university where he studies music education.

Today, he’s passionate about helping others. He not only works to help homeless people in his community but also rescues animals and works with organizations throughout the region that care for animals. He also helps other young musicians realize their dreams and uses his company to help young artists. He also uses some of the profits from his company to give back to the community – specifically helping the homeless in the area with food and clothes.

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Soulful R&B artist DaMarcus Wilkins drops hot new club track ‘She Knows My Weakness’

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ORLANDO, FL – It’s been quite a journey for Orlando-based artist DaMarcus Wilkins. In the early 2000s, he was a young artist making a name for himself under the moniker D’Ville. He was signed to a record label, had created some modest hits and was even opening for people like Jagged Edge, Carl Thomas, The Game, Lloyd and 50 Cent. But when his manager passed away unexpectedly and the industry started to become a burden, DaMarcus decided to take a step back from being a front man and instead focused his time and energy on learning everything there is to know about the production side of the recording process.

In the years since, DaMarcus has developed a unique sound and style that is truly original. He has become a master at making beats and his vocals have evolved from the bar-spitting rapper of his youth to the silky smooth R&B artist of today. His most recent single, “She Knows My Weakness,” is the perfect example of the maturity now found in his music. Fusing elements of R&B, Dance, Reggae and Latin Vibes, the song examines the many ways that women can knock men off their game.

“It’s a sexy club song about how sometimes a man’s weakness is women,” DaMarcus said. “Like
if you’re out at the club and you see a lady dancing and the way she dances really catches your
attention and you really dig the way she looks, next thing you know it’s all you can think about.
It’s basically going off that vibe in a way that any guy will be able to relate to.”

Born and raised in Danville, Illinois, DaMarcus originally got his start in music by singing in his
family’s church choir. He soon learned that his gift was broader than simply knowing how to
sing, and he quickly learned how to play pretty much any instrument he picked up. He learned
guitar and saxophone just by playing it by ear, and other instruments fell in line after that. That
love for music eventually led him to pen his own lyrics, and the rest is history. As he has
developed his unique sound and style over the past few years, the artist he keeps coming back
to for inspiration is the R&B singer Tank. In similar ways to that artist, DaMarcus said he brings
soulfulness to his R&B that lends an extra layer of connection with an audience.

“At the end of the day, I just want my music to be known for being real genuine, heartfelt

music,” he said. “You can dance to it sometimes. Or sometimes it’s just a groove. You know, I
want to be the artist who keeps you engaged while you’re driving down the street, or the artist
you throw on because you just need to hear that special song. I want to move people from ages
18 all the way up to 60s. Anybody could hear my music and like it – Black, White, Chinese,
Spanish … everybody.”

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“She Knows My Weakness”

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Tune in Sept 23rd for Season 17 Of The Voice! NEW Brad Cooney Podcast's With This Season's Contestants!

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It's that time again. BIG thank you to NBC The Voice PR team for having me back for another season of "The Voice" Podcast's contestants. This is my 9th season working with the show. Tune in on NBC, Sept 23rd, 7p CT! 

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Lebanese music producers drop and make an 'IMPACT' in the music scene on world stage with new album ‘IMPACT'

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BEIRUT, LEBANON – A new duo from the Middle East is bringing an intriguingly dark new sound to the world stage of music with an exploration of multiple genres fused into one. Dark Note – made up of friends Saiid Zeidan and Anthony Nemnoum from Beirut, Lebanon – represents cutting edge music with sounds that range from EDM, Trap/ Future Bass, Techno, Hip Hop, Pop or even Rock. Dark Note - named after their discovery of finding light in the dark - takes inspiration from ideas that seemingly pop up out of nowhere during times of introspection.

“When you’re in the dark and hear a cool voice in your head and you start thinking about how you could make that into a song, that’s what Dark Note represents,” Zeidan said. “There is no one who can make the same music we are making. We can do EDM,Trap/ Future Bass, Techno, Hip Hop, Pop or even Rock … all genres you might think of.  And when we bring that to a crowd, the crowd will go crazy and dance like never before. We will be known for our massive raves.  We won’t stop until we’ve reached the biggest stages of TomorrowLand, UMF, EDC, Ibiza and many more.”

Their journeys in music started separately. Zeidan started DJ-ing when he was 16 and was discovering his path in music production, while Nemnoum started exploring production and instruments at age 15. They eventually came together while studying mixing and mastering at a music academy in Beirut. They clicked almost immediately and discovered that the sounds and styles they were independently interested in sounded even better when brought together. The fusion of their two styles grew into a one-of-a-kind sound unlike anything in Lebanon … or anywhere else in the world! 

After six months of hard work in the studio and sampling new music to live crowds during DJ sessions, Dark Note is ready to release their sound to the world through their new album “IMPACT.” According to Nemnoum, it’s a project that shows you a sneak peak of their skill through a diverse range of sounds – with one Pop song, a lot of Trap, and some heavy EDM along the way.

“It’s our first album and with it, we want to make a big impact,” Nemnoum said. “We have four tracks right off the bat that we think might make a hit.”

Those four tracks include “Demise” – an EDM/Trap fusion about breaking into someone’s dreams; “IMPACT” – another Trap song that is tailor-made for making a big impact on the club scene, like a “meteoroid striking land” ; “Star Crossed Lovers” – a slower-paced love song that touches on religion and traditions underneath a catchy hook that listeners will have a hard time shaking out of their heads; and “Trust In Me” – a commercial-ready  Radio/DJ friendly Pop song hit that will make you  dance and shake that ass. 

The album is out now and distributed under EDM REKORDS LTD. They aim to provide the best music experience possible, shaking the ground by using their marvelous 808 drums and original sound designs. They currently have three other artists on the label and are excited for what the future might hold for them on the international stage.

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REME serves up a fresh new sound from the Southwest with “Dremeland”  LISTEN TO THE PODCAST BELOW HOUSTON, TX - Houston born and ra...