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Clarity and relevance of debut album “All In” elevate Aquarius Jones above the crowd


PHOENIX, AZ - Hip Hop and R&B artist, Aquarius Jones has a passion for delivering fun and entertaining music, coupled with an energy that attracts sophisticated music listeners. His first single "All In" is set to release 11/8, followed by his debut album also titled "All In" soon after.

Recorded at DigiLabs (Phoenix) and The Saltmine (Mesa), “All In” is 15 tracks of enjoyable dance music with themes related to the grind and hustle of everyday life. The collection is characterized by a clean, professional sound with strikingly clear vocals. The highly relevant track, “IG” brings to life the struggle of worrying about what to post and how much to post on social media. The aptly named “Party” track is a straightforward, uptempo dance song, and the album’s title track relates the story of the partnership between Aquarius and his manager, sharing the energy and effort it takes to launch a career and an album.

Aquarius and his team take great pains to make certain that his content resonates with fans by delivering clear and understandable lyrics consistently. Enthusiastic about making music, Aquarius is also gifted with an ability to write quality songs. He can deliver what people want - a nice beat with a catchy hook - at an incredibly fast pace.

Music videos have already been completed for two tracks, “IG” and “All In.” Shot in and around Tempe, Arizona, students from Arizona State University will recognize some of the locations. The highly anticipated videos incorporate skits reminiscent of an old school music video storytelling style. The story lines sound promising: While the video for “All In” shares the work behind the progress of this artist’s career, the “IG” video features comedy, acting out humorous social media situations and the clever inclusion of a pervasive Instagram item which you have to watch out for!

Aquarius Jones started singing, rapping, doing talent shows and writing his own music when he was 9 years old. Music was something he always wanted to do growing up while listening to his favorite artists like Michael Jackson, Drake, Usher, Chris Brown. He seriously began to pursue his music career at 16. A committed and electrifying performer, audiences have always gravitated towards him.

An authentic artist who is into having a good time, enjoying life and meeting people, Aquarius’ positivity comes out in his music. He has a higher level of excitement and passion than his peers which drew the attention of his manager. This resulted in a partnership with GMajesty Entertainment to create top quality music that is real and enjoyable to a wide audience, and to bring those results to the world. Aquarius Jones is delivering his message in a cool way that can be enjoyed by all.

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Toronto-based rap group TALKS NEW MIX TAPE ‘Animal Asylum’


A new mixtape from the Toronto-based rap group The Night Wolf comes just in time for
Halloween. The mixtape is called “Animal Asylum” and is slated to drop at midnight on
Halloween, followed with a release party at a downtown club in Toronto, information about
which can be found on their website. According to group co-founder SJM, the 10-track project
features a blend of Hip Hop and EDM in ways that are both entertaining and very diverse.

“You can really hear that throughout every song,” SJM said. “That’s true to who we are. My
brother and I have been rapping and making music together for a long time, and our friends
have just added another layer to that. We’re excited to put out this first tape and we promise
that it’s just the beginning.”

The Night Wolf consists of seven people with diverse talents, showing a great deal of variety --
- SJM and his brother, FAM; producer Knockturnul; artists Da$a Fa├žade, Mayze and Zam; and
photographer/videographer Magic. SJM said the group’s goal is to travel the globe performing
and building the most diverse fan-base in the world while delivering a consistent message that
is both positive and inspirational. He points to the group as the foundation for that diversity as
he and his brother are both from Pakistan, while others in the group come from a variety of
cultural backgrounds and heritages.

“This is a movement,” SJM said. “It’s more than just music. It’s more than just our passion. This
is a lifestyle we promote. We promote an open-minded positive movement. Through our music,
we speak on our lives past, present and future to try our best to help the listeners get through
life’s ups and downs and ultimately help change their perspective and make better decisions.
We are intelligent, educated young individuals. We are both street smart and book smart, and
we tend to use this as an advantage as we move forward with our independent movement.”

SJM said as the group grows in popularity and success across the globe, some of their long-term
goals are to leave a lasting legacy of giving back to the world. They want to build foundations
and organizations that help build schools, hospitals, safe water wells and more in places of
need all around the globe. And all of those dreams and efforts fall under this umbrella of
teamwork and close-knit family – something that SJM said is perfectly represented by the wolf

“We move as a pack,” he said. “We’re a family. The flames symbolize the fire in us and the fact
that we won’t quit. The wolf howling is a call to all my wolves in the world, hustling and trying
to live their dream. Anybody can be a part of this, you just have to have the same drive and
ambition and motivation. If you want to be part of something great, you don’t have to be
related to us by blood. But you do have to be a hustler and be real. We’re trying to promote

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The Night Wolf


Hey folks. I'm THRILLED to announce that I'm in a new paranormal film called "The House In Between" directed by Steve Gonsalves (TAPS, GHOST HUNTERS/ NOW GHOST NATION) on Travel Channel. This film was a 2 year journey that I had to keep secret until now.

Working with Steve and learning from him on this film as been a surreal experience.  The film was also co directed and produced by Kendall Whelpton. Kendall has been the chief cinematographer for "Ghost Hunters" for several years.

Please enjoy our trailer and join us as we take this film to the next level.

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QJP 11 drops new hype song that has audiences bouncing all along the East Coast

QJP 11 – Shit Damn


ROCKY MOUNT, NC – A new single from East Coast rapper QJP 11 (born as Qwandale Jerome Pippen on 11/11) is about to get people all over the U.S. hyped up. The song is called “Shit Damn” and it’s the kind of catchy upbeat song that could be played in clubs or concerts so that as soon as people hear it, they get hyped up.

“As soon as people hear it, they get into it,” QJP said. “I wanted to show people how I get to it. This song is definitely a hype song. It started one day when I hit my toe on the corner of a wall and I was like, ‘Shit! Damn!’ Someone repeated it and that’s how it came about. People think I’m cussing, but people hear a lot of worse things than those two words put together. We’ve been brought up to believe those words are bad, but who was the first person to claim they were bad? They’re words that can have different definitions but when people hear it or look at the name of it, there’s automatic defensiveness to it. But it’s really just a hype catchy song with a bit of a message to it that challenges the idea of what you think those words mean.”

“Shit Damn” is yet another single of QJP 11’s acclaimed EP, “Listen to Understand.” He released
the hit single “Boom Boutta Bang” last month to high praise, and has been riding a wave off
success from this EP since its release in August.

QJP said all of his music is an effort to emphasize his originality. He’s not trying to pretend to be
something he’s not though he often tries new things from time to time. He also likes to make a
Plan A and a Plan B and even a Plan C just in case things don’t go the way they’re supposed to.
Growing up, he was always moving from one place to another and he considers himself lucky to
have seen so many different sides of life – whether poor, middle class or rich.

“At an early age, I always had a thing for being creative whether it was drawing, coloring,
writing, whatever,” he said. “I like being by myself just how I am. I don’t pretend to be
something I’m not. People say I’m real cool and laid-back, and I pretty much talk to anybody –
White, Black, Chinese, Mexican … it doesn’t matter. All my life, I’ve been wondering who I was
and what my purpose is. Me trying to be a gangster didn’t work out, then I tried to make a
change in college but that didn’t really work out either. But now, I’ve found rapping and it’s like
I’ve found myself and I feel a part of it. I really just want to go mainstream now. I want the
money, the hate, and everything that comes with a mainstream artist – the money, the shows,
and especially being featured in XXL Magazine. All of that is my focus right now.”

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Luke LaShea delivers unique cross between singing and rapping with new EP “Fade to Blue”


LOS ANGELES, CA - Poised to explode on the scene from his West coast base, Luke LaShea stands tall in the elite class of rappers who can actually sing. Born in East Harlem and raised in Los Angeles, LaShea brings a unique flavor to sophisticated urban music fans. His sound is an earthy brand of Hip Hop with an R&B flavor that flirts with Pop and Emo Rap.

Creating a distinct musical style all his own, LaShea has the ability to move between rapping and singing, and combining the two for his own unique delivery. “I try to approach every instrumental like a chameleon,” said LaShea. “I sound different on every song, according to whatever the tempo is or what the vibe is.”

His new EP, “Fade to Blue” was recorded in Los Angeles. The melodic 5 track collection features a laid back, smooth vibe with LaShea’s singing and rapping infused together. Standout tracks include “Backstabber,” a song about moving on from a relationship after someone crossed the line, and “Never Too Far” which calls out to someone missed, conveying regret that things had not gone differently.

LaShea is a hot young artist on the move. He opened for Lupe Fiasco at the Macau Music Festival in Macau, China and has participated in artist showcases, rap contests, and open mics from L.A. to New York. Since publishing his first mixtape in 2011, LaShea has released several singles, mixtapes and the EP “Animosity.” Compared with his debut EP, “Fade to Blue” is a little more laid back, smooth and melodic.

Growing up playing the piano and listening to Motown and 60’s Rock n’ Roll, LaShea developed an affinity for catchy melodies and soulful instrumentals. Further influenced by artists such as James Brown and Nirvana, LaShea was particularly impacted by the versatility of OutKast and Method Man’s flow and delivery.

LaShea draws inspiration from other artists and from his own feelings and thoughts which he portrays in his lyrics. Many of his songs deal with embracing the struggle, coping with loss and delivering the message to embrace the pain that we all go through. “You can’t go through life without struggling no matter what you do, so you might as well just embrace it for what it is.”

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New single ‘Is This The Way’ gives listeners  a different perspective on life 


SANTA CLARA, CA – Nischal Raj is a singer/songwriter currently based in Santa Clara, California whose first studio-produced single “Is This The Way” is gaining attention from people all along the West Coast. 

Nischal has been involved with music for more than a decade, being a lead guitarist for various bands in India before moving to the U.S. Since coming to America, he has been further pursuing his passion exploring more on songwriting along with being involved in other music collaborations. He always had the dream to create his own music and over these years has dedicated himself to working on composing original music in his home studio. When he started posting some of those songs online, the response he received from people spurred him on to keep creating.

 “I want my music to be known for changing someone’s attitude,” Nischal said. “Music can have a great impact and it has been my passion for a long time. I believe that if people stick to their passion, it can transform them and impact others too. Music has been a way of expression and a driving force in my life. I hope to create some good music and inspire others as well.”

His new single, “Is This The Way” is set to drop on Oct. 4 on all digital streaming platforms followed by a music video. Nischal describes it as a soft-rock genre song with a “positive, philosophical message that takes you on a journey and makes you take a hard look at the things about this life.” Billed as a “motivational” song, Nischal said he hopes it will inspire listeners to ask deeper questions on life rather than leading a mundane, superficial life without exploring the depths of their potential.

“People get caught up in their routines but this song asks them the question: ‘Is this the way you want to live?’” Nischal said. “Are you following your dreams? How do you want to feel about yourself and everything around you? Is there anything that you cannot overcome? There is always something wonderful happening each moment so live totally in the present. Realize your true potential and wholeness then nothing can stop you from leading a life of peace and abundance."

True to his unique sound and style, the single is very guitar-forward and features a mix of unique melodies and some hints of his Indian influence. More than anything however, it features Nischal’s penchant for writing inspiring lyrics that are positive, uplifting and takes the listeners on a quest. 

Nischal said this single is just the first of many to come over the next few months and promises that fans can look forward to more singles from him before the end of the year. 

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“Is This The Way

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Ques The Hood Favorite combines Hip Hop with R&B For One-Of-A-Kind Neo-Soul Vibe  


WILMINGTON, DE – Step into a barbershop in Wilmington, Delaware and there’s a good chance you’ll run into one of today’s most intriguing new artist. His name is Ques The Hood Favorite. While he’s served Wilmington as a barber for the better part of 30 years, he is also steadily developing a unique sound and style that combines Hip Hop and R&B into a new vibe that is giving Neo-Soul an entirely different definition.

His latest single, “Nothing To Lose,” exemplifies how his years of artist expression perfected something truly original. The buzz behind this single is tremendous along the East Coast and is set to explode across the U.S. in the forthcoming weeks and months. It’s a song that serves as a brief description of how he came up from a young adult to the kind of man he is today, within different periods of his life. The melodic on-beat bass gives listeners a soulful, laid back vibe that is soothing to the ear and demands to hit repeat.

While growing up in the inner city on the east side of Wilmington as a young man, Ques experienced some of life’s harsh realities. He grew up in a family of musicians, and was introduced to accomplished artists at a young age. He had the opportunity to study under The Late Great Walter “Bunny” Sigler. After high school, he collectively created the Hip Hop group 2 of a Kind. After three years of collaborating with others and touring as part of the group, Ques decided to go solo and adopt the full stage name Ques The Hood Favorite. His continuation to make music has afforded him opportunities over the years to open for various artists such as Ruff Ryders, Roc-a-fella, Wu-Tang Clan, Mobb Deep, Tank, 112, and Big Daddy Kane to name a few. With his raspy voice and confidence growing, he continued experimenting with his unique sound and style creating something that would be signature.

Along with “Nothing To Lose,” Ques is also getting ready to drop his new album, “The Maturation.” It features collaborations with Producer/Engineer Waterboy, who he has worked with for many years. It’s a project that Ques said is based off of creating mature music for adults.

“My sound is more of a collaboration of R&B and Hip Hop with a Neo-Soul Vibe, all combined to create my own style. Over the years, I’ve rapped and also written for R&B Artists. Being raised on 70s and 80s music, I feel like the music has been moved to only one style on the radio and we’ve lost a lot of what used to be great. Today, Hip Hop is based around the younger generation, and it seems to lack substance. I want my label (Maturation Entertainment) to create a product full of material that everyday adults can appreciate because of the topics that it’s based upon. Now is the perfect time to put my sound out there.”
Ques also has completed a mixtape titled “PMS” (Positivity Maturity and Success) which is soon to be released.

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Kiara Brown wowed the judges when she sang her rendition of Tom Petty's 'Free Falling" for her blind audition.  Country music icon Blake Shelton and pop icon Gwen Stefani turned their chairs and the rest of the story begins to unfold.

Kiara would pick Gwen Stefani to be her coach. Up next was the battle round. Kiara went up against Royce Lovett.  This was a close battle, one that I thought she had won, but Gwen picked Royce to be the winner.  When Carson reminded the coaches that Kiara was available to steal, Kelly Clarkson hit her button and almost at the same time, Gwen hit her save button.

After a few pitches from both Gwen and Kelly, Kiara picked Kelly to coach her going forward. 

Kiara joined the Podcast show to talk about it!   LISTEN TO THE PODCAST BELOW!

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I recently had an opportunity to speak with metal legend Frankie Banali of Quiet Riot. He recently told the world that he's fighting stage 4 cancer. Lets keep him in all of our prayers and thoughts.

That said, Banali is feeling better so he's all in on the tour dates and is looking forward to playing the new music from "Hollywood Cowboys" the bands latest record. This record is set to drop on November 8th!

I listened to several of the tracks on this new record, and it's a terrific collection of kick ass rock!

Banali has been with the band since 1982, the only actual original member of Quiet Riot. We had him here on back in January and are honored to have him back.  Have a listen to what Frankie had to say BELOW

Don't forget to check out Quiet Riot's NEW VIDEO - Debuting OCT 25th "IN THE BLOOD" You can check it out HERE

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R&B Recording Artist 'Nil" Talks NEW EP and NEW Singles "Nights in London" And "Not In Lust" Q&A Podcast

New music from emerging entertainer Nil captivates Rap and R&B fans alike 


BROWARD COUNTY, FL - Nil is an exciting and original artist who delivers moments and experiences to his audience. While admiring his rhyming and rapping, listeners will quickly discover that Nil is also a versatile R&B singer. Raised on R&B, Nil adds an essence of R&B music to all of his Rap tracks.

Nil has no interest in portraying violence in his rhymes. Instead, he’s bringing good times and having fun back to rap music. With support from Pride Rock Entertainment in Fort Lauderdale, Nil has released a trio of new music which stands out from the norm but is relevant. Recorded at Fine Line Recording Studio in Hialeah, FL, each track has a distinct style. 

The EP, called “Nil,” includes the tracks “Nights In London” (produced by Cold Cardier) which features a huge international sound, and “I Know” (produced by Accent Beats). The sentimental song, “Not In Lust” (produced by Thomas Krager) was written by Nil for his wife, Denise, who showed him how to love. “I’m not in lust with my wife, I’m in love with her,” Nil declared. He is a proud family man and is not ashamed to admit it.

Music has been a savior for Nil (aka Ronald Jermaine Dempsey). Born in Harlem, he was raised in a single parent home in Savannah, GA. Singing since he was five years old, Nil got into music at school. The choir class at Hubert Middle School in Savannah greatly influenced the young Nil. Once exposed to the fundamentals of voice control and harmony, he was hooked. In the high crime environment of Savannah at that time, Nil found a love for music which kept him out of serious trouble. 

He also won first place three times at the Apollo Theater with a group called 360. Using his heavy R&B background, Nil has built off those harmonies and modernized his sound for today’s listeners. More recently, Nil performed a dozen shows in and around the Miami and Fort Lauderdale areas.

For Nil, music is also a door opener. He is confident and likes to create awareness about certain issues. He loves to give back to the community and is in the business of serving people. Kids who are growing up in single parent homes is an issue he is particularly passionate about, and he has plans to help out in Rochester and a few other communities.

Nil remains appreciative and humble, acknowledging the support from all involved with the whole “Nil” movement. Describing himself as “not Hollywood,” Nil wants people to always feel that he remains who he is. “I want people to feel like I’m just like one of them. No matter what I do in my life, no matter how big I get.” To hear the conviction in his speech and the sound of his music, there is no doubt that Nil will be massive in the world’s music scene.

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“Not in Lust”  -

"Nights In London" -

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It was only a few short months ago when I first discovered Diana Ankudinova. While surfing YouTube I came across one of her singing performances and was immediately drawn to her. Diana's voice took me on a magical journey, a voice that I've never heard anything like in all of my years.

I've been conducting Podcast's with NBC's "The Voice" singers for 9 seasons now. I've seen and heard a lot of sensational singers. That said, when it comes to Diana, she takes sensational to all new heights. If you've not yet heard her sing, I implore you to do so.  

Diana has amassed a very big following over in Russia, dazzling crowds, winning music competitions, and selling out shows. Now it is time for America to be introduced to her. I sincerely believe that it's just a matter of time before the American music world will learn about who this young lady is, and her voice will dazzle them like it has dazzled mine.  That introduction starts now.

Ladies and gentleman, I recently had an opportunity to sit down with Diana and asked her a few questions about her history all the way to current every day life. I am very grateful for this opportunity.  


I want to thank those who assisted in making this interview happen.  Special thanks to

Michael Terehin - video editor.

Eduard Dunfeld - translator.


Instagram - HERE

Facebook - HERE

Also visit Diana HERE

Facebook fan page - HERE

Diana's YouTube Channel - HERE


Clarity and relevance of debut album “All In” elevate Aquarius Jones above the crowd LISTEN TO THE PODCAST BELOW! PHOENIX, AZ - Hip H...